Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 90

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Chapter 1/3 of the week. Enjoy reading~

"I\'ll only give you one chance. If you guys don\'t feel like trying, I won\'t force you," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"I\'ll try! Why won\'t I try? If you really can make this scar go away, I\'ll help you with anything you need to open up the clinic. If you can\'t, I advise you to do whatever you\'re supposed to do," Wang Shen said, smiling.

"My dear brother, I\'ll say this beforehand. Since this is my new startup, I\'ll only be doing small transactions. I\'ll give you a 20% discount as the opening promotion price. If I can solve the problems for you two, Second Brother, you may get me around 10 pieces of 100-year-old ginsengs. Third Brother, you mentioned that your grandpa has 50 kilograms of lingzhi. Think of a way to get me 5 kilograms of them. If you two agree to my terms, we can start your treatment here and now," Guo Huai said with a smile.

[TL note: Lingzhi is a type of mushroom.]

"Alright, I promise you but I have a few questions. How long will the scar be gone? How much will the scar disappear? You must let us know what to expect, right?" Jia Yuan asked with a smile.

"Since he promised to remove our scars, he has to make them completely gone like nothing has happened before. No, he has to make our skin look like they\'re new. Am I right, Fourth Brother?" Wang Shen asked.

"Yes, Third Brother is right," Guo Huai said with a smile. Actually, he knew exactly what his two brothers were up to. These alcoholics were trying to get some wine home.

"Alright, we\'ll go with this deal. We\'ll give you three days time. If you can treat us completely, we\'ll give you everything you deserve, including your terms to settle the legalities, certificates or something," Jia Yuan said with a smile.

"Yes. Fourth Brother, if you can\'t cure us within three days, you would\'ve wasted so much of our time. We don\'t want anything from you, except your help to refill our wine containers . They\'re all empty to the bottom already. What do you think?" Wang Shen asked.

Jia Yuan looked at Wang Shen as he felt satisfied. They were true sworn brothers as they knew what each other was up to.

"Then let\'s not waste any more time. We should start now," Guo Huai said, smiling. "My two brothers, there\'s something else I need to talk about. Except your family members, don\'t tell anyone about the treatment I\'m about to give you guys. When the Clinic of No Treatment opens up, we\'ll only treat ten patients a day."

"Fourth Brother, stop talking crap. I pushed forward all my meetings at my company just to meet you here. Be quick!" Jia Yuan said loudly as he rolled up his sleeve once again. A clear teeth mark could be seen. Guo Huai evidently bit him rather violently back then.

Guo Huai asked Xue Dazhu to bring over a bowl of clear water, then wipe the arms of the two people clean. A small medicinal pill then appeared in his hand.

"Fourth Brother, are you trying to use alcohol to rub on the scar? It\'s common knowledge that everybody knows. I advise you to stop wasting our time and quickly refill our wine containers to let the three of us brothers enjoy," Jia Yuan said with a smile.

"Second Brother, what are you rushing for? Give Fourth Brother some time. We\'ll let him treat us for however much time he needs. If he really does manage to cure our scars, we as brothers would be proud as well. At that time, he\'d be the best doctor in China. Hahah!" Wang Shen said and laughed.

Guo Huai ignored the sarcasm of the two and focused on his thing. Suddenly, a small sword appeared in his hand. It should be the mini version of his flying sword. He carefully scratched the medicinal pill with his sword to get some powder.

Guo Huai wiped the medicinal powder on Wang Shen and Jia Yuan\'s arms. A numb feeling then slowly traveled from their arms to their heads, making the two close their eyes in comfort. "It should be enough," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Fourth Brother, put more powder on it. It feels so comfortable, so damn comfortable!" Jia Yuan said loudly after opening his eyes.

"Yeah, Fourth Brother, what medicine were you using earlier? It felt too good!" Wang Shen said excitedly.

"My two brothers, stop shouting like you\'re having an orgasm," Guo Huai said with a smile as he bandaged the arms of the two with gauze. "Take the gauze off tomorrow at noon. Call me directly if there\'s any problem. Oh ya, I should remind you two to get your cash ready. If the treatment is given but payment is not present, I won\'t care if you\'re my Second Brother or Third Brother at that time."

"Wow, so arrogant! Fourth Brother, if you really can make the scar disappear, I\'ll call you Elder Brother in the future," Jia Yuan said loudly. "You are the one who should get the wine ready. I\'ll come to take the wine home at noon tomorrow."

"Second Brother, don\'t be overly dramatic. Since we\'re all at Fourth Brother\'s place today, we\'ll have lunch here together," Wang Shen said with a smile. "Fourth Brother, you don\'t need to worry about food. I\'ll buy food from outside later, you just need to take care of our wine cravings." Wang Shen then pulled Jia Yuan and ran outside.

Guo Huai looked at his two brothers who were rushing out as he said, "Jade, tell them later that they can\'t have alcohol after using medicine. Since they dare to tease my wife, I want them to pay a small price."

When Guo Huai and Jade were waiting for the food to arrive, Guo Huai received a call from Murong Fei. "Fei, did anything happen?" he asked.

"Brother Huai, do you remember that you promise you made at Murong residence to treat the three masters\' diseases? The things that you asked them to prepare are with me now. When can I deliver them to you?" Murong Fei asked.

"You may come now. We can have lunch together as well," Guo Huai replied.

After a short while, Jia Yuan and Wang Shen stepped into the house before Murong Long and Murong Fei did. When they looked at each other, Murong Fei immediately recognized Jia Yuan, while Jia Yuan felt that Murong Fei was familiar. The few of them then started laughing together.

"Fei, I haven\'t seen you in a while. I remember meeting you before when Brother Yao brought me to the military base. Do you know my Fourth Brother as well?" Jia Yuan asked with a smile.

"You must be referring to Brother Huai, right? Yes, I know him. I came here to find Brother Huai today," Murong Fei replied joyfully. "I\'ll introduce this person to you guys today. This is Murong Long, my elder cousin brother. Your Fourth Brother\'s brother-in-law. Hahah!"

"Murong Weiwei\'s elder brother? The King of Soldier who disappeared for no reason a few years ago? Brother Long, where have you been all this while?" Jia Yuan asked. He had a brief idea about Murong clan.

"Let\'s talk inside, shall we?" Murong Long asked and entered the house with the others.

The first thing Murong Fei did was put a bunch of stuff in front of Guo Huai. "Brother Huai, can you check if the stuff my masters brought are complete or not? If no, I have to inform them as soon as possible," Murong Fei said.

Cultivation clans are indeed unfathomable. These medicinal herbs are much better than those in the pharmarcies, Guo Huai said. He only had to smell the medicinal fragrance to determine the qualities of these medicines.

"Yeah, these medicines are all correct. A week later, Clinic of No Treatment will start operating. Invite your three masters over to retrieve their medicines on that day," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Let\'s eat together, my Second Brother and Third Brother brought a lot of food home. It\'ll be enough for all of us here."

"Dazhu, take five wine cups over here. There are some in the cupboard,\' Guo Huai said with a smile. He then filled up the five wines that Xue Dazhu brought over.

"Fourth Brother, since Sister-In-Law isn\'t going to drink, we need one more cup," Jia Yuan reminded with a smile.

"Brother Yuan, I\'ll be drinking the wine here. You and Brother Shen are not included. You two ran off too quickly earlier that I forgot to tell you that you can\'t consume alcohol after using the medicines. Otherwise, it\'ll affect the medicinal effect," Jade said smilingly as she distributed the five cups to Guo Huai, Xue Dazhu, Murong Long, Murong Fei and herself.