Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 94

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When Guo Huai and Jade reached home, they saw two cars parked outside which had no one inside. Xue Dazhu should be back already and invited them into the house. "Brother Huai, Brother Yuan and Brother Shen are inside waiting for us!" Xue Dazhu shouted as he ran out as soon as Guo Huai and Jade stepped out of the car.

Jia Yuan rushed out as well and gave Guo Huai a bear hug. He said, "Fourth Brother, my great Fourth Brother, you\'re back!"

"Brother Yuan, I can\'t handle your shouts like this. Let\'s talk inside," Guo Huai said with a smile. "If you look at Sister-In-Law with these filthy eyes once more, I\'ll light you up on fire," he said loudly as he noticed that Jia Yuan was glimpsing at Jade occasionally.

"Damn! So what if your wife is pretty? If you don\'t want people to look at her, just lock her up in a room," Jia Yuan said with sarcasm. After that, he felt deeply terrified as he realized that Jade was looking at him. An unknown fear arose in his heart.

"Brother Yuan, to be honest, I\'m better at lighting people up on fire. Since you\'re so chubby and cute, I guarantee that you\'ll still be conscious before the oil on your body finishes burning. Woah, just imagine how that would feel," Jade said with a smile, making Jia Yuan\'s back completely drenched in sweat.

"Sister-In-Law, I\'m sorry. I\'m really sorry, alright? Stop talking, I have a sports car in my garage that suits ladies. I\'ll ask someone to drive it to you one day," Jia Yuan said softly as he trembled.

"Aren\'t you afraid that your girlfriend would get mad if you give me the car?" Jade asked, smiling.

"H-how do you know that?" Jia Yuan asked anxiously. He got even more frightened.

"Jade, stop scaring the shit out of him. Hahah, let\'s go into the house," Guo Huai said before pulling Jade into the house.

"Fourth Brother, this is the medical certificate, but it\'s a low-grade one. If you want a middle-grade or high-grade certificate, you need to have real capabilities," Wang Shen said as he put a file in front of Guo Huai. "If you really want to open a clinic, you yourself have to take care of the other formalities. After Second Brother gets you a place, give me a call. I\'ll handle the rest within a day," Wang Shen said with a smile.

"Fourth Brother, come over," Jia Yuan said as he turned on his laptop. Nobody would expect his baby-carrot-like fingers to be this agile on the keyboard.

"This place is 380 square feet. It\'s at the intersection of Rainbow Street and Development Street. I asked someone to do the calculations yesterday. I\'ll show it to you later," Jia Yuan said and pointed at the screen.

"This one is 540 square feet, also at an intersection. The land opposite to this place belongs to me. I can give it to you if you want," Jia Yuan said with a smile.

"This one is 880 square feet and is strategically placed, however, there are more than ten clinics nearby. If you want to set up your clinic, you need to be really good. Otherwise, you\'ll have to shut your clinic down in no time when you can\'t compete," Jia Yuan said. "These are the ratings my people came up with. These three places are all rated more than 90 marks. I\'m sure setting up at either of the three would be profitable."

"The third one. It\'s only meaningful if there\'s some competition. Am I right, Brother Huai?" Jade asked with a smile.

"We\'ll go with the third one then. Keep the second one for me as well. Since I\'m free this afternoon, I\'ll complete the formalities," Guo Huai said with a smile. "My two brothers, don\'t you two have something to tell me?"

"Nope, we only want to have lunch with you and drink some wine," Jia Yuan said with a smile.

"10 pieces of 100-year-old ginsengs and 5 kilograms of lingzhi mushroom. Before my clinic starts operating, I want them delivered to me. Otherwise, I\'ll let Jade light you two up," Guo Huai said loudly.

"Damn it! Aren\'t we brothers? Why would you light us up for something this insignificant," Jia Yuan said loudly.

"Let\'s eat first. I\'ll go to my grandpa\'s place to get some lingzhi. Let us have some wine today before that," Wang Shen said with a smile. "When I drink until I\'m satisfied, we\'ll go handle the formalities. Don\'t tell me we\'re not allowed to drink today as well."

"Second Brother, I\'ll let you deal with the renovation of the place. Bring me to the place later, I\'ll give you the renovation blueprint later. After that, I\'ll give you a week\'s time at max to get it done. You mustn\'t trick me with poor-quality materials," Guo Huai said. "Let\'s eat."

"Fourth Brother, I\'m paying for your place and your renovation cost. I didn\'t even touch a cent of Qin family\'s assets. I\'ll fork out another 10 billion for 10% of your clinic\'s share. What do you think?" Jia Yuan asked, smiling.

"Second Brother, you do have a plan, don\'t you?" Guo Huai asked as he squinted. "You can have the share. Brother Yao, Brother Shen and you will have 10% of the company\'s share each. However, the moment you take the shares, you all will have to step in should anything happen to the clinic. Think properly before accepting it."

"Damn! I thought you were talking about something serious. In Wucheng County, didn\'t we brothers step in every time you caused a trouble? We want the shares for sure," Jia Yuan said happily.

"How about going to Beijing? I don\'t only plan to open Clinic of No Treatment in Wucheng County. This is merely the first step," Guo Huai said.

"Damn! Even if your clinic expands to heaven, we want the shares for sure. If there\'s something that we can\'t handle, we\'re better off being lit up with fire," Jia Yuan said loudly.

Jade was rather shocked when she heard what Guo Huai said earlier. Telepath Starlord is really prepared to do something big in the human world… she thought.

After eating and drinking together, three cars rushed to the place Jia Yuan was talking about. It was a stand-alone double story. At such a location, Jia Yuan was indeed influential in Wucheng County since the place wasn\'t demolished.

"Brother Yuan, you may go back now. I\'ll go get the formalities done with Brother Shen. I\'ll give you the renovation blueprint tonight," Guo Huai said. Jia Yuan then left the place, while Jade was sent back to home along with Xue Dazhu. Wang Shen and Guo Huai then proceeded to deal with the legalities.

In the car, Wang Shen asked, "Fourth Brother, did you really become the apprentice of an expert? If you really are that capable, we can go to the Chinese medicine association first. If you can convince the few old folks, we can skip the trouble we\'re about to go through. They\'ll handle everything for you."

"Oh? I didn\'t know that there was such a thing. We\'ll go there then," Guo Huai said with a smile.

As soon as the car stopped in front of a simple building, Guo Huai stepped out of the car and took a deep breath. He could smell the medicinal fragrance in the air. "It\'s such a good place. It really is a good place. It\'d be nice if I could take this place down for my clinic," Guo Huai said softly.

"Ahem, ahem. Fourth Brother, stop thinking of the impossible. Don\'t even think about taking over this place," Wang Shen said, smiling. "Wucheng the Chinese medicine association is the headquarters of Chinese medicine in China. I came here with my grandpa for a few times before. The people inside are definitely experts in the medical field."

"Let\'s go, I\'m really excited now. Hahah!" Guo Huai said and stepped into the building of the Chinese medicine association.