Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 93

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"Dazhu, take this card. Buy whatever you want later while I shop with Jade for a while." Guo Huai said as he threw a black card to Xue Dazhu.

"Brother Huai, I have a lot of money with me. I won tens of millions of bucks when I placed a bet on you during Knowledge Championship. Heheh." Xue Dazhu said with a smile.

"Just take this card with you. Go have a spin and buy stuff for that girl Shen Birou. You should pay her a visit during the weekends." Guo Huai said, smirking.

"What? Are you a dating master now? Let\'s go, we\'ll go buy stuff now." Jade said before walking into the shopping mall while pulling on Guo Huai\'s hand.

Guo Huai was looking at the different types of underwears in the mall. His eyes hadn\'t stopped looking at Jade\'s bosom. He said, "Jade, this underwear is quite good. You should buy one."

Pervert, did you possibly forget how you got here? Jade Emperor should\'ve thrown you into the animal path of reincarnation. I don\'t know what\'s wrong with me. I shouldn\'t have listened to Elder Sister Chang\'er, and come down for you. Jade said through a mental message.

"How am I a pervert, when all I wanted to do was buy you some clothes? So what if I\'m a pervert? Oh, look at these! They\'re so environmental friendly. You may buy a few more so that you can change them every day." Guo Huai said as he pointed at a bunch of thongs.

"Jerk, shut up! Pervert!" Jade shouted loudly. After around three hours, Guo Huai\'s body was full of different kinds of packaging. From eight to eleven in the morning, Jade had been working hard buying stuff and didn\'t seem like she was going to sleep. As long as she felt that the items were not bad, she would swipe her credit card before hanging them onto Guo Huai\'s body. It was really simple.

Brother Huai, you should buy some stuff for Sister Weiwei and the others. Pay them a visit at the end of the month. You can\'t go back with nothing in hand right? If you don\'t bring anything, who\'d be willing to perform partnered cultivation with you? Jade sent a mental message with a naughty smile. She felt that Guo Huai looked like a Christmas tree with all the stuff hung onto him.

"Ahem, ahem. Jade, why are you doing this to me?!" Guo Huai shouted, instantly attracting the attention of the people around him.

"Sigh, how embarrassing. I haven\'t seen a man being used to this extent." Passerby A said softly.

"He should be a spare tire. Otherwise, he wouldn\'t be doing something like this. His pride is being treated as a shoe pad." Passerby B said as he nodded.

"If that girl is my girlfriend, I would die as long as she wants me to, let alone a simple task like this. What are you guys complaining about?" Passerby C asked.

Slap! Slap! "What are you looking at? Are you courting death? Is it that I don\'t satisfy you?" a woman asked loudly as she slapped Passerby C. Her height was 160cm and weight was 160kg. She was slapping Passerby C like it was free.

"Ahem, ahem. My dear wife, I\'m sorry. I\'m sorry!" Passerby C shouted like he was being raped. His sound filled the entire second floor of the shopping mall.

"Brother Huai, I\'m really sorry that you\'re being embarrassed. Please don\'t get angry. If you still feel bad, I\'ll just satisfy you tonight. I bought a few sexy underwears just now." Jade said softly to Guo Huai and winked. Naturally, she heard what the people around her were saying.

"Oh, you got hard just like that. Coincidentally this handbag needs a place to hang at." Jade said as she hung a new handbag onto our dear Guo Huai\'s little junior.

Bang! Guo Huai directly fell onto the ground. He was indeed being heavily bullied.

"Hahah! This feels so great. I\'m so happy today!" Jade said loudly as she smiled like a flower.

At this moment, Guo Huai\'s phone rang. "Fourth Brother, Elder Brother, Brother Huai, Lord Huai, where are you now? I need to meet you. It\'s urgent!" Jia Yuan shouted like he was slaughtering pigs.

"I\'m at the second floor of Wucheng Shopping Mall, the place where underwears are sold. Ask someone to push a trolley to me first, a bigger one. We\'ll talk later when we meet." Guo Huai said loudly and ended the call. He didn\'t care if Jia Yuan understood him.

Jia Yuan then phoned a woman. "Yes, he\'s on the second floor of your building. You know who Guo Huai is as well. Find him immediately! Satisfy his needs, even if he wants a private fitting room. You must satisfy everything he wants!" Jia Yuan said loudly.

"Brother Yuan, you\'re such a bully!" the lady replied. She flirted with Jia Yuan as soon as she received his phone call, however, she got a massive scolding. She instantly knew how important the task of finding Guo Huai was.

"My dear Fourth Brother… How many more secrets do you have? No wonder you handed me the task of handling the multi-billion dollar assets of the Qin family. It\'s because you don\'t even lack money. I don\'t think money even means anything for you." Jia Yuan murmured as he looked at his arm. Not only was the bite mark by Guo Huai gone, even the minor damages he got from an accident were also gone.

"Second Brother, did you manage to contact Fourth Brother? Look at your arm. This is a miracle! What special encounter did Fourth Brother have?" Wang Shen said loudly on phone.

"I called Fourth Brother just now. He\'s shopping at Wucheng Shopping Mall now. Let\'s wait in front of his house together." Jia Yuan said. "Brother Yao is right, our Fourth Brother is not the old Fourth Brother anymore."

"Brother Huai, Brother Yuan asked me to look for you. Tell me anything you want!" a charming lady said, smiling. She managed to locate Guo Huai within three minutes after the phone call. She then pulled her V-neck dress down, revealing a pair of white rabbits.

"I want a man. Find a man for me. I need strong men!" Guo Huai said loudly at the charming lady.

"Brother Huai, sometimes strong men aren\'t the option. Why not we go in and have a try ourselves?" the lady asked as she pulled Guo Huai\'s hand.

Guo Huai called Jia Yuan once again, shouting, "Jia Yuan, fucking get this lady away from me now! I asked you for manpower, why did you get me a woman like her?!"

"L-lord Huai, tell the lady anything you need. Third Brother and I are waiting for you at your place. Come back quickly, the medical certificate is done. Even the meal is ready." Jia Yuan said with a smile.

"You guys are getting more and more frustrating. Why is she so smart and has huge boobs while you\'re brainless having similarly huge boobs?!" Guo Huai shouted at the lady.

"Jade, let\'s go, we\'ll go home now. I\'ll ask them to send these things to our home." Guo Huai said as he pulled Jade\'s hand before walking away. The people around all focused their attention on them.

The lady seemed like she would burst out crying any time. She cried out loudly, "Why would you call Jia Yuan for help if you already have such a beautiful lady? You still asked for strong men. So what if I have huge boobs?!"

"What are you guys looking at? Ask the good-for-nothing employees to send all these things on the ground to that jerk\'s house!" the charming lady shouted at the few workers who had been watching the fun. No matter how angry she got, she wouldn\'t offend Jia Yuan in any way. Otherwise, she wouldn\'t be able to stay in Wucheng County anymore, or even the whole of China.

Jade recalled what happened earlier which made her smile. She asked, "Naughty Boy, don\'t you need strong men? Why are you pulling me?"

"No matter how strong the men are, they wouldn\'t rival my dearest Jade. Although their chest muscles could act as a drum, they wouldn\'t look as good as yours." Guo Huai said as he reached out his pig hands to Jade\'s bosom.

"Jerk! You jerk!"