Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 109

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8.8 – You two main culprits, how long do you plan to hide here for?

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For the past half a month, Xue Ling and Xun Yu had been giving pointers to the small teams that entered the forest. The two of them usually left together and returned together, and the team that was in charge of looking after their base camp had already gotten used to them coming and going together, but, surprisingly, no one thought anything of it.

It was not because Xun Yu was not trying hard enough, it was mainly because Xue Ling was acting too proper. His serious and conscientious face made people feel too embarrassed to even guess at whether or not anything was happening between them.

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Xun Yu felt so suffocated, and his expression was never good during this period.

It was bad enough that his expression was not good. Xue Ling even went so far as to concernedly ask him why he was unhappy. Was it because the food was not tasty, or his treatment was not good enough?mBHGE6

How could Xun Yu answer? Should he say that he was being suffocated by his unfulfilled desire?

He was afraid that Xue Ling would break off all relations with him in the next second, and kick him out of the Snow Fox Mercenary Corps… When that happened, not only would he have failed to pursue his lover, it might even turn into a fight between the two of them…

What twisted him up even more was his identity. Xun Yu had never been bothered about being a zombie before. He was the first zombie to have his own consciousness after the apocalypse, and he remembered what had happened to him before. He had discovered his strength almost immediately after he had woken up again from death.

Xun Yu took these things for granted. Even if his species changed, Xun Yu would still do what he needed to live, so he had never been lost or confused about the differences between ability users and zombies. He controlled all the zombies, and slowly occupied human territory, and discovered that they were not really immortal. Although they seemed to have been infected and died from the radiation, in reality, they could still use some of the same physiological functions as human beings.moZ8Iy

They did not need to eat, or breathe, and did not have any body temperature, but they still had physiological needs, and blood still flowed in their veins. Their hearts had stopped beating, but the nucleus became a substitute for the heart. They were not as horrible as the zombies in those zombie apocalypse movies – they just looked rather pale sometimes. During other times, they were not very different from the ability users.

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Xun Yu did not think that there was anything wrong with these changes. Since the world had changed, there was nothing wrong with other things changing. This persisted until a while ago, when a scientist under Xun Yu told him that if there were only zombies left in the world, they would become extinct sooner or later.

Because they were not like those written about in the novels who had an extended lifespan, they would die. If they could die, then reproduction became an issue that the scientists needed to resolve. That was when they discovered that two zombies together could not reproduce and thrive. This was a major matter that involved the extermination of a species, so they immediately reported this news to Xun Yu.

Xun Yu made a prompt decision. This world did not only have zombies, and if zombies could not reproduce on their own, then they should pull some ability users over to give it a try. Before they had discovered Xue Ling, they had decided to go to Yanshan base to catch a group of ability users. If they could really discover a way to reproduce with them, then Xun Yu would start thinking about how to cooperate with the ability users. sw2zNC

Unfortunately, all this changed because Xue Ling froze half the city. Xun Yu told them not to make any rash moves back then, and set off on his own to chase his way over, and then he sank into the gentle embrace of romance and could not extricate himself…

It could not really be considered the gentle embrace of romance. After all, Xue Ling did not treat him any differently from how he treated other ability users. At most, he would occasionally laugh with him a little more, but perhaps that had something to do with the way he always stuck close.

Xun Yu never thought that he would reach a point where he spoke so much.

Even so, Xun Yu still had not made much progress so far, and Xue Ling had not paid any attention to his advances at all. He would become particularly talkative if he spoke more to him, but all of his actions were limited within the area of friendship. As soon as Xun Yu\'s actions became excessive and crossed the line, his expression would turn strange, and he would become serious and immediately distance himself from him. hNBFid

Xun Yu spent this past half a month especially anxious, and his momentum and pride as the strongest powerhouse was about to be completely worn away.

Fortunately, opportunity did not come too slowly. It suddenly arrived on a certain day.

Although Xun Yu himself did not want an opportunity like this at all.

Half a month\'s time was enough for He Yan and his system to prepare for their plan of setting off an beast tide. And it was enough time for Xue Ling to teach his subordinates what they should do should a zombie beast tide arrive.1kiPLt

Probably because both sides were prepared and ready, so the war trumpet sounded out.

He Yan gave most of the powerful zombie beasts in the forest a drug provided by the system that would drive them mad when they were stimulated, and then decisively stole and killed the baby beast.

Originally he just wanted to steal it, but the system told him to kill the little beast and put it in another zombie beast\'s territory, which would stimulate the entire forest. Their plan would be more effective this way. After weighing the pros and cons, He Yan did as it suggested.

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Xue Ling swore in all seriousness to his family\'s little fox system, "Let me just say, this system is definitely a plot defender that transmigrated over, and belongs to the radical faction. Right now, he wants to kill me off." otSCxO

The system waved its tail speechlessly and had to admit that its host was both wise and smart, always able to find something wrong in places where it hadn\'t noticed.

“Unfortunately, they\'re still too naive.” Xue Ling tsked and stood up, preparing to have everyone get ready.

“He probably didn’t expect to encounter a protagonist who specializes in destroying the plot.” The system shrugged its shoulders and said, “We see every story from the perspective of the supporting roles and world view, but plot that they can see is from the protagonist\'s angle, in which everything the protagonist does is right and there is no need to question anything. They must live to the end of the story.”

“Fine.” Xue Ling got out of the car and gave Deng Sini a hand signal.2dxdtZ

Deng Sini was shocked for a moment. Xue Ling had told her earlier that there would be an unexpected emergency, and told her to prepare to notify the team members who were training in the mountains at any time. This hand signal…

Before she could ask for details, Deng Sini had subconsciously sounded out the alert.

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The fireworks that were used as a warning signal were shot up into the sky, and at the same time, the zombie beast noticed that the little baby beast was nowhere to be seen and the smell of blood was very strong. It immediately realized that its little baby had died.

It did not have much wisdom to start with; the roar of the zombie beast rang out through the mountains and shocked the players who had noticed the alarm but were still in a fog of confusion. They thought it was just a zombie beast going crazy, but the situation got worse and worse, and the whole mountain began to shake. dySvpB

A beast tide like this was very terrifying, and even though their strength had improved a lot with the recent training, it was still very difficult for them to cope, so the team members were making their way down the mountain even as they fought off the beasts.

The camp at the base of the mountain had already made preparations to take them in; Xue Ling tidied up his things and prepared to go and deal with that troublemaking protagonist shou. Xun Yu wanted to follow him, but was sent off to deal with the two zombie beasts that were now fighting each other in a frenzy instead.

“Those two zombies beasts are high quality, and can be sold at a good price. I believe you won\'t have a problem dealing with them, it\'s up to you now~"

Xun Yu: “…” It was obvious that this was just an excuse so that he wouldn\'t follow. He hadn\'t yet reached the stage where he was so silly he couldn\'t tell.bwI7PA

“By the way, if you encounter any of our newcomers along the way, give them a helping hand. They\'re too pitiful - they\'re encountering such an unfortunate thing after only training for half a month." Xue Ling was chortling as he went straight into the mountains. He didn\'t sound nervous at all.

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Xun Yu was not an idiot. Seeing how he had made preparations in advance, he just knew that this fellow had guessed something was going to happen early on, and there was a great probability that it had happened with Xue Ling’s indulgence. Although his goal in doing things this way was unclear, he did not run away.

Even though Xue Ling said that they would separate, their destination was actually very close because He Yan had stayed to watch the two fighting zombie beasts and was waiting for them to kill each other so that he could reap the ultimate benefit.

Along the way as they went up the mountain, they also met many people who only wanted to hug a big thigh and were extremely moved that they had encountered the two of them. These people tossed the zombie beasts that were chasing behind them to the two, and then continued their mad rush back down the mountain. NdXmPB

Xue Ling spent a moment to show his contempt for those people before casually dealing with those zombie beasts.

Along the way, the fingers on the hands of both people were not enough to count the zombie beasts that they had killed. In any case, they killed any they encountered. Later on, the small teams stopped running away too, and followed behind the two in order to pick up the zombie beast corpses. If it was left to the teams, it would take them a good while to kill one, but these two gods could casually deal with them, and even if they did not want the corpses, the teams did. Even if they had to return them to the leader of their mercenary corps when they returned later, they could still ask for some money for their hard work carrying the corpses.

Because of this, the procession mysteriously grew bigger, and the zombie beasts that were rushing down the hill finally realized something was wrong and began to run back up again.

There were crazy beasts fighting on top, and abnormal people killing monsters on the bottom. How were the zombie beasts supposed to live?! YdC Fi

They were just mutated beasts, there was no need to exterminate them all at once! Did they not understand the meaning of ecological balance?!

The two of them fought their way up, and finally saw the two zombie beasts fighting in full swing in the dense forest. They were fighting as though their lives meant nothing, and it appeared that they had already become completely mad.

Xue Ling gestured for Yu to deal with the two, and then turned to catch He Yan by himself.

The two zombie beasts were equal in power to an S-ranked ability user, and should be the strongest zombies of Xingyue Mountains. They were still in a frenzied state, which made their fighting power at the same level as SS-rank.RO7u1Y

As a zombie emperor that went beyond SSS-rank, it was not a problem for Xun Yu to deal with them. Only, the fighting between the two was too fierce, and he would need to use more means to do so.

Xue Ling couldn\'t care less about what means he planned to use. He turned around and disappeared in front of the crowd. The little brothers who had followed behind in order to hug their big thighs saw him disappear suddenly, and did not feel that anything was wrong. They just thought that their leader was really strong, and his concealment ability was first-rate.

It was not difficult at all to have these people become dead set on worshipping him over this past half a month\'s time. To Xue Ling, it could not be simpler. This crowd would not find anything he did now surprising; rather, they would praise him to the heavens.

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“What\'s going on?” He Yan asked his own system anxiously. He could clearly see Xue Ling and Yun Xu bring a large crowd of troops up the mountain from where he was, and that crowd of troops was the people he had expected to be completely wiped out from his plan. "Why did they all come up? And they\'re all okay!" They didn\'t even have wounds on their bodies! How could this be! Those had been zombie beasts that didn\'t have any awareness left! With these half-baked recruits from Yanshan base! How was that possible!4Syzin

The system spoke solemnly, “Did the zombie emperor do it?”

He Yan’s head was blank, and he spoke in confusion, "Sure enough! I told you long ago that you had to take him into account. He\'s definitely an unexpected contractor! You don\'t know what kind of gaze the zombie emperor has been using to look at Chu Han over this past half month!"

“It’s no use yelling at me now!”

“There\'s really no use.” During the quarrel between the two, another voice suddenly broke in. ihJZSa

He Yan’s conversations with his system had always been internal, and it was impossible for anyone else to hear. Hearing someone suddenly speak out **, the system and He Yan were both shocked. He Yan raised his head, and saw Chu Han smiling at him.

This smile was dark and sinister, and with only a glance, it made He Yan\'s legs weak.

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It was too scary.

Xue Ling\'s face was wreathed in smiles as he opened his mouth to ask, “You two main culprits, how long do you plan to hide here for?"wjsvdX

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