Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 77

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Chapter 1/3

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"Little Lingmo, remember, upon sensing the slightest pressure of superpower, go all out to defend yourself. You must be careful," Guo Huai said very softly as he looked at Lingmo. At this moment, Lingmo realized how severe the situation was as she lightly nodded.

She was not confident to deal with Xiahou Tian. Although she knew telekinesis and some other simple tricks of superpowers, dealing with an early-stage Innate cultivator was her absolute limit. Xiahou Tian was definitely much stronger than her,

Nangong Lingmo remembered what the old man said when she signed herself up at the poweruser organisation. "Superpowers are split into various categories. Some people get supportive superpowers while the others get offensive ones. These are all gifts given by God to you all. You, are different with the others," the old man said.

"A poweruser can easily deal with an ordinary person. However when it comes to cultivators who have broken through Innate stage, powerusers can\'t defeat them easily. Kiddo, you have a telekinesis superpower. You can probably win an early-stage Innate cultivator if you\'re careful enough. However, you should always prepare for escape when you meet a middle-stage or late-stage Innate cultivator, let alone a peak-stage one," the old man continued.

"Also, you should be ware that powerusers can sense each other\'s pressure. You mustn\'t approach a poweruser that makes you feel uncomfortable. Feeling discomfort means your opponent is much stronger than you. Most deaths of powerusers are due to conflicts between themselves." Nangong Lingmo had always taken the old man\'s advice. She had been really low-profile ever since her superpower awakened.

"Brother Huai, I can\'t sense what Xiahou Tian\'s superpower is, but I\'m sure he\'s not weak. You must be careful," Nangong Lingmo whispered to Guo Huai.

The second round was much less intense than the first. No one decided to pass their questions to their opponents. The first six participants from each team got their questions right.

"Congratulations Xiahou Tian for getting every question correct," Han Feifei announced. After Xiahou Tian got his question, also the last question of the alliance, Knowledge Championship would come to an end after Guo Huai answered the last question.

"Guo Huai, have a look at the screen. Please tell us, in ascending order, the 108 Stars of Destiny from the classical novel Water Margin," Han Feifei said with a smile.

"Leader Star Song Jiang, Strength Star Lu Junyi, Knowledge Star Wu Yong, Leisure Star Gongsun Sheng, Brave Star Guan Sheng, Majestic Star Lin Chong, Prestige Star Huyan Zhuo…" Guo Huai said with a boring tone.

"We\'re finished. Wucheng Subhigh will be the champion undoubtedly. That question isn\'t difficult to Guo Huai," a student from Ninth High said sadly.

"Cao, you have to keep your ears open. I\'m sure you\'re crystal clear about the 108 Stars of Destiny. Please voice out if Guo Huai gets any of them wrong!" Li Xunyu said joyfully.

"I didn\'t expect to lose to Wucheng Subhigh even when the seven schools formed an alliance," Lin Xiaoxiao said helplessly.

"As I said, I won\'t allow them to win," Xiahou Tian said softly. The moment he looked at Guo Huai, Guo Huai suddenly got shocked as the entire situation in front of him changed.

A seven-year-old boy looked at a one-year-older girl, asking, "Elder Sister, will be really be eaten by monsters?"

"Guanbao, this is life. We can\'t do anything about it," the girl replied. She was Yi Chengjin while the boy was Chen Guanbao. They were the exact children from Tongtian River from Chen household who were sent to Inspiration King Temple to be the ritual sacrifice back then.

"I can\'t die. I want to go home! I don\'t want to be slaughtered by monsters!" Chen Guanbao shouted as he cried. At this moment, an ugly-looking monk appeared in front of him. It was the mighty Monkey King Sun Wukong back then.

Sun Wukong carried Chen Guanbao down from the altar as he said, "Hey idiot, transform into the girl\'s appearance. I\'ll change into this boy\'s. We\'ll meet the Inspiration King for them."

Sun Wukong threw Chen Guanbao out of Inspiration King Temple, saying, "Little Fellow, the God of War didn\'t come to rescue you this time. From now on, you\'re not Chen Guanbao anymore. You\'re Chen Qingyuan. May you embrace your new life. Run away now."

"H-how is this possible?! Why do you have this dream realm in the deepest of your heart? Sun Wukong, what\'s going on?! Guo Huai, who the heck are you?!" When Xiahou Tian pulled Guo Huai into the dream realm, he unexpectedly saw the monkey Sun Wukong and the piggy Zhu Bajie. No one could possibly not know the story of \'Journey to the West\'. Back then, this exact Inspiration King Temple was the place at Tongtian River where Xuanzang the monk and his disciples stumbled upon.

[TL note: This is related to the story of \'Journey to the West\'. Read more about Xuanzang here. Or just move on reading, not really important.]

"So this is the dream realm, huh? But you\'re too weak for me. Although I can\'t resist the emergence of the dream realm based on my current divine power, it\'s more than enough to deal with you," Guo Huai said as he walked out from the same space, holding a little boy\'s hand. He was holding his old self, Chen Guanbao, or the later-known Chen Qingyuan.

"Y-you came from another plane! I didn\'t know one could reverse space! So the story \'Journey to the West\' is real? It\'s impossible!" Xiahou Tian shouted, astonished.

"Don\'t you want to look at the situation outside?" Guo Huai asked as he waved his hand, showing the current situation of Wucheng Hall.

"Detective Star Li Yun, Evil Star Jiao Ting, Ugly Star Shi Yong, Number Star Sun Xin, Yin Star Gu Dasao, Execute Star Zhang Qing, Strong Star Sun Erniang, Inferior Star Wang Dingliu, Healthy Star Yu Baosi, Rat Star Bai Sheng, Thief Star Shi Qian and lastly, Hound Star Duan Jingzhu. Fellow judges, did I get any of them wrong?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

"You have already entered my dream realm. Why are you still standing there answering questions?" Xiahou Tian asked, confused.

"I\'m indeed in your dream realm. However, you have entered my space as well. You\'re looking at the joke of my life, but I\'m looking at yours too. Hahah!" Guo Huai said and laughed.

"You\'re the child Chen Guanbao that the Monkey King saved back then?" Xiahou Tian asked.

"Yes, I am indeed the child Chen Gaunbao, or the later-known Telepath Starlord in heaven," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Please let me go. I beg you, I know my mistake now. Please!" Xiahou Tian said loudly as he begged for mercy. His confidence was completely broken into pieces. Being a poweruser, he could do as he liked to ordinary people. Even the laws in China could not constrain them. They could kill as they wanted since the military was not capable of taking them down. Unfortunately, Xiahou Tian\'s opponent this time was Guo Huai, a banished immortal from heaven.

"Do you know why I\'m telling you everything?" Guo Huai asked with a smile as he looked at Xiahou Tian. "In this world, there are only two people who know about my true identity including you. The other person came from the same place as I did. I won\'t kill you, however since you first had the killing intent, I can\'t let you go as well."

"Yes, it\'s all about karma, right? You can\'t kill me. You immortals have to accumulate karma. After you guys get enough karma, you\'ll be able to return to heaven, am I right?" Xiahou Tian said desperately like he was holding onto the last grass of his life.

"The course of fate, Heavenly Dao, always recycles," Guo Huai said softly. "Remember to be an ordinary person in your next life." As he spoke, Xiahou Tian who had been death staring at Guo Huai all the time suddenly fainted and fell on his back, hard. There was once again a commotion in the hall.