Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 74

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Chapter 1/3 of the week!

"Qian Duoduo, I saw you on stage last year. I didn\'t expect us to meet today," the sixth competitor of the alliance, Lin Xiaoxiao said as she stood up.

"The beauty from Ninth High. You\'re as pretty as rumored. Do you want me to take care of you?" Qian Duoduo asked with a naughty smile.

"Is Brother Duoduo willing to let me win during this official competition?" Lin Xiaoxiao asked softly, smiling.

"If Beauty Xiaoxiao is willing to have a meal with me after this, I\'ll surrender immediately," Qian Duoduo said.

"You\'re not kidding, are you? If you really dare to do as you say, I\'ll accompany Brother Duoduo for lunch when the competition ends," Lin Xiaoxiao said.

"Brother Tiezui, Beauty Han, I give up this round. Xiaoxiao, I hope you remember your promise. I\'ll book a restaurant now. Hahah!" Qian Duoduo said loudly as he looked at Lin Xiaoxiao with his punchable face.

"Qian Duoduo, are you sure you want to give up?" Han Feifei asked. Deeply shocked, she refused to believe that Qian Duoduo did something this ridiculous in front of 30 thousand people in the hall. Everyone looked at Qian Duoduo who looked like a monster.

"Beauty Han, is this against the rules?" Qian Duoduo asked, smiling. "I\'m a gentleman who doesn\'t go against my own words."

"You brat! Just wait! If Wucheng Subhigh loses, you\'ll see how I take care of you! Surrender? Surrender during the official competition?!" Li Xunyu said loudly. He almost went crazy hearing what Qian Duoduo said. He even spat out the water he just drank, on Cao Xinglong\'s head. Not only did Cao Xinglong not get angry, he looked surprisingly happy.

"Since Qian Duoduo from Wucheng Subhigh disqualified himself, let\'s welcome the next representative," He Tiezui said loudly with a smile. "Duoduo, I see much potential in you. Are you interested in being a host? If you are, come and look for me after the competition. Hahah!"

When Murong Weiwei stood up, the crowd started making a lot of noise. "Murong Weiwei! Murong Weiwei! Murong Weiwei!" She was titled Wucheng Beauty, and was the champion for Combat Championship.

"Weiwei, surrender immediately after defeating Lin Xiaoxiao," Guo Huai\'s sound resounded beside Murong Weiwei\'s ears. She got shocked for a few seconds before looking at Guo Huai, who nodded at her.

After around forty questions, Murong Weiwei asked, "Xiaoxiao, what does \'Wu Hua Ba Men\' mean?"

[TL note: Wu Hua Ba Men (literally five flowers and eight doors) is a frequently-used Chinese idiom. It stands for variety and changeability.]

"I\'ll have to ask you to answer that. I don\'t know the answer to this question," Lin Xiaoxiao said softly. She briefly knew some of them but could not answer all accurately.

"Wu Hua refers to golden flower: the flower girl, wooden flower: the traditional Chinese medicine doctors, water flower: the girl singers, fire flower: the playful ones, earth flower: the bearers. Ba Men refers to jin: the fortune tellers, pi: the herbal medicine salesmen, cai: the magicians, gua: the itinerant fortune tellers, ping: the storytellers, tuan: the street singers, diao: the hut binders, and liu: the stage performers. That\'s how the idiom got its meaning," Murong Weiwei said, smiling.

"I bet the seven-school alliance is going to lose. There are two more contestants from Wucheng Subhigh, while the alliance has only the handsome boy left," someone in crowd said. As Han Feifei announced the loss of Lin Xiaoxiao, the crowd started to discuss among themselves.

"It\'s not certain yet! The handsome boy may be able to win three times in a row," a youngster said softly.

"Yeah, Xiahou Tian is the last competitor. He must be really strong."

\'Don\'t forget about that guy Guo Huai! He\'s definitely a monster. The girl Nangong Lingmo is definitely knowledgeable as well. Also, Murong Weiwei isn\'t someone we should ignore."

"Such wonderful performance! This is the best one out of so many years of Knowledge Championship."

As Xiahou Tian stood up, Murong Weiwei picked up her mic, saying, "Sister Feifei. I surrender."

"What?! What did Murong Weiwei say? She surrenders? Am I dreaming? Slap me for once now!" a student from Wucheng Subhigh said loudly.

Slap! A youngster beside him slapped him real hard. "Do you want one more?"

"One more your ass! Murong Weiwei sat down already," he said as he held onto his face.

Li Xunyu could not bear with it anymore. He immediately stood up and stared at his representatives. If the fellow Qian Duoduo gave up to pick up a girl, Li Xunyu could believe it was something the pervert would have done. However, he almost fainted when he heard what Murong Weiwei said.

"Old Man Li, your students are very confident, aren\'t they?" Cao Xinglong said happily. He was quite certain that Xiahou Tian could go against two people alone.

"Hahah, Cao, this is Old Man Li\'s style. Stop laughing at him," Xu Wuyi said loudly as he laughed as well.

"I surrender," Nangong Lingmo said immediately. Without even asking one question, she gave up before sitting down again.

The atmosphere of the hall was so loud that it almost exploded. Everyone was dumbstruck. Li Xunyu did not have the energy to stand anymore. He was rather worried for Guo Huai. After Murong Weiwei gave up, he was not too pressured. However, when Nangong Lingmo gave up as well, he was deeply in fear.

"Hahah, I know what\'s happening now. They\'re giving Brother Huai a chance to participate. Otherwise if Weiwei directly takes down the seven-school alliance, I bet the headmasters from other schools would be severely humiliated," a student from Wucheng Subhigh said, smiling.

"What if Guo Huai lost? If he did, and the fellow Xiahou Tian gets the last 100 questions right, we\'d be in trouble," another student from the school said nervously.

"How is it possible for Brother Huai to lose? A legendary character like him who managed to take down so many beauties at once will not lose so easily. Hahah!"

"Brother Naughty Boy, you have to win. If you lost, Headmaster Li will scold us to death," Nangong Lingmo said to Guo Huai softly. "I trust you so much that I did as you said. You won\'t lie to me, right?"

Guo Huai stood up and said, "Beauty Han, I-"

He only said three words and got interrupted immediately. "Stupid brat! If you dare to give up, I\'ll make sure you regret!" Li Xunyu shouted loudly. The entire hall entered deep silence.

"Old Man, I only want to say that I\'ll start competing after drinking some water. Is that wrong?" Guo Huai asked as he looked at Li Xunyu who got so angry that he almost fainted. Suddenly, the crowd in the hall started laughing.