When A Snail Falls in Love - Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

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It was the first day of the holiday.

The night was refreshing and the stars were shining gently. Ji Bai sat on his balcony comfortably and was sipping on a fragrant new tea while he gave Zhao Han a call.

“Captain, what’s the matter?” Zhao Han received his call and instinctively became alert.

Ji Bai answered, “There’s nothing. Let’s find some time within these two days to have a meal together.”

“Sure,” Zhao Han’s tone instantly became lighter, “how about tomorrow?”

Ji Bai frowned. “…What about the day after tomorrow?”

“If it’s the day after tomorrow, I can only do dinner because Xu Xu asked me to practice shooting with her in the morning and then we’re having lunch together.”

The corners of Ji Bai’s lips curled up into a sly smile. “Oh no, I have something on that night.”


“Let’s do it during noon then, Xu Xu can join us.” Ji Bai said casually, “I will pick you guys up at the shooting range.”

“That will do.” Zhao Han answered, completely oblivious to the fact that he had just been manipulated.

After this, Ji Bai quickly changed the topic. “Oh yes, I haven’t met your girlfriend yet. Bring her along if she’s free since I’ll be treating you guys.”

Zhao Han laughed aloud. “Ah, hehe… okay.”

Ji Bai smiled back. “Thank you, brother. Goodbye.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Han was confused about why Ji Bai had thanked him. Then he just brushed it off as Ji Bai overworking himself. ‘Poor guy.’

A matchmaker served as the medium for communication between two people, with the medium being mutually beneficial to both parties.

At the time, Zhao Han was completely unaware of his strategic purpose as Xu Xu’s medium.

Ever since Xu Xu had found out that she had a “sustained” and “unique” feeling for Ji Bai, her first priority was to get to know him better before deciding whether to go after him or not.

Due to the handsome junior playboy incident that she had previously experienced, Xu Xu understood that sometimes love could be irrational and that no matter how she good she was at analyzing, she might still miss something. In addition to this, a person might act very differently in their work life and personal life, take, for example, Xu Juan. He had always been dominant and firm when he managed his company. Moreover, he had also always been scrupulous in separating his public and private interest such that he would never make any moves on his beautiful secretaries. However, when he got off work and entered the nightclub, he would flirt with all the women there.

Up until now, she had only seen the working side of Ji Bai so she needed to get to know more about his personal living habits.

Besides this, Ji Bai had been single for many years without involving himself in any scandals. It might be because he kept his integrity or just that he was being too picky. She could not exclude the possibility of him being a homosexual, sexual dysfunctional or simply promiscuous.

Zhao Han was quite close to Ji Bai and since his personality was relatively straightforward, he was naturally the must-have medium to get to know Ji Bai. Although Xu Xu did not care about and was never good at relationships, she was quite a natural at it when she set her mind to it.

There were very few people in the shooting range early in the morning, so when Xu Xu arrived, only Zhao Han and another young policeman were there.

Zhao Han tried his best to teach Xu Xu and she also learned from him attentively. After a while, the two of them stopped to take a rest. Xu Xu stared at the range in front of her, smiled and said, “Teacher mentioned that your marksmanship is very good. It seems like you really do live up to your name.”

Zhao Han chuckled when he heard this. “I’m just average, the captain is the one who’s very skillful. Last year, he got the first place in the Southwest Police District marksmanship competition.”

Xu Xu naturally brought the topic back to Ji Bai, “It seems like he’s very outstanding in every aspect, be it detective skills, marksmanship, or physical condition… In order to be like him, one would probably need to spend all of one’s spare time on work and act very hardworking.”

Zhao Han nodded. “I heard that during the first few years of his career as a police officer, he worked every day without taking leave. However, this has gotten better over the recent years as we often eat and have fun together.”

“Oh.” Xu Xu handed him a bottle of water and probed further. “What do the two of you do during your free time anyway?”

Zhao Han took a large gulp and waved his hand playfully. “Billiards, bowling, and sometimes we will watch football or play cards in his house.”

‘Okay, very good, these were all very masculine and healthy hobbies.’ However, when Xu Xu was about to change the topic again, Zhao Han suddenly looked behind her.

“Captain, you’re early.” Zhao Han grinned.

Ji Bai was in his casual wear today which made him give off a totally different vibe. He placed his arm on Xu Xu’s back and laughed at Zhao Han. “Aren’t we meeting at noon? I’ve nothing on in the morning so I came to have a look.”

Xu Xu turned around and greeted him enthusiastically. “Morning, teacher.”

“Morning.” Ji Bai glanced at her slightly red face and asked, “What were you guys talking about?”

Right as Zhao Han was going to answer, Xu Xu blurted out, “We were talking about you. And we were talking about hobbies.”

Zhao Han nodded in agreement with her.

After sitting for a while, Xu Xu said to Zhao Han, “Let’s continue practicing.”

Zhao Han nodded, looked at Ji Bai and said casually, “Would you like to ask the captain to train you? This is a rare opportunity.”

Ji Bai and Xu Xu exchanged glances.

After staring at each other for a short while, Xu Xu looked away nervously and answered, “Let’s not bother teacher for the time being. I will train the skills that you taught me for now and build a strong foundation.”

Xu Xin’s plan was very simple. Her biggest goal today besides practicing her shooting was to get information from Zhao Han. If she were to stay with Ji Bai the whole time, then she would lose the chance.

Ji Bai sat at the same spot while he watched Xu Xu and Zhao Han standing side by side in front of the firing line as they had a conversation under their breath. He could not help but laugh when he thought about how many police officers had asked him to give him guidance on shooting which he had turned down because he was too busy. This little girl was the only one who left him hanging because she wanted to follow the regular sequence step by step without shortcuts.

By now, more people had entered the shooting range. Some young policemen came over to ask for guidance so Ji Bai got up, went over and instructed them.

After a while, as he was almost done guiding them, Ji Bai turned around and saw a young girl standing at the front door of the shooting range whilst looking very expectant. He followed her line of sight and saw Zhao Han hanging up his phone before saying something to Xu Xu and walking towards the girl.

Ji Bai nodded at to the young policemen. “Continue to grasp the gist of the technique.” Then, he excused himself and walked towards Zhao Han.

“Captain, this is my girlfriend, Man Man.” Zhao Han introduction the two of them to each other.

Ji Bai smiled courteously at the girl. “Nice to meet you. Thank you for supporting Little Zhao’s work.”

After some the small talk, the girl peered into the room and asked curiously, “Is this the place where all of you practice shooting?”

Before Zhao Han could answer, Ji Bai suggested, “You can accompany her to have a look at this place.”

Zhao Han gladly agreed as this gave him the opportunity to give a tour of his work environment and achievements to his beloved. Zhao Han was also not worried about Xu Xu since Ji Bai was there, so he nodded with a pearly white smile. “Okay, I’ll join you guys in a while for lunch.”

Xu Xu stood in front of the firing line alone. She concentrated on recalling the techniques that Zhao Han had thought her and did not think about the Ji Bai. After firing a few rounds, she stopped and rested. Then, she suddenly felt someone appear behind her.

She thought that it was Zhao Han, so did not bother turning around and simply asked, “You mention that the way I pull the trigger is uneven, how can I fix that?”

“Let me take a shot.” She heard a low and calm voice tease her.

Xu Xu’s hand which was holding the gun froze and she turned around to look at him. “Teacher.”

Ji Bai’s had both of his hands behind him while he stood beside her with a warm look on his face. “Little Zhao’s girlfriend is here, so he went away for a while. You can continue with your practice.”

Xu Xu nodded, then raised the gun to take aim. Ji Bai only had to take a look at her posture for a split-second in order to identify the issue.

“Spread your legs wider.” Ji Bai kicked her heel gently.

Xu Xu did as she was told and moved slightly. After Ji Bai saw that her legs position had been corrected, his gaze moved to her waist. “Your waist is too tense. You need to be rooted in your core, but you also need to relax.”

“Oh.” Xu Xu took a deep breath and twisted her waist lightly.

He remained silent for a while and Xu Xu asked, “Is there anything else?”

Only then did Ji Bai’s gaze move away from her slender waist towards her finger on the trigger.

“Your finger on the trigger is too tense. Don’t follow the teachings in the classroom so strictly, hold the gun in the position most comfortable to you.” Ji Bai advised faintly.

Xu Xu adjusted her fingers slightly, but perhaps because she had practiced for too long, but she felt her fingers getting a little stiff and her posture become quite uncomfortable. Just as she was about to ask another question, she suddenly saw a large yet slender hand reach forward from behind her to hold her hand.

Xu Xu’s body instantly stiffened.

There was a subtle tingling on her fingertips when Ji Bai used his tanned fingers to gently adjust her fair fingers. Then, two hands overlapped on the trigger as she heard him put his face right next to hers before drawing a breath.

Seconds later, he muttered, “Okay, you can take the shot now.”

“Bang!” Xu Xu almost instantly pulled the trigger.

She missed the target.

Xu Xu quickly calmed herself down.

He supported her hand as she took a few more shots and her technique gradually improved, but her face was still a little warm the entire time.

Fortunately, Ji Bai soon released her and said expressionlessly, “Remember this feeling.” Then, he went to another firing line.

Xu Xu continued to practice for a while, then she cast a sideways glance and saw him standing next to another policeman while he calmly showed the man how to adjust his grip.

Xu Xu smiled cheekily to herself. ‘Very good. He subconsciously does not reject contact with me, who is of the opposite sex – in fact, he might even be used to it. This is a very good start.’

Even though Ji Bai kept his eyes on the sweaty and stocky guy in front of him, her fresh breath still lingered in his nostrils and his fingertips recalled the touch of her soft fingers. This made him feel very pleasant and comfortable, but also a little irritable as he wanted more.

Next week, he would just directly ask Zhao Han not to come.

After a while, Little Zhao and his girlfriend returned. It was nearing noon by now, so the four of them left the shooting range and walked along the streets to look for a place to have lunch.

Little Zhao’s girlfriend, Man Man, was a gentle, cheerful and beautiful girl. Ji Bai and Zhao Han were chatty as well. Meanwhile, since Xu Xu intended to get to know more about Ji Bai, so she naturally talked more than usual. All in all, everyone had a great time at lunch.

After walking out of the restaurant, Little Zhao held his girlfriend’s hand and said, “What plans do you both have in the afternoon? Man Man wants to get a haircut.”

Ji Bai smiled and nodded, but just as he was about to tell them to go ahead, he heard Xu Xu say, “I want to get a haircut too.”

All three of them looked at her short hair, then at Xu Xu said with an indifferent look on her face. “I want to trim it a little. Teacher, are you going?”

Ji Bai was taken aback. “… Sure. Let’s have a walk.”

As a matter of fact, Xu Xu did not want to get a haircut, she just wanted to spend more time to observe Ji Bai’s private life. However, she was oblivious to the fact that they could simply develop feelings from the two of them being alone together, so she proposed the idea of getting a haircut.

Man Man brought them to a very high-end and fashionable hair salon. Zhao Han naturally stood by Man Man and accompanied her while she communicated with the hairdresser whilst Xu Xu sat patiently on the tall hairdressing chair. After some time, she spotted Ji Bai taking a magazine and sitting down on the black leather sofa in the waiting area through the reflection in the mirror.

This hair salon provided great services as a beautiful girl quickly brought him a cup of hot tea. “Sir, do you want a head massage?”

Ji Bai answered without lifting his head. “No. Thank you.”

The girl smiled and added on, “The massages here are free. Your friends are having a haircut here, so you might have to wait for a while.”

Ji Bai shook his head. “No thanks.”

The girl smiled and left.

Perhaps it was because he was tall, handsome and way too eye-catching, but after a while, another handsome male hairdresser with a great smile took the initiative to ask, “Sir, do you want a hair wash?”

Ji Bai remained calm and distant. “No, thank you.”

Very good. There was not any frivolous body language or even any subtle expression changes, regardless of if he was communicating with a man or woman.

Xu Xu averted her gaze away from him in the mirror. At the same time, the hairdresser behind her looked at her short hair and asked cheerfully, “What kind of hairstyle do you want? Do you want to dye it or do you want a perm?”

Xu Xu opened the magazine in her hand and emotionlessly said, “Just trim it a little and don’t mess up my hairstyle.”

The hairdresser’s smile instantly disappeared.

Soon enough, Xu Xu was done and she got off the chair and went to the front desk to pay the bill. Only then did Ji Bai put down the magazine to carefully at her head for a short while, but he could not notice any obvious changes. He was a little surprised by the fact that she was so particular about her looks and that she was, in fact, just like any ordinary girl.

After leaving the hair salon, Man Man proposed that they shop for clothes which Xu Xu naturally agreed to. “I’m going too. Teacher, what about you?”

Ji Bai glanced at the two big light bulbs looming above them and nodded.

In truth, Zhao Han was also very puzzled. However, he was a loyal friend who did not mind having two light bulbs disturbing his date so he did not say anything. After going through dozens of shops, Man Man became totally engrossed in shopping, but all Ji Bai and Xu Xu did was stand there calmly with an amazed look on their faces.

Did people with people with high IQ shop like that? Before Zhao Han could ponder the thought, he was called over by Man Man.

They shopped until the sun was setting, and the four of them soon walked out of the pedestrian street with Zhao Han holding a variety of shopping bags and Man Man was clinging onto Xu Xu affectionately whilst Ji Bai trailed them casually. Just as Zhao Han was about to suggest watching a movie, Ji Bai’s mobile phone rang and he walked away to answer it.

The three of them stood by the side of the street to wait for him. At this time, Man Man wanted to have a look at the jewelry store in front but Xu Xu said that she was not interested, so Man Man went in alone.

Xu Xu and Zhao Han stood outside the store and waited. Then, they saw an adult toy store across the street with colorful lights flashing around and several vividly illustrated advertising posters pasted on the front door. The two of them stood there silently for a moment before Xu Xu suddenly piped up, “You can buy it if you want to.”

Zhao Han was taken aback, “What?”

Xu Xu looked at the adult toy store and said, “Condoms. You have been glancing in that direction for some time now.” Zhao Han’s face got warmer and he heard Xu Xu added on, “She will agree to it. Just now when she passed by that shop, the look on her face changed and then she peeked at you.”

Zhao Han was embarrassed since he and his girlfriend were still at the ambiguous stage where they had yet to get to the final stage. Obviously, no one knew about something so personal about them, but Xu Xu who was such a straight arrow actually pointed it out so bluntly. He was a little uncomfortable, but he was also feeling very restless after listening to what she just said. Thus, he mumbled some incoherent words before darting into the jewelry store to look for Man Man.

Xu Xu looked at the adult toy store for a while, then she walked over there herself.

After finishing the phone call, Ji Bai turned around and saw that no one was around. He scanned the area and his eyes locked onto Xu Xu standing in front of a shop called “Sexual Goods” expressionlessly while keep her head lowered to look at her phone. There was an advertisement board by her side which was as tall as half a human with a picture of a semi-nude muscular westerner on the board and big bold words written across it, “Rapidly increases your length by three inches within an hour. Long-lasting and firm.”

Ji Bai could not help but laugh at how she was so oblivious about her surroundings. He walked over to her without pointing it out and simply tugged the back of her shirt. “Let’s go.”

Xu Xu raised her head to look at him and observed that he was not trying to anxiously avoid the subject nor was he disgusted by their close proximity to the shop, so it meant that he did not have any problems with his sexual performance.

After walking out of the jewelry store, Zhao Han suggested watching a movie. However, this time Ji Bai did not give Xu Xu a chance to open her mouth and answered first, “We will stop being light bulbs, you guys go have fun.”

Xu Xu remained silent for a moment before waving at Zhao Han and Man Man. “Goodbye then.”

This was what was Zhao Han hoping for, so he quickly ran off with Man Man. Of course, they did not go to the movies.

It was dusk and the sun had half of its body hidden in the horizon. People were walking all about on the streets as Ji Bai and Xu Xu remained there in complete silence for a while before Ji Bai commented, “I want to buy a pair of shoes. Let’s go together if you’re free.”


The two of them entered the strip mall once again.

Buying shoes was just an excuse. Since Ji Bai had always only worn a few brands of shoes, so he made his decision quickly and soon picked a pair of workout shoes. The whole thing took less than 20 minutes, so he thought of something and asked Xu Xu, “Do you want to pick something up?”

The women’s shoe section had far more variety than the men’s shoe area and the latest summer shoe collections were very pretty. When the sales girl saw the two of them, she greeted them with a smile, “Miss, do you want to have a look at the latest collections?” Xu Xu nodded and followed her to the display shelves as Ji Bai’s eyes simultaneously swept across the sea of footwear.

“Try this pair.” Ji Bai picked up a pair of sandals and walked up to her, and before Xu Xu could say anything, the sales girl laughed, “Your boyfriend has good taste, this pair is our best seller.”

Xu Xu took the shoes and remarked to the sales girl, “He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my superior.”

The sales girl looked at Ji Bai thoughtfully but Ji Bai had a calm look on his face as though he did not hear anything.

Xu Xu was originally wearing a pair of black leather shoes which covered her toes such that only her fair ankles were shown. The shoes that Ji Bai picked was a pair of light blue lace-up open-toe sandals. After she changed into the sandals and stood up, the sales girl praised her in an exaggerated tone, “It suits you very well. Your skin is fair and you have small feet so it looks very pretty and feminine on you.”

Ji Bai lowered his head to look at her ankles which were currently tightly wrapped by the laces and her small, pearl-like toes – it was indeed very feminine.

He pleasantly raised his head to observe her expression as the sales girl likewise waited for her decision in anticipation. However, she disappointed them by frowning. “It’s a little childish.” She then pointed at a pair of black, mature-looking shoes on the shelf which she had taken a liking to from before, “Let’s try that pair.”

Ji Bai was speechless. “…”

Salesgirl commented nervously, “… isn’t that pair is a little too old-fashioned?”

Xu Xu shook her head. “No, it’s modest.”

She tried on the black, mature-looking shoes which looked neat and smart, then she paid for the shoes feeling very satisfied. However, even though the sales girl was obsessed with how cute she looked in the pair of blue sandals, Ji Bai simply stood by the side without saying anything.

After buying the shoes, Xu Xu received a call from Xu Juan asking whether she wanted to have dinner together. She had gotten a lot of information today, like excluding the possibility of Ji Bai being a homosexual, promiscuous or sexually dysfunctional and also found out that he had a healthy and peaceful private life. Thus, she gladly bid farewell to Ji Bai without any hesitation.

A few minutes after Ji Bai drove away from the mall, he turned around and returned to the shoe store. The sales girl smiled when she saw Ji Bai, and he quickly paid for the pair of sandals coolly. “She changed her mind.”

When he got home, he kept the shoes in his dressing room. When he saw the pair of small delicate sandals amongst the pile of heavy leather shoes and sneakers, he could not help but smile.