When A Snail Falls in Love - Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: Chapter 69 Lin Qingyan bonus (down) When The Peaches Ripen

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Ten years went by like a dream. Soon, Lin Qingyan was thirty-two years old while Qin Shuhua was fifty-four.

The sky in Hong Kong was a captivating turquoise. Every morning after Lin Qingyan woke up, he would put on a black robe and stand on the balcony to watch the sunrise. Whenever he did this, Qin Shuhua would either be leaning against his arms or watching his tall, slender body from behind with a smile.

Over the years, Lin Qingyan seemed to be living a very good life. At one point, he himself thought so too.

He became the foster son of the Qin Group’s chairman – he started out managing a small investment company but had soon gone on to manage half of the Qin Group. The people around him always tried to kiss his ass. “Chief Lin is like Chief Qin’s own son. He’s just as clever and bold in conducting business.” Of course, the two of them were alike. He was personally taught by Qin Shuhua in all matters: from networking to running a business, to having sex.

He also amassed a lot of money. Some were from his annual executive bonuses while others Qin Shuhua gifted him. Although his assets were nothing compared to that of Qin Shuhua, it was enough to last him a few lifetimes. He even gave his former female class teacher a sum of money. She was surprised and tried to refuse it, but Lin Qingyan forced her to take it.

He worked out every day and attended cocktail parties, dances, as well as golfing sessions, essentially living his best life as a member of society’s elite.

Perhaps because Qin Shuhua truly liked him, but she never had any other men. Most of the time, the two of them got along just like a real couple.

Nevertheless, whenever he awoke from a nightmare or something of the like in the wee hours of the morning, he would look beside him to see the newly-sprouted white hair on top of Qin Shuhua’s head. He would see her smooth and fair artificial-looking face that she spent ridiculous amounts each year to maintain. Moreover, he would also see her loose, flabby skin which was now starting to show age spots… An overwhelming sense of dread was suffocating him and slowly killing him. No matter how bright his future was, it was all meaningless if it was going to be spent like this.

He returned to China at once and got ahold of a large amount of potassium cyanide from the gold mines. Apparently, this was a poison that would kill someone completely painlessly. He felt that it either he or Qin Shuhua would have to die. Regardless of who it was, they should die peacefully and happily.

However, the first person he killed was a completely irrelevant girl.

At the time, Qin Shuhua had gone to Malaysia to take a rest as Lin Qingyan stayed on in Hong Kong to attend to the company’s matters. He worked overtime until late at night and when he went back to the villa, the entire room seemed deserted. Qin Shuhua’s pajamas were still on the bed and the whole house was filled with the faint scent of her perfume. There were also condoms in the trash that they used yesterday. Lin Qingyan once again felt suffocated, so he left the villa and drove alone aimlessly in the dead of the night.

He met Linda at a bar in Lan Kwai Fong. She was a very sharp and beautiful girl who was in her early twenties. She had an attractive laugh, such that when she smiled, her eyes would curve into a crescent-like shape. Moreover, there were two cute dimples on her face. All these features worked wonders and soon grabbed the attention of all the men in the bar.

Lin Qingyan was one of those people who could have been born to commit crimes. At the time, he was not thinking of killing Linda, but after some time, he subconsciously left the bar and waited in the empty alley until Linda left to head to her car.

Everything else that happened after this followed the natural order of things. Any girl would be attracted to a handsome and mature man with a luxury car. Linda got into his car and the two of them soon began making out as they made their way back to Lin Qingyan’s residence. When they arrived at the mountain, they could not help but began doing it at once.

Then, he took her to his villa. When Qin Shuhua was not in Hong Kong, he liked to live alone. That night, he did it with Linda very freely, intensely, and happily. A young girl’s body was so fresh and clean, it felt as though water could seep out of her fair skin at any moment. Lin Qingyan licked every single inch her body lustfully as Linda scolded him while laughing. “You pervert.”

A pervert? Maybe. Lin Qingyan only knew that he had been a fish out of water for too long and had now been returned to the ocean. No matter how many times he did it, it was never enough. Linda could not stand it anymore and she eventually began to push him away jokingly. “You’re too strong, I can’t do it anymore. Drive me home, I’m exhausted.”

Lin Qingyan’s eyes were as dark and soulless as that of a beast as he pinned her back onto the bed.

How could he let go of this new-found salvation? If he was left alone again, he would die. He would genuinely die.

Over the following ten days or so, he tied Linda to the bed with some rope and fed her sleeping pills during the day, making sure only to go to work after she had fallen asleep. When he returned home at night, he would do it for as long as he wanted. He also fed her Japanese sex hormones which were a kind of female aphrodisiac that Qin Shuhua would use once in a while. He doubled the dosage and used it on his little pet. The nights were long and fantastical; when he felt his little slave lean on his chest, he felt like he was on ecstasy. Meanwhile, she submitted herself to him and pleaded for his love and body.

However, all this stopped on the night before Qin Shuhua returned to Hong Kong.

By now, Linda was like a walking corpse. When she regained consciousness, she cried and begged Lin Qingyan not to kill her.

Unfortunately, he had no choice. He was not a fool and knew that he had committed a felony.

Moreover, he no longer wanted to die, and he felt like he had been reborn – Linda’s young and vibrant body seemed to have injected life into his.

He was so happy.

Linda looked very peaceful as the potassium cyanide caused a faint blush to appear on her cheeks. Lin Qingyan kept her frozen in the villa for three days before unwillingly driving her to the wilderness. Then, he hid her body in the depths of the forest.

Qin Shuhua was the first to notice the change in Lin Qingyan.

In the past, even though they were intimate as a couple, there was always an indescribable stubbornness and loneliness in him. Recently, however, he would take the initiative and become even gentler in his love-making. His kisses were more passionate than before and he now looked at her full of affection. He seemed to emanate a mature and alluring aura that had previously been missing in his character.

He also became more proficient in his career. The Qin Group began expanding rapidly under his control as everyone watched Lin Qingyan lead the group to a second period of high-speed growth…

He was like an unearthed gem that was only now beginning to shine.

“Why?” One day, Qin Shuhua asked breathlessly as she made love to Lin Qingyan.

Lin Qingyan lowered his head and kissed her passionately. After a very long time, he lifted his head to stare at her. “Because I love you. In truth, I’ve always known it, and I’m sure you knew it too, right? However, in the past, I refused to accept my true feelings.”

These were the most touching words that Qin Shuhua had ever heard. Even for a smart and tough businesswoman like her, she could not help but be lost in his words.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Qin Shuhua drafted a will and left all her properties to Lin Qingyan without hesitation. She did not have a husband nor any children, and since Lin Qingyan had been with her for so many years, who else would she leave it all to?

Lin Qingyan did not react too much to this. He merely smiled at her and said, “You can do as you please.”

Qin Shuhua was quite emotional and somewhat gratified. She knew that Lin Qingyan did not care about the will since he himself was capable of being successful. He had been personally trained by her and his talent exceeded even hers. The reason why he continued to stay by her side was completely due to his love for her.

Later on, the two of them rarely got intimate with each other. Qin Shuhua moved to a private nursing home located far away from the city. Thus, Lin Qingyan set aside all his work and stayed by her side. Some of the doctors and nurses did not know about their relationship and would often remark to each other, “Mister Lin treats Chief Qin better than her own son would.” When Qin Shuhua drowsy and dizzy from the drugs, she would pat his head and sigh. “If my son was still alive, he would be twenty-two years old now. How good would it be if you were really my own son?”

Whenever he heard her say such impudent words, the smile on Lin Qingyan’s face would grow even wider. “That doesn’t really matter, does it? Whether you think of me as your lover or your son, I’ll always treat you as the most important woman in my life.”

Although he spent most of his time in nursing homes, Lin Qingyan still needed to frequently return to the company to handle their affairs.

This was when Feng Ye appeared.

Some people were born to be outstanding and no matter where they were in life, they would undoubtedly attract everyone’s attention.

One such person was Feng Ye.

He was a young project manager at a company that they were working with, and he was shockingly talented. Other than his handsome looks, his mature and humorous personality quickly made him well-known in the industry. This was despite the fact that he did not have a strong background.

Lin Qingyan soon became friends with Feng Ye. They were both smart, good with the ways of the world and enterprising. Moreover, they had a similar drive and wild ambition… Lin Qingyan really liked to hang out with this young man and even made an effort to guide him.

It was as if he was looking at a younger version of himself. If not for what had happened, he might have gone on to become like this, free and limitless.

That was the life that he wanted, but it was not like he could turn back time. He was Lin Qingyan, not Feng Ye. Even though he was the head of an entire business empire and had, by now, murdered five people, he still felt like he had not truly saved himself.

He learned about Feng Ye’s secret background three months later.

He remembered that it was a gloomy and rainy day when he left the nursing home. He had a nasty stomach ache, so he stopped the car and relieved himself in a nearby cafe. When he got out, he saw Qin Shuhua’s assistant driving up to the mountain despite the heavy rain.

Time had flown by so quickly. The young and experienced assistant had grown into a middle-aged man with a head of silver hair. After Lin Qingyan took over Qin Group, he found an excuse to send him far away and allowed him to become a wealthy idler.

So, why did Qin Shuhua call for him today?

Lin Qingyan immediately got into his car and returned to his villa in the middle of the mountain. When he got to his study room, he switched on a device and heard a clear conversation on the other end of the line.

Qin Shuhua was living her life in the palm of his hand. The nursing home was filled with his own people, so her room was naturally tapped.

“I did a DNA test.” The assistant’s voice was somewhat emotional. “Chief Qin, Feng Ye is indeed your son.”

Qin Shuhua remained silent for a long time. This was the first time Lin Qingyan had ever heard her sobbing voice. “Okay. Let me think about it, then bring him here to see me.”

Lin Qingyan who was still seated at his study table, turned off the device and smiled as he looked out at the misty curtain of rain.

She wanted to think about it, but what did she plan to think about?

Early the next morning, Lin Qingyan went to the nursing home to see Qin Shuhua. She looked completely normal as she smiled at him and asked him to take her out to the courtyard for a walk. The grass seemed lusher after the rain and her face looked even more radiant than usual.

Was it because her real son was back?

She did not mention anything about Feng Ye to Lin Qingyan as he merely looked at her with a forced smile.

Two days later, Lin Qingyan saw the assistant visiting her once again through his monitoring device.

This time, her attitude was firm, as if she had once again reverted to become the decisive queen that she once was.

“This might be a bit of a hassle, get my lawyer to come as I want to amend my will. I want to leave everything to Feng Ye.” She said briefly, “I have already given enough to Qingyan. You do not need to tell him about this for the time being. You can announce my will after I’m dead.”

Lin Qingyan listened to her quietly as the other end and likewise grew quiet. Then, he realized that his eyes were getting a little wet.

He was truly envious of Feng Ye for having such a good mother.

He visited the assistant that night and went straight to the point. “I’ll give you 30 percent.”

The loyal assistant’s eyes instantly widened in disbelief.

It was true that the deal that Qin Shuhua’s offered to him for his silence was good, but 30 percent of the Qin Group’s shares? Only a madman would refuse such a crazy offer.

Qin Shuhua taught him to always leave room to maneuver, therefore, before proceeding with the whole plan, Lin Qingyan gave her one last chance.

Or perhaps he was giving her a reason to betray him.

There was a girl in the company who had pursued him for a long time, but whom he had always rejected. In truth, he was starting to get a little annoyed with her pursuits. However, it was the right time for him to look for the girl to claim as his own. “This request might be very abrupt… but Chief Qin’s illness has reached its final stages. She said that she wants to see me get married before she dies, so I’m treating it as her last wish. Can you help me by having a fake engagement with me? I can’t find anyone else who is willing to help me right now.”

Naturally, the girl was more than willing. She took it seriously even though it was just for show and even drafted a marriage contract that looked official yet obscure. Since Lin Qingyan had been single for many years, everyone assumed that he was a good man who led an honest and clean life so they did not mind.

The news soon spread to Qin Shuhua just as Lin Qingyan had intended.

Lin Qingyan went to visit her for the last time as she lay on the ice-cold bed. She looked disgusting, mainly because chemotherapy made her seem older and weaker. Even so, he lowered his head and kissed her after he walked in.

She did not mention anything about his fiancé or his betrayal, and he did the same. The two were like an old couple as he fed her and massaged her stiff limbs. Finally, he hugged her while they watched the sunset.

“I want to be alone from now on. You can focus on the company, so you don’t have to come over anymore.” She suddenly said gently, “After I die, you can start a new life. That is all I want.”

Lin Qingyan almost laughed out loud when his gaze fell on the hypocritical look on her face.

Her wish? Did his “betrayal” make her feel relief? Did the very last bit of guilt in her heart disappear? Did she plan to keep him in the dark like a fool and give everything to her biological son?

He had been with her for ten years, but he was suddenly worth nothing after Feng Ye appeared. He instantly returned to his initial position at the bottom of the food chain.

Instead of immediately leaving, Lin Qingyan walked over to lower the curtains and close the door. The room became dark and Qin Shuhua asked nervously, “What are you doing?”

Lin Qingyan said in a gentle tone, “I have something to tell you.”


“There’s no fiancé. You’re the only one in my heart, how can I have a fiancé? I was just trying to provoke you.”

Qin Shuhua broke out into a cold sweat. She felt as if Lin Qingyan had changed into a different person. “… Why did you want to provoke me?”

Lin Qingyan seemed not to hear her as he continued to mutter.

“How can I make you sad? If my fiancé made you unhappy, then I would have immediately killed her.

“Look, this is the second will that you asked your assistant and lawyer to prepare. I’m going to tear it now and I will act like nothing happened.

“Oh right, I also killed a lot of people.

“Do you know what I’m going to do next? I’ll drag your outstanding son into the matter too!” Lin Qingyan cruelly smirked.

‘Qin Shuhua, you said one thing really accurately.

‘How good would it be if I was your son? I really wanted to be your biological son. Since you’re such a kind and caring mother, you would be with me as I grew, taught me how to be a good person, protected me, and ensured that nobody hurt me. If that was the case, then my life would not have been tainted with all this filth – I wouldn’t need to harvest fresh blood and innocent lives to sustain myself.

‘How good would it be if I was not Lin Qingyan, but Feng Ye.

‘Wait, why can’t I be Feng Ye? What’s stopping me?

‘From now on, I am Feng Ye and I will inherit my mother’s property. I will live my life without any worry and I can finally start over again.’ He thought to himself.

Three years later, he met Yao Meng.

The past three years went by very peacefully: there was no more Qin Shuhua and there were no more murders. He handed over his business to a skilled subordinate and henceforth, all he did was look at the total account value or determine the group’s strategic direction every year. Since he had so much free time, he would sometimes put himself in Feng Ye’s shoes. What wish would Feng Ye pursue if he was in his position?

That wish was Yao Meng.

The photo that Feng Ye kept in his wallet and the reason why Feng Ye rejected all the other women.

It was an exceptionally bright morning as he sat in the car whilst waiting at the entrance of an old housing estate. Then, he saw a young girl in a light pink sportswear running towards him with the sun’s glare in her eyes. She had a pair of clear eyes and flushed apple-red cheeks.

Lin Qingyan was lost for words.

If the girls that he was previously with were a series of victorious conquest, then Yao Meng was undoubtedly the shining capital that he needed to claim for himself.

Moreover, she was the love of Feng Ye’s life. That title alone was enough to make him lose control.

In the blink of an eye, she had disappeared around the corner. Lin Qingyan quickly started the car and followed her unhurriedly. However, after taking the turn, he saw that there was no one around. As he scanned his surroundings, he heard someone tapping on his car window.

He turned around to see his goddess standing right in front of him.

“What are you doing?” She asked with a frown. “Show me your credentials. I’m a police officer.”

He looked at her and smiled.

‘After such a long and arduous journey, I’m finally here.’

The two of them had only known each for a year, whilst no more than half of it was spent together.

Nevertheless, this was the happiest period of Lin Qingyan’s life.

When he was with her, he was a successful businessman that everyone looked up to. He was the lucky man that she admired, and he replaced Feng Ye to become her greatest love. When she was not around, he would hunt recklessly in the city like a free spirit and uncontrollable demon.

Even so, the thought of killing her never crossed his mind, simply because she was his true love.

He had only ever been loved by Qin Shuhua, so it was natural that he only knew how to love like her. Therefore, he kept Yao Meng by his side and treated her like a lover as well as a daughter. After he passes away, he wanted to leave her everything and allow her to live out the rest of her days without worry.

Nonetheless, the balance finally broke on a fateful day.

The day she was raped by Tan Liang.

Lin Qingyan instigated Tan Liang to take the blame, but he did not expect him to go crazy right before getting caught. Worse still, he did not expect the unlucky victim to be his woman.

Even so, it did not matter. Tan Liang was dead already, and after killing Xu Xu, he was ready to treat it as if nothing had ever happened.

However, when did she start doubting him?

Even in the final moments of his life, Lin Qingyan clearly remembered Yao Meng’s tears on that cold dreary night.

It was the tenth day of the second month after she was raped by Tan Liang. He had gone to the hospital for a chemotherapy and had only arrived home late at night. The lights in her room were out and because Lin Qingyan was afraid of waking her up, he went to sleep in the guest room.

As usual, he turned on the monitoring device just to look at her sleeping face. Nevertheless, he was stunned to see her sitting alone in the dark room with her face buried in her hands as she tried to hold back tears.

There were a few photos scattered by her side. They were all photos of the victims that he had previously taken and kept in the basement. She was not even supposed to be aware that the basement even existed, but from the scene in front of him, it was clear that she had discovered it.

The night was long and cold. The two of them sat in different rooms with a wall in between them. Lin Qingyan saw her take out her mobile phone while she cried. She threw the phone away right after she dialed a number, repeating this process a few times… She looked like a cornered animal, fearful and in extreme pain. Her body trembled violently as if she was abandoned by everyone else.

Lin Qingyan’s tears fell unconsciously.

‘My angel, my final angel, my angel who loved me so much. Why didn’t I meet you sooner?