Who Touched My Tail! - Chapter 102

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8.1 – Reading on, it was no longer as simple as f**cking a single dog

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & BlueBug

At this moment, everything that he judged as an enemy was sealed up by the cold ice. The expressions on the zombies\' faces were all frozen stiff, and as Xue Ling slowly clenched his hands into fists, the ice began to shatter from the outside in.

Not long afterwards, all the zombies that besieged them were killed. Not even a tiny drop of blood flew around, as the bodies of the zombies split into pieces following the cracks in the ice. The people under the car all stared open-mouthed at this scene, their faces full of disbelief.

Seeing their expressions, Xue Ling realized that his performance just now had been a little over the top. But there was no point in stopping now; he jumped down from the car and coldly glanced at the people gathered around it.

He currently had none of the memories of this world, and could only deal with them according to the situation and hope that this group of people would not make things troublesome.

There were four people standing around the car, three men and one woman. Their eyes were practically shining as they looked at Xue Ling, they were sparkling so much. A chubby guy amongst them covered his mouth like a girl and said, "Heavens, is this the new ability that Boss Han mentioned before? Boss, you\'ve awakened your second ability?!"

Xue Ling was very satisfied with the amount of information contained in this remark, which told him that he was the leader of this group, revealed that this was a world with abilities, and that his original ability was not of the ice element.

The woman wore glasses and had short, spiky hair. She looked very cold, but right now, her eyebrows were raised in surprise. "This is great! I originally thought we would not be able to hold on until He Yan brought the rescuers back. I didn\'t expect Brother Han\'s newly awakened ability to be so powerful."

Xue Ling keenly caught another name and the information within this sentence.

Someone from amongst their group had left to get help?

Was his identity this time the cannon fodder that had been abandoned and could not hold on until they were rescued, dying during this encirclement alongside his brothers?

System: “Ha-ha.” It was rare that its host was naïve for once. It had already said that this character was special. Naturally, he would not be an ordinary cannon fodder character.

“Let’s go.” Xue Ling now needed to find a relatively safer place to receive and sort out the plot information. "That move just now consumed too much, and I need to rest for a while." His face was appropriately dull and pale, and everyone was rather panicked as they hurriedly told him to get in the car.

Although Xue Ling had dealt with the zombies nearby, those were all the lowest level zombies. If they came across the ones who had awareness and could think, then they were afraid their small team would really meet their deaths.

Xue Ling was their leader, and had saved everyone’s lives just now, so he was given the seat next to the driver in the front. Nobody in the group dared to disturb him, and seeing the expression on his face, the car suddenly became quiet.

Xue Ling was rather satisfied with this atmosphere. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he had the system quickly transfer the information over to him.

If it was like this every time he transmigrated into a new body, Xue Ling would probably have to properly deal with the system.

The system seemed to feel the killing intent in Xue Ling\'s heart. It rather pitifully trembled and said aggrievedly, "Clearly, I\'ve explained the situation every time. This is the most appropriate timeframe."

Xue Ling: “Ha-ha.” He\'ll be damned if he believed that.

He ran through the plot once, and ten thousand \'f*** your mother\'s\' trampled across his heart. It was not because of how much this plot had aimlessly gone off to f*** a dog; although it did attack his integrity and views of the world, he had seen enough of this kind of fantastical weirdness and already felt nothing towards it. What made Xue Ling surprised, and caused his forehead to be covered in black lines, was the character he had been given this time.

It was not some male cannon fodder that did not show up often, and it was not the main supporting role that could get close to the protagonist. He had formally been given the role of the protagonist gong.

Exactly. The! Protagonist! Gong!

This story was especially strange. It was unknown what was wrong with the author\'s brain, but the protagonist gong had a particularly bitter time of it. The entire plot was like this, and Xue Ling couldn\'t even figure out the purpose of his existence.

This was a time-travel story. The protagonist of the story was the \'He Yan\' who had been mentioned earlier who had gone to get reinforcements. He Yan had an \'apocalypse counterattack\' life saving system, and he felt that he had the responsibility to become the salvation of the world after the apocalypse.

So, when his teammates were in danger, he decisively abandoned his former lover, who happened to be the protagonist gong and the body that Xue Ling now controlled - \'Chu Han\'. He had not gone to seek help for them, because he did not feel that Chu Han could become someone that could accompany him after the apocalypse.

This reason was very strange, but he was just this type of person.

Thanks to being abandoned, Chu Han managed to develop a new ability during a critical moment, and reached the peak of human advancement. It wasn\'t until him and He Yan met each other again in the future that He Yan discovered what he had missed out on. By then, his mission was already impossible to complete because of a variety of reasons. He Yan thought about it carefully, and decided that there could be no advancement without destruction. Since the situation was already like this, and his idea couldn\'t be any worse, he chose to use the only chance that his \'apocalypse counterattack\' system provided him with and reverse time.

He returned back to the time before he left Chu Han.

In order to stimulate Chu Han so that he would develop his second ability, He Yan still left this time. Unlike last time, he really went back to get reinforcements.

Xue Ling finished reading this plot and felt bad all over. There was no such thing as medicine for regret. The protagonist shou\'s system had such a powerful ability; wasn\'t that a cheat?

“System. If he can restart every time he\'s not successful, then how can I change his fate?" This kind of ability gave Xue Ling a really big headache. If he could casually start over every time he was unhappy, then there was no way to start this game.

"Relax, host. Have you not noticed that there was only one opportunity to use this option?" The system swept its tail across its host\'s hand, smiling widely as it said, "Lord host has no need to worry. This time, I\'ve already helped you select a time point that is after he has reversed time. Very soon you will meet the rescuers that the protagonist shou has brought to help you. You might as well look at the rest of the plot. Believe me, that system is fricken\' useless."

Xue Ling calmed himself down and continued to read the plot.

Reading on, it was no longer as simple as f**cking a single dog.

This world\'s apocalypse had been caused by meteorites from space attacking the earth, enveloping the earth in radiation. The radiation changed the people on Earth in two ways: into zombies and into ability users.

Although there were still ordinary people left, those people were unable to survive for long under the radiation. Over time, the two types of changed humans were the only kinds of people left in the world. The protagonist gong and shou belonged to the \'ability users\' category.

The beginning of this story was also very strange. At this point in time, the zombies all over the world were currently regaining consciousness and the ability to think like human beings. The strongest amongst them has already evolved into the king of zombies. Zombies with awareness began to spontaneously gather together, taking over a portion of the cities, similar to the way the bases were ruled by ability users.

There were more zombies than ability users, and they did not need food or water to survive. After they developed, they became a great threat to the ability users.

The protagonist gong showed up at this time. The system that he had with him was an absolute anti-zombie system. Following the tasks that the system gave him, the protagonist shou thoroughly messed up the plans between the human ability users and zombies to sign a peace treaty and made it so that the contradictions between the two sides intensified, finally reaching a state where they would not give up unless the other party was dead.

The protagonist shou insisted on his long-standing belief that he wanted to rebuild a peaceful world without zombies. He persisted in wanting to kill all the zombies, but the zombie emperor was too powerful, and he had no way to resist by himself.

Chu Han was the person he had chosen to help him fight against the zombie emperor. But Chu Han\'s ideas were totally different from the protagonist shou\'s.

He believed that genuine human beings had already completely disappeared from the world. From a certain perspective, the zombies and ability users of today could no longer be considered as humans to some extent. They were the chosen survivors of the new world, and should not fight each other.

Chu Han advocated for a peace treaty and a cessation in hostilities between the ability users and zombies.

In the latter part of the plot, because his views were completely different from those of He Yan, the original feelings between the two were slowly eroded away, and they became totally unable to get along with each other. This matter became very big, and even split the ability users into two factions. It was only when the enmity between the two reached a point where there was no way to clear it up that the author seemed to remember that these two were supposed to be a pair. It was impossible to have them mutually destroy each other if they weren\'t mutually in love, so the author forcefully designed a confrontation between Chu Han and the zombie emperor. Both sides sustained injuries, and Chu Han magically \'lost his memory\'.

For He Yan, this was truly a case of luck arriving after hardship. He could absolutely recreate a \'Chu Han\' whose views were the same as his. So, he could not wait to begin, and slowly modified some of Chu Han\'s perceptions, isolating him from his old subordinates and encouraging him to rely on him, ultimately becoming completely inseparable from him.

At the end of the story, the Earth became heavily damaged because of the battle between ability users and zombies, and both sides suffered heavy losses. In the last battle, in order to protect He Yan, Chu Han and the zombie emperor died together. He Yan’s system absorbed both of their powers at the time of the explosion and used it to restore the planet, giving them a \'new\' lease on life. The few remaining ability users lived happily ever after on the new Earth, shouldering the task of revitalizing and redeveloping society for human beings. As for He Yan, he brought his \'love\' for Chu Yan with him and retreated to fulfil his dream of living a life in seclusion.

It seemed to be a perfectly satisfactory life, but in fact, hidden behind was a very weird and distorted truth.

“In fact, if the zombies here had not been wiped out, they would gradually continue to evolve and become a new type of human beings. They did not become like this because of death. They were just going along a different path of evolution as the ability users, which was why they would look different. At the end of the day, this was all because of the radiation. The system slowly explained the cause and effect behind this to Xue Ling. "Originally, humans still had hope for survival, because zombies and ability users together could allow the human race to continue on. As long as they signed the peace treaty, everything would be different. But He Yan insisted on doing it his way, and he had no idea that ability users could not proliferate by themselves. After he went into seclusion, the number of humans left on Earth slowly decreased, and decades later, there were absolutely no traces of humans left on the planet."

Xue Ling truly did not even know where to start showing his contempt regarding such a strange plot.

“Is there any kind of meaning to this arrangement…? Although it\'s very convenient for me to make a move like this, since I have become \'Chu Han\', then I can make all the decisions regarding my own actions. As long as I\'m not willing, won\'t He Yan be unable to successfully do anything?"

“That\'s what I was thinking.” The system laughed cheekily and said, "Because host\'s strength has increased, it is not a problem for you to enter protagonists\' bodies. The key point is that Chu Han also feels that he has been too wronged in this life. As the most powerful ability user, he was constantly exploited by He Yan, and even his feelings for him were caused by his loss of memory. He was particularly dissatisfied after his death, which was why the will of the world asked us to fix up the plot properly, so that at the very least, humans won\'t all die off."

Xue Ling rubbed his chin and nodded thoughtfully.

“Oh, I forget, there are also those so-called plot defenders in this world. I don’t know where he will appear, but it\'s better if host is more careful."


The system saw that its host had sunk into contemplation, and padded around in a circle on his legs in satisfaction. It chose an excellent position and sat down, very content with this feeling that its host was taking his tasks to heart.

But after a while, it heard Xue Ling open his mouth to ask, "What do you think is the likelihood that he is the zombie emperor?"

System: “…” It had thought that its host was thinking about how to dealt with the protagonist shou, but it turned out that after such a long time, he was still thinking about his own lover…

Was it that he couldn\'t properly accomplish his task or something if he didn\'t know where the man was? If its host threw the tasks to the back of his mind one day, then it would absolutely become a typical example of dropping everything for love!

Although it really wanted to gnash its teeth, once it thought of the momentum that man exuded, the system was unconsciously terrified…

A good system did not fight against the powerful. It pulled on its ears, and aggrievedly answered, "I also don\'t know. I can\'t help you judge if he doesn\'t come near."

Xue Ling made an \'oh\' sound, and then he heard a cry of surprise coming from the fatty driving beside him. "Ah! He Yan brought reinforcements! Excellent! I thought he had run away and left us behind."

XueLing raised his eyebrows and looked at the cars approaching them from up ahead, as well as the protagonist shou who had leaned out of the window to wave at him. The smile that appeared in the corner of his mouth turned thoughtful.

How should he kill off the protagonist this time?

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