Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 92

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As soon as Guo Huai felt that the gourd almost went out of control, he pulled Xue Dazhu to his side and slashed six wounds on his arms with his flying sword. Six drops of yellow liquid dripped out from the wounds. "Zhu, you may rest for a while now" Guo Huai said.

"The witch blood is indeed something valuable. We must be careful with its usage. This giant guy would be crippled if we extract too much from his body" Jade said as she looked at the six drops of blood, smiling.

"Jade, get ready to break the formation" Guo Huai said. He did not expect Dazhu\'s non-awakened blood would produce such an enormous energy which directly suppressed the aura of the gourd\'s previous owner.

After a short while, Guo Huai finally understood why the gourd could not be opened even after the formation was broken. The previous owner of the gourd placed a trace of divine sense on the gourd. Guo Huai said, "Friend, since the gourd is in the human world, do you mind taking your divine sense back? We don\'t have to make this hard."

"I\'m Yun Duan, a solo cultivator from the East China Sea. I got this gourd coincidentally many years ago. In the past tens of thousands of years, I came across countless people who tried to be the owner of the gourd. Finally, someone is able to talk to me. The gourd belongs to you now. Please help me take revenge on the descendant of Dream Devil, beneath the Heaven Lake." Guo Huai heard a sound coming from the gourd. After that, the seal on the gourd completely vanished.

"Ahem, ahem. Yun Duan, since we had a friendly encounter, I\'ll find time to visit East China Sea to return your favor by looking for your descendants. Regarding the revenge, I don\'t want to give my life away so soon based on my current limited amount of divine power to fight someone even a solo cultivator of tens of thousands of years like you lost to" Guo Huai said softly.

"Naughty Boy, I won\'t help you with anything similar to this in the future. If it wasn\'t for Dazhu\'s witch blood that controlled the formation on the gourd, I would\'ve been struck into my original shape as a result of the backlash" Jade said as she panted. She was drenched in sweat.

"My wife Jade, I really owe you a favor this time. You may go have a shower first, I\'ll check what\'s inside the gourd" Guo Huai said as he squinted.

"Naughty Boy, are you trying to get rid of me so that you can have everything in the gourd to yourself?" Jade asked as she pouted. "I\'m not leaving, I want to see what\'s inside."

"Do I look like someone who would do something as nasty as that? Alright, let\'s take a look inside together" Guo Huai said. The two of them then inserted a trace of divine sense into the gourd together before being shocked at the same time.

"We\'re rich. We\'re rich! These things are very valuable even when placed in heaven" Guo Huai murmured.

"Peasant, are you getting happy just by these? You haven\'t seen the world yet" Jade said with a smile. "These things belong to me now. These as well." Jade\'s divine sense swept by in the gourd, making the huge piles of medicinal ingredients disappear.

"Take all you want. Yes, you\'ve seen the world and I haven\'t. Fuxin Guqin and Xinghuang Flag are in here. Are these not impressive enough? We\'re rich, we\'re really rich!" Guo Huai said repeatedly.

[TL note: Fuxin Guqin and Xinghuang Flag are legendary items owned by Chinese mythological figures.]

"Even if there\'s God Punishing Whip in here, you\'d be overjoyed as well. So what if these are here? Can you use them? Do you dare to use them?" Jade asked with a smile. "Also, do you dare to use these medicinal pills? You\'ll immediately reach ascension and rise to heaven after eating them. At that time, you\'ll be fried by the nine divine lightning until even your dirt doesn\'t remain."

"Ahem, ahem. At least they\'re not as useless as you described" Guo Huai said softly. What Jade said was accurate. Although there were a lot of valuable items in the gourd, most of them that were not viable. Excluding the medicinal ingredients that Jade took away, there were even fewer items that could be used.

"Brother Huai, stop overthinking. Quickly arrange them into different categories. Some of them can actually be used for the new clinic" Jade said with a smile.

On the first day of quitting school, Guo Huai enjoyed his time very much. After contributing six drops of witch blood, Dazhu didn\'t wake up even until the second day. However, Guo Huai was really generous to his people. There was a witch corpse in the gourd. Guo Huai risked his life to cut down some flesh from the corpse to put into Xue Dazhu\'s mouth. Xue Dazhu was expected to have a breakthrough into the Innate middle-stage.

After stressing out for the whole day, Guo Huai looked at Jade who just changed into her pajamas with his perverted eyes, saying, "Jade, let\'s sleep together. You came all the way here from heaven. If I don\'t be slightly more aggressive, it would be too embarrassing. Come, the awesome me will hug you to sleep today while we discuss our lives."

"Pervert, who wants to sleep with you? I know exactly what you\'re up to. We\'ll talk about our lives when I have the mood one day. You shall wait" Jade said before entering her room.

Guo Huai stood at Jade\'s door, saying, "What are you shy about? We\'re in the human world, what\'s there to be embarrassed about?"

"Go to sleep now. I bet Jia Yuan will call you tomorrow. We\'ll find out where to open the clinic at that time" Jade said with a smile. Although she was in the human world, every time she thought of making love with Guo Huai\'s body which Telepath Starlord conquered, she\'d blush uncontrollably.

Evil Witch, I\'ll take you down one day, Guo Huai thought as he walked to the formation he placed where the maximum limit of the moonlight was gathered at.

The next day, Xue Dazhu finally opened his eyes. The immense amount of energy exerted by his body made him incredibly comfortable. He shouted, "Brother Huai, my body is filled with energy now! Brother Huai! Brother Huai!"

"Stop making so much noise. You\'d be in trouble if you wake the lady up" Guo Huai said as he walked out from the formation. He had gained quite a lot after a whole night of meditation—he stepped into Innate late-stage. As long as he wasn\'t going against a Nascent Soul expert, it should be easy for him to handle. Judging from how thin the spiritual energy Earth currently had, an Inedia cultivator may not even exist, let alone one of Nascent Soul.

"Brother Huai, what did you do to me? This feeling is too good! Too damn good!" Xua Dazhu said excitedly.

"Zhu, your life is only getting started. You should enjoy your journey starting now. Speaking of your body type, even the magnificent me is jealous" Guo Huai said with a smile. A descendant of the witch, as long as his blood got awakened, Xue Dazhu\'s ability would be comparable to a Golden Core expert. Purely having the thought made Guo Huai jealous.

"Brother Huai, good morning" Jade said as she walked out of her room. She was wearing sports attire from head to toe. "The stuff from yesterday is so nice. I haven\'t eaten something that good in a while." Guo Huai looked at Jade, thinking, Yes you indeed look very nice. You ate a thousand-year-old ginseng just like that, with its skin peeled. My dear Fairy Jade, don\'t you know that we still have hundreds of years to live here? Why are you so wasteful? XYZ 地主家

"As long as you\'re happy… But I\'m sure those medicinal ingredients would bring better effects if they were made into medicinal pills. Furthermore, eating them raw doesn\'t taste good" Guo Huai said and smiled bitterly.

"Humph! It\'s merely a thousand-year-old ginseng. Why are you so stingy?" Jade said as she pouted her mouth. "You aren\'t this petty towards your other women."

"Ahem, ahem. Alright, do what you want. Eat as you please" Guo Huai said. "Let\'s have breakfast now and we\'ll take a spin outside later. We\'re not students anymore, we have to properly enjoy our time here in the human world."

Jade nodded lightly while Xue Dazhu got confused. The time in the human world? Haven\'t you guys been living here all this time? he thought.