Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 99

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Chapter 1/3 of the week. Enjoy reading!

Lin Zhangtian sent Guo Huai and Wang Shen to the exit. "Little Friend, it\'s true that Chinese medicine has become increasingly uncommon. Although it\'s a sad truth, I hope your Clinic of No Treatment can bring back Chinese medicine once again. I\'ll thank you here in advance," Lin Zhangtian said before bowing with a strict form.

"You\'re being overly polite with me. Rest assured, the things passed down by the ancestors won\'t disappear so easily. Although the Clinic of No Treatment will not operate here, you don\'t have to worry about Chinese medicine. I\'ll make sure it becomes popular once again!" Guo Huai said before heading to Jia Yuan\'s place with Wang Shen.

When Guo Huai and Wang Shen entered Jia Yuan\'s villa, he got astonished. Although he knew what it looked like in the previous Guo Huai\'s memory, he still got surprised when he came here himself. "Second Brother, your place is ginormous!" Guo Huai said excitedly.

"Ginormous your ass! What are you making such a big fuss about? Not like it\'s your first time here," Jia Yuan said. "You want me to complete the renovation of your clinic in a week\'s time, where\'s the blueprint? If you don\'t have one, I\'ll let the famous interior designers here take care of the matter. This place was designed by them, it\'s not bad."

"Brother Shen, give the blueprint to Brother Yuan," Guo Huai said with a smile. "If there\'s anything you don\'t understand, give me a call. I want the place to be exactly the same as what\'s drawn.

"Fourth Brother, who the heck drew this? Golden purple sandalwood, soft jade, yellow rosewood, leaf purple sandalwood? Fourth Brother, I can\'t even get these in a year\'s time, let alone seven days. These items can\'t be bought even if you have all the money in the world," Jia Yuan said loudly as he looked at the blueprint.

When Jia Yuan saw that the tables at Clinic of No Treatment must be made using yellow rosewood, the consultation room had to be decorated using golden purple sandalwood, the entire flooring needed to be soft jade and the cabinets for medicines were leaf purple sandalwood, he got dumbstruck, not to mention some places were casually decorated using gold.

"You just need to complete the contours of the place and find a moving company. Three days later, come to my house to retrieve the chairs, tables and some other things," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Initially, I thought that I could rely on Brother Yuan for everything in Wucheng County. Sigh, I take back my words."

"Damn! I want to know which retard drew this blueprint. Every interior designer uses computers to create their blueprints, who the heck still uses writing brushes? Although it\'s drawn rather well, these materials listed are too unrealistic. Am I supposed to rob a grave to get golden purple sandalwood for you?!" Jia Yuan scolded angrily. "Fourth Brother, let me meet the one who drew this thing. I need to ask him to get his brain checked, it\'s probably kicked by a donkey or something."

"Ahem, ahem. Brother Yuan, let me ask you this. Do you think you can complete the contours within three days?" Guo Huai asked as he stared at Jia Yuan.

"I can do it for sure! I don\'t believe you can gather these materials within three days. Otherwise, I don\'t mind eating shit in front of you!" Jia Yuan said loudly. "Also, I want to meet this creator. The magnificent me wants to have a fight with him."

"Second Brother, just forget about it. I don\'t think you can defeat him anyway. Quickly find someone to get the job done," Wang Shen said with a bitter smile.

"Third Brother, don\'t care about how I get things done. I will get the place ready in three days. How did your visit to the Chinese medicine association go? The nitpicky old folks over there are a pain in the ass to deal with. Back then, I visited the place to get an acupuncture treatment. They charged me for 10 freaking million bucks!" Jia Yuan scolded.

"Fourth Brother has already dealt with the association. They\'ll complete the formalities within two days," Wang Shen said with a smile. "Our great fourth brother today has shone so brightly over there. You should\'ve seen the expressions of those old fellows. They looked at Fourth Brother like their father!"

"Damn! Are you for real? I don\'t believe you," Jia Yuan said loudly. "Although Fourth Brother has had drastic changes these days, probably due to an expert\'s guidance, I don\'t believe that he has real capabilities, especially in Chinese medicine. Without tens of years of practice, it\'s impossible for him to be recognized by the president of the Chinese medicine association."

"You\'ll know during the open ceremony of Fourth Brother\'s clinic," Wang Shen said without explaining further. "Fourth Brother, you may chat with Second Brother. I have to leave now. The association will help us deal with the formalities tomorrow, we don\'t have to go through all the trouble anymore."

Guo Huai then chatted with Jia Yuan for a few minutes before leaving Jia Yuan\'s villa. Aren\'t they merely yellow rosewood and golden purple sandalwood? I think I saw a lot of these materials in the gourd earlier. he thought.

When Guo Huai returned home, he heard the sound of Mahjong tapping away. When he entered the house, he saw Jade and a few other middle-aged ladies playing Mahjong together. Guo Huai got shocked and confused. "Hubby, you\'re back! These ladies here are all our neighbors. They\'re teaching me how to play Mahjong. Look! I won a lot of money today."

[TL note: Mahjong is a tile-based game originated from the Qing Dynasty.]

"Jade, let me play a few rounds. You may rest for a bit," Guo Huai said and sat at Jade\'s seat without waiting for her approval.

"Loot! Little Huai, your discarded tile got looted again." Before Guo Huai even got into the third round, he lost all the money Jade had earned earlier in addition to more than 30 thousand from his pocket.

"Little Huai, when is the opening ceremony of your clinic? At that time, I\'ll ask my kid to have a look there. Tell him if you need any help. He\'ll take care of the security there," the lady sitting at the opposite of Guo Huai said happily. She went from losing more than 80 thousand to winning around 20 thousand. She smiled like a blooming flower.

"You must treat everyone a meal during the open ceremony! I\'ll give you a contact number later, tell the boss that Aunt Huang gave you this number. He\'ll give you a huge discount for sure. The restaurant is not far away from your clinic," the lady sitting on the right of Guo Huai said with a smile. She was very pleased to have won more than 30 thousand.

"I\'ll contact the parking area opposite your clinic later. I\'ll reserve the entire place for you on the day of your open ceremony. Rest assured, Little Huai," the lady on the left of Guo Huai said.

After four rounds, Guo Huai had lost 180 thousand in total. Except for the time where he won with a low score, his discarded tiles were all looted by the ladies, making them extremely pleased.

"My dear aunts, I won\'t be asking you all to eat here as the two of us will go out for a meal later. Please visit us another time!" Guo Huai said enthusiastically. After greeting Jade, the few ladies walked out of the old Guo house together.

"Naughty Boy, why are you pleasing these women? They can\'t do anything if I can win their money, right?" Jade said as she pouted.

"Jade, we\'re in the human world. Don\'t you think what I did is meaningful? I intentionally lose money to them and they\'ll use their connections to help us. This is what we call the life in the human world. It\'s meaningless if we do everything ourselves during our time here," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Before you reached ascension into heaven, did you live like this in the human world as well?" Jade asked, confused. In her memory of living with Chang\'er, she didn\'t have to please anyone as the strong would always be respected. They killed countless devils and offended endless allegedly ethical cultivators. This was the reason Chang\'er got the well-deserved land in heaven, the Moon Palace, a place where people would quiver once they heard the name.

"If it wasn\'t for the Monkey King back then, I bet the current Chen Guanbao would be some random lonely spirit. Sun Wukong has given me a lot, and has of course taken away a lot from me as well. I reached Nascent Soul stage in 300 years, Soul Splitting stage in 500 years and Ascension stage in 700 years. In tens of thousands of years in heaven, I reached Golden Immortal stage from merely Sky Immortal stage. The only thing in my life was cultivation. I have only heard about the happiness in the human world that people talk about. So, to answer your question, no I didn\'t bother to do useless things like this," Guo Huai answered, smiling.