Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 72

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2/3 chapter of the week. Enjoy reading~

"Xiahou Tian, these people are the representatives from Wucheng Subhigh." At the walkway backstage, the representatives from both sides bumped into each other.

"The leader standing in front is Guo Huai?" Xiahou Tian asked. "Lame, I thought he\'d be someone really impressive."

"Brother Huai, the alliance of seven schools have had a roster swap. I don\'t recognize the leader on their side. He\'s not in the official name list," Qian Duoduo said softly.

"It doesn\'t matter who we\'re going against. Imagine how embarrassing it\'d be if we lose even when the magnificent me is here," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Guo Huai, I\'m Xiahou Tian. See you later," Xiahou Tian said when both teams met.

"I hope you can make the competition memorable," Guo Huai said before walking up the stage with the other six participants.

After a while, Nangong Lingmo said, "Brother Naughty Boy, that guy is a poweruser. I felt some discomfort earlier. I don\'t know what he can use, we have to be careful."

"Don\'t worry, Kiddo. We\'ll be fine" Guo Huai said as he patted Nangong Lingmo\'s head.

"Guo Huai is not someone we should be afraid about. The kid behind him is not an ordinary person. Don\'t you guys know that she\'s in Chinese Poweruser Organisation?" Xiahou Tian asked the people behind him.

"Friend, have you been reading too many novels lately? There isn\'t any poweruser in the world. If there is, why does she even go to school?" a student from Ninety Two High said with a smile.

"Ahem, ahem. Put me down!" the student said loudly. Xiahou Tian only looked at him to lift him up, without even moving his hands.

"Shut the hell up if you know nothing," Xiahou Tian said as he stared at the guy.

"Shi Yong, what happened to you earlier?" the one beside Shi Yong asked softly.

"Superpowers. Xiahou Tian has superpowers! The moment he looked at me, I felt a hand choking my neck and could not breathe. It\'s so scary," Shi Yong muttered.

"No wonder Headmaster Cao pushed him so hard to represent the alliance. I guess Wucheng Subhigh\'s dream will not come true anymore. Hahah! As long as they don\'t win the competition, I\'m happy," Qiao Mu said happily.

Wucheng Hall was the largest hall in Wucheng County. It could accommodate around 30 thousand people. Last week, they started selling tickets of Knowledge Competition to the public. Within merely 24 hours, the tickets got sold out. The competition started at nine in the morning, but there were already people in the hall since four in the morning.

"Old Man Wang, why are you here? I thought you didn\'t manage to get a ticket?" Two middle-aged men were chatting with each other below the stage.

"Do you think I can be stopped by a ticket? Hahah!" Old Man Wang replied.

"Woah, you used 4 thousand bucks to buy a 40-buck ticket? I\'m impressed, hahah," another middle-aged man said.

"Isn\'t it just 4 thousand yuan? Once Wucheng Subhigh wins the competition, my 10 thousand will quickly turn into 100 million. Hahah! 4 thousand is nothing to me," Old Man Wang said happily. The people in front of him all placed a bet on the forum. However, they all lost money as they expected Guo Huai to lose at the first round.

"Old Man Wang, you shouldn\'t be this happy. If Wucheng Subhigh doesn\'t win, your 10 thousand will evaporate just like that. How are you going to explain to your furious wife when that happens? Hahah!"

"We shall see," Old Man Wang said.

"Ladies and gentlemen, nice to see you all here. I\'m one of the hosts today, He Tiezui. This beautiful lady beside me will be my partner for the today," He Tiezui said as he pointed at the pretty lady wearing mini skirt beside him.

"It\'s great to see you all. I\'m Han Feifei. It\'s my absolute honor to be the host for this year\'s Knowledge Championship. I\'m also glad to have Senior Tiezui to be my partner today. I hope I can match these 14 highly talented students who are going to give us an intense performance. I will try my best today. Can everyone give me a round of applause?" Han Feifei asked as she bowed. The crowd then clapped really loudly.

"Ahem, ahem. This girl is sick. She needs treatment," Guo Huai said as he coughed.

"Naughty Boy! Stay focused," Nangong Lingmo said angrily.

"Senior Tiezui, may I know how the winner will be decided today?" Han Feifei asked with a smile.

"Han, that\'s a very good question," He Tiezui replied, smiling. "This year\'s Knowledege Championship is very different with the ones from previous years. There will be two stages this time. For the first one, each person from each side will give the opponent a question. Each correct answer awards one mark. A participant loses when he or she fails to answer a question. The final participant will have to answer 100 questions to end the round," He Tiezui said.

"The second stage will consist of quick response questions. I will tell you guys the rules later on," He Tiezui continued speaking. "As I introduce the judges this time, the participants from both sides should come up with a strategy."

The representatives from Wucheng Subhigh all looked at Guo Huai. He then arranged the few of them in ascending order.

"Tang Xi, You Youyou, Zhao Xuan, Qian Duoduo, Murong Weiwei, Nangong Lingmo, this will be the arrangement. Do you have any objections? I will be the last," Guo Huai said. The others then nodded together.

"I\'ll be the last and Xiaoxiao will be the sixth. You guys may decide for the rest," Xiahou Tian said with a smile.

"Let\'s give our judges a round of applause as a warm welcome!" He Tiezui said. He then introduced the judges. "The principal of Wucheng University, Li Zhonghua!" An old man in his sixties then waved at the crowd.

"In the first round of the competition, the participants from both sides will each give a question and give an answer until either side fails to answer. Everyone has their own blind spots. If any unfair question makes an appearance, I\'ll step in immediately," Li Zhonghua said humbly.

"Lin Yu, one of the disciples of Ceasewind Grandmaster!" He Tiezui continued introducing the judges. Lin Yu then stood up and nodded at the crowd as she looked at Guo Huai.

"The principle of Chinese Literary Society, Mr Jiang Weimin!"

"The head of Chinese Historiography Research Centre, Mr Zheng Yu!"

"The leaders of the past seven winning teams of Knowledge Championship. Let\'s give them a round of applause!" He Tiezu said. Seven youngsters then stood up and waved at the crowd.