Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 8

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Wang Shen took a straw out of nowhere and took a sip from his giant wine bottle before immediately closing the cap. "Big Brother, Second Brother, I\'ll take my leave with my wine now," Wang Shen said.

"Damn, judging from Second Brother\'s stupid reaction, this wine must be legit. Even if ours are fake, we can drink his," Li Yao said before blocking Wang Shen from leaving.

"What are you guys doing? Let me go, I have a meeting to rush for. I don\'t know what my uncles would do to me if I\'m late, please let me go, my dear brothers!" Wang Shen shouted.

"What shit meeting do you have, as the vice chairman of the family planning commision? Wait for us to access our wine before you leave. Give me that straw," Li Yao shouted.

"Fatty, we\'ll leave now. Call me if you need anything," Li Yao only took a sip from his jar and said. He then hugged the giant wine jar and walked away.

"You can\'t leave, none of you can leave. You must wait for me to access my wine first!" Jia Yuan got nervous before saying. Fourth Brother, you won\'t bully me like this right? he thought, as he took the straw from Li Yao before taking a sip from his jar.

"Let\'s go now. If it\'s nothing significant please don\'t come and look for me. I want to really get drunk for once," Jia Yuan said, elated.

"Brother Sheng, just what\'s inside the wine jars and bottle? Why are they so happy?" after the three left the house, a few janitors asked the housekeeper.

Ignoring hygiene, the housekeeper picked up the used straw on the ground and lightly licked it once.

"Young master, young master, wine… wine!" the housekeeper said a few times before passing out due to overexcitement.

Naturally, Guo Huai did not have a clue about all that happened. After waking up from his nightmare, he immediately cleaned himself up and had breakfast with his grandparents before leaving to school.

"Wu Cheng Subsidiary High School, the subsidiary of Wucheng University. I can\'t find any information in this kid\'s mind, I guess I\'ll have to take a bus, otherwise I don\'t know where I\'ll end up at," Guo Huai said and looked at the road sign in front. It was the 888th road which was a bus stop.

Oh, I\'m in luck, a bus is here already. Let\'s go, Wucheng Subhigh, I\'m coming! Pretty girls, make some noise! The brilliant me is here to save you all! Guo Huai thought before boarding the bus.

"Kid, cash or card?! Quick, there\'s people waiting behind!" the driver shouted at Guo Huai who was walking to the back of the bus.

"Cash or card? Damn, I didn\'t bring any money with me," Guo Huai looked at the price meter and said. Destination: Wucheng Subsidiary High School, one buck, flat-rate. It was so cheap but little Guo Huai did not have a single cent.

"Kid, where are you going? Are you planning to slip away from purchasing a ticket?" the driver looked at Guo Huai with contempt and asked.

"I\'m going to Wucheng Subsidiary High School. Brother, I only brought a credit card with me when I rushed out from home. How about this? I\'ll pay you in the future," Guo Huai said awkwardly. This is so embarrassing. I haven\'t experienced something this embarrassing when I was an immortal.

"Kid, stand aside at the moment and let the others pass," the driver laughed and said. "Kid, you\'re about the age of my stupid child who also happens to study at Wucheng Subhigh. Let me tell you, I know that your school is a sealed type, meaning students can only go home once a month. How are you going to pay me the next time we meet? There are a total of sixty buses on the 888th road, the probability of us meeting again is one in eighteen million, meaning it\'s almost impossible that we see each other again."

"Uncle, stop, stop. If that\'s the case, I\'ll get out of the bus and get some money. Please stop talking..." Guo Huai said, since he felt like the driver would be talking for the next hour non-stop. Using the telepathy ability, he knew that this driver was prepared to lecture him until he reached his destination.

"Uncle, I\'ll pay his fare for him. Please concentrate on driving," just as the two were arguing, a girl who was around fifteen years old said before putting a coin into the money box. She then pulled Guo Huai to the back before sitting down.

The mortal world is too open-minded! Did a girl just pull my hand like that? Hahah, I like this so much. This girl looks rather good too, Guo Huai thought as he looked at the girl who pulled his arm. This girl could compete with You Youyou in almost every aspect, except the place that should have been bigger was not as developed as Youyou\'s.

"Xi, why are you such a busybody? If auntie knows about this, she\'ll definitely give you another lecture," the girl beside said. The girl who paid for Guo Huai was called Tang Xi. Guo Huai did not notice there was a girl beside her before she said anything -- her look could rival Tang Xi\'s!

"Ye, speak softer. If you don\'t tell my mom, she won\'t know about it. You\'re not gonna tell her, are you?" Tang Xi smiled and said.

"Hey kid, what are you looking at? Don\'t even think about using the opportunity to get near to Xi. Don\'t try to ask for her name, phone number or even horoscope. Forget about the money, you don\'t have to return it. Is there anything else you want?" Su Ye raised her head and noticed Guo Huai who was staring at them before saying.

"Hey, yellow kid, I didn\'t even wanna talk to you," Guo Huai said. Guo Huai was one of Wucheng Vile Tetard, why would he be scared of this little doll? Furthermore, this Guo Huai was the magnificent Telepath Starlord. "My name is Guo Huai, I\'m going to Wucheng Subsidiary High School. If you want the money back, you can look for me there. Since you helped me this time, I owe you two a favour. If you need help with anything else, you may look for me as well," after saying, Guo Huai shut his eyes and stopped talking.

"Hey, hey. Who are you calling a yellow kid? Guo Huai, this name sounds familiar," Su Ye said.

"Ye, his name sounds the same as the Fourth Brother in Wucheng Vile Tetrad," Tang Xi said softly.

Pfff, it explains why the name sounded familiar. \'Guo Huai\', you\'d know he isn\'t a good guy just because of his name, Su Ye thought before looking at Guo Huai. He was fully dressed in Armani and they did not look like replicas. Is this guy really one of Wucheng Vile Tetrad? she thought.

*TL note: Huai (坏) in Mandarin means bad/naughty. He\'ll be called bad/naughty guy very often.*

This is weird. If he really is the Fourth Brother in Wucheng Vile Tetrad, he wouldn\'t make it to Wucheng Subhigh. Headmaster Li wouldn\'t allow someone like that to enter the school. He definitely isn\'t that bad guy, Tang Xi thought.

Damn, just how much bad has this Guo Huai done in the past? I don\'t feel how vile the Vile Tetrad is. Brother Yao is the King of Soldiers, Brother Yuan depended on his own abilities to earn that much money, Brother Shen is a government servant, and I\'m a rather decent rich kid, just that I liked to drag rice, Telepath Starlord used his telepathy ability and immediately knew what the two girls beside him were thinking.

"Grandpa, please help me this time and allow Guo Huai to enroll in Wucheng Subhigh. You aren\'t afraid of him, are you?" a few months ago, the granddaughter of Li Xunyu, the headmaster of Wucheng Subsidiary High School, begged for his green light.

"Kid, I can\'t accept your request. We all know who Guo Huai is. Just because you get along well with Wang Shen doesn\'t mean I can allow someone from Wucheng Vile Tetrad to enter our school. It doesn\'t really matter which school he goes to anyway," Li Xunyu smiled and said.

"Grandpa, I didn\'t request for anything from you all these years, right?!" Li Xiaohua looked at Li Xunyu before shouting. "My surname is Li, same with my mom\'s, which means I followed your surname. Are you going to treat your granddaughter like this?"

"Xiaohua, he won\'t be able to stay even if he successfully enters the school," Li Xunyu got annoyed and said.

"You yourself say this a lot, school is a platform to educate people, just like what Buddha did to us back then. If you\'re able to properly educate an unacceptable candidate, it would only mean that you are a true educator," Li Xiaohua said softly. "You keep saying how impressive you are, but in the end, you\'re worse than Wucheng Ninth High School. They at least allowed Guo Huai to study there!"