Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 76

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Xiahou Tian who just got himself seated suddenly stood up, shouting, "It\'s impossible!"

"What\'s impossible? Isn\'t this question extended from Fermat\'s Last Theorem?" Guo Huai asked as he wrote down the answer rapidly on the whiteboard. Actually, he only read about the nonsense theorem in the library when he was forced to prepare for Knowledge Championship. However, merely a math question was nothing to an immortal who had lived for tens of thousands of years. Well, ex-immortal.

"What you guys know may be what I just wrote down. However, I can prove a second method to do this question," Guo Huai said as he continued writing.

"Mr Lu, can you check if my solution is correct?" Guo Huai asked Lu Yongsen who was trembling in shock.

"Genius! A genius in the mathematical field! Little Friend, stop going to high school to waste your time. Come to Wucheng University directly, I\'ll get you as my disciple. No, actually, it would be my honor if I were to do research in the field with you!" Lu Yongsen said excitedly.

"Mr Lu, let\'s check if my answer is correct or not first," Guo Huai replied with a smile before sitting down with his eyes closed.

After a few minutes, Lu Yongsen got even more excited, asking, "How did you think of the second method to solve the question? Please, tell me! I beg you!"

"I\'ll visit you, Mr Lu, after the competition ends. May I ask if you could announce the result now?" Guo Huai asked calmly.

"The answer is correct. Guo Huai\'s answers are both correct! Based on the second solution, Guo Huai\'s understanding in mathematics has far exceeded what you all can imagine," Lu Yongsen spoke using a mic loudly.

Han Feifei noticed that Xiahou Tian looked very dissatisfied. She asked, "Xiahou Tian, do you have any objections?"

"No, we lost the first round," Xiahou Tian said as he squinted at Guo Huai.

"In the first round, both sides got 1630 marks. Guo Huai will be taking the hundred-question challenge. Let\'s give him a round of applause!" He Tiezui said loudly.

"Guo Huai, please listen carefully," Han Feifei said as she looked at Guo Huai with respect.

It certainly looked like Guo Huai and Han Feifei\'s dialogue was scripted. As soon as Han Feifei finished saying the question, Guo Huai replied with the correct answer.

As Guo Huai consecutively answered fifty questions, Han Feifei took a deep breath, asking, "Teacher Tiezui, do you mind giving me a hand? I\'m so out of breath right now."

"Hahah, I didn\'t want to interrupt seeing how well you guys were synchronized. Since you\'re tired, I\'ll take over the other fifty questions. I hope Guo Huai can get one question wrong so that I can rest for a bit," He Tiezui said with a smile.

Within ten minutes, Guo Huai finished answering the remaining fifty questions, which he got forty-nine of them right. He answered the easiest, last question wrongly.

"What\'s the distance between Earth and Moon? Please answer," He Tiezui switfly asked the last question.

"The Moon Palace and Earth are not even on the same plane. How can you apply the concept of distance between them? This question has problems," Guo Huai said loudly. He misheard \'Moon\' as \'Moon Palace\'.

"Hahah, Guo Huai got 99 out of 100 questions right. I didn\'t expect you to have some insight on network literature as well," He Tiezui said, smiling. "The first round of the competition has come to an end. Wucheng Subhigh is leading by 99 marks against the seven-school alliance. We\'ll rest for five minutes starting now."

"Brother Naughty Boy, what nonsense plane were you talking about? You\'re definitely the star of the show today. I didn\'t even score one mark for our team," Nangong Lingmo said, pouting.

Hahah, I\'ll help you raise your ability in telekinesis by at least 100%. Is it okay? Stop complaining for now, alright? In the second round, try your best to not clash with Xiahou Tian. I wouldn\'t be able to save you if you did, Guo Huai sent a mental message to Nangong Lingmo. Dream realm? Interesting. Can this Xiahou Tian possibly be the inheritor of Dream Devil? he thought.

After five minutes, both the people on stage and below the stage held a different expression. Li Xunyu looked like he had the best dream of his life while the seven headmasters did not bring a smile on their faces. Based on Guo Huai\'s performance in the first round, it was very likely that Wucheng Subhigh was going to bring the gold medal home.

As Xiahou TIan looked at Guo Huai who was flirting with Murong Weiwei, he could not resist the thought of killing. No! I can\'t just give up like this. I can\'t feel any superpower disturbance from the guy Guo Huai. Although he can send mental messages, he isn\'t necessarily a poweruser. He might just excel in cultivation. I have to bring him into my dream realm. I want him dead! Xiahou Tian thought.

Qin Yulong walked like a living corpse. He thought, I\'m finished. Everything\'s gone. Wucheng Subhigh will be the champion. Even if all the assets of Qin family were sold, I can\'t possibly fork out 100 billion.

Murong clan asked Liu family to go visit Qin family together. If only Murong clan from Beijing was giving them pressure, Qin family would not be so nervous. However, the presence of Liu family meant that the military in the country was prepared to step in, based on the influence of Liu clan had in Wucheng County. "Qin Botian, even if you cut off all relations with your great son, you\'ll need to hope that Wucheng Subhigh isn\'t the champion this time. If they are, you have to repay every single cent to the people who have placed a bet on the forum. Otherwise, in the future of Wucheng County, or even the whole of China, Qin family will not exist anymore."

After the people from Murong and Liu families left, Qin Botian proceeded to the altar of Qin ancestors, shouting, "I, Qin Botian, really have an excellent son! It\'s fine if he wanted to kill that fellow Guo Huai. Why did he provoke the child from Liu family?!" 140 billion, Qin family will not exist in Wucheng County anymore!

"Five minutes have passed! We\'ll begin the second round of the competition. It\'ll be slightly easier than the first one. Wucheng Subhigh and the seven-school alliance will each have seven questions with different difficulties which award different marks. You may decide to answer them yourselves or pass them to your opponents. Marks will be deducted accordingly should you get the answer wrong," He Tiezui announced with a smile.

"If you decide to pass the question to your opponent, you\'ll first be deducted the marks that the question has. If your opponent gets your question right, they\'ll get the marks. However, if they got it wrong, double the marks will be deducted from them," Han Feifei said.

"Brother Tian, the marks awarded range from 100 to 700. They\'re all rather simple questions. We\'ll lose for sure," Lin Xiaoxiao said wistfully.

"Lose? Why will we lose? I, Xiahou Tian, have never lost. Answer the questions that you are confident with. I bet they won\'t pass any question to us. Trust me, I will flip the table and bring us to victory," Xiahou Tian said softly as he looked at the seven representatives from Wucheng Subhigh.

At Wucheng Subhigh\'s side, the people looked through the questions and smiled, saying, "The questions are very easy. We\'ll handle them ourselves."

"Answer your questions yourselves. Remember, do not get into a conflict with the fellow Xiahou Tian!" Guo Huai reminded Tang Xi and the others.