Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 79

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Chapter 3/3

The moment Xiahou Tian fell to the ground, an old man at the Heaven Lake of Changbai Mountain slowly opened his eyes. "Who is it?! Who is it?! Who harmed Tian? Who?!" he shouted.

Naturally, Guo Huai did not know what happened at Heaven Lake. He suddenly thought of what General Liu Tiangang told him—it was time to go home to visit his grandparents. Although he merely occupied Guo Huai\'s body, there were some responsibilities that he should do as the cycle of karma would always repeat itself.

"Weiwei, Xi, Youyou, you may go back to school first. I\'ll go home to have a look," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Aren\'t you going to invite us over?" Murong Weiwei asked, smiling. As soon as Knowledge Championship ended, she completely accepted the man in front of him, Guo Huai. She no longer cared about everything that he was rumored about: a man of five vices, Wucheng Vile Tetrad, etc.

"Alright, do you guys want to follow me home?" Guo Huai asked. "Xi, contact Ye. Youyou, contact Sister Lingling. We\'ll go home together. Hahah!"

Tang Xi nodded with a smile while Youyou immediately called Sun Lingling to set a gather spot.

"Little Lingmo, do you want to follow us home, or go back to school?" Guo Huai asked.

"Sister Jade is still at school. I\'ll go back to check on her. If she\'s fine, I\'ll go to your house with you all. Being with Sister Jade and you, two strong characters, I think my grandpa wouldn\'t get mad at me for taking a spin outside," Nangong Lingmo said, smiling.

Guo Huai lightly nodded his head and walked out of the hall. The Knowledge Championship had finally ended, Guo Huai instantly got famous after that.

Guo Huai looked at the five girls standing outside, he thought, It\'s time to buy a car. I\'ll give Second Brother a call to ask him to send me a car. Guo Huai then took out his phone to call Jia Yuan. Within just five minutes, a seven-seater car stopped in front of them. Jia Yuan offered Guo Huai to simply give 100 million yuan for it to belong to Guo family, if he wanted to own the car.

"My dear Second Brother, why the heck would you ask for 100 million for this secondhand car? You might as well rob a bank!" Guo Huai shouted on phone.

"Brother Huai, you have more than 100 billion now, yes, with a \'b\'. Asking for 100 million is really not that much," Jia Yuan said with a smile. "You understand cars more than me. You\'ll know its value after trying it out," he said before immediately ending the call.

Sun Lingling boarded the car excitedly, asking, "Naughty Boy, did he really give you this car?"

"I got scammed by Jia Yuan for 100 million. Lingling, do you possibly know its value?" Guo Huai asked the hyped-up Sun Lingling.

"100 million?! It\'s worth it. Too worth it! Jia Yuan is such a great brother to have," Sun Lingling said. "Ignoring other aspects, merely the shell of this car costs 50 million, and that\'s if you happen to know the CEO of Bugatti. There are only seven of this car model in the world. Jia Yuan is indeed generous, isn\'t he?"

"Heheh, I\'m glad that I didn\'t lose money. 100 billion looks rather much. However, other people usually only have one wife. Since I have this many wives, splitting the money between each of you wouldn\'t be much after all," Guo Huai said with a smile, making five of the girls to instantly blush.

"You all should fine with me driving right?" Guo Huai asked. "Sit tight! I\'ll show Grandpa how much more impressive his grandson has become." The girls got speechless and did not say a word. Grandpa Guo sneezed a few times in a row at home.

"Old Woman, don\'t go out for your walk later. We have visitors coming in a bit," Grandpa Guo said. Even since he got the phone call, his mouth had not stayed shut for more than a few seconds. His own grandson, Wucheng Vile Tetrad, went to Wucheng Subhigh for merely a month after the car accident, and somehow became the champion of Knowledge Championship. He did his intelligence well and generally knew what Guo Huai had been going through every day. Being terrified that his grandson Guo Huai would get hurt, he had always sent people to protect Guo Huai in the dark. Guo Huai\'s performance in the past month could even make his grandpa to wake up with a smile after a nap.

"Why would I want to join your bunch of old folks? I want to go out for a walk. You may do whatever you want," Grandma Guo said with a smile.

"Alright, I won\'t stop you for going out then. Huai will bring his girlfriend here later. I\'ll ask the kitchen to prepare food for us and I myself will talk to Grandson and his girlfriend," Grandpa Guo said.

"Old Stuff, why didn\'t you tell me something this important earlier? I\'ll go have a change," Grandma Guo said before proceeding to her room quickly, excited.

After a short while, Grandma Guo walked out of the room, asking, "Old Man, what do you think of my outfit?" She looked a few years younger after merely going into her room for a few minutes. "No, I can\'t change this soon. I have to make some food for Huai before he\'s here. It has been a month already. This kid hasn\'t even given us a call," Grandma Guo said before rushing back to her room.

After around an hour\'s time, Guo Huai walked into the villa of Guo family with the five girls.

"We\'re here, let\'s get down," Guo Huai said and happily opened the car door. The villa of Guo family was huge. Grandma Guo asked the maids to set up a table outdoors. As soon as she heard a car approaching, she walked out from the house together with Grandpa Guo.

"Stupid Brat, it has been a month already. Can\'t you give us a simple call?" Grandma Guo scolded with a smile.

"Grandpa, Grandma," Guo Huai greeted his grandparents loudly. "What are you all waiting for? Say hi!"

"Good to see you, Grandpa and Grandma," the five girls said together. Tang Xi was really excited, Su Ye was rather shy, You Youyou was really happy, Murong Weiwei blushed for a bit while Sun Lingling looked confident.

"Erm… Which one of these girls is your girlfriend?" Grandma Guo asked softly.

"Ahem, ahem. They all are. One more should be coming a while later," Guo Huai said as he coughed.

"Stupid Brat, I\'ll take care of you a while later! Come in, everyone," Grandma Guo said with a smile before pulling Sun Lingling into the house and welcoming the other girls.

"Stupid Brat, what\'s with this line-up? You\'re much more impressive than your dad!" Grandpa Guo said with a smile. After all these years, today was his happiest.

"Brother Huai, Sister Jade is awake. Send me your house address, we\'ll reach in a while," Nangong Lingmo said on the phone.

After around half an hour, Nangong Lingmo and Jade arrived at Guo Huai\'s villa. Jade\'s appearance shocked everyone once again. Grandma Guo was already astonished by the few girls who reached earlier. The previous five girls could be considered the phoenixes of Wucheng County. However, Jade did not only look stunning, she looked so pleasant and beautiful that people would not want to get jealous of her.

"Stupid Brat! I\'m not against these six of your girlfriends. However, is this kid your girlfriend as well?" Grandma Guo asked softly as she pointed at Nangong Lingmo.

"Oh! This one isn\'t for now. However, if she looks pretty later on, I\'ll take her after a few years."