When A Snail Falls in Love - Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

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The two of them headed to a restaurant downtown for dinner.

They had to wait for a seat because it was peak hour and the place was very packed. Nonetheless, after entering the restaurant, they saw spacious dark-red sofas arranged tastefully around them and soft lighting painting the walls. The dazzling chandeliers reflected light on the floor-to-ceiling window as the aroma of cooked food further improved the environment.

Xu Xu sat on one side of the sofa and took a look at the menu that the waiter handed to her. She lowered her head and flipped through the pages. Moments later, she felt the other side of the sofa caving in slightly and a familiar warmth wrapping around her.

Ji Bai had put both of their outer-wears and bags across the table and had now moved next to her. He placed one of his arms on the sofa behind her and was now leisurely watching her as she went through the menu.

In Xu Xu’s opinion, since they were now officially in a relationship, it was perfectly normal for them to be on intimate terms. Moreover, she enjoyed the sensation of Ji Bai’s body being pressed against hers. Thus, she lifted her head and smiled at him lightly before she took the initiative to move closer to him.

Ji Bai could not help but laugh when she did this.

The two of them went through the menu patiently.

Ji Bai loved eating bass. So after reaching the seafood section, Xu Xu asked, “Teacher, would you like the bass steamed or braised?”

Ji Bai moved closer to her ear and asked in a low voice, “What did you call me?”

Xu Xu looked at him and smirked.

She tried to recall how the people around her addressed their partner when they were in a relationship and tried to do the same. She thought about it and asked, “Ji Bai? Honey? Ji Ji? Bai Bai? What do you prefer?”

Ji Bai laughed again.

After he was done laughing, he dropped her a hint. “What did you call me in Beijing?”

Third brother Ji. He really liked it when she addressed him with her gentle voice. There was a reliant and sentimental tone in her words that made his heart leap. Yet at the same time, it made him feel very comfortable.

Xu Xu said straightforwardly, “Third Brother Ji.”

“There we go.” Ji Bai immediately responded with a soft voice and stared at her with his gleaming onyx eyes.

It was a very normal response, but Xu Xu inexplicably felt her face flush slightly. She tried to distract herself by flipping through the menu for a while, but suddenly, she took notice of Ji Bai… His tone and the look in his eyes… Was he flirting with her? If he was, then he was really good.

Instead of being indecisive like other girls, Xu Xu firmly chose a few dishes before turning to get Ji Bai’s approval. “Are you okay with these?”

She sounded strong yet a little dominant, almost as if she was the boyfriend.

Naturally, Ji Bai agreed. How carefree would he be if his girlfriend was in charge of stuff like this?

Moreover, everything that she had ordered was, coincidently, the food that he liked.

However, when he mentioned their common interest in food, she turned away and replied nervously, “It’s not a coincidence. I did some research on your interests.”

Her words made Ji Bai feel very happy. He looked up at her and grinned. “Oh? And what is the conclusion from your research?”

The two of them had a pleasant dinner and by the time Ji Bai sent Xu Xu home, it was already a little past nine o’clock.

The wind blew slowly and the orange streetlights in the area were warm. The shadows of the trees that were swaying about stretched out protectively onto the pavement as the two of them stood there facing each other.

Although he was really enjoying her presence, they had just come back from a work trip and she seemed tired. Thus, Ji Bai said, “Go, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Xu Xu nodded but she did not move.

Ji Bai wore a simple white shirt on top of his black trousers, and he seemed taller under the streetlights when he lowered his head to look at her. The look on his face showed that he was at peace.

Xu Xu ignored the accelerating heartbeat in her chest as she stared into his eyes and said, “Yesterday, when it was raining in Xiang Chuan County, did you…”

Before she could complete the sentence, she felt his hand tighten around her waist as he pulled her into his arms. Xu Xu only caught a glimpse of his slightly upward curling lips before he lowered his head and pressed his soft lips against the top of her head once again.

His voice sounded extraordinarily low and gentle, even more so than usual. “Are you talking about this?”

Xu Xu nodded silently. ‘This is the feeling.’

“Thank you… I guess I’ll go up now.” Since Xu Xu had gotten what she wanted, she was feeling quite satisfied. However, when she tried pushing him away, he did not want to let go. Instead, he continued to hold her in his arms.

Their bodies were extremely close to each other where they remained quietly for a short while. Suddenly, Xu Xu felt Ji Bai’s face gradually moving downward along her forehead.

It was very quiet around them and their breathing slowly started to match one another. She could even feel his tall nose stroking her cheeks gently as he moved downward bit by bit… Even though it was just a slight touch, it made the skin around Xu Xu’s entire body very sensitive and tight.

Soon, Ji Bai had already lowered his head to the point where his face was parallel to hers. He looked at her seriously without saying a word, then pressed his lips against hers.

His breath was steady and warm, but his kiss was very powerful. He paused for a split second after pressing his lips against hers, before his tongue firmly parted her lips. Although this was completely new to Xu Xu, she felt very comfortable and somewhat excited. She stood there, completely relaxed in his arms and raised her face slightly to allow him to better enjoy the taste of her lips.

Ji Bai was indeed a bit forceful and his kisses were slightly heavy, but this was forgivable. After all, he had been fantasizing about this moment for way too long, and here he was, finally presented with the opportunity. He was slightly satisfied after being able to truly kiss her, so he eventually moved away victoriously.

The two of them stared at each other in close proximity as Ji Bai held her face in his large hand and gently stroked her cheek with his thumb.

“How do you feel?” Ji Bai’s voice was very light and slightly hoarse. There was a faint smile on his face and his eyes shimmered semi-nervously from the excitement. “Do you like it when I kiss you?”

‘He’s flirting with me again.’

She nodded and reciprocated his flirting. “It felt very good… Third Brother Ji.”

The smile on Ji Bai’s face got wider and she was assaulted by a barrage of kisses before she could even finish her sentence.

When Xu Xu entered the house, her lips were obviously red and swollen, even her cheeks were a shade of crimson. Since they both hugged a little too passionately, her shirt was also a crumpled and messy.

Xu Juan was feeling a bit lonely that night and all he had for dinner was some horrible takeaway. Thus, he went straight to his sister’s apartment and waited for her to get some company for the night. Due to the fact that he was quite experienced, he clearly understood what had happened just by looking at his younger sister. He felt a strong sense of gratification and easiness because his sister had now grown up. Yet, as he observed the way she looked after being kissed by a man, he felt a little discontented. After all, this was only their first day of being in a relationship and they have kissed – it seemed like they were progressing extremely fast.

Xu Xu went to take a shower right after she came back whilst Xu Juan sat in the living room, listening to her cheerful humming in the shower. He felt as though a tiny claw was scratching his heart when he heard his little sister’s hums. After a while, Xu Juan could no longer contain his worry and so, while she was blow-drying her hair on the sofa, Xu Juan asked faintly, “You both are progressing very quickly. When will you bring him home and introduce him to your brother?”

Xu Xu nodded and said, “After I have some substantial progress with him, I will bring you back to meet you.”

Xu Juan frowned slightly and asked, “What does “substantial progress” mean?”

Xu Xu smiled. “When our feelings are stronger and more stable, of course.”

Xu Juan let out a sigh of relief, then laughed at himself for having dirty thoughts.

Later, the two of them sat on the balcony and watched the city lights stretch out across the horizon.

“Ji Bai,” Xu Juan said. “He’s from Beijing, 28 years old and has worked in Lin City’s criminal police unit for seven and a half years. I wasn’t able to learn anything about his family background, but I can guess it. To be honest, his family background might put some pressure on you in the future.”

Xu Xu smirked and asked, “Why should I care about it if he himself feels that his family background is not important?”

This answer seemed way too idealistic and childish in Xu Juan’s opinion. He remained silent for a moment before he asked, “You said that you would be more compatible with a less complicated IT man. Although I have yet to get to know Ji Bai better, I can tell that he won’t be easy to deal with. Do you really think that you can control him?”

Xu Xu remained silent for a moment before answering, “I used to hope that love would be the same as work so that it would be under my control. But after falling for him, I’ve learned that I actually don’t want to control him. He knows what I am thinking and vice versa. Most importantly, I can treat him wholeheartedly.”

The following day, Ji Bai went to the station chief’s office.

“I have established a romantic relationship with Xu Xu.” He walked in and got straight to the point. “I came to report it to you.”

The station chief looked at him and slowly said, “I’m not against your relationship, but you need to be cautious of its influence in the office.”

Ji Bai smiled and nodded. “Naturally. I have always been careful in separating my work and private interests – Xu Xu will be no different.”

After this, he made his way out. However, he stopped right at the door and added, “Will you please let Director Liu know, so she will be happy for me too.”

The station chief cocked his head back and chuckled heartily. “Kiddo, you’re ruthless.”

Henceforth, the two of them had a tacit agreement to keep it low-profile.

When the work bell rang, Ji Bai walked into his office with a calm look on his face, whereas Xu Xu did not look sideways for the entire day. When she saw him, she kept her tone professional. “Captain.” She sounded even more distant than before.

Everyone in the criminal police unit had heard the rumors. Despite that, after seeing their attitudes, they started to have doubts. During lunchtime, Zhao Han secretly asked Old Wu, “Did they call it off?”

Old Wu smiled and shook his head. “You either have bad eyes or bad judgment. They’re clearly together.”

There were no major cases in the city and the week went by very peacefully in the criminal police unit. In the blink of an eye, the weekend arrived.

Ji Bai was well aware that their relationship was progressing relatively fast since the day he first kissed her.

But men… especially physically matured unmarried men, would always want more. However, he also knew that she would definitely be unwilling if he were to ask for too much immediately. It would be too sudden. He shared her sentiment and likewise hoped that the two of them would help nurture their relationship to become stronger and successful over time. Nevertheless, it was simply a man’s instinct to act a little more intimate with his partner.

On Saturday morning, he cleaned the house, prepared some acoustic music, foreign movies, cooking ingredients, and red wine. Then, he energetically called Xu Xu, “Are you free today? Do you want to come to my house?”

Xu Xu smiled and replied, “Let’s not go to your house. I have arranged the location and content of today’s date.”

Ji Bai felt slightly strange but happy, because even a little girl like her was putting in effort into their relationship.

However, Ji Bai did not expect Xu Xu to set the location of the date to be at the police academy.

A solemn school building with tall and upright trees stood in front of them. Groups of students from the police academy jogged past the school’s motto plastered proudly on the wall. “Loyalty, responsibility and devotion”. Ji Ba smiled and observed the calm look on Xu Xu face. “What’s your plan?”

Did she want to visit the academy? Learn about the eight honors and eight disgraces? Or possibly go through files in the archives to improve their professional skills? It was none of that.

Xu Xu led him to the South Hall of the police academy’s library.

This was the place where videos and media materials were played. Because of this, there were seven to eight rows of seats which could comfortably accommodate upwards of fifty people. Xu Xu led Ji Bai to the middle of the first row and sat down. Then, she took out some popcorn and soda that had been hidden underneath the seat and handed it to him. After that, the lights were dimmed and the screen in front of them started flashing. Only then was Ji Bai sure that Xu Xu had brought him here today to watch a movie.

A high-intelligence crime movie made in the United States played in front of them. The movie was not shown in theatres throughout the country because it had been deemed “too violent and bloody”. Nevertheless, Ji Bai thoroughly enjoyed it and obviously, Xu Xu had her eyes glued to the screen the entire time.

After watching the movie for a while, Ji Bai looked around at his empty surroundings. Although it was the weekend, it was impossible for this place to be empty.

“How come there’s no one else here?” Ji Bai stared at her and asked softly.

Her answer surprised him. “I went to see my lecturer yesterday and booked the entire place for our date.” Then, she turned around and continued to watch the movie as if it was nothing at all.

Ji Bai could not help but laugh when he stared at her fair and calm face under the flashing lights emanating from the screen. After a while, he turned sideways and kissed her. “Let your boyfriend plan dates like this for you in the future. All you have to do is ask.”

After watching the movie, Ji Bai got what he wanted and brought her home.

After dinner, the two of them sat on the sofa while they watched TV. Ji Bai placed his arms around her shoulder and asked, “As a boyfriend, can I make a request?”

Xu Xu’s brother had previously requested for her to “not have sex too soon”. So, she immediately thought of him as she solemnly asked, “What request?”

Ji Bai smiled. “It’s a very simple request, all you need to do is move your feet.”

Move her feet? Xu Xu thought about it for a while but quickly understood what he meant. She felt her body shudder slightly when she looked at his tall and strong body. Even so, she was not against it. So, she answered, “Okay, I can try.”

Ji Bai released her from his grasp and went into another room, after which Xu Xu immediately took out her mobile phone to search on Baidu “How to give a back-walking massage” and “Back-walking basic skills”. She even took off her shoes and waited for him barefoot.

She quickly skimmed through the information that she found online and roughly understood the concept of it. After some time, Ji Bai came back holding a familiar blue sandal in his hand. When he saw her barefoot, he smiled lightly. “So you’ve guessed it.”

Xu Xu looked at the shoes in his hand and nodded. “… Yeah, I did.”

Xu Xu changed into the shoes and frowned, just like she did last time. “I still think that it’s just ok.”

Ji Bai stared at her feet and answered, “Okay, you can take it off.”

Xu Xu recalled the theory that her brother once said about the way a woman dressed, and she quickly guessed that Ji Bai might be into this style. Therefore, she immediately asked him, “Are you done with it?”

Ji Bai did not answer her. He picked up the shoes and put it back into the room.

Was he done with it? Of course not. However, the more he looked at her fair and delicate little feet, the more addicted he became. How many days has it been since then? He could not continue to look at them any longer.