Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 70

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"Jade, what are you talking about?" Murong Weiwei asked. She wanted to stop Guo Huai, however, she heard Jade saying something.

"Nah, it\'s nothing. The jerk in the boxing ring is very daring to insult you like that. Let Naughty Boy take care of him," Jade said, smiling.

As the two were chatting, Tang Xi and Su Ye rushed over with sweat all over their heads. "Weiwei, Jade, you\'re here as well. I heard something about Guo Huai being involved in a life-and-death agreement. Is it real? Is Brother Huai okay?" they asked nervously.

"Guo Huai, sign it if you\'re a man. Anything that happens in the boxing ring stays in the boxing ring," Xu Hu said loudly.

"I don\'t want to kill anyone," Guo Huai replied. He almost decided to kill the opponent, however, he slowly calmed himself down. Although he did not know how long he would stay in the human world which made it unclear whether or not gathering karma would be useful, at last, he still decided to not kill today.

"Trash, what a pussy," Xu Hu said in contempt.

"I know who sent you all here. Let\'s not waste each other\'s time. The eight of you may come at me at the same time," Guo Huai said as he smiled at Xu Hu.

"Brothers, did you hear that? The Fourth Lord of Wucheng Vile Tetrad just asked us to attack together. We\'ll just just do as he asks! Remember to leave him alive as he did not sign the life-and-death agreement," Xu Hu said.

Guo Huai did not look at Xu Hu, but at someone hiding in a corner of the martial arts hall. Qin Yulong, I won\'t kill you this time. You still owe me a lot of money. Hahah! he thought.

Qin Yulong suddenly felt a chill up his body and pushed his cap down unintentionally. As long as Guo Huai could be crippled, the gambling entry he set up would be demolished as Guo Huai would not represent the school for the competition.

"Brothers, what are you waiting for? Attack!" Xu Hu shouted as he rushed towards Guo Huai.

"Eagle Claw Technique, you\'re such an unappreciative kid. Since you\'re a cultivator, why are you involving yourself in the lives of ordinary people?" Guo Huai said and shook his head. As he leaned to his left side, his hands grabbed onto Xu Hu\'s fingers very quickly.

Snap! Three fingers on Xu Hu\'s right hand were snapped at the same time, causing him to grimace due to the unbearable pain.

"Ah! My hand!" Xu Hu shouted loudly. "Attack! Kill him! Everyone, kill him! Our Black Eagle Sect will be responsible for the consequences!"

The remaining seven people from different sects failed to notice what Guo Huai did and got knocked down onto the ground at the same time. Each of them then held onto different injured places on their bodies and could not move anymore.

"Guo Huai, I want you dead!" Xu Hu said, astonished. He did not expect Guo Huai to be this powerful. Unable to think rationally, he pulled out a pistol before immediately pointing at Guo Huai\'s head.

"Ah! Run! He has a gun!" someone in the crowd shouted. Within just a second, the entire martial arts hall got into a mess.

"Brother Huai, be c—" Before the girls could even finish speaking, the pistol fired.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Xu Hu fired at Guo Huai at a point-blank range. At this moment, Tang Xi and Sun Lingling rushed towards the boxing ring like crazy. Su Ye got so astonished that she could not move, while Murong Weiwei\'s legs softened, making her to fall to the ground.

"Since you were too hungry to kill, you shall die." A bullet flew out from Guo Huai\'s fingers and flew towards Xu Hu, penetrating his head and killing him instantly.

"Brother Huai! Brother Huai! Are you fine?" Tang Xi shouted, with her face full of tears.

"Lingling, take care of them. I\'m fine," Guo Huai said with a smile. He then took out his phone to make a call.

"Father-In-Law, something happened in school which caused someone from Black Eagle Sect to die. It\'d be nice if you could handle it. I\'ll bring Weiwei away for a while," Guo Huai said and ended the call before bringing the few girls out from the martial arts hall.

"X-Xu Hu died. G-Guo Huai just killed someone!" Qin Yulong muttered nervously. "Guo Huai killed someone! He\'s now a murderer! He will be sentenced by the court. He can\'t join the Knowledge Championship anymore!"

"Idiot, do you know what\'s called self defense? Even if everyone keeps quiet, I will be his eyewitness. He did nothing wrong to defend himself," Liu Chuang said. No one knew when he appeared behind Qin Yulong. "Qin Yulong, the matter between us isn\'t ended yet. Let\'s have fun together slowly," he said before leaving the martial arts hall.

As he exit the hall, Liu Chuang phoned the army. "What?! Did you just say Guo Huai caught the bullets with his fingers?!" someone from the army said, shocked. Liu Chuang replied, "If we say the King of Soldiers Li Yao had potential to reach Innate stage, I\'m afraid Guo Huai is already an Innate stage cultivator. If I were to fight him, I don\'t think I can defeat him even with ten people of my capability. He could kill me with ease if he ever wants to."

"Is this Guo Huai someone from the poweruser organization?"

"I have no idea. You may check for yourself if you\'re curious," Liu Chuang said and ended the call, not giving the other side a chance to respond.

"Stupid brat! Did he just hang up on his grandpa? How did my jerk son raise him?" an old man said with a smile at the army.

"I just killed someone," Guo Huai said with a smile as he looked at the people who were dumbstruck. "I didn\'t want to kill him but he shot me first."

"Why are you explaining yourself? He\'s dead after all," Jade said calmly, smiling.

"I just contacted my dad. This matter will be forgotten. You don\'t have to worry," Sun Lingling said softly.

"I just gave my grandpa a call. He\'ll take care of Black Eagle Sect," You Youyou said.

"Don\'t worry, I called Weiwei\'s father earlier. Murong clan will take care of this," Guo Huai said. "Will you all think that I\'m a violent and savage guy?"

"He deserved to die! He drew out his gun first!" Tang Xi and Su Ye said loudly.

Guo Huai involuntarily smiled. He smiled very happily. Nothing felt better than being understood by his own women.

"Hahah, let\'s go to eat. I\'m really hungry now," Guo Huai said before leaving to the canteen with the five girls.

"Guo Huai, are you okay? I heard from some students that you got shot by someone from another school. Are you fine?" Lin Shuang said on phone.

"Thank you for worrying about me, Teacher Lin. I\'m well and alive. Can you come to the canteen to eat with me? I would feel much at ease to eat with a beauty," Guo Huai said.

"I\'m glad that you\'re fine. I will be there immediately," Lin Shuang said and ended the call before leaving to the canteen. She had no idea why she accepted Guo Huai\'s request.

Guo Huai then received a call from Murong Gu. "Everything is in control. Old Man Xiao will talk to Black Eagle Sect. By the way, you should sign yourself up at the poweruser organization if you have superpowers. I know quite a few people from there."

"Thank you, Father-In-Law. I\'m merely an Innate cultivator. That can\'t be counted as a superpower, right? Hahah!" Guo Huai said before ending the call.