Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 83

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"Brother Huai, I\'m Liu Chuang. Are you free today to come out for a chat? The gambling agreement of Qin family has basically been cleared. Everyone has been repaid except you. I\'m calling you out for this," Liu Chuang said joyfully after Guo Huai picked up his phone call.

"I don\'t think I can make it today. Let\'s meet tomorrow. See you at the western restaurant near the school at ten in the morning," Guo Huai replied.

"Alright, we\'ll meet tomorrow then," Liu Chuang said.

After eating breakfast together, Guo Huai decided to visit Ceasewind Grandmaster in the afternoon. RIght now at the balcony of Guo residence with the beauties, Guo Huai asked, "How much do you all know about Liu Chuang, or just Liu family in general?"

"You\'ve seen Liu Tiangang before, during Knowledge Championship. He\'s essentially the pillar of Liu family, whose main influence is in the military. Liu Tiangang is the commander of the military base in Wucheng County. Even the president of the country would entertain him," You Youyou said.

"Naughty Boy, you can actually give someone a call for more information," Sun Lingling said.

"My beautiful wife, who should I call?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

"Li Yao, the King of Soldier Li Yao. Li and Liu families are closely related. I\'m sure you Big Brother Li Yao knows a lot about them," Sun Lingling replied.

"Oh, I forgot about the poor thing. He must\'ve suffered in America a while ago. I need to console him coincidentally," Guo Huai said as he called Li Yao\'s phone.

"Brother Yao, are you back alive?" Guo Huai asked loudly.

"Hahah, Fourth Brother, why did you suddenly decide to call me? I haven\'t returned yet. I\'m on my way back using some unconventional way. I just left America," Li Yao said loudly. "I have to properly thank you this time. If it wasn\'t for your pill, my life would\'ve been taken there. Quickly tell me what you called me for, the battery in my satellite phone won\'t last for long."

"I want to ask about someone, Liu Chuang. What do you think of him?" Guo Huai asked.

"Oh, what happened? I remember he\'s in Wucheng Subhigh as well. Did he get on your nerves? If he did, you may whack the crap out of him as long as he doesn\'t die. Otherwise even I can\'t save you," Li Yao said loudly.

"I may be partnering up with Liu family immediately. Do you have any advice?" Guo Huai asked directly without trying to hide anything.

"If you can, try to sell Liu family a favor. You\'ll be able to make use of them in China in a lot of occasions. For negotiations, let Second Brother do it. I bet he\'ll be glad to help. Alright, I have to hang up now. I\'m getting another call," Li Yao said before immediately ending the call.

Guo Huai then gave Jia Yuan a call. Jia Yuan had already guessed the situation rather clearly and agreed to help Guo Huai tomorrow morning.

On Li Yao\'s side, he received a call from Liu Chuang. He used the military line to call over. "Brother Yao, I\'m going to partner up with your Fourth Brother tomorrow. What do you think? My grandpa asked me to ask you, please don\'t ignore me," Liu Chuang said.

"It\'s a good idea. Tell Grandpa Liu that Fourth Brother is honestly not bad. If you guys sincerely partner up with him, you\'ll be undoubtedly benefited. Grandpa Liu can at least drink the wine we had earlier for a few more times. You guys can deal with the matter yourselves. My battery\'s running out, bye," Li Yao said before ending the call.

Liu Chuang put down the phone and looked at his grandpa who had had his eyes closed all this while, asking, "Grandpa, what should we do tomorrow?"

"This brat Li Yao, I\'ll deal with him when he comes back," Liu Tiangang said with a smile as he opened his eyes. "Ask your Fourth Uncle to transfer as many assets as we can from Qin family to Guo Huai."

"Grandpa, didn\'t you promise the master of Qin family to help him keep his business?" Liu Chuang asked, confused.

"I was drunk at that time. Are you satisfied with this answer? Go away go away," Liu Tiangang said as he walked into his room, leaving the dumbfounded Liu Chuang behind.

"Damn it! Who does he think he is? I was the one who first discovered Guo Huai. He\'s trying to take all the credit," Liu Chuang scolded angrily. "Drunk at that time? The older he gets the more cunning he is."

"Stupid Brat! Get your ass to Camp A tomorrow after talking to Guo Huai. I can tell that you haven\'t been improving. Go have fun at Camp A!" As Liu Tiangang\'s voice once again resounded, Liu Chuang ran away quickly like his life was threatened, shouting, "I\'ll not go!"

The next morning, Fatty Jia Yuan appeared in the school compound before nine o\'clock. Since Guo Huai informed the guard Li Wei beforehand, Jia Yuan was not stopped from entering the school. However, it got many people curious of why Li Wei didn\'t stop this fatty that did not seem like a good guy from every angle from entering. In the past month, Li Wei clearly understood who Guo Huai was. In addition to Guo Huai being the most famous student in Wucheng Subhigh, Li Wei was glad that he had clashed with Guo Huai earlier.

"Fourth Brother, it\'s no wonder that you can stay in school for so long. How are there so many beauties? Can I be a student here as well? I need to ask if they lack teachers. I want to be a teacher at Wucheng Subhigh!" Jia Yuan exclaimed.

"Second Brother, can you not contaminate one of the few clean lands in Wucheng County?" Guo Huai asked with a serious expression.

"What the heck? Even a man of five vices like you can transform into the hero of Wucheng Subhigh. Can\'t a heroic youngster like me be a teacher here? By the way my English and mathematics are not bad. I can really consider teaching here," Jia Yuan said with a smile.

"Ahem, ahem. Let\'s go Second Brother. We have to get things done," Guo Huai said as he brought Jia Yuan out of the school to a western restaurant nearby. They ordered some food while waiting for Liu Chuang\'s arrival.

"Brother Huai, Brother Yuan, you guys are here early! Sorry for being late," Liu Chuang said as he came in. Behind him, there was a middle-aged man.

"I\'m Liu Qingsong, his uncle. Shouldn\'t we get a private room?" the middle-aged man asked.

"Nice to meet you. You must be the Fourth Grandpa of Liu family. We don\'t need a private room for such an insignificant manner. We\'ll get it done here," Jia Yuan said with a smile.

Jia Yuan just made a 100-billion deal a \'small matter\'. The four people then got seated at a relatively new table.

"Brother Huai, Qin family has repaid everyone except you and me. Yours is 100 billion while mine is 5 billion. These are the remaining reports of every asset Qin family owns. They are worth around 73 billion in total. You may have a look," Liu Chuang said as he passed Guo Huai a giant folder.

"Brother Yuan, you and Chuang\'s Fourth Uncle may talk. I\'ll have a private chat with Chuang over there," Guo Huai said as he pulled Liu Chuang to somewhere nearby.

"Brother Huai, is there something bothering you? You may be straightforward with me," Liu Chuang said with a smile.

"Nah, it\'s nothing major. I heard from Brother Yao that you have pretty decent qualities. However, you need some special encounter if you want to reach the Innate stage," Guo Huai said, smiling.

Liu Chuang got shocked for a few seconds before shouting to Liu Qingsong, "Fourth Uncle, pass every single asset that Qin family has to Brother Yuan. Brother Huai is supposed to get 100 billion, this isn\'t nearly enough for him."

"Hahah, you\'re really smart. I like to make friends with smart people."