Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 9

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"What are you talking about? Did you just say the old jerk Headmaster Cao is better than me? Let that kid here, I\'ll not only allow him to study here, I\'ll turn him into a scholar and remove one evil from Wucheng County!" Li Xunyu said loudly.

"Brother Shen, I managed to convince the old man. Let\'s meet at the usual place later, I\'ll pass you the invitation letter there," Li Xiaohua walked out of her house and immediately phoned Wang Shen. On the third floor, Li Xunyu stared at his granddaughter through a window and said, "Kid, you just got me in a huge trouble!"

"We\'re here at Wucheng Subsidiary High School, those who are going here can get down now," the bus driver said. After around an hour, the bus stopped at a hundred meters away from the entrance of Wucheng Subhigh.

"Hey, stop sleeping! We\'re here, get down now," Su Ye said before kicking Guo Huai who was deep asleep. She then got out of the bus with Tang Xi.

"Wucheng Subsidiary High School, these words are so poorly written. I\'ll write them a new one when I graduate," Guo Huai said after leaving the bus. He felt that the signboard of the school written in Chinese calligraphy was bad.

"Hey, hey, hey! Stop, yes I\'m referring to you," a guard shouted at Guo Huai who was walking into school. After that, three guards went to him to block his way.

"You\'re not from this school, what are you doing here?" a security guard said after running towards Guo Huai.

"How do you know that I\'m not from this school?" Guo Huai asked loudly.

"Little kid, I don\'t mind telling you. Our students all have their own school badge which has a detector embedded. Other than that, can you see the camera there? It\'s the most advanced technology across the globe. Facial recognition is used and if your face isn\'t in our database, an alarm will go off. Kid, go back to where you came from," the guard said loudly.

"I\'ll remember you. This is my school invitation letter. I\'m now a student of this school but I haven\'t gone through the procedures yet," Guo Huai said as he showed the guard the invitation letter since he did not feel like arguing today.

"Hahah, kid. You\'re rather prepared, aren\'t you? Do you know what month it is now? It\'s April. Let me give you some basic knowledge. In our country China, every school starts in September. Now get out of here, or I\'ll bring you to the cops if you continue fooling around," the guard said.

"Where the heck is Li Xunyu? Ask him to come here, he\'s the one who gave me this. Li Wei from the security department, right? I\'ll remember you. My name is Guo Huai," Guo Huai stared at Li Wei as he said. He saw the guard\'s name tag to know his name.

"Li Wei, what\'s going on here?" a woman in her forties drove into the school compound and stopped at the entrance before asking.

"Madam Xue, this kid tried to infiltrate the school with a fake invitation letter. We stopped him from entering and tried to get him to leave," Li Wei smiled at the woman as he said.

"Are you Guo Huai? Headmaster Li told me there\'s a transfer student from Wucheng Ninth High School coming today," Xue Ruhe looked at Guo Huai and asked. "Did he really just pass you an invitation letter? Is this how he gets things done?"

"Yes, I\'m Guo Huai, the one from Ninth High School a while ago. Can I enter the school now?" Guo Huai said before looking at Li Wei.

"Huai, it\'s our fault just now. Please don\'t blame Li Wei and the other guards, they\'re just doing their jobs. I\'ll apologize to you for what happened today and make them apologize as well," Xue Ruhe smiled and said. "Headmaster Li told me about your transfer. However, you got into a car accident that was rather serious. That\'s why I didn\'t tell the guards about you. How\'s your condition now?"

"I\'ve fully recovered, otherwise I wouldn\'t be here. Hahah," Guo Huai laughed and said. "Madam Xue, we need more people like you in the society, disciplinary teachers don\'t usually apologize to students."

"Since it\'s my fault, it\'s only appropriate for me to apologize. A system won\'t be complete without rules, so I hope you follow the rules in the school too. You should follow me to the administration department and pay for your tuitions fees, book fees and school uniform fees before registering as a student officially,\' Xue Ruhe said, smiling.

Damn, I don\'t even need to use telepathy to know her scheme. You\'re just apologizing to me so that you can properly deal with my violations of school rules in the future… So wicked! Guo Huai thought.

"Madam Xue, our school accepts credit card payment, right?" Guo Huai asked softly. He did not hope to experience a similar incident on the bus.

"Of course we do, the total payment would be three hundred and thirty thousand. You should have that amount, right?" Xue Ruhe smiled and said. Hundreds of thousands should not be an issue for anyone of Wucheng Vile Tetrad.

"I should have enough. I\'ll think of another way if I don\'t..." Guo Huai said softly while walking to the administration department with Xue Ruhe.

"Huai, I\'ll brief you through the school rules. Every new student starts off with twelve points. Just like a driver\'s license, a violation will result in a demerit. For example, being late to school will deduct one mark, getting involved in a fight deducts six, and getting the last place in an exam deducts one. Once the twelve marks are fully deducted, the school would have the right to expel you," Xue Ruhe said before passing Guo Huai a booklet. "This booklet lists down every rule in the school -- there\'s about a hundred and eighty of them. If a crime outside the list is committed, the school will access its severity to determine the appropriate point deduction."

"Heheh, I understand now. I\'ll properly follow the school rules," Guo Huai said before putting the booklet on the table beside.

"Pay the fees at the finance department before proceeding to the information department to get your school badge and fill in some forms. Then go to the dormitory department, they\'ll prepare a room for you. After you\'re done with these, look for me here and I\'ll arrange you a class," Xue Ruhe looked at Guo Huai and said, smiling.

"Since today is your first day, I won\'t deduct your points unless you get into a fight," Xue Ruhe said before Guo Huai went out.

"Damn, this is more complicated than reaching ascension and entering heaven," Guo Huai could not help it and scolded before proceeding to the finance department.

"Headmaster Li, the kid Guo Huai came today," Xue Ruhe entered Li Xunyu\'s office and said.

"Is everything fine so far?" Li Xunyu asked nervously. "On the day of the accident, I talked to Liu Yidao, Guo Huai\'s doctor, on the phone. He said it was impossible to save this kid. Who would expect him to recover this fast…"

"Yes, he didn\'t stir up trouble. However, Li Wei stopped him at the entrance and they argued for a while. It\'s my fault for not telling the guards beforehand," Xue Ruhe told everything in detail to Li Xunyu.

"Sigh, Li Wei is too upright. I told him a few times about it already. Great, he\'s caused me a trouble now," Li Xunyu scratched his head as he said. "Ruhe, please look for Li Wei and ask him to redeem his wage this month and an additional hundred thousand from the finance department. I\'ll let him stay at his hometown for a while. Hopefully it\'s not too late for him to hide now."

"Headmaster, I don\'t think Guo Huai is as bad as rumored. I spoke to him for a while earlier, he seemed rather nice," Xue Ruhe said, smiling.

"This is exactly why the Wucheng Vile Tetrad is so horrifying. Just do what I say, I can\'t ensure Li Wei\'s safety once it\'s too late," Li Xunyu shook his head said. He was very informed about the past records of Wucheng Vile Tetrad.

"Headmaster, I\'m afraid it\'s already too late now," Xue Ruhe said. She was looking out the window and saw Guo Huai talking to Li Wei.

"Brother Wei, can you tell me how to get to the dormitory department?" Guo Huai said. He walked out from the information department and did not know where to go. Feeling helpless, he went to the security department to seek guidance.

"Little brother, I\'m really sorry for what happened at the entrance this morning," Li Wei said. Earlier, he wanted to look for Guo Huai to apologize, but since Guo Huai found his way here, he might as well make it clear.

"Since you\'re a security guard, it\'s your responsibility to stop me. Wucheng Subhigh is lucky to have you, hahah," Guo Huai said and laughed.

"Brother, I\'m quite free now. Since I\'m familiar with the place, I\'ll bring you there," Li Wei said before guiding Guo Huai to the dormitory department.

"What is Li Wei doing? Quick, go and have a look. I hope this guy doesn\'t do anything stupid!" Li Xunyu shouted nervously and rushed out of his office. He saw Guo Huai talking to Li Wei and thought they clashed.