Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 80

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"Stupid Brat, you\'re not at the slightest bit similar to your dad. Back then, your dad was much more well-behaved compared to you," Grandma Guo said with a smile.

"Grandma, are you happy that I bring you so many wives at once?" Guo Huai asked. "Let me eat some delicious food first. I\'ve been waiting for it ever since I noticed the smell when I came."

"All you know is eating," Grandma Guo said happily as she pulled Guo Huai to the dining table.

"Fellow girls, I hope you all can come again after visiting this time. Treat this as your home, eat and drink whatever you want," Grandpa Guo said, smiling.

"Old Stuff, you should go into the room to sleep. You\'re acting too strict and making the environment too tense. Look, they all look stiff and uncomfortable," Grandma Guo said.

"Ahem, ahem. Who said that? When have I ever been strict? Huai, have I ever scolded you after your recovery?" Grandpa Guo asked loudly.

"Grandpa, you\'re making Grandpa nervous again. It\'s not often that all of us are gathered here. Our aim today is to eat and drink nicely," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Grandpa should\'ve heard of my wonderful wine, right? I\'ve been wondering why haven\'t you asked for it from me yet since you already know about it. Hahah!"

"Stupid Brat, the old folks have been asking me for wine ever since they heard about it. You\'ve caused me a lot of trouble! Can\'t you send me some even if I didn\'t ask for it?" Grandpa Guo asked furiously.

"Grandpa, this is really Guo Huai\'s fault. He really deserves some scolding," Jade said with a smile. "I have a set of rather good wine cups. I\'ll let Naughty Boy fill them up." She then took out a set of crystal-clear crystal cups like a magician before placing them in front of everyone.

Grandpa Guo carefully took one cup up and looked closely for a few seconds, saying, "Girl, this set of cups is no ordinary stuff!"

"If Grandpa likes it, I\'ll leave it at your place after we finish eating. We\'re going to come very often to eat any way," Jade said with a smile. The set of wine cups was indeed extraordinary. She found them in the collection of Luosheng clan in America.

"Heheh, I\'d be more than happy to keep them here," Grandpa Guo said.

"Stupid Old Stuff, can you not be so shameless? Don\'t ask for stuff from your granddaughter-in-law the first time you meet," Grandma Guo scolded with a smile.

"Grandma, you\'re embarrassing Grandpa again. Since we\'re a family, we don\'t differentiate the ownership of items," Jade said with a smile. At the same time, Guo Huai had filled up the cups fully.

"Grandpa, have a taste of this wine," Guo Huai said.

"The old folks described it like the wine only exists in heaven, not on Earth. I\'ll try it now. You mustn\'t use any something else to trick me!" Grandpa Guo said loudly before downing the wine in one go.

Grandma Guo noticed that Grandpa Guo was not moving anymore after drinking the wine. He stared at blank air, with his eyes slightly reddened as tears flowed down his face. "Stupid Brat, are you sure your wine is fine? What happened to your grandpa?" Grandma Guo asked.

"Grandma, nothing happened. Stop staring at Grandpa, let\'s start eating," Guo Huai said and started drinking as well.

Naturally, the girls knew how the wine tasted. Before touching any food, they quickly finished their wine. They were seizing the opportunity of drinking Guo Huai\'s wine.

When Guo Huai and his girlfriends finished drinking their second cup, Grandpa Guo finally regained consciousness.

"Huai, am I your grandpa? Am I your blood-related grandpa?!" Grandpa Guo asked loudly. "Why do I have such an unthoughtful grandson like you?!" he scolded loudly before slapping on the table.

"Old Stuff, what are you talking about? Are you drunk? What are you complaining about after Huai gave you such wonderful wine?" Grandma Guo asked loudly.

"Grandpa, what did I do wrong? You should voice out my mistakes if I did anything wrong. You can\'t just humiliate me in front of my wives, right?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

"Stupid Brat, your dad died very early. I am the one who has been taking care of you since young. Although I didn\'t do a great job at educating you, I have been wiping your ass whenever you cause trouble," Grandpa Guo said loudly. "I don\'t have any other intentions. I only hope to drink some great wine before I die. Don\'t you think you\'re really thoughtless to take out the wine for the stupid auction before letting me have some?!"

"Ahem, ahem. You really scared me. I thought it was something severe," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Grandpa, you should know that Wucheng Subhigh only allows us to go home once a month, it\'s not that I don\'t have time to visit you. Look, I\'m here immediately after leaving school. I even brought a group of wives home. I\'m really sad to be called thoughtless."

"Stop bullshitting about anything else. Pour me some wine, quickly," Grandpa Guo said loudly. "The stupid old folks have been bugging me about your wine. It\'s all great now. My grandson is back, I can drink however much I want," he said, making them all to laugh.

After having a good time eating together, Grandma Guo went off to arrange some rooms for the girls to stay over. "They\'re all young adults now, how can I allow them to sleep together? We have our house rules to follow. I can\'t accept anything ridiculous to happen," Grandma Guo murmured as she was tidying up the rooms.

The nanny of Guo family said to Grandma Guo, "Mistress, Young Master is really impressive! Other people would only bring home one girlfriend. He brought a car full of them at once, and they\'re all really pretty too!"

"Sigh, I\'m not sure if it\'s a good or bad thing," Grandma Guo said. Deep down her heart, she was feeling really proud.

Grandpa Guo got really drunk and was talking nonsense to Guo Huai as he held his hand. At last, he ended up snoring away after Guo Huai brought him back to his bedroom.

"Stupid Brat, go back to your room to sleep. Don\'t even think about doing anything inappropriate. I know that youngsters nowadays are really open-minded. However, we cannot break the rules formed by our ancestors. What are you looking at? Go back to your room!" Grandma Guo said as she stared at Guo Huai. After listening to what she said, the few girls immediately blushed, maybe due to shyness or the alcohol they had earlier.

Having waited the full moon for so long, Guo Huai, Jade and Nangong Lingmo did not go to bed, but were sitting cross-legged in their rooms, absorbing the relatively pure energy from the moonlight.

Midnight, Grandpa Guo suddenly knocked on Guo Huai\'s door. "Huai, I know that you\'re still awake. I\'ll wait for you at the study room. Come over for a chat."

What does he want to say, asking me out this late? Guo Huai thought.