Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 7

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"I don\'t have much left, but I\'ll give each of you a bottle. Get me a bottle and I\'ll fill it up for you all," Guo Huai said. "Second Brother, can I have my gourd back?"

"Fourth Brother, here you go. You better not break your promise," Jia Yuan said before giving the gourd back to Guo Huai and sprinting out of the hall.

"Big Brother and Third Brother, quickly get me a bottle. I have to leave early today and get ready for tomorrow\'s class. Hahah," Guo Huai smiled as he said.

After waiting for a full hour, Jia Yuan was the first one to return. Guo Huai got stupefied by Jia Yuan, probably by the wine jar he was holding which had a diameter of more than a meter and a height of half an adult. Props to Jia Yuan that he could bring it here.

"Fourth Brother, as you promised, fill this up for me. I couldn\'t find a bottle, let\'s just use this jar," Jia Yuan said loudly. His shirt was completely soaked by his sweat.

"Fatty, get out of my way," Li Yao said before dashing in with a wine jar bigger than that of Jia Yuan.

"Big Brother, you got this from Old Wine as well right? I saw this but couldn\'t even move it," Jia Yuan said as he panted.

"Fourth Brother, I couldn\'t find a bottle. Let\'s just use this jar," Li Yao said the same thing as Jia Yuan did.

"Damn, aren\'t you two a bit too shameless? Didn\'t Fourth Brother ask for a wine bottle? Why did you two bring a wine jar?" Wang Shen said with a relaxed expression.

"Third Brother, where\'s your wine bottle? Are you really that stupid to only ask for one small bottle?" Jia Yuan asked.

"Please get out of the way, my \'wine bottle\' will be here very soon," Wang Shen laughed and said. "Look, it\'s here."

The three of them turned their heads and looked outside, two buff men carrying a humongous wine bottle and walking towards them could be seen.

"Third Brother, I didn\'t know you were this shameless… Isn\'t this the treasure at Old Wine? How did you even get it here?" Jia Yuan shouted.

"Shameless? Second Brother, what you said is wrong. Mine is still shaped as a wine bottle, more qualified than your wine jar nevertheless," Wang Shen said joyfully.

"My three brothers, you really have so much confidence on me. How much of that tasty wine do you think I have?" Guo Huai rubbed his chin as he said.

"We don\'t care about that, just fill our containers up. If you need money, take it from Second Brother. If you need manpower, I\'ll help. One way or another, you must get it done. Don\'t even think about fooling us with things that taste like horse pee," Li Yao said loudly.

"Alright, bring your containers to my house. Since my three brothers want to drink, I\'ll be more generous this time and fill these guys out," Guo Huai said before walking out of Wucheng Paradise cheerfully.

"Damn, since when did Fourth Brother have so much good wine? I bet it\'ll be hundreds of kilograms if he fills them all up fully," Wang Shen said, flabbergasted.

"I know right, I only took this giant wine jar as a joke to mess with him. I didn\'t expect him to really have this much. But this doesn\'t seem right, if he really has so much of the tasty wine, how did he bear with all the other wines we drank together?" Jia Yuan shook his giant head as he said.

"Why do you have so many questions? I\'ll get a few people to get these wine jars and this giant wine bottle to his home. I don\'t want to carry this giant thing myself like a faggot," Li Yao said before getting manpower from Black Dragon.

"Little Black, you may stand up now. Are they gone?" on the highest floor of Wucheng Paradise, a woman said to Black Dragon who was kneeling on the ground.

"Yes, all gone. I don\'t know what these people were thinking about. The fatty and Li Yao came out of Old Wine with giant wine jars. Wang Shen was more ridiculous -- he carried the treasure of Old Wine out," Black Dragon said softly with absolute respect.

"Alright, the rest is none of your business. You may go back now," the woman said. Black Dragon immediately turned around and left the room before carefully shutting the door.

"Guo Tian, your son was in luck in the car accident. However, I don\'t think luck will be on his side once again in the future," the woman said fiercely, squeezing and breaking the wine glass in his hand, but her jade-like hand did not receive the slightest damage.

"Brother Dragon, you\'re so impressive. I want more!" a woman who was riding on Black Dragon\'s body in the basement of Wucheng Paradise said. Every time Black Dragon met the horrifying woman on the top floor, he would always come to the basement to vent his rage afterwards. He could never forget how the late manager of Wucheng Paradise died. The incident stayed in his mind like it only happened yesterday.

"Brother Dragon, you did really good just now, but I still want to do it again," a charming lady lying on Black Dragon\'s body said with a sweet voice.

"Here\'s a million yuan, wear your shirt and leave," Black Dragon said. The girl then slowly put on her clothes without saying a word. After around ten minutes, they left the basement one after another.

"Leave your containers here and come back tomorrow morning. I\'ll get it done by then," Guo Huai said, chasing his visitors away.

"Fourth Brother, you better not fool around, or else you\'ll be in trouble tomorrow," Jia Yuan said loudly as he looked at his giant wine jar before licking his lips.

"Wucheng Subsidiary High School invitation letter, heheh. This feels about the same as receiving the piece of paper from Uncle Taibai after breaking the nine tribulations and entering heaven," Guo Huai said and smiled involuntarily. "I\'ll fill these things up for these alcoholics first. Losing hundreds of kilograms of my stock certainly feels terrible… I\'m not even sure if the amount I have can last me for this hundred years in this world or not."

"Forget it, I\'ll stop cultivating. Based on the thin spiritual energy in the mortal world, I won\'t even be able to reach Nascent Soul stage given tens of thousands of years of cultivation, just forget about ascension. I\'ll just enjoy this life I guess," Guo Huai said, before coming down from the roof and walking into his room.

"Jade! Jade! You drank so much of my wine, shouldn\'t you let me kiss you?"

"Starlord, you\'re so evil. Plain kissing isn\'t enough, I feel like my mouth is a bit numb. Can you help me take a look?"

Telepath Starlord could be seen grabbing Jade\'s bosom which acted like a button for Jade\'s moaning.

"What a Telepath Starlord. It seems like I shouldn\'t just banish you from heaven. Guards, bring Telepath Starlord to the South Heaven Gate and use divine lightning of the nine heavens to completely eradicate him," Jade Emperor shouted loudly.

"Jade Emperor, I\'m innocent!" Guo Huai shouted as he woke up from his dream.His pyjamas got completely soaked, even the bedding got wet.

"Oh, it\'s only a dream…" Guo Huai muttered. "No, since I have been banished into this world, I\'ll have to use my telepathy powers less often. Otherwise Jade Emperor would be able to use this to threaten me. I can\'t risk my life like that…"

"Master Yao, Master Yuan and Master Shen, our young master is out to school. Before he left, he told me where your things are. Follow me," the housekeeper of Guo family said before guiding the three to the backyard.

"Big Brother, we should open the wine jar and test first, to make sure Fourth Brother didn\'t fill them up with some random liquid," Jia Yuan said softly as he touched his jar.

"Housekeeper, did your young master ask you fill these up with some soft drinks or something? Or did he ask you to buy some wine outside?" Li Yao stared at the housekeeper as he asked.

"Once I woke up in the morning, these two wine jars and this giant wine bottle were already in the backyard. Young master only asked us to stop anyone from touching them and wait for you guys to fetch them away," the housekeeper said softly.