Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 96

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Chapter 1/3 of the week. Happy Chinese New Year! Make sure to to get extra releases.

After around five minutes, a fearless old man walked in, asking loudly, "Old Man Lin, who challenged us this time? Are they Korean or Japanese? Haven\'t they lost enough?"

"Fourth Brother, it\'s likely that you will win this time. This old man doesn\'t look like a doctor at all," Wang Shen whispered to Guo Huai.

"Who are you referring to, the one that doesn\'t look like a doctor?! Your eyebags are overly dark and white spots have appeared on the nail of your right ring finger. If you don\'t change your unhealthy lifestyle, there\'ll be negative effects on you and your wife. Do you want me to prescribe medicine and make some adjustments for you?" the old man asked loudly.

"You\'re an expert on internal martial arts, with knowledge of its various aspects. You\'re also related to the Bagua Palm and Tai Chi Fist, however, you\'ve only entered the medical field for around thirty years. Combining your internal energy with acupuncture, the effect is rather respectable," Guo Huai said as he looked at the old man.

"H-how do you know that? Old Man Lin, did you tell him all about me?" the old man asked. He was the vice president of the Chinese medicine association, named Wu Shushan. When he was young, he was a disciple of the Bagua Palm Sect. Eventually, he started learning Tai Chi Fist without the knowledge of his sect. 33 years ago, he met Lin Zhangtian and started developing interest towards Chinese medicine. 20 years ago, he got famous in the world of Chinese medicine by combining the use of internal energy and acupuncture.

As they were chatting, three old men wearing long robes entered the room as well. "Old Man Wu, what did Old Man Lin say?"

"Little Friend, let me introduce them to you. Ghost Medic Zhang Tianzheng, Martial Medic Wu Shushan, Pill Medic Qin Long and Flame Medic Sun Sheng. Fellow vice presidents, this little friend is here to challenge us. You guys may get ready," Lin Zhangtian said with a smile.

"Old Man Lin, I\'ll go back now if there\'s nothing important. There\'s a martial artist from Gu family whose poison got into his veins. I cannot afford to delay the treatment," Zhang Tianzheng said after looking at Guo Huai.

"I have a batch of medicinal pills coming soon. Old Man Lin, if this little friend really is here to challenge us, you as one of the best doctors in the country can deal with it within a few minutes," Qin Long said before turning around, preparing to leave.

"I\'ll leave now, there\'s a chief at my place undergoing fire treatment. I\'m rather busy," Sun Sheng said quickly.

"I won\'t take much of your time. The four of you can go against me at once. If I lose to any one of you, I\'ll leave immediately," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Pill Medic Qin Long, I refined this medicinal pill here a few days ago. I have all the medicinal ingredients with me. If you have the ability to refine the same pill as well, I\'ll surrender." He then passed a sandalwood casing to Qin Long and a small bag exerting medicinal fragrance.

"Old Man Qin, you may deal with him yourself. We\'ll leave now," Zhang Tianzheng and Sun Sheng said.

"Don\'t leave now! You\'ll regret it if you leave," Qin Long said loudly the moment he opened the wooden casing. "Little Friend, this one is Qin Long, a disciple of Wudang Sect. May I know who your master is? Did you really refine this pill yourself?" Qin Long asked humbly.

"My sect has scattered. It\'s not impressive enough for me to tell people its name," Guo Huai replied.

"Little Friend, I\'m not able to refine a pill like this. I surrender," Qin Long said directly. "However, I don\'t believe your claim that you refined it yourself."

"After I win against the other three old folks, I\'ll refine another one for you. Since you surrendered, you may stand aside," Guo Huai said with a smile, not paying any respect to Qin Long.

"Old Man Qin, he isn\'t your relative, right? You don\'t have to put up a show like this," Zhang Tianzheng said.

"You must be Ghost Medic Zhang Tianzheng. Looking at your fingers, you must be a master in using medicines. Or, should I put it this way, a poison master?" Guo Huai asked as he squinted.

"Everyone who knows my name Zhang Tianzheng would know that I, the Ghost Medic, use poison to counter poison for treatment. Let\'s not waste time anymore," Zhang Tianzheng said loudly.

"Owner Wu, you must be ready for a battle since you have been in silence," Guo Huai said to Wu Shushan. He didn\'t give a shit about Zhang Tianzheng.

[TL note: Owner (馆主) here refers to the owner of a clinic.]

"Flame Medic Sun Sheng, since you and Martial Medic Wu Shushan both use needles, you two may go up against me together," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Kid, everyone knows how to talk big. If you can win against me today, I\'ll seal my needles forever!" Sun Sheng said loudly.

"The Chinese medical knowledge is profound. I only want to open a clinic, with some help from the association. We\'re only doing a friendly battle, you don\'t have to seal your needles. Let\'s not waste everyone\'s time anymore, we\'ll start now," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Kid, this is the Chinese medicine association. We will agree to anything you want to compete at. Otherwise, we\'d be seen as taking advantage of you by outside parties," Zhang Tianzheng said loudly.

"Since you excel in using poison, apply your poison to anybody and I\'ll find a cure for it," Guo Huai said.

"Kid, don\'t take this matter too lightly. Being poisoned will damage the source of the body. Even if you can cure the poison, there\'ll be a significant impact on the body. If you fail to cure the person, I myself don\'t have absolute confidence in treating if the optimal time for the cure is delayed. This isn\'t viable," Zhang Tianzheng said loudly.

"You may apply poison on my body. I will be responsible for everything that happens," Guo Huai replied with a smile. "You may also ask Owner Qin if the medicinal pill can restore the source of my body if it\'s damaged."

"Fourth Brother, don\'t do anything stupid. I also feel that this isn\'t viable. Think about it, even if you can cure the poison in your body, you\'ll be affected in the following rounds of the medical battle," Wang Shen said softly.

"Third Brother, you\'re right. I have an idea. Let Owner Zhang apply poison to your body and I\'ll remove it from your body," Guo Huai said and winked at Wang Shen.

"Damn! You should do it yourself. I\'m not married and don\'t have children yet. My good days are just starting," Wang Shen said and took a step backwards.

"Old Man Zhang, I feel that what Little Friend said is viable. You may apply poison to my body and let him find a cure," Qin Long said with a smile.

"Old Man Qin, are you crazy?" Zhang Tianzheng asked, astonished.

Qin Long ignored Zhang Tianzheng and turned to Guo Huai, asking, "Little Friend, do you agree with my suggestion?"

"Since Owner Qin is willing to risk your body, I\'ll try my best," Guo Huai said, smiling. "No matter the outcome, the medicinal pill earlier will belong to you." He was very sure what the cunning old man was up to. Not only could the pill earlier cure poison, it had an altering effect for cultivators.

"Please give me an answer if you want to have a medical battle. If you don\'t dare to, I\'ll not disturb the few of you anymore," Guo Huai said.

"Alright, since Old Man Qin is involved, we\'ll do as you say," Zhang Tianzhang said and nodded. Based on his ability on using poison and Qin Long\'s ability in refining pills, there shouldn\'t be any harm done to Qin Long\'s body.

"Little Friend, you mentioned that the three of us can go against you at once. How are you going to compete with the two of us?" Wu Shushan asked, smiling.

"Then we\'ll let Owner Zhang use a more violent poison. Since Owner Qin\'s body has such a huge surface area, I\'ll conduct acupuncture and flame treatment at the same time. After Owner Qin is cured, it\'ll be my turn to apply poison, and yours to cure. Isn\'t it simple?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.