Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 81

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After staying in his own room for more than ten minutes, Guo Huai walked to the study room and saw his grandpa drinking tea alone. "Grandpa, you don\'t usually wake people up from their sweet dreams."

"Huai, have a seat," Grandpa Guo said as he looked at Guo Huai expressionlessly.

"Beating Ghost at Wucheng Paradise, pissing your teacher off in class, putting a ridiculously wonderful wine up in auction, making friends with Ceasewind Grandmaster, getting first place and best-candidate award for Knowledge Championship, nailing the young mistress of Sun family at the hotel, conquering the treasured daughters of Murong, Tang, Su, You and Nangong families in addition to Jade with unknown background in the entire country. Huai, are you really the same, incompetent grandson of mine?" Grandpa Guo asked softly as he looked at Guo Huai with his watery eyes.

Guo Huai sat down beside his grandpa before taking a sip of tea, asking, "Grandpa, in that case, do you hope that I\'m your grandson or not? Would you prefer me to act like before, or now?"

Grandpa Guo slowly stood up and looked at the wall, at the calligraphy work written by Ceasewind Grandmaster. He said softly,"The stupid brat before would only let me wipe his butt after causing trouble all day. The current stupid brat makes me even more worried."

"Your father Tian and your mom Mei died at a very young age. The old woman and I would be ready to die by now. However, we can\'t. That\'s because we still have a grandson, Tian and Mei\'s son," Grandpa Guo continued speaking.

"So what if my grandson is a man of five vices and titled Wucheng Vile Tetrad? He is Guo Tian\'s son, and my, Guo Tianyang\'s grandson. I have contributed almost my entire life to the country. As long as my son doesn\'t murder anyone, I will defy any consequences caused by his however severe mess. I want to let you guys who are looking down at Guo family shut up," Grandpa Guo said loudly.

"Even if my grandson happens to kill someone, I have to protect his life. It\'s because of one reason, he is Guo Tianyang\'s grandson," Grandpa Guo said as he slapped the tea table.

"I know that I have been making a huge mess over the years, but I won\'t burden Grandpa anymore from now on," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Burden? It\'s not a burden. Even if you went to somewhere far away in China, there\'s nothing that can burden me, let alone a small place like Wucheng County," Guo Tianyiang said with a smile. "Just because I don\'t take serious action on Tian and Mei\'s deaths does not mean I\'m foreseeing that matter. If they want to end the inheritance of Guo family, they\'ll have to pay the price of a demolished sect!"

"I initially thought that Grandpa did not know the cause of my parents\' deaths. So the truth is nothing goes past your eyes," Guo Huai said softly.

"The tallest tree of a forest always falls first when a storm arrives. Huai, your performance for the past month has scared me. I would hope that you stayed the same as before. I\'ll continue wiping your butt until you have the ability to defend yourself. I\'m afraid those people will do harm to you again if you continue going this high-profile," Guo Tianyang said with a serious expression.

"Grandpa, since you understand what has been going on this well, aren\'t you curious how I suddenly got this capable?" Guo Huai asked.

"In the whole of China, there are mysteries that I won\'t ever find out. If you aren\'t telling me, I won\'t be asking you," Guo Tianyang said with a smile. "I bet you won\'t tell me truth even if I did. You\'d make up a lie like your body is taken over by some immortal in heaven or something. An answer like that is meaningless."

"Ahem, ahem. Grandpa, your imagination is commendable," Guo Huai said. It\'s true when people say that old people are the wisest. To him, he was merely talking nonsense but he almost managed to guess the truth, Guo Huai thought.

"Grandpa, I won\'t worry you anymore from now on. You may ask the people who have been protecting me in the dark back. If someone really could kill me, those people wouldn\'t be able to do anything," Guo Huai said softly. "I have two medicinal pills with me. Eat one together with Grandma tomorrow morning. It\'s time that you two finally enjoy your lives and wait for your great-grandchildren to be born." He then put a jade casing on the table.

"Hahah, My grandson has grown up. He has really grown up now!" Guo Tianyang said happily.

"If there\'s nothing else, I\'ll go back to sleep. Grandpa, you may keep an eye on me in other aspects. However, aren\'t you afraid of getting eye allergy to spy on your grandson sleeping with your granddaughter-in-laws? Hahah!" Guo Huai then drank the last cup of tea before leaving the study room.

"Stupid Brat!" Guo Tianyang scolded, smiling.

After Guo Tianyang finished the tea in his cup, he made a phone call to Lei Feng in the headquarters of the Chinese military, who did not have any military rank but was a late-stage Innate cultivator. "Lei Feng, thank you for the help all these years. You may get the Kings of Soldiers back now. Huai will be fine now. Yes, I\'ll call you should anything happen." Guo Tianyang said on phone.

"It\'s finally quiet now. Eight Kings of Soldiers, all of which stronger than Brother Yao. Grandpa has indeed been taking care of me," Guo Huai said with a smile. "I\'m not going to cultivate today, however, I can\'t waste a full moon like this. I have to treat Lingling again, hehe," he said as he carefully opened Sun Lingling\'s door before disappearing inside.

"Stupid Brat, he\'s definitely doing something naughty, going into a girl\'s room midnight," Grandma Guo said to herself. Out of Guo Huai\'s expectations, his grandma was awake as well. She saw him entering Sun Lingling\'s room but decided to ignore him. "Am I really going to have great-grandchildren soon? Sigh, I guess it\'s a good thing. The genetics of Guo family would be passed down this way. I can also explain to Tian in heaven when I meet him after dying."

Guo Huai inserted a trace of divine air into Sun Lingling\'s ears, waking her up instantly. "Little Lingling, your husband is here!" Looking at Guo Huai naked in front of him, Sun Lingling\'s mouth was already covered before she could even react.

"Naughty Boy, why aren\'t you sleeping now? Go out now, it wouldn\'t be good if Grandma found out," Sun Lingling said, blushing.

"So what if she knows? I\'m giving you medical treatment. It\'s something serious," Guo Huai said as he drilled into the blanket. After a while, the entire house was full of the most ancient sound.

Little Lingmo woke up from meditation and asked softly, "Sister Jade, what\'s the sound coming from outside?"

Jade\'s face immediately reddened. As she waved her hand, the room became sound-proof. Little Lingmo could not hear anything anymore.

"Kiddo, focus on cultivating. Don\'t get disturbed by external influences," Jade said softly. In her heart, she was scolding, Jerk! Scallion! You\'re a scallion from head to toe!"

After around two hours, dawn came. Guo Huai put on his clothing and said,"Lingling, rest properly. We\'ll stop the treatment here today. I\'ll go back to sleep now."

"Naughty Boy! You\'re leaving after bullying me," Sun Lingling said, pouting.

"If we do it again before going for breakfast, the other girls would get jealous. I\'d be in trouble if there\'s a coup of harem," Guo Huai said as he released some divine air into Sun Lingling\'s body, making her to instantly fall asleep.