Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 89

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After stepping out of the school, Jade asked with a smile, "Brother Huai, where do we go now?"

"We\'re of course heading home first!" Guo Huai replied. The off-road vehicle that Guo Huai got from Jia Yuan was parked at a nearby parking slot. Three people in a car felt a lot more spacious.

Jade followed Guo Huai into the old house. She said, "Brother Huai, the place is not bad. Your life here has been really great, hasn\'t it?"

"No matter how good it gets, it\'ll never match your Moon Palace," Guo Huai said before pulling Jade into his hug. "Do you have time tonight?"

"You scallion! You\'re indeed a scallion from head to toe. We\'ve only left school for a while and you\'re showing your real self already," Jade said, blushing.

"Fairy Jade, you\'re the one thinking sideways this one. I wanted to ask you for help in an attempt to open Laojun Gourd since my divine power has recovered considerably. I feel like there\'s something inside," Guo Huai said with a naughty smile. "What was Fairy Jade thinking about?"

"Naughty Boy, all you know is to bully others," Jade said with a smile. "There\'s a century in the human world and we\'re only at the start of it. What are you going to do with the rest of our time here? We can\'t just stay at this villa and wait for your imperial palace to be full, right?"

"I\'ve been thinking about that last night. A century in the human world isn\'t long but it isn\'t short either. We need to do something different," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Not long ago, I was reading books in the library of Wucheng Subhigh. I feel like we should do something similar in the story \'The Legend of White Snake and Xu Xian\'. I bet it\'d be interesting."

"You want to become a doctor? Oh, please. Don\'t even think about it with your current knowledge," Jade said, pouting. However, as she gave it more thought, she felt like it was actually viable. Although Telepath Starlord was not at all impressive at healing in heaven, it may not necessarily be the case in the human world. There didn\'t seem to be any disease that Guo Huai could not deal with.

Guo Huai made a phone call to Jia Yuan. "Second Brother, I want to open up a clinic. Yes, a clinic that saves lives. Look for a place for me, it doesn\'t have to be too big, around 300 square feet will do," he said. Upon listening to Guo Huai\'s idea, Jia Yuan instantly spit out the tea in his mouth.

"My great Fourth Brother, it\'s not like you lack money. Can you stop working hard? It\'s fine if you go to school. Setting up a clinic and taking people\'s lives will result in lawsuits. The few of us brother wouldn\'t be able to help you at that time. Where are you now? I\'ll talk to you in person," Jia Yuan said before immediately cancelling a meeting in the afternoon. He then drove a Mercedes away from his office.

While driving, Jia Yuan called Wang Shen. "Third Brother, do you still want to wipe Fourth Brother\'s ass whenever he causes a trouble. If you don\'t come over immediately. Yes, it\'s exactly that residencial area. I\'ll reach very soon, please be quick," Jia Yuan said loudly.

"Damn it! What is Fourth Brother trying to do?!" Wang Shen scolded. He then took a leave from his uncle and drove a second-hand Volkswagen out of the government compound.

"Clinic of No Treatment!" Guo Huai said the moment he finished writing on a piece of paper with a brush as he nodded narcissistically.

"Brother Huai, is this the name of the clinic? Clinic of No Treatment, what does it mean?" Xue Dazhu asked softly.

"Six No Treatments: no treatment for the non-filial obedient, no treatment for the dishonest, no treatment for the disrespectful, no treatment for the unethical, no treatment for the violent and no treatment for whoever we don\'t feel like helping," Guo Huai said before writing them down in small sizes below.

\'Naughty Boy, no treatment for whoever we don\'t feel like helping? This last one is such an arrogant term," Jade said with a smile.

"Fourth Brother, open the door! Quickly, open the door! I\'m here!" Without looking at the person, anyone could recognize this broken voice that belonged to Jia Yuan.

"I\'ll go open the door," Jade said as she leaped towards to the entrance. She didn\'t dare to fly this way at school. However, since she was at home, she could fly in whatever way she wanted.

"Where\'s Guo Huai?" Jia Yuan asked loudly without noticing who was in front of him. "Beauty, my name is Jia Yuan, the common surname Jia and Yuan meaning source of life. I\'m the CEO of Giant Organisation, here\'s my name card. May I ask if you\'re free later, we can go out and have a nice chat. I need a secretary at my office. I can give you any wage that you demand," he said enthusiastically.

"When people talk about the stupid fatty in Wucheng Vile Tetrad, it\'s you, right? Hahah!" Jade asked and laughed. "Husband, someone is trying to steal your wife away. According to the rules of daoism, bullying brother-in-laws or sister-in-laws will end up being penetrated with 3 slashes and 6 holes, right?"

Jia Yuan got shocked for a moment before coughing. "Ahem, ahem. Did you just say you\'re Fourth Brother\'s wife? Damn it! Please forget everything I said earlier. Fourth Brother, get your ass out here!" Jia Yuan shouted loudly.

"Brother Yuan, you\'re here!" Xue Dazhu said loudly after walking to the entrance. He had a rather good impression of Jia Yuan.

"Where\'s Fourth Brother?" Jia Yuan asked loudly.

As the few were chatting, a Volkswagen stopped in front of the house. Wang Shen rushed out of his car and into the house. "Second Brother, where\'s Fourth Brother? I have to return in no time. I\'m rather busy these days," Wang Shen said.

Guo Huai kept his writing brush and walked to the entrance, asking, "Brother Yuan, you were teasing your sister-in-law earlier, right? Coincidentally, Dazhu needs a car. Leave yours at my place and I\'ll overlook what happened just now."

"Damn! Fourth Brother, I knew every one of your girlfriends earlier. When did you find a beauty like her? Darn it! You\'ve conquered every beauty in the world," Jia Yuan said loudly as he looked at Jade. He had seen a lot of beauties before. However, comparing them to the one in front of him, the other beauties could be better off buried.

"What?! T-this is Fourth Brother\'s girlfriend as well?" Wang Shen asked loudly, astonished. He didn\'t notice Jade earlier, but he got dumbstruck when he did.

"My two brothers, this is your sister-in-law, please behave yourselves the next time you all meet. Second Brother, Lin Shuang is now my woman as well. You should cut off the intentions you had for her back then," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Let\'s talk about what matters. I want to open up a clinic. Finding the place will be handled by Second Brother, but I\'ll still need Third Brother\'s help in communicating with the government for legalities."

"Fourth Brother, there are lots of beauties in Sunshine High School. Since Wucheng Subhigh doesn\'t want you, I can transfer you there. Let\'s delay your intention for the moment. If you really want to open a clinic, you at least need to have a medical certificate. Having nothing at all, no one will dare to give you the green light," Wang Shen said with a serious expression.

"Fourth Brother, since I lost the bet to you, I\'ll transfer 10 million to your account later. I have a place at Valkyrie Street. The area is really hyped up. Do you want to consider opening a bar or a restaurant there? You\'ll surely make a ton of money there," Jia Yuan said with a smile. "It\'s not like I\'m looking down at you. I don\'t think you\'re suitable to open up a clinic."

"Second Brother, I remember that we first met, you whacked me but I didn\'t beat you back. Instead, I left a deep teeth mark on your left arm. It\'s still there, right?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

"Damn it! Why are you talking about it now? I feel pissed just to think of what happened. Back then, you were an absolute crazy dog. Look, you almost peeled off my skin with your little teeth," Jia Yuan said as he rolled his sleeve up.

"Second Brother, I remember you were attacked by a lady two years ago while you\'re handling a case at your side. She put a long scratch on your arm. The scar is still there, right?" Guo Huai asked with a smile. "You two are very lucky today, our Clinic of No Treatment will give you 20% discount to remove your scars."

"20% discount?"

"Clinic of No Treatment?"