When A Snail Falls in Love - Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

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It was hazy in the morning and the air was chilly as Xu Xu drove on a wide road with an unobstructed view.

Yesterday, Ji Bai told her that they could restart their morning practice after a few days rest and she agreed that she ought to have a good rest. Even so, who would have thought that her biological clock would still wake her up even after the case ended? She automatically opened her eyes at 5.00 am in the morning with her mind wide awake.

Thus, she simply just went with the flow.

As it was nearing early summer, the sky brightened up earlier. When Xu Xu walked to the front door of the stadium, there was already a steady stream of people doing their morning exercises as they steadily ran past her. She scanned through the entire runway, but she did not spot Ji Ba, so she buried herself in her music and begin the long training session.

Ji Bai got up on time today. After many years of being in the criminal investigation career, he had already adapted to the hectic all day and night schedule and the overexertion of his physical strength during a major case. After closing the case, he could now naturally return to his usual work schedule.

After completing his morning weights training, he was dripping with sweat as he sat on the equipment to take a rest. He casually flipped through the newly created encrypted folder called “Slender” on his phone. Then, he heard some familiar footstep approach him. When he raised his head, he saw an emotionless woman running past him on the track in front of him.

Ji Bai watched her slender figure and his lips curled up slightly. He put the phone back in his pocket and went after her.

Xu Xu heard the sound of steady and powerful footsteps behind her, so she habitually moved aside to let the person pass her. As that person gradually got closer and brushed past her with his heated body, she felt someone lightly pat her head.

She raised her head and saw Ji Bai’s tall body in front of her. His well-defined face was drenched in sweat and a smile seemed to flash in his dark eyes.

She smiled out of surprise. “Teacher.”

Ji Bai was at ease and nodded lightly. “How many laps have you completed?”

“…half a lap.”


However, it was way too eye-catching when someone as tall and big as Ji Bai slowed down to run alongside her. After running half a lap, an acquaintance from the Economic Investigation Division grinned at them cheekily as he jogged past them.

Ji Bai greeted him with a calm face. Nonetheless, Ji Bai did not intend to match her snail-like speed, so after a while, the distance between the both of them started to grow again. When Ji Bai was running by himself, he thought, ‘This can’t continue any longer. The news has started to spread already even before I have started pursuing her.’ Ji Bai wasn’t the type to draw attention to his private life, and the same went for Xu Xu. Moreover, being under public scrutiny was more of a hindrance than a helping hand.’

It seemed like he needed to go about his task with a lower profile from now on.

After they were done with training, the two of them went to the small conference room as usual. They quietly watched the sun rise and ate breakfast while they read the newspaper.

Ji Bai suddenly asked, “What’s the progress of your shooting and strength training?”

Xu Xu answered, “I’ve been doing the strength training at home every day and I plan to go to the shooting range this weekend to practice my shooting.”

Ji Bai did not say anything. After a while, he briefly asked with his gaze fixed on the newspaper, “Are there any technical problems with your marksmanship?”

Xu Xu knew that he was the top shooter in Lin City’s police station, but there was no need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut, so she did not think of bothering him. Thus, she politely answered, “Thank you, teacher, but there isn’t any at the moment. I’ve asked Zhao Han to teach me on the weekend.”

Ji Bai shot a glance at her. “Little Zhao’s marksmanship is pretty good, please learn from him attentively.”

The focus of today’s work was to close the Ye Group’s case, so Zhao Han soon brought Xu Xu to get more statements from Ye Jin to clarify some details about the case.

Ye Jin was very cooperative. Compared to how calm she was yesterday, she now seemed a little worse for wear. Her eyes were also a little red and swollen.

After they finished taking her statement, Ye Jin suddenly raised her head and stared at Xu Xu as the two of them were to about to leave.

“If it was you, would you have done the same?”

Xu Xu remained silent for a moment, then she stared at her and answered, “No.”

Ye Jin smiled nodded lightly and asked. “May I speak to officer Ji alone?”

After they walked out of the interrogation room, Zhao Han asked, “Why did she ask you that question?”

Xu Xu answered softly, “It’s because she thinks that we are very similar.”

Ji Bai came to the interrogation room, but Ye Jin did not speak immediately. She gave it a few minutes before she began. She was looking at him, but at the same time, it seemed as though she was somewhere far away. “I thought of a possibility last night.”

Ji Bai did not say anything.

“It seems like you thought of the same thing. I assume that you will not let ‘him’ escape the punishment of the law, right?” Although she had a cold expression, there was a hint of anticipation in her tone when she spoke.

Ji Bai slowly nodded. “No.”

Ye Jin smiled in relief.

As Ji Bai left the interrogation room, Da Hu reported to him, “The people from the Ye Family have arrived.”

Ji Bai looked down from the window and saw the sun shining on the spacious police compound. Zhang Shiyong, Ye Zixiao, Wu Xie and some other members of the Ye family were walking past the lush green lawn. Each one of them had a serious look on their face and some of their eyes were red.

Ji Bai went downstairs and walked towards them.

Ji Bai greeted everyone before looking at Zhang Shiyong. “Mr. Zhang, can I talk to you?”

Zhang Shiyong was in a dark black suit and had a calm look on his face when he looked at Ji Bai and nodded slightly. Ye Zixiao remained silent as he watched the two of them walk away with ordinary looks on their face.

The parking lot behind the police station was quiet and there was no one around as Ji Bai lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply.

“What did you want to talk about, Captain Ji?” The smile on the well-dressed Zhang Shiyong’s face was gone by now.

Ji Bai raised his dark eyes and looked at him quietly, his gaze made Zhang Shiyong’s heart shudder nervously.

Then, Ji Bai said, “The Economic Investigation Division has investigated all of Ye Zixi’s accounts when she was still alive. They found some illegal records regarding a finance company that was operating the accounts for her. Nevertheless, that finance company was quickly proved to be a shell company and the police were unable to find any further traces of the huge investment debt.”

Zhang Shiyong smiled slightly and did not reply.

Ji Bai continued, “The four children of the Ye Family all appeared at the crime scene on the same night, and three of them are about to go to jail.” He looked at Zhang Shiyong as he said, “Mr. Zhang, do you think that this is a coincidence, or could there be some other reasons?”

Zhang Shiyong’s smile widened and he asked, “Do you mean that there is a possibility that none of this was a coincidence and that someone had deliberately arranged everything?”

Both of their gazes locked and there was a distinct tension in the air. Ji Bai’s voice was frosty when he replied, “Yes, and even if that person did a perfect job, there are still some clues left behind.

“According to Ye Ziqiang’s testimony, he was having dinner with you before he went to find Ye Zixi, Mr. Zhang. Ye Jin said that Ye Ziqiang had matured a lot in the recent years and he rarely acted so impulsive. This made me wonder, did he really accidentally kill Ye Zixi just because he had some alcohol and acted rashly? Since Ye Ziqiang has a violent criminal record, a little neuro-excitatory drug might have been enough to trigger him to act a violently and impulsively, but of course, this was only a possibility. Not to mention, it would be impossible to find any evidence of drugs in his system from that night.”

“According to Ye Jin’s testimony, she called her brother at the time of the incident because of a problem in the ‘Real Estate Department’ project. If I remember correctly, you’re in charge of the real estate department, Mr. Zhang. Ye Ziqiang might not necessarily have wanted to drag Ye Jin into this mess, but the phone call was just so conveniently timed. Furthermore, Ye Jin is sharp, so she was bound to notice that something was wrong and go on to involve herself in it.”

“I have to say that it seems like it’s no surprise that Ye Qiao coincidently also went to the villa that night. However, moving on to the wanted criminal who took $2 billion USD from Ye Zixi, he is a European-born Chinese. Coincidently, you once studied in Europe, and interestingly, I discovered that the two of you went to the same university.”

“In addition to this, your family’s business, the Zhang Group is not doing so well financially and there are lots of rumors floating around about shareholders wanting to pull out from the company…”

Zhang Shiyong originally had a calm look on his face, but after listening to what Ji Bai said, the smile on his face gradually disappeared. Nevertheless, he quickly started smiling again and looked back at Ji Bai. “As expected of Detective Ji, it does sound reasonable, but I’m sorry, I’ve never done any of the things that you just inferred. In my opinion, you should stop wasting your time since you will not be able to find any evidence, Detective Ji.”

Even though there was an unscrupulous sarcasm in his words, Ji Bai looked back at him very calmly. An easy and composed look started appearing on his handsome face as he stood there unmoving.

Zhang Shiyong shuddered slightly as he heard Ji Bai say in a low voice, “I don’t have any evidence, but Lady Justice has long arms. This saying is not simply an empty threat to us criminal police officers, and I do believe it to be true. So tell me, Mr. Zhang, do you believe it too?”

Looking at Ji Bai’s figure as he walked away, Zhang Shiyong cursed furiously under his breath. However, by the time he walked into the police station hall, a calm and composed look was plastered across his face once again.

When he saw his wife, Ye Qiao in the visiting room, he held both of her hands gently. “Little Qiao, you won’t be in there for long, I will wait for you.”

Despite the pain and hurt she was feeling, Ye Qiao appeared very calm at the moment. She quickly pulled her hands out of Zhang Shiyong’s palms and shook her head.

Zhang Shiyong looked at her and did not say anything.

“Shiyong,” Ye Qiao looked at him with a dead serious look in her eyes, “I want a divorce.”

Zhang Shiyong looked at her in complete shock. He couldn’t believe what was happening. “Ye Qiao, do you know what you are saying?”

Ye Qiao slowly nodded.

Zhang Shizhen laughed. “Do you know what kind of mess the Ye Group is now that you and Zixiao are in charge of it? It won’t be good to leave me after you’re released from the prison. Don’t overthink it, but I promise that the name ‘Mrs. Zhang’ will forever be yours.”

Even so, Ye Qiao did not answer him and she merely lifted her head and looked at him quietly. He had never seen such a look on his wife’s face. It was quiet, decisive, and somewhat scornful. The usual admiration, fearfulness, love, and hate could no longer be seen anywhere on her face.

Before he could open his mouth again, Ye Qiao had already stood up and spoken to the police officers standing next to her. “Officers, the conversation has ended.”

Zhang Shiyong watched as Ye Qiao disappeared through the door. He remained silent for a moment before fixing his suit and standing up, then he walked out of the visiting room and continued to have conversations with their relatives and comforted them as if he were still a member of the Ye Family.

A few months later, the economic criminal who took a huge sum of money from Ye Group was finally extradited from overseas. Based on Ji Bai’s tip, the Economic Investigation Division focused on investigating the relationship between Zhang Shiyong and the case. Eventually, some strong evidence was obtained and the new big shot of the business industry in Lin City was thrown into prison. However, all that came later.

These days, the saddest and the quietest person in the Ye Group was none other than Ye Zixiao.

As it was nearing noon, many members of the Ye Family who had come to visit had already left. The originally crowded walkway became quiet with only two to three police officers pacing back and forth.

Ye Zixiao sat on the bench alone with his head lowered and his body frozen in place.

Ye Jin had told him, ‘”Zixiao, the Ye Family will rely on you from now on,” and also, “don’t trust Zhang Shiyong, and believe in Wu Xie.”

All he could do was nod with tears in his eyes.

When Ye Zixi died, he blamed his big brother and third sister, and did not care much about the rest of the family, but only now was he truly experiencing the feeling of being torn into pieces. However, the feeling of anger and grief was now pent up in his heart and there was no way to release it. Whenever he recalled the way that his big brother cried his heart out and how his third sister shed tears silently, he wept. Moreover, his father had locked himself up and did not want to meet anyone, including him.

Xu Xu walked out of the office and planned to have lunch in the cafeteria on the top floor, but as she was walking, she spotted Ye Zixiao in a suit sitting at the corner of the corridor. He was covering his face with one of his hand such that only his unshaved chin could be seen.

Xu Xu was never good at comforting people. She stopped right in front of him and thought to herself for a moment, but he did not seem to notice her. At the time, Xu Xu recalled how Ji Bai comforted her when they had first learned of Ye Zixi’s passing. Thus, she imitated Ji Bai, kneeled down on one knee, looked at Ye Zixiao’s face closely, and said what she wanted him to hear most. “Ye Zixiao, you have to keep.”

Ye Zixiao raised his head which had been buried in his palm and looked at her with his puffy eyes.

They two of them locked eyes for a moment and Ye Zixiao nodded.

However, just as Xu Xu wanted to get up and leave, Ye Zixiao said, “Xu Xu, let me hug you for a while.” His voice was hoarse and dry.

Xu Xu remained silent for a moment then nodded. “Okay.”

Right after she said this, his hands tightened around her waist and she soon found herself in Ye Zixiao’s arms. He buried his head deep into her shoulders and gradually tightened his grip.

Xu Xu was slightly stunned by the man’s broad arms, rapid heartbeat, and smell.

A few seconds later, Ye Zixiao released her. “Thank you.”

Meanwhile, the people from the criminal police unit gradually walked out of the office for lunch on the other end of the corridor. When they saw the two of them hugging, none of them said anything. Ji Bai squinted his eyes slightly at looked at Ye Zixiao’s dead silent eyes which seemed to be suppressing his complex feelings, then looked at Xu Xu’s calm face. After this, Ji Bai turned around coldly and headed upstairs with the rest of the team.

After they finished eating lunch, Ji Bai returned to the office and leaned on his chair to rest. The office outside was quiet and after a short while, he heard some familiar light footsteps approaching. He opened his eyes and saw Xu Xu walking into his office only to sit down opposite him.

“Today, Ye Jin asked me whether I would I do the same if I were her.” She said, “She thinks that we are the same kind of person.”

Ji Bai snappily replied. “You would not. Both of you are different.”

Xu Xu nodded, she thought so too. Perhaps because there were some similar qualities between the two of them, but Xu Xu had always known what she was pursuing. Ye Jin, on the other hand, had always been trapped in the Ye Group such that she was never able to explore her own person.

Since the Ye Group case was the first major case that she had handled, it was inevitable for her to feel a little heavy-hearted after the case was closed. Since she was thinking about Ye Jin and was feeling a bit down, she subconsciously wanted to talk to Ji Bai.

Nonetheless, her heart warmed up at the second she did because of his casual yet affirmative tone. With just a few words, all the negativity from the Ye Group’s case seemed to disappear.

Neither of them continued talking. After a while, Ji Bai asked, “How is Ye Zixiao?” He said this in a flat tone but he was staring at her face intensely.

Xu Xu looked back at Ji Bai and her face became slightly red. “I believe that he will pull himself together.”

Ji Bai panicked slightly when he saw her reaction, but he thought of something and quickly said, “It’s okay to care for your friend, but you should be more cautious in the police station since he’s related to the case that you are assigned to handle. I hope that it will not happen again.”

Xu Xu nodded honestly, “Sorry, I understand. It won’t happen again, I probably will not even be in contact with him in the future.”

Ji Bai smiled faintly. “Okay, you know your limits.”

Before long, the well-deserved holiday for the criminal police unit finally arrived. Right after Xu Xu returned home, she packed up some of her belongings and went to Xu Juan’s apartment.

“I have three days off and I will stay in your place.” She said clearly and concisely.

Xu Juan smiled and stroke her hair. “Sure thing.”

Xu Xu did know any other way to care for her brother other than by keeping him company whilst Xu Juan, on the other hand, understood her intentions perfectly.

Xu Xu nodded, then sat on the sofa and used her laptop for a while. When she raised her head, she saw Xu Juan sitting by the window while staring out into the starry night with a can of beer in his hand.

Xu Xu got up and walked over to him. “Brother, can you hug me.”

Xu Juan laughed, then flung open his arms and embraced his sister. “I’m flattered. Come, let’s hug a little longer.”

After a few seconds, Xu Xu pushed him away and frowned, with her face looking a little red.

Xu Juan noticed that something was off, so he asked, “What happened?”

Xu Xu thought for a while then answered, “Recently, I was hugged by three men including you, but all three hugs gave me vastly different feelings.”

Xu Juan immediately went on high-alert. “Who are the other two men who hugged you? What else did they do?”

Xu Xu did not answer him. Instead, she stared out at the night sky through the window and said, “Brother, don’t arrange any more blind dates for me for now.”

Xu Juan was stunned. Did that mean that she had someone in mind?

Since she stayed in the police station most of the time, this person was most likely a policeman.

“Didn’t you say that you didn’t want a police officer boyfriend?” He was feeling very conflicted. His heart was relieved, surprised, curious, and also a little confused all at the same time.

Xu Xu could not explain to him the conflict between rationality and emotion, not to mention, she herself was also feeling a little confused. Because of this, she merely sighed and answered, “Time changes things”

After a while, she added on, “Moreover, I’m not sure if I can even be with him.”