Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 91

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Jia Yuan and Wang Shen looked at each other for a few seconds before looking at the gauzes on their arms. They then put on an innocent expression to look at Guo Huai, feeling extremely grieved.

"My two dear brothers, I forgot to remind you that you mustn\'t get angry for a short period after consuming medicine. Otherwise, it\'ll affect the medicinal effect as well" Guo Huai said with an even more innocent expression.

"I\'ll remember this!" Jia Yuan and Wang Shen scolded. "Let\'s eat! We won\'t any drink wine today. At noon tomorrow, we\'ll bring a truck here to carry a lot of wine home."

"Brother Yuan, Brother Yao, if I really don\'t get the treatment fees you owe me tomorrow, I will report it to your grandfathers to make your lives difficult" Guo Huai said before finishing his cup of wine.

As Jia Yuan and Wang Shen walked out of Guo Huai\'s house, Jia Yuan asked softly, "Third Brother, do you think that Fourth Brother really has the ability to cure our scars? Think about it, this fellow can suddenly have so much of the wonderful wine. It\'s very likely that he can make our scars disappear."

"Who cares? If he really managed to treat us, I\'ll help him get a medical certificate. As long as nobody dies in his hands, I\'ll try my best to shield him should anything happen. It\'s all for one reason—he\'s our younger brother" Wang Shen said with a smile. "Let\'s not worry about wine anymore. I don\'t believe he can reject us when we request for wine once ours run out."

"Third Brother, you have a point there" Jia Yuan said as he nodded. "Since that fellow from the Murong clan delivered so much stuff to him, I believe Fourth Brother knows what he\'s doing. Maybe he really became an apprentice of an expert, like what Brother Yao said. He\'s no longer the man of vices we once knew."

"I don\'t care if he\'s some apprentice of a master or he\'s the same man of five vices, he\'ll always be our Fourth Brother. He has saved Brother Yao\'s life before and Brother Yao hasn\'t mistreated us in any way since young. If we can\'t even do our brother a small favor in Wucheng County, what kind of brothers will we be?" Wang Shen asked before getting into his car.

"Third Brother, tell me the situation immediately after you take off the gauze tomorrow. I\'ll go handle Fourth Brother\'s request now" Jia Yuan said before driving to his office.

"Brother-In-Law, it seems you\'ve been working hard practicing the ancient Tai Chi scripture I gave you earlier. Take this medicinal pill. Keep the fundamentals of Tai Chi in mind, you need to improve on controlling your temper. Innate stage is only the start of cultivation" Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Brother Huai, h-how about mine?" Murong Fei asked.

"You mustn\'t forget the fundamentals as well. Practice and improve step-by-step. You can\'t rely on medicinal pills too much. However, I need you to help me with something" Guo Huai replied, smiling. "Properly prepare yourself in the next few weeks. A month later, come with me to Gu residence. I have something to deal with."

"Brother Huai, please don\'t tell me you clashed with Gu clan" Murong Fei asked softly, astonished. "Gu clan isn\'t as simple as you imagine."

"Not simple? That\'s even greater! It wouldn\'t be fun if it was too easy" Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Brother-In-Law, do you want us, the Murong family, to step in? If it\'s nothing major, I can ask my father to negotiate with them. Don\'t clash with Gu clan if possible" Murong Long said softly. Although it seems like Murong, Nangong and Xuanyuan clans are the biggest in Beijing, all of them knew that the low-profile Gu clan was the true master there. Gu clan just didn\'t seem too impressive in business terms.

"I stole the woman of the young master of Gu clan, do you think it can be negotiated? Hahah, Brother-In-Law, let the Murong clan stay out of this" Guo Huai said and laughed.

After listening to Guo Huai\'s explanation, Murong Long and Murong Fei got completely speechless. The similarly aged youngster in front of them was absolutely superior to them in terms of getting girls. In addition to the treasured young mistress of the Murong clan, the few girls from Wucheng Subhigh who were all the pride of major families in the country, all agreed to become this fellow\'s girlfriends for some reason.

"Ahem, ahem. I guess it\'s best if you handle it yourself" Murong Long said softly. "I heard from Brother Yuan that you were going to set up a clinic. We\'ll come over for the open ceremony at that time."

"A week later, Clinic of No Treatment will start operating. I\'ll tell you this beforehand, Clinic of No Treatment will only treat ten people every day. If you guys have some good friends that you want to recommend over, you may ask them to queue up as soon as possible. I won\'t allow bullshit like cutting queue when the queue becomes too long" Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Since Brother Huai is opening up a clinic, we\'ll surely be here at that time. Heheh" Murong Fei said happily.

After sending Murong Fei and Murong Long away, Guo Huai summoned Xue Dazhu and Jade to the living room. Laojun Gourd was placed on the table.

"Brother Huai, why do I feel so much discomfort coming from the gourd? I feel like it\'s staring at me" Xue Dazhu said as he moved away from the gourd. Even after getting far away from the gourd, he still felt uncomfortable.

"Brother Huai, are you planning to try again today?" Jade asked as he looked at the gourd on the table.

"Yes, we\'ll try again. Damn it, I don\'t feel too happy staring at a treasure that I can\'t use every day" Guo Huai said with a smile. "I came up with a plan this time. We\'ll use Dazhu\'s blood as the eye of the formation. I don\'t believe we can\'t break the seal of the gourd this time."

"Do you really want to use Dazhu\'s fine blood? It\'ll undoubtedly do harm to him this way. It doesn\'t look like something you would do" Jade replied with a smile.

"I can feel that there\'s something inside that belongs to witches. After opening the gourd, I\'ll repay him with twice the amount of harm done to him. Jade, get ready" Guo Huai said.

"Brother Huai, you said that my blood is needed. How are you going to extract my blood?" Xue Dazhu asked as he scratched his head. "Brother Huai, I\'m fine with contributing some blood. However, you have to give me the same amount of wine with the blood you take from me."

"Ahem, ahem. You really never forget the wine, don\'t you? Aren\'t you afraid of dying as a result of losing too much blood?" Guo Huai asked, smiling.

"I believe that Brother Huai isn\'t the kind of person who would do such a thing. However, if Brother Huai really wants me dead, I have no objections" Xue Dazhu said with a smile. "Anyone can have the courage of a hero with alcohol. Brother Huai, can you give me some of your wine beforehand?"

"Alright, have a drink. Drink all you want to heat your blood up" Guo Huai said loudly before throwing a wine gourd to Xua Dazhu. Xue Dazhu didn\'t hesitate to start downing the wine in the gourd.

"Jade, take care of the Qian and Kan trigram lines. I\'ll manage the rest. Stay focused at all times, there shouldn\'t just exist a seal formation. I can barely feel the presence of a killing formation. We must be careful" Guo Huai said loudly and took out his Divine Flying Sword and the Heavenflip Seal. Suddenly, Laojun Gourd vibrated vigorously like it was facing its nemesis and wanted to fly away.

"I don\'t care who your previous owner was. It\'s our fate to meet in the human world. Allow me to break open your formation. I promise that you\'ll live a great life ahead with me!" Guo Huai shouted loudly.

Quadroimage Seal Formation. I don\'t remember Taishang Laojun have a gourd that is so proficient in formations, Guo Huai thought.