Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 82

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At six o\'clock in the morning, Guo Huai walked out from his room. As a result of ancient exercise last night, his divine power was abundant, making him to feel particularly energetic.

As soon as he left walked out of the villa, Jade approached Guo Huai. "Jerk! Don\'t you know how to silence the room before doing it? Don\'t you know there\'s a kid in the house? You jerk! Scallion!" Jade scolded. Guo Huai wanted to tease her when he saw her approaching him but got a massive scolding early in the morning.

"Ahem, ahem. I didn\'t think of it late at night. I\'ll pay more attention next time," Guo Huai said as he blushed.

I didn\'t expect our mighty Immortal Starlord would blush. What do you think Jade Emperor would feel if he knew you were having so many girls here? Jade said using a mental message.

Jade, please have mercy. I feel really uncomfortable now after being called Starlord once again. Since we\'re in the human world now, we\'ll live under the rules here. It means even if the sky falls, it\'s none of our business, Guo Huai said using a mental message. "A-are you possibly jealous now? Yes, it\'s really my fault. Let\'s look for a lucky day on the calendar and get it done together," he said.

"Jerk! Scallion!" Jade scolded before walking to Nangong Lingmo who had been training all morning.

"You\'re for sure jealous. Hahah! I don\'t even need to read your mind to know that you\'re jealous," Guo Huai said to himself as he looked at Jade walking away.

At around seven in the morning, Guo Huai saw his grandma. "Grandma, why are you up so early? Were you too happy last night that you couldn\'t fall asleep?" he asked.

"Stupid Brat, you can\'t even behave yourself at night," Grandma Guo said with a smile. "When can I carry my great-grandchildren?"

"Ahem, ahem. Grandma, why were you checking on me last night instead of going to sleep?" Guo Huai asked helplessly. Last night, he felt like he was being watched, but he did not expect it to be his grandma.

"Brother Huai, where\'s Sister Lingling? Is she still asleep? I\'ll go wake her up," Tang Xi said as she noticed everyone except Sun Lingling was not present.

"Nah, don\'t do that. Lingling said she wasn\'t feeling well yesterday. I bet she needs more sleep," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Then it\'s more reason for us to check her out." The one speaking this time was Jade. Before Guo Huai could even react, Jade pulled Tang Xi and Su Ye towards Sun Lingling\'s room.

Guo Huai felt really helpless at this moment as he looked at the girls leaving. "Sigh, my dear Jade. It looks like I have to take you first if I want a peaceful life," he said and shook his head.

The door was locked, but it was immediately unlocked the moment Jade touched the door knob. Tang Xi was the first one who entered, she said, "Sister Lingling, Brother Huai said that you got sick. Are you okay?"

"Sick? No, there\'s nothing wrong with me. Can you guys go out first? I\'ll come out immediately," Sun Lingling said, embarrassed. Why wouldn\'t she get shy? Within the blanket, she was naked all thanks to Naughty Boy. After an intense workout at night, she could not wake up on time, making her embarrassed by these younger sisters currently.

You Youyou saw Sun Lingling\'s underwear on the ground. Smiling, she asked, "Sister Lingling, what\'s this? Wow you\'re so open, you\'re sleeping naked!"

"Ahem, ahem. Everyone go out now, I want to have a change. Go out now!" Sun Lingling said anxiously, blushing. She was two years older than the girls in the room who saw her private clothing. It was only natural that she blushed.

"Hahah, Sister Lingling is shy. Let\'s go out," Youyou said with a smile.

"Sister Lingling, is it that Naughty Boy came to find you yesterday night? You may get dressed now. You don\'t have to worry, we\'re all girls," Jade said fearlessly.

Sun Lingling\'s face got even more red. She said softly, "Sister Jade, I beg you. Please stop talking and go out."

"Let\'s go out girls. Sister Lingling got so shy, hahah!" Jade said and laughed before bringing the other girls out of Lingling\'s room. Naughty Boy, you asked for it by doing naughty stuff at night. The human world is so interesting. Hahah! she thought.

Su Ye looked at Tang Xi who had been smiling all the time, softly saying, "Xi, you mustn\'t get sad!"

"Who\'s getting sad now? Ye, stop thinking about nonsense. Let\'s go and have breakfast," Tang Xi replied and walked to the living room with Su Ye. The table was full of different kinds of foods.

As everyone started filling their stomachs, Grandma Guo waved to Guo Huai, saying, "Huai, come here!"

Sun Lingling who just got herself seated asked, "Look! Did Grandma look a lot younger than a while ago?"

"That\'s for sure. Naughty Boy gave Grandma a Pill of Youth. I bet all of you had one as well, right?" jade asked. Earlier when Grandma Guo appeared, Jade felt a trace of divine aura on her. This would only happen after consuming pills from heaven. Looking at how much younger Grandma Guo looked, Jade did not take long to guess that Guo Huai gave her a Pill of Youth.

When the girls heard what Jade said, they all nodded, except Nangong Lingmo who looked confused.

"Elder Sister, does the Pill of Youth really exist? I only read about it in novels. Can Brother Huai refine the pill himself? Can I have one as well?" Nangong Lingmo asked softly.

"Little Lingmo, you\'re too young now. You can\'t have a Pill of Youth at this age. But I\'m sure Naughty Boy has some pills that would suit you. However, he can\'t simply give them to you following the rules of the sect," Jade said with a smile.

"Must I be Brother Naughty Boy\'s wife to get the pills? Then I\'ll agree to be his wife as well," Nangong Lingmo said loudly, making the other girls laugh.

"What are you guys laughing about? I\'m serious about it. I want to eat those delicious pills as well," Nangong Lingmo said loudly.

"Grandma, what is it? Why are you acting so strange?" Guo Huai asked Grandma Guo with a smile. He naturally knew what was bothering his grandma. After consuming a Pill of Youth, she must\'ve had a major change in appearance which definitely scared her.

""What medicinal pills did you give Old Stuff last night? Look at me, I look so much younger now. How am I going to leave the house now? My old friends wouldn\'t recognize me anymore," Grandma Guo said excitedly. "Does the pill have any side effects? Will I get any backlash? Am I going back to how I looked before after a few days?"

"Grandma, do you prefer this look, or the one previously?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

"Of course it\'s this one! Regardless of age, every woman wants to look beautiful," Grandma Guo replied.

"Sigh, I\'m afraid Grandma will be disappointed then," Guo Huai said with a serious look. "That\'s because the effect of the pill will only last for fifty years at most. After fifty years, you\'ll start to age."

"Oh, is that so? I knew this effect wouldn\'t last forever. Wait, fifty years? I\'m 78 already! Stupid Brat, are you looking for a beating?" Grandma Guo said loudly before happily going into her room.

"Old Stuff, go shopping with me later. I want to buy new clothes. I didn\'t know how to dress myself back then. I want to start dressing myself up from now on. Otherwise my granddaughter-in-laws would laugh at me!" Grandma Guo\'s voice was so loud that everyone in the house could hear. Suddenly, loud laughters could be heard coming from the living room.