Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 87

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As soon as Li Xunyu stepped out of the office, Jade arrived and looked at Lin Shuang in the long robe, then at Guo Huai who looked particularly energetic. "Brother Huai, what happened?" Jade asked.

"It\'s exactly what you\'re thinking about. There\'s one more member in the imperial harem," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Jade, you won\'t get jealous, right?"

"Jerk! Why must you be joking at a situation like this," Jade said as she punched Guo Huai with her powdery fist.

Two hours ago, your divine power leaked significantly. Then you disappeared completely. You must\'ve gone into a trouble. Did something from above come down to trouble you? Jade said using a mental message.

It\'s a long story. You may be able to feel that my divine power has improved for quite a lot. Let\'s trying opening Laojun Gourd again tonight. I\'ll be leaving Wucheng Subhigh tomorrow, Guo Huai replied.

You\'re leaving right after taking advantage of Teacher Lin? Jade asked. Naturally, she noticed that the long robe Lin Shuang wore belonged to Guo Huai, and Lin Shuang wasn\'t wearing anything inside it. Furthermore, Jade could feel like Lin Shuang didn\'t have a virgin body anymore. Who else would the culprit be except Naughty Boy?

Ahem, ahem, it\'s really not what you think, Guo Huai said as he shook his head. I\'ll see you tonight. The time in the human world is short, we should probably seal our divine power and properly enjoy our lives here.

Alright then. See you tonight. You should keep your wife company for now. I don\'t care what you do, but you must leave me the position of the empress, Jade said before walking out of the office.

[TL note: In ancient China, emperors had thousands of wives in the imperial harem. The position of the empress meant the wife with the most authority.]

"Your girlfriend even found her way here. Why didn\'t you follow her out?" Lin Shuang asked Guo Huai. When she wanted to move, a heart-tearing pain arose, forcing her to sit on a chair.

"It\'s no longer your choice on whether or not you\'re my woman," Guo Huai said as he looked at Lin Shuang with a smile. "Swallow this pill and you won\'t feel any pain anymore. Take good care of your body. Three months later, I\'ll visit Lin family to propose our marriage. At that time, I want to see who dares to stop me." After speaking, he left Lin Shuang\'s office. He wore a long robe which made him look exceptionally stylish and elegant.

As Lin Shuang looked at Guo Huai who was walking away, she said softly, "Guo Huai, just what kind of a person are you?"

"Have you guys heard? Our champion of Knowledge Championship, Guo Huai has had some relations with Teacher Lin Shuang." Guo Huai just left Lin Shuang\'s office. As he walked, he could hear different kinds of discussions about him.

"So what? Brother Huai looks so handsome while Teacher Lin looks incredibly pretty. I bet they look good together," Student A said.

"Of course it\'s fine if Brother Huai gets together with Teacher Lin, but you need to think of the other people as well. Murong Weiwei, Tang Xi, Su Ye, You Youyou, the new student Chang Xiaoyu, and even Sun Lingling from year twelve seem to have unclear relations with Brother Huai," Student B said softly.

"I heard that Brother Huai couldn\'t hold himself back from how good Teacher Lin Shuang looked. He…" Student C said.

"Are you courting death?! Brother Huai isn\'t a man who would do something like that. Whack him!" someone shouted loudly. A few students then went forward to beat Student C down.

\'Let\'s have dinner together. Meet at Sixth Grandpa\'s place.\' Murong Weiwei, Tang Xi, and the others all got the same text from Guo Huai. Since he wanted to leave school, he had to settle his women down.

Guo Huai received a call from Qian Duoduo. "Brother Huai, is everything fine?" Qian Duoduo asked softly. Based on how connected he was to the forum, he naturally knew what had been going on in school. Guo Huai did not know that the online forum was heated up once again because of him.

"Yeah, everything\'s fine. Come to Sixth Grandpa\'s place with Dazhu later," Guo Huai said with a smile.

It was just another afternoon in Wucheng Subhigh. However, it brought a different atmosphere when observed closely. Qin Yulong was hiding in his dorm. His sworn brothers back then all treated him like a passerby. Class One didn\'t have the previous relief anymore.

"Gang, do you think that what\'s on the forum is true? Did Brother Huai really…" someone sitting at the back of Class One said softly.

Slap! The guy called Lin Gang slapped the youngster who asked the question. "Don\'t believe everything you see or hear. Is Brother Huai someone you can discuss about?!" he said angrily. Lin Gang was just Guo Huai\'s classmate. They hadn\'t had too many interactions together. Initially when Guo Huai joined his class, Lin Gang felt really disgusted by the rich kid.

"Simmer these medicinal herbs with three bowls of water until one bowl of water is left. Consume it once in the morning and once at night for seven consecutive times. Your mother\'s illness will get better after that." A month ago, Lin Gang bumped into Guo Huai on the streets during the holidays. After finding out the situation, Guo Huai offered to help and treated the previously hopeless Lin Gang\'s mother who had late-stage gastric cancer. It was a miracle in the medical world.

"Stop talking, Teacher Lin is here." As soon as Lin Shaung appeared in class, every student in class looked at her and hoped to get some information.

"Guo Huai is a great student. Regardless if he\'s a student in our Class One, I will think the same way. No matter what happens, I hope all of you can stand on my side, to assist your classmate Guo Huai in everything he does," Lin Shuang said softly before leaving the class.

Lin Gang stood up and said softly, "No matter what happened to Brother Huai, I will always support him." The classmates then gave a similar response. Guo Huai had just entered the school for a little less than a month. It was apparent that he was very good at dealing with people.

Guo Huai was the first one to reach the restaurant. Ren Xuance smiled and said, "Little Friend, you haven\'t come here in a while."

"Since Sixth Grandpa is titled \'Godly Fortune-teller\', do you mind divining for me?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

"Hahah, I really foretold that you would visit me today. The dishes are all ready. I\'m afraid you won\'t get to come here often in the future," Ren Xuance said with a smile.

"Hahah, Sixth Grandpa is indeed a godly fortune-teller. How about my future?" Guo Huai asked.

"You don\'t have to know the future to live a good life," Ren Xuance said, smiling. "I have heard something about you, however, every time when it comes to you, I don\'t have enough capability to help even if I want to. So I guess I\'m better off not make things up for you. Hahah."

"Hahah, Sixth Grandpa, let\'s drink together while waiting for the others," Guo Huai said as he took out two cups from nowhere like a magic trick before filling them up with wine. Ren Xuance didn\'t hesitate to finish his cup instantly.

"The other kids are here. I\'ll go check the kitchen out and serve the dishes. After drinking your wine, I\'m afraid everything would be tasteless to me in the next month or so," Ren Xuance said before walking to the kitchen as he swayed. After that, the cracking sound of a plate could be heard.

"Hahah, Sixth Grandpa got too high. Interesting," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Since everyone\'s here, I want to announce that I quit school already. I didn\'t get expelled this time. Hahah!"