Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 73

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"To every spectator seated, you guys are all the judges for the competition as well. If you feel like I\'m giving unfair treatment as the host, feel free to voice up. Let us begin the competition, shall we?" He Tiezui said and got a round of applause.

Tang Xi stood up with a smile. The representative of the alliance also stood up, it was a girl. She did not look as good as Tang Xi but she was definitely capable. Maybe due to them being both girls and they generally knew the same scope, they gave each other around thirty questions which all got answered correctly. When Tang Xi asked another question, her opponent did not give an answer for around thirty seconds, making Tang Xi the first one to eliminate an opponent from the alliance.

"She looks so incredibly pretty and yet so knowledgeable. How should the rest of us live?" After Tang Xi won, the crowd clapped for her.

"Which three is \'Three Great Architectures of Jiangnan River\' referring to?"

"Yueyang Tower from Hunan Province, Yellow Crane Tower from Wuchang District, and Pavilion of Prince Teng from Nanchang."

"In history, what is the first long Chinese poem?"

"Southeast Fly the Peacocks!"

"How many words does \'Southeast Fly the Peacocks\' have?"

"Fellow hosts, I can\'t answer this question. However, if she can ask such a question, does it mean that I can ask how many times the name \'Zhuge Liang\' has appeared in the story \'Romance of the Three Kingdoms\'?" the second participant of the seven-school alliance asked loudly.

"Yeah, this girl from Wucheng Subhigh is a bit too cunning," the crowd started discussing.

"\'Southeast Fly the Peacocks\' is the earliest long poem in history, also one of the most famous works ever. Although the question give by Tang Xi is rather difficult, it\'s definitely not violating the rules. How about this, both sides take a step back. If anyone from the seven-school alliance can give a rough estimate on how many words there are in the poem, it\'ll be considered to be correct," the principle of Chinese Literary Society, Jiang Weimin said with a smile.

Before the second participant of the alliance wanted to continue the argument, Xiahou Tian interrupted and said, "Alright, however, I hope Tang Xi to write down the answer as well. She can\'t ask a question she doesn\'t know the answer to, right?"

"That\'s for sure. If Tang Xi gave the wrong answer, she\'ll be considered to have lost the first round," Jiang Weimin said.

"357 lines, 1785 characters."

"357 lines, 1785 characters."

Xiahou Tian showed their answers together. The crowd started clapping once again.

"Since both sides have given the correct answer, let\'s continue," Han Feifei said, smiling.

"Tang Xi, please tell me what the Three Jewels of Buddhism are," the second participant of the alliance said loudly.

"I don\'t know the answer for this one," Tang Xi said with a smile. "I will need Student Wang Ming to answer this for me."

"The Three Jewels are the Buddha, the fully enlightened one, the Dharma, the teachings expounded by the Buddha, and the Sangha, the monastic order of Buddhism that practice the Dharma," Wang Ming said with a smile.

"The answer is correct," one of the judges said.

"Thank you Tang Xi and Wang Ming such for a wonderful performance. Tang Xi is out now, the second participant from Wucheng Subhigh may continue," Han Feifei said.

"You can do it, Youyou!" As You Youyou stood up, the crowd clapped for her.

What is this sorcery? Why does Wucheng Subhigh have so many beauties? I should\'ve entered the school from the start. Sigh, You Youyou looks a lot more pleasant than Lin Xiaoxiao, Xiahou Tian thought. The girl Murong Weiwei is really attractive as well. She can rank top three even in Beijing Subsidiary High School.

After around seven minutes, You Youyou defeated Wang Ming. The seven-school alliance sent out their third participant, the big, fat and short guy Ah Q.

"Beauty, it\'s fate that allowed us to meet during this competition. Should we make it more interesting? If I\'m lucky enough to win you, I want to have lunch with you when the competition ends," Ah Q said as he looked at You Youyou with a perverted expression.

"If you lose, you\'ll have to run out of here naked. If you agree to my condition, I can agree to yours," You Youyou said with a smile.

"Nevermind then. I don\'t want to be like the infamous Qin Yulong," Ah Q said. As he said, Qin Yulong who was sitting at a corner pulled his cap down.

Ah Q was really knowledgeable. After attacking each other with seventy questions, he defeated You Youyou.

"Zhao Xuan, take down the stupid fatty. I\'m so pissed right now!" You Youyou said angrily. She was asked what the Thirteen Classics was. Having answered twelve of them, You Youyou could not remember the last one. When she lost, Ah Q told her that even he himself could only answer around ten of them. However, he knew the thirteenth work that You Youyou missed.

Zhao Xuan made the students from Wucheng Subhigh extremely hyped up. Having easily taken Ah Q down, he used only four questions to defeat the fourth participant from the alliance, Qiao Mu. He had been fighting with the representative of Seventh High, Li Ao for more than a hundred questions.

The crowd started to make noise. "This student Zhao Xuan is so strong! I haven\'t heard of him before. Just how many experts are there in Wucheng Subhigh?"

Qian Duoduo who had been day dreaming suddenly heard Guo Huai\'s voice. "Duoduo, get ready. Zhao Xuan will lose soon. You only need to take down Li Ao but don\'t show off too much."

Qian Duoduo turned to look at Guo Huai who was smiling at him.

After the 100th question, Zhao Xuan said, "I surrender." He then sat down on his seat.

He clearly could\'ve fight for a lot more rounds. Why did he give up? Li Ao thought. He did not have the slightest satisfaction of winning.

"Li Ao, nicknamed Computer. Interesting," Qian Duoduo said as he stood up. "You\'ll be facing me now. Let\'s start."

Qian Duoduo\'s performance gave the crowd a climax once again. No one would expect this perverted-looking youngster to be this knowledgeable.

"I know who he is now! He participated last year\'s Knowledege Championship as well. He\'s the pervert from last year!" Someone in the crowd identified who he was. While the name \'Qian Duoduo\' was very recognizable, he looked drastically different from last year. It was no wonder that a lot of people felt that this day-dreaming youngster looked very familiar.

After around twenty questions, Qian Duoduo suddenly asked, "Tell me about Three Graves and Five Classics."

"The Three Graves are Fu Xi, Shen Nong and Huang Di. I don\'t know about the Five Classics. Do you mind telling me?" Li Ao asked softly. I lost to a damned pervert. He must\'ve known my weakness after noticing the trend of my questions, he thought.

Disclaimer: There is a lot of Chinese general knowledge in Knowledge Championship that you don\'t need to know, and won\'t affect the plot.