Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 68

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Upon arriving at the restaurant, Tang Xi and Su Ye saw Nangong Lingmo happily ordering food. "Lingmo, you\'re here to eat as well?"

"Yes, Sister Xi. Sister Weiwei will be here very soon. I\'m ordering the dishes first," Nangong Lingmo said, smiling.

"Brother Huai asked us to wait for him here. Are we supposed to be together? Since Brother Huai is with Weiwei at the moment, I guess we\'re going to eat together," Tang Xi said with a smile.

"Yes, we should be eating together. Wait here for a bit, I\'ll go ask for a bigger table from Sixth Grandpa," Nangong Lingmo said.

As Tang Xi, Su Ye and You Youyou appeared in the private room of the restaurant, they immediately saw an angel-like lady sitting on the main seat. "Nice to meet you all. I\'m Chang Xiaoyu, a new student in Wucheng Subhigh," Jade said generously.

"Xi, is Naughty Boy back?" Sun Lingling asked as she entered the room without noticing Jade. "You guys are all here so quick! Oh? Chang Xiaoyu? Goddess of Wucheng Subhigh?" she asked as she looked at Jade from head to toe. Wearing full white, Jade seemed to be able to beautifully blend with the environment, looking incredibly pleasing.

"Sister Lingling, I\'ve heard of your name though I only came here two days ago. Can I ask if you were referring to yourself, me, or these fellow seated ladies as the goddess?" Jade said with a smile.

"So you know Guo Huai as well?" Sun Lingling asked softly as she sat beside Jade.

"She doesn\'t just know him. Sister Jade is Naughty Boy\'s junior sister. They have known each other since young," Nangong Lingmo announced loudly and fearlessly.

"Who\'s my junior sister? Little Lingmo," Guo Huai\'s voice resounded. He entered the room holding Murong Weiwei\'s hand with one arm and a wine gourd with the other. He first looked at Nangong Lingmo, but slowly switched his attention towards Jade.

Flop! The wine gourd in Guo Huai\'s hand fell on the ground. There was a short circuit in his brain.

"Senior Brother, what is it now? Do you not recognize me after leaving the sect for merely a few days?" Jade asked with a smile.

"W-Why are you here?" Guo Huai asked, astonished. He finally knew why it felt so familiar when he first looked at Chang Xiaoyu\'s file. She was the young-edition of the little rabbit from Moon Palace that almost had some relations with him in heaven back then.

Guo Huai slowly walked towards Jade and sat down beside her. Looking at the girls who were staring at the two of them, he immediately started reading Jade\'s mind to find out her intentions.

Telepath Starlord, are you sure you want to play the same game in the human world? Aren\'t you afraid of getting into trouble with Jade Emperor? Jade sent a mental message to Guo Huai.

You didn\'t say anything inappropriate, did you? Guo Huai replied using a mental message as well.

What do you think I would say? Haven\'t you figured out the current situation already? I am now Chang Xiaoyu and you are Guo Huai. We\'re disciples of the same sect. The rest of the explanation to your wives will depend on your imagination. Also, since I\'m in the human world already, remember that I want to be your first wife no matter how disloyal you are, Jade said as she give Guo Huai a death stare.

My first wife? Guo Huai suddenly got really happy. He thought, In heaven, he had to walk one step at a time to pick up a fairy. It\'s great now! A fairy came down for me. Hahah!

Nangong Lingmo who was beside Jade suddenly said loudly, "Sister Jade, Naughty Boy, is there anything you can\'t discuss in front of us? Although I can\'t understand mental messages, I\'m a poweruser as well. Your transmissions of mental messages are harming my body!"

"Ahem, ahem. Kiddo, what are you talking about? I\'ll go check the dishes out," Guo Huai said before running to the door before exiting the room.

After a few minutes, Guo Huai entered the room together with Ren Xuance. "Little Friend, your luck is indeed blessed when it comes to girls. Your line-up is getting bigger day-by-day," Ren Xuance said, shocked.

"What line-up are you talking about? Hahah! Remember the ginsengs I gave you the other day? When you\'re cooking our dishes, think of a way to include them," Guo Huai said, smiling. "I saw a new batch of carrots earlier that looked really fresh. Ask the workers to get us a plate of them after some proper cleaning."

"No need, I have my own carrots," Jade said as she took out a piece of carrot from nowhere before chewing away. Her carrot looked exceptionally crispy.

"Ahem, ahem. Junior Sister, you still love to eat them, don\'t you?" Guo Huai asked as he got speechless looking at the carrot in Jade\'s hands.

"Evil witch! She\'s really an evil witch! Look at her face, look at her body, look at her expression! Xi, your position as the first wife will be stolen by the evil witch very soon," Su Ye whispered to Tang Xi.

"What are you talking about?" Tang Xi asked, blushed. It would be fine if they talked about it in their dorm, however, there were so many people present at the moment. Although Su Ye\'s voice was really low, Jade looked over at her direction.

"Let\'s drink, let\'s drink! I\'ll provide all the wine you want today," Guo Huai quickly said awkwardly. He also heard what Su Ye said. Since Jade came, the post as the first wife would belong to her undoubtedly, but it was not a big deal as she could not do anything to his wives in the human world.

They had a really good time eating together. Guo Huai was rather generous this time, he served everyone at least three cups of his wine. Although no one got drunk, everyone was really curious and kept asking about Guo Huai, which he did a really good job at fudging. What he said was all over the place, but the listeners seemed to have enjoyed his story.

"Naughty Boy, I don\'t get why Sister Jade would like someone like you. There should be a considerable number of talented disciples from your sect. Why did she decide to leave the sect for you? Sigh, Sister Jade, you\'ll regret your decision in no time," Nangong Lingmo said as she looked at the two.

"Kiddo, you\'ll also fall in love with such an excellent youngster like me when you grow up," Guo Huai said shamelessly.

"Guo Huai, you promised to have a look at my illness when you have time. When are you going to do that?" Lin Shuang asked as she looked at her own student Guo Huai, blushing. She did not know whether she blushed because of the alcohol she consumed or she was indeed shy.

"I\'ll find time for you. I have been busy for Knowledge Championship. I\'ll find you after it ends," Guo Huai said with a naughty smile. After Sun Lingling heard what he said, she started blushing as well.

Naughty Boy, you just came to this world for a few days and you made love with a girl already?! A while ago, Jade had already noticed that Sun Lingling was not a virgin anymore. Sun Lingling\'s Nineshade Luosha Body shocked her, however, looking at Sun Lingling\'s reaction, she could easily guess that only the overly daring and extraordinarily perverted Telepath Starlord, Guo Huai, dared to take her Nineshade Luosha Body.