Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 78

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Chapter 2/3

After the judges nodded at Han Feifei, she announced, "Congratulations, Guo Huai. Your answer is accurate. 700 marks will be awarded to Wucheng Subhigh."

An ambulance had arrived at the scene and Xiahou Tian got carried away. "It\'s unfortunate that Xiahou Tian suddenly fainted. Let\'s give him a round of applause for giving us such a wonderful performance!" Han Feifei said.

"And our champion today is Wucheng Subsidiary High School! Let\'s clap for them as well!" He Tiezui said loudly.

"Let\'s welcome the mayor of Wucheng County to issue the medals of first runner-up to the seven-school alliance!" Han Feifei announced.

Mayor Zhang Dalei then walked up the stage to issue the medals and certificates to the remaining six representatives of the alliance.

"Next, let\'s welcome Ceasewind Grandmaster to congratulate the winner of the day, Wucheng Subsidiary High School!" Han Feifei said loudly. The audience then started clapping.

Ceasewind Grandmaster slowly walked up the stage and look at the seven people with a smile. Murong Weiwei was his disciple while Guo Huai was his friend despite the age difference. This time, he single-handedly took first place home. It was definitely wonderful to watch.

Ceasewind Grandmaster passed the giant gold trophy to Guo Huai, saying, "Wucheng Subhigh got the well-deserved champion this place! Congratulations, young people." Guo Huai received the trophy with a smile before passing it to Murong Weiwei.

"Champion of Knowledge Championship, I\'m a man of my word," Guo Huai said to Murong Weiwei, smiling. Su Ye was pouting her mouth while Tang Xi and You Youyou smiled, containing some jealousy but did not say anything. They did not know if they should be happy or sad, having a boyfriend like that.

"Come to my house after this. It has been a month already since you last came, I\'m missing your wonderful wine already," Ceasewind Grandmaster said with a smile.

"Alright, I\'ll go there with Weiwei after I\'m done busying here. However, I\'ll probably be bringing a few more people later. You may be aware that I have quite a few girlfriends. Hahah!" Guo Huai said and laughed.

"Alright! I\'ll tell Grandma Wu to prepare food before you reach," Ceasewind Grandmaster said before walking down the stage, giving the stage back to Guo Huai and the others.

"Next up, let\'s welcome our special guest General Liu Tiangang to issue the best-candidate award!" As soon as He Tiezui finished speaking, the hall\'s environment heated up once again. An old man with white hair then walked up the stage quickly. His walking speed did not quite match his age.

"It\'s really Liu General! Shouldn\'t he be in Yanjing City? When did he return?" someone in the crowd asked. When Liu Tiangang stood up, a bunch of middle-aged men stood up to salute him.

"Damn! When did Grandpa come back? Why didn\'t he tell me?" Liu Chuang muttered. When he heard the name \'Liu Tiangang\', he almost fell down from his chair. In the entire Liu family, the only one he was afraid of was this grandpa.

"General Liu did not even attend Combat Championship last time. He\'s giving us so much credit by coming this time," Li Xunyu murmured happily.

"Old Man Li, congratulations. Since Guo Huai got the best-candidate award, my school Ninth High feels proud as well!" Cao Xinglong said with a smile. I lost after all. It\'s fine, it doesn\'t matter anymore. Who would think that one from Wucheng Vile Tetrad, a man of five vices, would change so drastically, he thought.

"Hahah, Cao, your move this time is so impressive. I didn\'t expect the alliance of our seven schools would lose. This is considered a backlash, right?" Xu Wuyi said with a smile, making Cao Xinglong so mad that his face reddened.

"Little Fellow, congratulations," Liu Tiangang said as he passed yet another trophy to Guo Huai with a smile. "I thank you on behalf of Liu family for saving my grandson Liu Chuang\'s life. You guys should get closer as friends. You may look for me at Liu residence should you meet any trouble in Wucheng County. Your grandpa and I used to talk about you anymore. By the way, you should pay your grandparents a visit after so long. Your grandpa is missing you already. Hahah!"

"Thank you, General Liu," Guo Huai said with a smile as he received the trophy before lifting it high up. The crowd in the hall started clapping once again.

"Can this old man get a few more minutes of everyone\'s time?" Liu Tiangang said using a mic and did not seem like he wanted to go down the stage. "This year\'s Knowledge Championship is indeed wonderful. I have put in my retirement funds into the gambling entry. However, I have been hearing a lot of rumors recently, saying Qin family won\'t be repaying the money they owe. I don\'t know if it\'s true, however, I believe Qin family won\'t swallow my retirement funds, right?"

His words that seemed like a joke made the master of Qin family look extremely bitter. He hoped to wake up from this nightmare. Liu Tiangang\'s words were indirectly telling him to do as he promised.

Qin Botian stood up and said loudly, "Rest assured, General Liu and the rest who placed their bet this time. The gambling entries that Qin family accepted, will be repaid fully." Although he felt very hateful, he was forced to make an explanation.

"Hahah, since Botian gave his promise, I shouldn\'t worry anymore," Liu Tiangang said before walking down the stage. He noticed that Liu Chuang was hiding from him at a corner. "Stupid Brat, come home to find me after this ends," he said loudly.

Liu Chuang fearfully nodded. It was best to not piss off his grandpa.

"Congratulations Guo Huai for winning the best-candidate award. This year\'s Knowledge Championship will end here. Thank you for coming everyone!" He Tiezui and Han Feifei bowed to the audience, getting a round of applause once again.

"Wonderful. So wonderful! Guo Huai\'s final answer was absolutely domineering. Not only did he state the names of 108 Stars of Destiny, he told us their nicknames as well. I wonder how he knows this much at his age," the crowd started discussing.

"Can you stop smiling? Why are you so happy? Can\'t you see that your young lover just passed the trophy directly to the girl Murong Weiwei?" Shen Birou asked Sun Lingling who was smiling like a flower.

"Birou, you don\'t understand," Sun Lingling said and continued day-dreaming, without bothering to explain. So what if the trophy goes to Murong Weiwei? I\'m his first woman after all, she thought as she smiled.

"Brother Naughty Boy, you must be really happy to have all the attention. Don\'t forget your promise!" Nangong Lingmo said softly. "Also, you\'re the one behind Xiahou Tian\'s tragedy, right? You have to be more careful from now on. Otherwise if the poweruser organisation finds out about you, you won\'t be able to escape."

"Little Lingmo, who told you that Xiahou Tian\'s incident was related to me? I bet he\'s just too depressed for losing the competition, so he fainted," Guo Huai said with a smile. "I\'ll deliver my promise to you sooner or later, no worries. I sort of know what superpowers are right now."