Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 67

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Qian Duoduo stopped moving and talking for a few seconds, dumbstruck. He then said, "I\'ll give Brother Huai a call to ask when he\'ll return."

When Guo Huai picked up Qian Duoduo\'s phone call, he asked, "Qian Duoduo, does it feel good to have a meal with a beauty?"

"Brother Huai, what happened? She got all the way here for you, why are you this calm?" Qian Duoduo asked softly. "Brother Huai, this beauty said she came for you. Can you recall when you offended Sister Jade? Why do I feel like she came to seek revenge?" he asked after walking away from Jade.

"I\'ll reach school in the afternoon. Let\'s talk by then," Guo Huai said and immediately ended the call.

"Hello? Hello?! Brother Huai!" Qian Duoduo still had something to say but the other side had already ended the call.

"Brother Duoduo, if there\'s nothing else, I\'ll go back to my dorm now. Guo Huai said on the phone call that he\'ll be back in the afternoon, right? Let\'s meet in the afternoon then," Jade said before standing up and leaving the canteen.

"How did she listen to what Brother Huai said, being this far away? Does she have the ears of a rabbit or something?" Qian Duoduo murmured, stupefied.

"Sister Jade, you\'re back! The technique Thought Control you taught me earlier is a lot more useful than what I learned from my master. Can you teach me some other stuff?" Nangong Lingmo asked as she saw Jade walking to her direction.

"Kiddo, how many people are in the Chinese Poweruser Organization you mentioned earlier? How good are they?" Jade asked as she sat on the sofa. Somehow, a carrot appeared in his hand which she started chewing on.

"I don\'t have an exact figure of the population. I\'ll be joining a martial arts poweruser competition in a year\'s time. I\'ll know the answer to your question at that time," Nangong Lingmo said softly.

"Since you know Murong Weiwei, didn\'t Guo Huai give you some pills to eat as well?" Jade asked.

"I tried his wonderful wine once. He has superpowers as well. However, he isn\'t registered in the poweruser organization. Naughty Boy will be in trouble if the organization finds out that he abuses his superpower," Nangong Lingmo said softly. "Sister Jade, since you have superpowers as well, I advice you to sign yourself up at the organization one day."

"Guo Huai and I are from the same sect. Our sect isn\'t under the organization\'s control," Jade said with a smile. She rather liked this kiddo in front of her.

"But I don\'t feel like your Senior Brother is anything good. He\'s extremely disloyal and perverted," Nangong Lingmo said, pouting her mouth.

"Hahah, you\'re right! Otherwise, Master wouldn\'t have kicked him out of the sect," Jade said, smiling like a flower.

"Ahh how embarrassing," Nangong Lingmo said. The most humiliating incident that could happen in the martial world was getting kicked out of one\'s sect.

"Hahah, yes it\'s rather embarrassing. However, he seems like he\'s having a great time here," Jade said.

"He always has some wine with him. It tastes spectacular! Elder Sister, do you have some of the wine as well? I\'m craving for it now," Nangong Lingmo said.

"I\'m afraid he\'s the only one who has it. In the entire sect, he is the only person who can craft wine of that quality. This is exactly why he\'s so admired even after he got kicked from the sect, and also the reason I came for him as his Junior Sister. Hahah!" Jade said and laughed. "However, I\'ll ask for some wine from him later. I\'ll make sure you can drink until you\'re satisfied."

"Alright, deal! I\'ll call Sister Weiwei now. Naughty Boy should be with her right now. I\'ll ask when they\'re coming back," Nangong Lingmo said happily.

In the car, Murong Weiwei was surprised that Nangong Lingmo phoned her since it was the first time it happened. "Lingmo, is everything fine? Why did you call me out of the blue?" she asked

"Heheh, Sister Weiwei, are you with Naughty Boy now?" Nangong Lingmo asked loudly.

Guo Huai heard Nangong Lingmo\'s voice and said loudly, "Kiddo, what is it? Are you going through your puberty this young? Do you miss me already?"

"Naughty Boy, why are you so arrogant even after you\'re chased out from your sect? Let me tell you, I know everything about you already. When are you guys coming back? Your Junior Sister is with me now," Nangong Lingmo said.

"Lingmo, what Junior Sister? Brother Huai and I will reach you in no time. What do you want to eat for lunch? Let\'s eat together," Murong Weiwei said, smiling.

"Alright, alright. We\'ll talk later when we meet. I\'ll wait for you guys at the canteen together with Sister Jade. Go there immediately when you\'re in school," Nangong Lingmo said before ending the call.

"The \'Sister Jade\' she was referring to should be Chang Xiaoyu. She\'s at our dorm," Murong Weiwei said as she looked at Guo Huai.

"Kicked out of the sect? My junior sister? Hahah! It\'s getting more and more interesting. I can\'t wait to see who this girl is," Guo Huai said.

"Ye, Brother Huai just called. He\'ll reach school very soon. He asked us to meet at Sixth Grandpa\'s place to eat together," Tang Xi said to Su Ye.

"You can go yourself if you want to. Look at the jerk! How many days has he been in our school? He has this many girls by his side already!" Su Ye said angrily, pouting.

"Are you jealous? I haven\'t even said anything being his first wife. Why is a bed warmer like you getting jealous before me?" Tang Xi asked, smiling.

"Pff! You\'re going to be locked in the cold palace very soon. Why are you still so calm?" Su Ye asked.

[TL note: The cold palace is where emperors of the past banish their disfavored queens and concubines.]

"Well, it\'s fine if you don\'t want to go. I\'ll give Youyou and Sister Lingling a call. Brother Huai said that he\'ll make sure we drink until we\'re satisfied today," Tang Xi said before calling You Youyou\'s phone.

"I\'ll go! I must go. I want to see what this evil witch is capable of!" Su Ye said loudly, determined.

"Lingling, who\'s calling?" Lin Shuang asked with a smile when she noticed Sun Lingling who looked very uncomfortable. In the office, Sun Lingling was helping Lin Shuang in the office. When her phone rang, her face immediately reddened. As Tang Xi was Guo Huai\'s first wife, she felt like she was caught for stealing the other party\'s husband.

"Guo Huai is back. Tang Xi asked me to go have lunch together with them," Sun Lingling said very unnaturally.

"I\'ll follow you there! Naughty Boy hasn\'t been to class for a while. Knowledge Championship will begin very soon. I have to talk to him seriously," Lin Shuang said loudly.

Before Guo Huai and Murong Weiwei reached school, the school\'s online forum had a disturbance once again.

"World War III is going to happen in Sixth Grandpa\'s restaurant as the new beauty stands up for herself," a new thread got posted. If paparazzis saw the picture attached, they would undoubtedly hire the student who photographed the scene. It was captured so perfectly that it seemed like a professional\'s work. The youngster behind the picture must be really talented to be a paparazzi.

In class, Qian Duoduo suddenly received a phone call from a student from Class Two. "Brother Duoduo, the forum this year is a lot more active than when you were in charge. Look at the picture attached in the newest post. So professional!" Qian Duoduo then immediately switched his laptop on.

"Damn it! Is the backyard on fire? No way, I have to take a look with my own eyes!" Qian Duoduo said before rushing out of the class towards the canteen, leaving his laptop on the table.