Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 85

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"Ahem, ahem. Uncle Liu, can you speak softer?" Guo Huai asked after coughing a few times. "Pass the stuff to Liu Chuang. Three days later, take the medicine from Liu Chuang."

"Nephew, can you check whether I got the right things or not? So that you can tell me immediately if there\'s a mistake," Liu Qingsong said softly. "Once the medicine is done, please call me on this number. I\'ll come and take it myself. Don\'t pass it to the fellow Liu Chuang. He\'s not very reliable sometimes."

Achoo! Achoo! Liu Chuang sneezed twice in his dorm. "Who\'s missing me again?" he said to himself.

"Alright, I\'ll call Uncle Liu at that time. Just pass the stuff to Liu Chuang. I\'ll call you if anything\'s missing," Guo Huai said. Actually, the medicinal materials were not at all related to Liu Qingsong\'s sickness. However, he wanted to put on a good show so that he did not have to explain himself. He wrote 36 types of medicinal herbs and materials that were rather rare down in the paper, which he didn\'t expect Liu Qingsong to find them all in such a short time.

"Alright, alright! I don\'t want to disturb you now. Don\'t hesitate to tell me if you need anything," Liu Qingsong said with a smile before ending the call. "Three days. If my infertility can be cured three days later, I can finally have children some time around next year\'s today! I can finally carry my own babies! Hahah!" Liu Qingsong shouted at home, shocking the people in the house. They had not seen Liu Qingsong feeling this happy in a long time.

After lunch, Guo Huai passed a rather thin book to Nangong Lingmo. "Little Lingmo, I\'ve heard about you from Jade. Take a look at this book. You may ask Jade should you encounter any difficulties. Pay attention to the foundations in your journey of cultivation," Guo Huai said.

"Brother Naughty Boy, did you write this book yourself? Are you sure it works? You\'re not tricking me with just any ordinary book, right?" Nangong Lingmo said excitedly as she received the book from Guo Huai. The words \'Book of Cultivation\' could be seen on the book. Since the book came out from Guo Huai\'s hands, Nangong Lingmo felt rather doubtful.

"Ahem, ahem. There are some things that I can\'t give out to external parties because of the sect rules. That\'s why I rewrote this for you. Take it easy, just focus on cultivating," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Can\'t give out to external parties? I\'ll marry you then. Look at how cute I look now. I won\'t lose to Sister Jade\'s appearance when I grow up. I wouldn\'t be considered an external party if I married you," Nangong Lingmo said loudly.

"Hahah! Yes! We can even teach you the secret moves of our sect if you marry Naughty Boy. Little Lingmo, you\'d be the strongest in Chinese Poweruser Organisation at that time. You wouldn\'t have to worry about the Poweruser Competition and any hidden sect anymore. No one would be able to defeat you," Jade said as she laughed. The other girls were also laughing very hard.

"What are you guys laughing at? I am being dead serious. I don\'t want to talk to you all anymore," Nangong Lingmo said angrily. "Brother Huai, we\'ll do just that to solve the problem. I\'ll take a look at this book at the moment. Pass me the original copy a while later. I don\'t want to learn the wrong things," Nangong Lingmo said before leaving to her dorm.

After separating with the girls, Guo Huai received a text from Lin Shuang. "Guo Huai, come to my office in the afternoon." The corner of his lips revealed a smile as his right eyelid twitched. "Is there a tragedy going to take place? It\'s impossible, I just foretold a few days ago. Nothing special should happen these days."

In the afternoon, Lin Shuang stayed in the office as she didn\'t have any classes to teach. She felt like asking Guo Huai to stop talking to Jia Yuan. Every time she thought of Jia Yuan\'s perverted expression, she wanted her \'good student\' to stay away from him.

"Teacher, your takeaway service is here," someone said as he knocked on the door. Lin Shuang was rather surprised as she didn\'t order anything.

"Hi, can you check if it\'s delivered to the wrong place? I didn\'t order any meals today," Lin Shuang said with a smile.

"It is supposed to be sent to the language teacher Lin Shuang. Are you Teacher Lin Shuang? It was a male student who placed this order," the delivery man replied.

Lin Shuang then signed on the receipt, saying, "Alright, thank you." As she brought the food back to her desk, she felt like the delivery man looked very familiar. However she couldn\'t recall where she had met him before.

"A male student? Did Guo Huai order this? I think he said he was going to visit me in the afternoon," Lin Shuang murmured as she remembered the conversation of the phone call earlier. "Yeah, that should be the case."

Knock! Knock! Guo Huai arrived at Lin Shuang\'s office not longer after the delivery man left. He didn\'t go in there directly this time but instead knocked before entering.

"Come in," Lin Shuang said softly.

"Teacher Lin, you haven\'t had lunch yet? I can still take in some food coincidentally. Since you ordered so much food, I\'ll eat some with you," Guo Huai said as he sat down in front of Lin Shuang before taking the lemon juice from the plastic.

Humph! Stupid Brat, why can\'t you admit that you bought these? Lin Shuang thought. However, the thought of eating together with a male student alone in the office made her blush slightly.

"Teacher Lin, drink this hot one. You can\'t drink cold stuff these days," Guo Huai said with a smile as he passed a cup of hot tea to Lin Shaung.

"How do you know that?" Lin Shuang asked as she blushed even more. Her monthly visitor came recently. She really couldn\'t drink cold stuff.

"Didn\'t I promise to treat your illness? Hahah!" Guo Hui asked and laughed. However, as soon as he finished speaking, he had a very bad feeling, because the drink he was sipping on had some problems.

Guo Huai looked at Lin Shuang and said softly, "Teacher Lin, stop drinking this. Who delivered these to you? These drinks are laced!"

"Didn\'t you order these for me? What\'s the problem with them?" Lin Shuang asked as she looked at Guo Huai. Suddenly, she felt some hot air in her stomach and was going to faint.

The delivery man earlier removed his uniform, revealing his face. Who else would it be except Qin Yulong? He thought, Guo Huai, I can\'t assassinate you nor defeat you. Since you didn\'t leave mercy for me, Qin Yulong, I want your reputation to be destroyed! You should actually thank me this time. Since you love beauties, I got you one right in front of you. Teacher Lin Shuang is the most beautiful teacher in the school. Teacher Lin Shuang, I\'m really sorry, you should blame your student Guo Huai for this.

After the master of Qin family, Qin Botian sold every asset he owned, he still owed a lot of money as a result of the gambling entry Qin Yulong set up. Feeling hopeless, Qin Botian looked for Liu Tiangang for help, making Qin family debtless. Everything was caused by Qin Yulong. Ignoring everyone who placed a bet, everyone from Qin family was looking for Qin Yulong. Being terrified of getting killed, Qin Yulong had been hiding in Wucheng Subhigh.

Qin Yulong had been waiting for an opportunity to mess Guo Huai\'s life up. Today was his day. Being a computer expert, he managed to send a text to Guo Huai using Lin Shuang\'s number. After that, he ordered some food from a fast food restaurant before disguising himself as the delivery man. His plan succeeded.

"Teacher Lin, I know that you can no longer think rationally. I can\'t too," Guo Huai said with a shivery voice. He was holding Lin Shuang in his hug with both hands.

"We\'re both poisoned. More accurately, it\'s an aphrodisiac, which I don\'t have a way to get rid off," Guo Huai continued speaking. "If you don\'t want to die, we have to do something only adults would do. Also, Teacher Lin, I love you."

"Guo Huai, want me!"