Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 98

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"Old Man Qin, calm yourself down. This will only increase the blood flow in your body. If the poison travels through your entire body, even an immortal wouldn\'t be able to save you," Guo Huai said with a smile.

If Guo Huai didn\'t say anything, Qin Long would slowly calm himself down. However, he got even more anxious after listening to what Guo Huai said. He could clearly feel that his heartbeat was increasing, meaning the blood flow in his body was sped up.

"Heheh, this outcome is exactly what I want. Owner Sun, look," Guo Huai said before pouring some wine into his mouth. He didn\'t swallow, but spat it out on Qin Long\'s body. After that, a small flame appeared on his fingertip, lighting Qin Long\'s body up.

"Little Friend, what you\'re doing will make hi-" Before Lin Zhangtian finished his sentence, nine identical needles appeared in Guo Huai\'s hands. Guo Huai quickly planted them on Qin Long\'s body, making the fire on his body to seemingly gain spirituality—it moved towards the directions of the silver needles.

"Nine Needles of Heavenly Meridian, so the legend is true. Little Friend, I surrender. Please tell me if it\'s the Nine Needles of Heavenly Meridian! Are you possibly its inheritor?" Sun Sheng asked, astonished. When he saw the nine, red-hot needles on Qin Long\'s body, he suddenly thought of what he read from one ancient medicinal book—Nine Needles of Heavenly Meridian.

Guo Huai sat on a bench as he looked at the nine needles on Qin Long\'s body. Smiling, he said, "Owner Lin, can you check if the medicine is done being simmered?"

Before Lin Zhangtian answered Guo Huai\'s answer, Zhao Shang rushed over, shouting, "It\'s here!"

"Grandpa Shang, let Old Man Qin drink it," Guo Huai said.

"Old Man Zhang, this recipe is based on this young friend\'s prescription. Are you sure Old Man Qin will be fine?" Zhao Shang asked doubtfully.

"Little Friend, no arrows fly backwards once shot. If he swallows this bowl of medicine, I don\'t think I can save him if there\'s any problem," Zhang Tianzheng said softly.

"Quickly pour it into his mouth. If the fire on these nine needles extinguishes, this medicine would be wasted," Guo Huai replied.

"Old Man Zhao, don\'t hesitate. Listen to him. I won\'t die so easily. If anything abnormal happens, give me the pill he gave me earlier," Qin Long said loudly as he opened his eyes.

"Old Man Qin, please don\'t blame me if anything bad happens!" Zhao Shang said as he poured the liquid into Qin Long\'s mouth.

"Owner Zhang, your poison mainly consists of snake venom and Wuyishan Scorpion, combined with seven kinds of poisonous herbs. The way I counter the poison also relies on snake venom and Wuyishan Scorpion, combined with seven kinds of poisonous herbs. Are you convinced now?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

"The poison from Old Man Qin\'s body isn\'t removed yet. How am I going to be convinced this way?" Zhang Tianzheng said. Although he had already given Guo Huai recognition in his heart, he wasn\'t convinced of the current situation.

"Then I\'ll let you be totally convinced," Guo Huai said as he removed the nine needles from Qin Long\'s body. He opened his wine gourd and poured a mouthful of wine into Qin Long\'s mouth.

"Such great wine! Such wonderful wine!" Qin Long said loudly as he stood up.

"Old Man Qin, don\'t talk about the wine for now. Focus on your body and tell me what abnormality you can feel," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Abnormality?" Qin Long asked doubtfully before closing his eyes.

"H-how is this possible?!" Qin Long shouted. He then grabbed Guo Huai\'s arm, saying, "What did you do to me?!"

"Old Man Qin, are you not feeling well? Please tell us, we shouldn\'t delay treatment," Zhang Tianzheng said anxiously before putting his fingers on Qin Long\'s wrist.

"Ten years ago, a group of Koreans came to challenge me to a medical battle. I was backstabbed, making me destined to be stuck at Acquired stage forever. However, the moment the wonderful wine flowed down my stomach, I felt that the heat of the hidden injury was suddenly brought away. I have now entered the Innate stage," Qin Long said softly. "Little Friend, please tell me how you did that! Tell me, and I\'ll become your disciple!"

The last sentence by Qin Long surprised everyone present. Ten years ago, Pill Medic Qin Long shocked the whole of China by defeating eight Korean doctors. Today, he said that he would take a youngster as his master. How was it possible?

"Owner Zhang, are you convinced now?" Guo Huai asked as he squinted.

"You won. I\'m totally convinced," Zhang Tianzheng said with a smile. Even Qin Long wants to be his disciple. How can I not be convinced? he thought.

"Hahah, I\'m very pleased today. Owner Lin, can the Chinese medicine association give me a hand in opening my clinic now?" Guo Huai asked Lin Zhangtian who was still in shock.

"Old Man Qin, go and have a change. We\'ll meet later at the assembly hall," Lin Zhangtian said. "Little Friend, come with me."

"Grandpa Lin, do I come with you as well?" Wang Shen asked softly.

"Stupid Brat, you humiliated the Chinese medicine association by bringing such an impressive character. Just wait for your grandpa to come for you," Lin Zhangtian said fiercely.

"Grandpa Lin, this is pure coincidence! You can\'t blame me for being inferior to him right?" Wang Shen asked loudly. "It\'s unfair!"

"Inferior? We\'re indeed inferior. Guo Huai is very commendable. We\'re all convinced," Lin Zhangtian said with a smile. "Kid, come with us as well. Tell us what Guo Huai needs in setting up his clinic. The Chinese medicine association will stand up for him."

At this moment, Wang Shen finally calmed down. So he said that only to frighten me… he thought.

"Little Friend, have a seat," Lin Zhangtian said with a smile. The assembly hall of the Chinese medicine association was much bigger than the room earlier. The decorations were more thought out as well.

"Owner Lin, I know what you\'re thinking about. But I don\'t plan to operate Clinic of No Treatment here in the building of the association. We can discuss if you want to partner up with me. Clinic of No Treatment is only a small clinic that I want to run, to earn my meals," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Earn your meals? Little Friend, if you think your ability is only enough to feed you, I guess we\'re going to starve here," Lin Zhangtian said jokingly. "We won\'t force your clinic to open at our place. If you need any help on your side, feel free to come to us. We only hope that you can stand up for us if we run into problems. We\'re not asking for too much, right?"

"Since you said it this way, I\'ll just accept it. Clinic of No Treatment will open a week later. At that time, the few of you respected elders may visit the place and have fun," Guo Huai said.

"We\'ll make sure to be present during the open ceremony," Lin Zhangtian said.

Qin Long changed his clothing and said, "I don\'t want anything else during the open ceremony. I just want you to prepare food for us, and let us have a try of your wine earlier."

Lin Zhangtian arranged a clerk to work with Wang Shen to deal with the formalities needed to open the clinic. This made Wang Shen once again feel just how strong the association was.

"My few grandpas, I have a question," Wang Shen asked when he returned to the assembly hall. He saw the old folks were happily chatting with Guo Huai. "Is my Fourth Brother really neat?"

"Little Wang, this brother of yours is too damn neat!"