Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 86

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Guo Huai released his divine sense and felt the presence of Qin Yulong. As he waved his hand, he immediately entered his gourd together with Lin Shuang. Following his release of divine power, their clothings disappeared.

"Shuang, I wanted to give you a perfect beginning, but I think it\'s not possible anymore. I love you," Guo Huai said as he stopped using so much force on hugging Lin Shuang. Lin Shuang was even more aggressive. She pushed Guo Huai onto the ground. The two of them then started the most ancient passion… (Omitting more than 15 thousand words)

"Sister Jade, what happened? You seem worried," Nangong Lingmo said. She had been reading Book of Cultivation since she returned to her dorm. When she wanted to ask Jade something she didn\'t understand, she noticed that Jade had her brows furrowed.

"Naughty Boy is in trouble, but I can\'t divine what happened. I felt major fluctuations of divine power. He must be in trouble," Jade said softly.

"What should we do? We must think of a way to save him!" Nangong Lingmo said nervously.

"Sister Lingmo, anyone who can make Naughty Boy suffer can easily kill us. We can\'t do anything now except going with the flow," Jade said before closing her eyes again. Naughty Boy, you can\'t get into trouble so soon, right? I came down here not long ago, she thought.

After around two hours, Guo Huai finally regained consciousness. It was the same case for Lin Shuang. However, having been possessed for so long, she had already fainted.

"Damn it, even the use of divine power can\'t resist aphrodisiacs. If I have this with me in heaven, who do I still have to be afraid of?" Guo Huai said to himself as he looked at the naked Lin Shuang. "But partnered cultivation is really effective, isn\'t it? I didn\'t expect my divine power to improve this much."

Guo Huai then inserted some divine air into Lin Shuang\'s body. "Teacher Lin Shuang, you\'re not Teacher Lin Shuang anymore. You\'ll be my wife from now on," he said as Lin Shuang\'s eyes slowly opened.

"You don\'t need to cover yourself. I have seen every spot that I shouldn\'t have," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Turn around, I want to put on clothes," Lin Shuang said, blushing. "Naughty Boy, how am I going to wear it if you tore it this badly? Where am I? Are there any clothes here?" Except her underwear, the rest of her clothes were torn into pieces.

"You may wear this first," Guo Huai said as he threw a robe to Lin Shuang. "I\'ll show you something." As he waved his hand, the scene of the adult activity earlier appeared in the air. It was exactly the enthusiastic process of the two earlier. Lin Shuang was evidently taking the lead. Looking at the scene made Lin Shuang blush once again.

"I\'m showing you this not because I want to avoid anything. This only happened because of me. I will take full responsibilities of you," Guo Huai said softly. "Be my woman, I\'ll give you happiness."

"Little Jerk, how are you going to give me happiness? You want me to be your woman, how about Weiwei? How about Tang Xi and Su Ye? How about Youyou, Jade, and Sun Lingling? Are they all supposed to be your women as well?" Lin Shuang asked softly.

"Yes, they\'ll all be my women," Guo Huai said with a serious expression. "Lin Shuang, you may consider it thoroughly. I won\'t force it on you, but I really like you. I started liking you the moment I first saw you. You still don\'t understand me yet. Maybe when you finally start to understand me, you\'ll slowly know who I truly am."

"Things are not as easy as you imagined," Lin Shuang said softly. "Yes, I\'m Lin Shuang, the class lecturer of year ten Class One and your lecturer, but I\'m also the eldest daughter in Lin family, the fiancée of Gu Lie in Gu clan from Beijing. If you want me to be your woman, it\'d mean that you\'re giving Gu clan a slap in the face. Nobody can protect you from them. How do I get out from here? Let me out."

"Gu clan?" Guo Huai murmured. He then found some information of Gu clan from the memory of the original Guo Huai. Gu family was a cultivator family in China. Gu Zhenlei was the master of Gu clan, also the president of Chinese Poweruser Organisation. His status lay flat with the president of the country.

"Since you are my woman now, you will always be my woman. I don\'t care if it\'s Gu family or any other nonsense family. Since you and Gu Lie are not married yet, you can easily cancel the engagement. I\'ll deal with Gu family when we go out," Guo Huai said. As he waved his hand, the two of them once again appeared in Lin Shuang\'s office.

"A student is having sexual interactions with a teacher. Headmaster, you were the one who accepted Guo Huai into the school with no conditions. He did something only an animal would! Aren\'t you going to step in?" Qin Yulong asked loudly outside the office. Guo Huai could feel that there were a lot of people outside the office.

"Why can\'t they enter the office?" Lin Shuang asked softly.

"You don\'t have to think about it. Leave everything to me," Guo Huai said as he waved his hand to remove the prohibition he set up earlier, opening the door of the office.

"You guys shall wait outside. I\'ll be going in," Li Xunyu said loudly before entering Lin Shuang\'s office himself.

"Old Man, let them all enter. Otherwise, I don\'t know what kind of rumors would spread around," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Stupid Brat, what are you doing in Teacher Lin Shuang\'s office? The door was even locked. What happened just now?" Li Xunyu asked.

"I met some difficulties academically. Seeking help from a teacher isn\'t against the school rules, right?" Guo Huai asked. "What are you and the others here for?"

"Why did you lock the door? We have been knocking on the door for an hour. Why didn\'t you unlock it earlier?" Madam Xue asked doubtfully. If Guo Huai really did something wrong, she would have to be responsible for it.

"The doorknob was malfunctioning. I couldn\'t open the door for you guys," Guo Huai said softly.

"Teacher Lin, I remember seeing you in office wear this afternoon. When did you change into a long robe? It doesn\'t look like it belongs to you," Qin Yulong said loudly. "I\'m sure you know what you did with Guo Huai in the office. How shameful!"

Slap! Nobody saw what happened, but a palm\'s trail could be seen on Qin Yulong\'s face. Four of his teeth fell from his mouth.

"Yes, we are very aware of what we did. I\'m sure you know what you\'ve done as well," Guo Huai said as he squinted at Qin Yulong. "It seems like good people are often bullied. When the fearsome me was titled Wucheng Vile Tetrad earlier, nobody seemed to dare to shit on me like this. What are you all looking at? Are you guys checking if I\'m fucking a teacher? Piss off! Go away if you don\'t want to die!"

As soon as Guo Huai finished speaking, the crowd behind Li Xunyu immediately ran off.

Li Xunyu no longer paid attention to Guo Huai. He asked Lin Shuang, "Girl, there\'s no one else here. Can you tell me what happened just now?"

"Nothing really happened. I was sick and Guo Huai had medicines. I asked him to come over for treatment. That\'s all," Lin Shuang said very vaguely. "What did Headmaster Li expect to have happened?" she asked.

"I\'m glad nothing happened. Since there\'s nothing major here, we\'ll leave now," Li Xunyu said with a bitter smile. Although Lin Shuang wore a long robe, her hair was really messy. Staying in a locked room with a male student privately for more than two hours didn\'t indicate anything good.

"Old Man Li, it\'s meaningless being a student. I won\'t be causing you trouble anymore. Starting from tomorrow, Guo Huai will no longer be a student of your school," Guo Huai said loudly. "Goodbye, Wucheng Subhigh!"