Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 105

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8.4 – Who do you want to challenge?

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & BlueBug

Three days was enough to let those who had gone to rescue Xue Ling pass on the fact that he had developed a second ability. The Yanshan base was not big. Such news spread quickly, and soon everyone knew about it.

At the same time, news that Chu Han’s team had changed its name to “Snow Fox Mercenary Corps” and was planning to recruit new members came out in a timely manner. Suddenly, the whole Yanshan base became very busy. Many scattered people adopted the attitude of giving it a shot regardless, and went to sign up for the entrance test.

The details of this recruitment drive were determined by Xue Ling. He did not require the people he recruited to worship him, but the most basic requirement to join was that they would not give his mercenary regiment a bad reputation. There were always some strange people who showed up around protagonists, and they always did some strange things that caused trouble for the group around the protagonist. It was Xue Ling\'s first time being a protagonist character, and although his treatment in the plot was similar to that of a cannon fodder, he still needed to be a little more careful.

He would not tolerate anyone coming to make trouble for him; It would make him very much want to kill people. If he really ended up making a move, it would take some time to explain, which would waste even more of his time.

“Why did host choose to directly drive the protagonist out?” The system was somewhat puzzled by Xue Ling’s actions. “Wouldn’t it be better to keep him in a place where it’s easy to monitor him? Nothing will happen even if he stays by our side, right?"

“That’s not necessarily true.” Xue Ling flipped through the documents containing information about the major forces in Yanshan base and spoke carelessly, “The protagonist is a symbol for trouble. Besides, it looks like that protagonist shou\'s brain is not very good. If he really believes that I like him because I\'m keeping him by my side, and shares it with the whole world, that would be awful."


“His character is full of arrogance and narcissism. If I have guessed correctly, he should still think that I have feelings for him, and only drove him away this time in order to make a stand in front of my subordinates." He touched his chin and laughed a little meaningfully. “It\'s not a big deal that I\'ve gotten rid of him, because he’s sure to come back. Don’t forget that he\'s still counting on me to fight the zombie emperor.”

“Host\'s meaning is that he will come back when you recruit new members?"

“Wait and see. Not only will he come back, he\'ll probably make a scene.”

At this moment, He Yan was thinking about how to to slip away from the terrifying zombie emperor in order to go to the place where the Snow Fox Mercenary Corps were holding their recruitment tomorrow.

After entering the city, this zombie emperor drove to a house as though he was familiar with the roads, and then very naturally settled down to live there. He Yan followed him the whole way, and found it somewhat unbelievable. When had the zombies begun to come and go so freely here? And even own real estate? Had the security of Yanshan base already reached such a low point where even zombies could come and go as they like without anyone knowing?

For some strange reason, the zombie emperor allowed He Yan to stay in his house. He Yan was rather overwhelmed by the unexpected favor. During these three days, a whole pile of speculations went through his head. It was not until he went out today and heard news about Chu Han that he recalled that the reason he came back to Yanshan base was to reconcile with Chu Han…

During these three days, the zombie emperor went out at a fixed time every day. He Yan tried to track the other party, but would be thrown off no matter what. It was only when He Yan\'s system reminded him that their current power level was completely incomparable to the other party, and it would be better not to try and provoke him, that He Yan finally let go of the idea of preventing the other party\'s actions in the city.

This morning, he was preparing to visit Chu Han\'s Snow Fox Mercenary Corps, but he thought back and forth and still did not how to explain it to the zombie emperor. Numerous small scenarios played out in his brain, but in the end, all the way up until he went out, the man still had not said anything.

It made sense. Over these three days of interacting, they had only spoken when he tried to block the man on the first day.

Because he wanted to expand, Xue Ling had spent some of their savings this time around. Not only did he take over all the surrounding areas and turn it into their future residences, he also used all of their savings to purchase a large amount of supplies. Just like how it was impossible to trap wolves without being willing to sacrifice their children; getting good members would be impossible if they were not willing to spend. In order to have good subordinates, they would always have to first make some sacrifices.

“Three days from now, we will set out together with those who passed the test. I accepted all the mercenary tasks related to the Xingyue Mountains. Attendance is mandatory, as I will choose who can stay on after this trip." Xue Ling looked on as Deng Sini wrote down the intent behind his words onto the announcement. Xue Ling nodded and continued, "Let\'s go with that. Stick it outside. Today, anyone can come and watch the trials, and anyone who wants to go up onto the platform can do so. I am willing to accompany them at any time."

Deng Sini had long been accustomed to secretarial work, and felt was very comfortable doing these things. Xue Ling\'s performance over these two days was a pleasant surprise, and she felt that their boss seemed to have become even more wise and able. Originally, she respected Chu Han, but now, she had an attitude nearing blind obedience towards Xue Ling.

Chu Han\'s looks could not be considered gorgeous. When he pressed his lips together, he looked a little cold, and before the apocalypse, he could be considered as the tyrannical president type - he was tall, had an eight pack, and was basically tall, rich, and handsome. But then, the apocalypse happened. Now that Xue Ling had taken over this shell, his appearance changed subtly. The only addition were the tear moles at the corner of his eyes, and his pair of piercing eyes had turned into a pair of fox eyes that carried a trace of seductiveness regardless of any expression. That kind of fierce killing intent did not change much, and led to nobody having the courage to stare at his face. The few of them did not notice that their elder brother became much better looking, to the point where one glance could make people dazzled, wanting to fall to their knees at his feet.

The recruitment of the Snow Fox Mercenary Corps was based on an arena system. Anyone could go up to participate during the day, and perhaps because it looked very lively, a lot of people came to watch on the day of the event.

Xue Ling simply moved the platform outside and turned it into an open air event. He moved a chair over and sat down, propping his cheek on his hand and flipping a pen. His posture seemed a little lazy, but nobody dared underestimate him.

Regardless of who it was, as long as they glanced at him, a thin layer of ice would spread across their body. When they glanced away, the ice would dissolve incredibly quickly. In this kind of situation, anyone who wanted to provoke him was just trying to look for death. The ability users all knew how to read the situation, and nobody would willingly seek death. The entire arena competition proceeded smoothly. Xue Ling wrote down the names of people he thought were acceptable, and Deng Sini was in charge of communicating with them.

This kind of cordial atmosphere lasted until He Yan appeared.

Xue Ling was always been curious about how this world\'s protagonist shou\'s brain worked. The protagonist gong\'s settings were like those of a high-level cannon fodder, while the protagonist shou came across as a scheming accomplice, the type that of schemer that had a low IQ at that. The author had definitely been hostile to both of them.

It was not that Xue Ling did not have the intention of getting revenge for the matters between He Yan and Chu Han, but for the time being he needed to develop his own forces first. He was too lazy to deal with He Yan if he was unable to kill him off, so he could only drive him away. Of course, the premise for doing so was that He Yan did not come to seek death by himself.

He Yan rushed all the way in, and his smile bloomed like a flower when he saw Xue Ling. "Big brother Han!"

Everyone\'s attention was drawn by his voice, and most people\'s gazes turned understanding when they saw him. Chu Han and He Yan were not well-known in Yanshan base, but they had been active there for most of a year now, and the people around them were familiar with them. Their relationship was naturally not a secret.

After Xue Ling returned, he had always thought that it would best if the protagonist shou had been unable to return back to Yanshan base that night, and gotten bitten to death by the zombie beasts outside. It would have resolved one of the things weighing on his mind. But, He Yan just had to act contrary to his wishes. If he knew who it had been that brought this troublemaker back, he would definitely would catch them and punch them in the face.

Xue Ling pressed his lips together and made his expression colder and more ruthless. "What are you doing here?"

He Yan laughed brilliantly, and his smile made others feel more inclined towards him. "I came to re-join the Snow Fox Mercenary Corps, of course. Big brother Han said that we would part company and go our own way, but I don\'t believe it. I only upset big brother Han by accident, and as long as I work hard, big brother Han will definitely forgive me!"

Xue Ling glanced over at him lazily. “Do you think you are the heroine of a romantic drama?”

He Yan: “…”

“Saying that you will try your best and work hard will allow us to pretend that nothing happened and start again?" Xue Ling sneered. "He Yan, wake up. This is reality. No one likes you, and no one will forgive you.”

He Yan was stunned, and his eyes reddened in an instant. With his current appearance, those who did not know any different would think that Xue Ling had done something to him. "Why… Really, what did I do wrong?"

“You probably won\'t understand for the rest of your life, and I also don\'t want to wait for you to slowly figure it out." Xue Ling\'s words were very straightforward. "Today, I\'ll tell you very simply - the Snow Fox Mercenary Regiment will not have a position for you in this life, nor in the next life. You don’t have to come over and make trouble again, and it will be useless regardless of who you bring with you."

Xue Ling raised his voice so that everyone present could hear him. "Most of the ability users of Yanshan base are here today, so I would like to trouble everyone to help us spread the word. Our Snow Fox Mercenary Corps and He Yan have absolutely no relationship with each other. Henceforth, anything He Yan does will have nothing to do with me, Chu Han."

Such cruel words made He Yan\'s pure, innocent white lotus expression freeze on his face. He had originally come to this kind of grand occasion thinking that Chu Han would have misgivings about speaking too harshly to him in public. He had not expected that Chu Han would do the opposite. From today on, if He Yan let this make him ashamed, he would no longer be willing to continue moving in the Yanshan base circle.

“Do we really have to come to this point? Big brother Han?" He trembled as he asked this question for the last time.

Xue Ling glanced at him coldly. “We never had any former relations, and we never will in the future. The next time I see you again, I will not be so polite. I hope that young master He will show some self-respect."

He Yan gritted his teeth and stamped his foot, angrily saying, "Fine then. In that case, we\'ll really end everything here. In the future, you will be begging me on your knees! And I will still ignore you!"

"It will be my pleasure.”

He Yan was so angry that he flushed red. He felt that everyone’s gazes were filled with pity as they fell on his body; others were sneering as they looked at him. He had lived for two lifetimes but had never been looked down upon like this. If not for his ambitious future goals, he would not be able to bear this shame.

“Chu Han, let\'s wait and see!”

After leaving such tough words, He Yan turned around and left. Many people whispered as he left, and it was unknown what they were talking about, but when the sounds fell on his ears, they were all the sounds of mocking voices.

He Yan’s eyes were red. His system was constantly placating him, telling him that they would have other ways even without Chu Han, and its lord host did not have to accept other people\'s tempers if he didn\'t want to.

He Yan left in an angry huff. Xue Ling looked back towards the arena platform as though nothing had happened, opened his mouth, and said, "Continue."

His voice had just fallen when another clamor came from the crowd, caused by the man who had just stepped up onto the stage.

According to the rules, as long as anyone stepped up onto the stage, they could choose anyone as their opponent, or choose to accept someone else\'s challenge. Because of the incident just now, the stage was completely cleared, and the man had been the first to react and step up onto the platform.

He seemed to be a new person, because there seemed to be hardly any ability users who recognized him. They were all putting their heads together to discuss his identity. After all, it made no sense for them not to know such an outstanding person.

The man was very attractive, and looked just like the most handsome god in ancient fables. He had a high ponytail, and his long hair hung down naturally. His attire was obviously rather strange, but it did not seem discordant on his body. Rather, it was unexpectedly handsome and good looking. He wore a black dress shirt on his upper body, and black suit pants on his bottom half, paired with a white trench coat, polished leather shoes, and a watch on his wrist.

This would not be a big deal before the apocalypse, but to dress like this during the end of the world, it meant that this man was very strong.

Strong enough to ensure that his life after the apocalypse was no different than how it had been before.

Would such a person really come to join a new mercenary regiment that had just been established?

Xue Ling stopped flipping his pen, looked at the man in front of him, raised his eyebrows, and opened his mouth to ask, "Who do you want to challenge?”

“You.” The man’s voice was very crisp and cold. He treated his words like gold, and when he kept his expression solemn, his entire person seemed like a moving block of ice.

“Oh~” Xue Ling\'s response was drawn out and filled with meaning.

xiin’s alternative facts:

Xue Ling glanced over at him lazily. “Do you think you are the heroine of a romantic drama?”

He Yan: “…” Yes, I am the hero that’s here to save the world! How could you be so stupid?!