When A Snail Falls in Love - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

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The night was dark and a gentle breeze swept in through the open window. It was very quiet and only the muffled sound of the television could be heard in the office which was located in a corner of the park.

Everybody fell silent the moment the four of them saw each other.

The young man had a stunned look on his face.

With one glance, he saw the security captain’s pale and sickly green face. He also spotted the holster on Zhao Han’s waist as the look on his face became conflicted: there were looks of anger, horror, and smugness… When combined together, it turned his relatively normal face into one that looked extremely ruthless.

At that point, even Zhao Han was sure that it had to be him.

However, Yang Yu reacted quickly. He quickly turned around and bolted out through the door.

“Freeze!” Zhao Han furiously shouted as he chased after him.

The hurried footsteps in the corridor got further away. Captain Ding was dumbfounded and did not know what to do whilst Xu Xu stood still and took one glance in the direction where they had run off to. Then she turned her head towards Captain Ding and said, “Immediately inform your people to guard all the exits of the park. If they find him, don’t get too close, just report his location. Also, be careful as he has a knife.”

Captain Ding heard the way she took her time to speak and how she said each individual word clearly. All of a sudden, he calmed down. Then, he immediately picked up his walkie-talkie and shouted commands at his people.

Xu Xu dialed a number on her phone once again. “Officer Wu, I am Xu Xu, where are you guys?” She soon learned that all the nearby police officers had already been transferred to their location. They would be able to surround the park within three minutes. Xu Xu breathed a sigh of relief when she realized that the suspect was not going to be able to get away.

She hung up the phone and saw Captain Ding staring at her with his eyes wide open. There was an indignant and determined look on the enthusiastic head security officer’s face as he asked, “Officer, what should I do now?”

Xu Xu took out a baton from her bag and beckoned for him to follow her, “Let’s go out and have a look.”

Although the night was still as dark as before, the huge park was clearly no longer peaceful. All the lights were turned on and the woods seemed brighter. A gray path could also be seen nearby. Hurried footsteps were heard all around them as flashlights beams scanned the area. The security guards who heard the news were calling out to each other. “Brother Li, there seems to be someone there.” “Brother Qiu, where are you?”

The two of them stood in an open space outside the house in the thick of the chaos. Captain Ding’s heart was beating rapidly as he turned his head to look at Xu Xu who was wielding the baton. She was staring in the direction of the dark woods patiently.

Even though Xu Xu looked very weak and thin, she was a literal ‘god’ in Captain Ding’s eyes. He could not stifle his curiosity and so finally asked her, “Officer, how did you know about how Yang Yu behaves?”

Instead of answering him Xu Xu asked, “Where does Yang Yu live? How many people are living with him?”

Captain Ding pointed in front of them. “The dormitory is over there. Normally, two people share a room together, but he is living alone now. His roommate went back to his hometown to visit his relatives.”

“Send a few people to guard the dormitory,” said Xu Xu immediately.

Yang Yu was not stupid. If he could not escape, then the first thing would be to destroy the evidence. His tools were most likely hidden in the dormitory as well.

Captain Ding immediately gave the order to his people through the walkie-talkie. Suddenly, they heard a loud bang coming from the walkie-talkie and an anxious voice shouting, “Brother Ding, we found him.”

Captain Ding instantly tensed up. “Where?”

“He ran in the direction of the dormitory. We only have two people with us, Brother Ding, quickly come over.”

Captain Ding held a thick wooden stick and charged forward. Xu Xu followed suit. However, since she had only barely passed her physical test, there was a significant distance between her and Captain Ding after running for just a short while. Perhaps Captain Ding was overly excited, but he did not notice her lagging behind at all. He immediately took a corner and disappeared. Only his voice could be heard in the distance. “Where is he? I am coming…”

When Xu Xu reached the corner, she saw a narrow path between two rows of short trees. There were no more streetlights and only a very dim light source illuminated the path. She could see the shadows of the trees in the distance but not the location of the dormitory. By now, Captain Ding had already run very far away. Suddenly, the path became very quiet as there was no one around.

Xu Xu simply stopped running. She held the baton and walked along the path while she looked around vigilantly.

Seconds later, she heard the sound of quick footsteps and a light snapping sound, as though someone had accidentally stepped on a tree branch.

The sound had come from right behind her.

Even though Xu Xu had always been calm, her heartbeat understandably went through the roof. She gripped the baton in her hand tightly and moved her line of sight towards the ground. She saw the path that was illuminated by the dim light source and her vague yet small shadow. However, there was also another tall projection right behind her that was gradually overlapping her shadow…

Xu Xu’s whole body became tense as she heard messy footsteps rapidly approaching from afar. The footsteps were accompanied by Zhao Han’s screams. “Freeze!”

When Xu Xu raised the baton and turned around to swing, she was greeted with Yang Yu’s ferociously tense face. He flashed the knife in his hand and lunged towards her.

A split second later, her baton hit Yang Yu’s chest. Although she was not very strong, she had used her full strength to swing the baron. An ordinary person would not have been able to withstand such a hit. Yang Yu moaned in pain as the knife in his hand dropped to the ground.

However, Yang Yu’s reactions were also very fast as he quickly grabbed the baton and pulled at it fiercely. He was shockingly strong, so Xu Xu was quickly overpowered, causing her to instinctively release the baton in her hand. Without any hesitation, she proceeded to turn around and run.

However, Yang Yu grabbed Xu Xu’s collar as he restrained her with his arm. At the same time, he took out another knife from his pocket and pressed it against Xu Xu’s neck while shivering violently.

Zhao Han was panting as he ran over. He saw Yang Yu holding Xu Xu hostage whilst dragging her to the dark woods behind them step by step. Zhao Han shouted furiously at the man, “Let her go!”

At that moment, Captain Ding and the few security guards arrived right behind Zhao Han. When they saw what was happening, they looked at each other helplessly.

“I… I want a car.” Yang Yu stood still as he straightened his neck and said, “Tell the police to leave now. I will let her go after I leave Lin City. Don’t follow me or I will stab her.”

Zhao Han’s face turned a sickly shade of green. The lights from the surrounding flashlights enabled him to look at the perpetrator’s face clearly: Yang Yu’s eyes were extremely red and his face had turned ashy gray. He held a knife in his hand, which was constantly shaking. It looked as though he could make a fatal cut in Xu Xu’s fragile neck at any time…

Xu Xu was very petite. With his arms around her, her entire face was covered to the point where her facial expression could not be seen.

Zhao Han took a deep breath and said to Yang Yu, “Don’t be impulsive and put down the knife. Your sentence will be much more severe if you accidentally hurt her.”

More security guards gathered behind him. Captain Ding was getting anxious and shouted, “Yang Yu, don’t do anything impulsive. A wrong move may cause you a lifetime of regret, let go of the police officer.”

The other security guards also piped up, “Yes, Yang Yu. Don’t act rashly.”

However, it seemed like Yang Yu had no intention of listening to them. He was starting to get a little confused and cried out in frustration. “Where’s the car, I want the car. I need to go.”

Zhao Han’s heart was beating rapidly when he saw the wobbling knife in Yang Yu’s hand. He knew that it was impossible to let Yang Yu go, but Xu Xu was in his hands. What should he do?

Right at that moment, a cold voice spoke. “Impossible.”

Everyone was shocked, even Yang Yu. This was because the sound came from his arms. He quickly turned his head and saw the woman’s delicate face which was currently looking very pale and frail. However, her eyes were exceptionally deep and terrifying. The extremely cold look in her eyes shocked him.

“What are you talking about?” He growled lowly. The tip of the knife was already touching her neck as Xu Xu stared at him. “There’s no car and we won’t let you go. There is no room for discussion so do not even think about it.”

Yang Yu did not expect a hostage to be so arrogant. He was stunned, as was everyone else around him.

Xu Xu continued, “Put down the knife immediately. Otherwise, my colleague will shoot you. Yang Yu, you only wanted to teach those people a lesson. Do you really want to die for it?”

Her words surprised Yang Yu. Was he going to die because of this? He just wanted to take revenge.

Then, he heard Xu Xu continue, “You will only need to go to jail for a few years to make up for the mistakes that you’ve made. It is not that serious. However, if you were to use me as a hostage, then it will be very different. Even if you do escape, you will be hunted for the rest of your life. The wanted notice will be put up nationwide and your parents and neighbors will see it. When that happens, they will all say the same thing: as expected, Yang Yu is just as useless as his father…”

Yang Yu’s whole body became tense. “You… you…” but he was not able to complete his sentence. Xu Xu glared back at him and continued, “If you let go of me now, everything can still go back to how it used to be. Not many people know about this and you can make a comeback in the future. Since you are a smart guy, you will know which one is the right option. What are you hesitant about? Put the knife down.”

The look on Yang Yu’s face kept changing. He was panting heavily and did not talk or move. Xu Xu’s voice was very calm as she continued to urge him. “Put the knife down. What else is there to think about?”

Yang Yu’s hand trembled and his face turned pale as he gradually lowered the hand that was holding the knife. Zhao Han sighed in relief whilst the surrounding security guards held their breaths as they watched the scene.

Although Xu Xu sounded strict and looked serious, there was a layer of sweat on her palms. She knew that Yang Yu was still struggling internally. Therefore, she had to wait until he let go of her completely before she would make a break for it. Only then could she be considered safe.

Yet, right at that moment, a loud, wailing siren sound suddenly broke the silence of the night.

It was a police car.

Xu Xu cursed internally as a hesitant and painful look washed over Yang Yu’s face. He raised the knife once again and pointed it at her. “Who are you? How do I know if I can trust what you said? Is it really only going to be for a few years? How do you know about my dad… No, I can’t go to jail, I can’t go to jail! I want a car, or I will bring her down with me!”

The man beside her was panting like a dying cow while the people surrounding them had a frightened look on their face. They could clearly see the flashing police lights not too far away.

The tip of the knife grazed her cold neck, causing her to shudder. Xu Xu pulled herself together and was about to speak when she suddenly saw a strange look in Zhao Han’s eyes.

She instantly knew that there was someone behind them.

The thought rushed through her head just as she heard Yang Yu’s painful cry, “AH!”

One hand came from behind and firmly restrained Yang Yu’s wrists. A “clack” sound was heard as his palms were twisted into an odd shape and the knife dropped to the ground. Although it had happened in the blink of an eye, Xu Xu saw the person’s hand and his black sleeve. His hand was very slender, lean and strong.

Yang Yu instantly released Xu Xu. He held his wrist with a pained expression and fell to the ground.

The next second, Xu Xu felt her chest tighten. A tremendous force pulled her backward into someone’s arms.

The person’s arms were broad and warm and she suddenly smelled a leafy aroma, like that of freshly cut grass. However, the person had used a lot of strength and her chest was now hurting because of it.

Zhao Han shouted in surprise. “Captain” He rushed forward and grabbed Yang Yu’s arm before swiftly cuffing his hands behind him. The security guards around them also swarmed forward as Yang Yu wailed in pain while taking in what was happening.

Xu Xu raised her head and looked into a pair of extremely dark eyes. The person’s gaze was clear and sharp. She was frightened by it but also felt a distinct calming sensation.

Ji Bai.

He wore a black coat and had a very tall build. His features were sharp, gentle, and even beautiful. However, when his features were placed on a defined face shape, they looked calm and strong. He also seemed younger as compared to his photos. His black short hair and eyebrows gave off a very vivid heroic aura.

Even Xu Xu panicked slightly when she suddenly encountered someone with such striking looks. Not to mention the fact that it was her first time being tightly embraced by a stranger. Under the soft street lights, Xu Xu looked at his face which was only a few inches away. For a split second, she illogically saw him as painting soaked in the morning light. His face was handsome yet unclear at the same time.

However, Ji Bai only stared at Xu Xu for an instance before releasing her.

Xu Xu calmed down and greeted him. “Nice to meet you, Captain Ji.”

Ji Bai did not answer her. Instead, he moved his gaze down towards her slender neck before reaching out his hands and touching it.

He acted very quickly. Before Xu Xu could react, she felt a callus-covered finger touch her skin, accompanied by a slight piercing pain.

Xu Xu subconsciously frowned and moved away.

The hedgehog-like defensive reaction caused Ji Bai to shoot a glance at her. Then, the coldness in his eyes faded as he revealed a smile. However, he only smiled lightly so it seemed unconcerned and distant.

“The wound is not that deep. You should be able to handle it by yourself.” His voice did not sound as aggressive as it did over the phone. In fact, it sounded mellower in person.

Xu Xu touched her neck and found that it was bleeding. She had been cut by the knife. “Oh…”

She recalled that he had saved her just now. His talent and judgment were amazing. Xu Xu bowed and respectfully said, “Thank you.”

Ji Bai shook his head. “No need for that. I will look for you later to talk about today’s incident. A police officer being held hostage by a criminal, huh? You make me proud.”

Xu Xu was speechless.

At that moment, the sound of hurried footsteps was heard as their colleagues arrived.


“Captain, you’re back.”

A few of them shouted excitedly when they saw their superior. Yao Meng also arrived, and when she saw Ji Bai, she was slightly stunned. Then she shouted clearly as well, “Nice to meet you, Captain.”

Ji Bai’s gaze swept across everyone. He no longer paid attention to Xu Xu and instead walked forward with Zhao Han, who was escorting Yang Yu. His dark eyes seemed to beam with smiles after seeing his partner and subordinates while the handsome contours on his faces also became softer.

The others also started smiling. It was a warm and tacit smile that was replaced by resentment and disdain when they saw the captured Yang Yu.

Without any greetings, Ji Bai started barking out orders. “Old Wu, take two people with you to search Yang Yu’s residence; Xiao Chen, you and Da Hu escort the suspect to the car; Xiao Zheng, take the others to get their statement; Yao Meng, help Xu Xu patch up her wound.”

Everyone turned towards Xu Xu and Yao Meng quickly stepped forward and asked, “Xu Xu, are you okay?”

“It’s nothing, just a little cut,” smiled Xu Xu.

Xu Xu did not need Yao Meng’s help so Yao Meng did not insist and left with the others.

Xu Xu walked back to the police car and took out a first aid kit. She placed two Band-Aid plasters on her neck but could not help but frown in pain. However, the place the hurt the most was not her neck, but her chest.

When Ji Bai pulled her out of Yang Yu arms, he had held her very tightly. At that time, she did not realize but he was holding onto her right chest. Since he had used a lot of strength, her chest was still hurting now as her skin was relatively sensitive and fragile. However, judging from of the extent of the pain in her chest, it was probably bruised.

That feeling was unfamiliar to her. It seemed as though he did not only cause her physical pain, but he also made her feel a little uncomfortable. However, Xu Xu did not dwell on it. There was no one around so she simply fondled her chest to help relieve the pain a little. Then, she got out of the car and headed to Yang Yu’s dormitory.

The night went on smoothly. They found a bag of razor blades under Yang Yu’s bed in the dormitory as well as the “plan of action” that he wrote himself. It recorded the time, location and his feelings each time he committed a crime. This was undeniable proof that he was the culprit.

He originally lived in a small town near Lin City and his family had been very well off, which led to him being spoiled whilst growing up. However, at the age of sixteen, his father’s business failed and they lost everything. His mother divorced his father because of this. His results had always been average, so he failed his college entrance examination due to the sudden change. Therefore, he went to the city to look for a job. Nonetheless, he always felt that he deserved more and always acted very impulsively at work. Thus, although he had been in Lin City for three to four years, he had never held down a position. He was introduced to his previous job by a friend from his hometown and was consequently dismissed because he was always absent without leave to play video games… Everything matched Xu Xu’s deduction and everyone from the criminal police force was surprised.

When they closed the case, Ji Bai told everyone to return their guns to the police station and head home to sleep since they had been so busy for the past few days. Ji Bai and Old Wu, who was also very experienced, told them that they would interrogate Yang Yu overnight.

When they got into the car, Old Wu turned to Ji Bai, “I heard that Xu Xu was held hostage, but almost persuaded Yang Yu to confess and surrender. Your apprentice is remarkable. Oh yeah, she’s a bit like you when you first joined the police force. Both of you are bad*sses.”

Was she really just like him? That was an interesting statement.

Ji Bai smiled.

When he got off the plane, he heard that Xu Xu and Zhao Han were at the park, so he immediately rushed over there. When he arrived, he found that the park was not as quiet and peaceful as how it normally was. Instead, it was noisy and tense.

As he got to the woods, he saw Yang Yu holding Xu Xu hostage. Just as he was about to make a sneak attack from behind, he heard Xu Xu’s cold threat.

She had performed better than expected. Even as a hostage, she had completely controlled the situation.

After he rescued her from Yang Yu, the first thing that he saw was a pair of extremely quiet and dark eyes. Even after being held hostage, he did not see fear and panic in her eyes, but understanding and relief.

She recognized him and took her time to greet him. “Nice to meet you, Captain Ji.” She did not realize that there were two to three terrifying cuts on her pale neck.

Her mental fortitude was very impressive. She was extremely slow and the unbothered look on her face made it seem as though she had been unaffected by the incident.

Another thing that surprised him was that she was way too thin. She weighed nothing in his arms whilst her features could be considered delicate and fine. Not to mention her skin was too pale. It was as if she did not have any color on her cheeks, like a fragile little zombie…

How could such a little girl brave obstacles with him in the future? She was like a small animal.

Moreover, another thought was teasing his mind.

He did not pay too much attention then, but now that he recalled it, there was something wrong with the feeling in his hand when he had rescued her. It was too soft. When he pulled her into his arms, he just so happened to grab her chest.

The soft yet bouncy feeling in his hand was oddly refreshing; it lingered in between his fingers such that he was not able to forget it.

Even though she looked very thin, her chest was not lacking…

He dismissed the strange feeling on his fingertips and replied Old Wu, “She is remarkable. Have you ever seen a hostage act fiercer than the criminal?”

Old Wu chuckled. “The best part is that she’s just a small little girl, and yet, she has such explosive influence.”

The two of them laughed together.

Old Wu continued, “Take care of her. Who knows, she might be the next great female detective. The only thing stopping her is her physical abilities – after all, it seemed to be a problem earlier.”

“It won’t be a problem much longer.” Ji Bai smiled. “I’ll give her some training – just watch her physical abilities improve then.”