Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 71

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Ring! Ring! Guo Huai got awakened by a phone call. "Brother Huai, come here quickly! Everyone\'s waiting for you." Eight o\'clock in the morning, the entrance of Wucheng Subsidiary High School crowded, since the official Knowledge Championship would take place an hour later at Wucheng Hall. Six out of the seven representatives of Wucheng Subhigh gathered there, leaving only Guo Huai who was in his sweet dreams.

"Doesn\'t it start at nine? What time is it now?" Guo Huai asked on phone as he yawned. Last night together with Jade, he tried to open Laojun Gourd which he got from the auction earlier. Unfortunately, Jade almost got beaten into her original shape as a result of the backlash while our dear Guo Huai got injured once again.

"It\'s eight o\'clock already. We\'ll be having breakfast together and head to the hall at nine sharp. Quickly come over," Tang Xi said loudly.

"Alright, I\'ll be there in ten minutes." Guo Huai slowly got out of his bed and yawned. Looking at Laojun Gourd, he shook his head helplessly.

"I bet Jade will only wake up later in the afternoon. I guess I\'ll deal with Knowledge Championship first," Guo Huai said as he took out a custom-made Armani clothing. He could not just attend the event wearing pyjamas, right?

At eight twenty, Li Xunyu looked at his watch. "Guo Huai, I\'m giving you the final warning! We especially informed the seven of you to reach the school entrance by eight o\'clock. You delayed everyone\'s schedule. I hope you do not repeat your mistake," Li Xunyu said angrily.

"Old Man, calm down. I got too worn out doing something last night. It\'s my fault," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Let\'s go, we\'d be late if you continue your scolding."

"Our opponent this time isn\'t just some random school. We\'re facing the alliance of seven schools. I believe you guys have done enough preparation. Being the best-performing student of Wucheng Subhigh, I hope you guys can set history," Li Xunyu said loudly on the bus.

Li Xunyu\'s words made the few representatives extremely determined and motivated, excluding Guo Huai of course.

"Cao, we promised to send out one representative from each school. Why did you bring two candidates today? It doesn\'t make much sense, does it? Although our schools are generally not as good as your Ninth High, I don\'t think the best students from our schools are any different knowledge-wise," the headmaster of Sunshine High, Xu Wuyi said.

"Xu, do you really think we can win Li Xunyu solely based on the seven of our schools?" Cao Xinglong said and drank some tea. "Although our representatives got chosen after the intense one-month training together, we have less than 10% chance to win Wucheng Subhigh this time."

"Cao, if you want someone to swap out, you should replace Lin Xiaoxiao from your school Ninth High," the headmaster of Seventh High, Zhang Zhengcheng said with a smile.

"No way! The both of them must participate together. Otherwise this guy will refuse to help our alliance," Cao Xinglong said as he shook his head.

"Xinglong, who\'s the guy you\'ve been talking about? You should\'ve let him meet us earlier. You can\'t just expect one of us to give up our seat, right? It\'s not only unfair to the few of our schools, it\'s also unfair for the student who will be kicked out," the headmaster of First High, Yan Gang said.

"There\'s only 30 minutes left. Let\'s gather up your representatives. I\'ll call him over," Cao Xinglong said and walked out of the restroom.

"Tian, come over. Ask Xiaoxiao to come as well," Cao Xinglong said to an incredibly good-looking youngster.

The youngster nodded. "Let\'s go there together," he said as he held onto Lin Xiaoxiao\'s hand before following Cao Xinglong into the restroom.

"Xiahou Tian, a new student from Ninth High,\' Cao Xinglong said as he pointed at the youngster.

Qiao Mu from Sunshine High looked at Xiahou Tian and said, "I thought he\'d be some eight-feet-tall, impressive-looking guy. I didn\'t expect him to be a little white face."

"Xiaoxiao, overly handsome guys are not dependable. You\'d be better off being together with me than him. I\'ll be loyal to you, hahah!" Ah Q from First High said.

"Although I don\'t like Qiao Mu and Ah Q, I agree with them this time," Li Ao from Seventh High said with a naughty smile.

"Headmaster, are these people the representatives from other schools? No wonder you\'d think that you guys can\'t win this time. Choosing a tall one within shorties and a treasure within a bunch of trash. So sad," Xiahou Tian said as he shook his head.

"We don\'t have much time left. We haven\'t accepted Cao\'s request yet. If you want to be one of the representatives of the seven-school alliance, you need to show us what you\'ve got," Yan Gang said with a smile.

"These questions are from the question bank. Give me ten minutes and you shall decide whether I\'m qualified or not. I\'m fine if you think I can\'t do it. I won\'t be staying in Wucheng County for long anyway," Xiahou Tian said as he took out a laptop before typing away on the keyboard.

"Time\'s up! Looking at your typing speed, I bet you\'re an expert in Dance Dance Revolution. Hahah!" Qiao Mu said and laughed. Before he stopped laughing, the headmasters of different schools widened their eyes, flabbergasted. In just ten minutes, Xiahou Tian answered 103 questions and only got one wrong. His capability could actually rival Guo Huai.

"I feel like you guys should also know that I\'m fluent in twelve languages. Oh, I\'m also a member of Mensa International," Xiahou Tian said with a smile.

When the few headmasters heard \'Mensa International\', they got deeply astonished. Mensa International was the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world which was only open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized, supervised IQ test. Usually, only people with IQ higher than 180 could join.

"Liu Bing, I guess you should give way to Xiahou Tian. He is indeed stronger than you," the headmaster of Thirty Seventh High, Li Qingxiao said with a smile. Liu Bing then lightly nodded and took down his competition name tag for Xiahou Tian.

"Thanks, Brother. After the competition ends, you may follow me to Beijing. I\'ll give you full scholarship in Beijing Subsidiary High School. If you can prove yourself, I\'ll also recommend you to be an outside member of Mensa International," Xiahou Tian said with a smile as he received the name tag.

When he said that, the seven headmasters got shocked. They could barely guess that Xiahou Tian was from the ancient family in Beijing, Xiahou family. However, since he could promise something this significant, it only proved that Xiahou Tian held a rather high position in his family.

"Then I\'ll thank Brother Xiahou in advance," Liu Bing said with a smile. Although Wucheng County was a rather nice place, it was far from being as good as Beijing. If he could enter Beijing Subsidiary High School, his future would definitely be much brighter.

"Since I\'m a participant of the competition now, I don\'t expect the five of you to help me much. I just hope you guys don\'t cause me any trouble. Don\'t force yourself on questions you can\'t answer," Xiahou Tian said with a smile.

"Let\'s go, I think it\'s time we go on stage. I want to have a look at the guy Guo Huai that Xiaoxiao has been talking about. He must be someone special to be able to force an alliance of seven schools," Xiahou Tian said and entered the walkway at the backstage while holding Lin Xiaoxiao\'s hand.