Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 66

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"Nice to meet you, this one is Xue Dazhu," Xue Dazhu said as he offered his enormous hand.

"Chang Xiaoyu," Jade said as she shook Xue Dazhu\'s hand. As her tiny palm made contact with the giant one, a terrifying aura landed on her body. It was the witch bloodline! This giant guy has the witch bloodline flowing within his body!

"Dazhu, can you stop staring at me? You said it yourself earlier that you have a girlfriend," Jade said. For the past hour, Xue Dazhu\'s eyes had not left Jade\'s direction. Actually, no one knew how the first hour of class ended, including the teacher.

"Sorry, this one did not do it on purpose. Sitting beside you makes me incredibly stressful. I\'ll sit behind after this class ends," Xue Dazhu said. Stressful? Why wouldn\'t he be stressful? Jade was the Jade Rabbit in heaven. She also had the witch bloodline, but hers was already awakened. Naturally, Xue Dazhu would feel uneasy.

"Yeah, please do. Your presence makes me feel uncomfortable as well," Jade said with a smile. Xue Dazhu then ran away like his life was threatened.

"Jade, let\'s eat together in the canteen. My treat!" Qian Duoduo said. After the class had ended, Qian Duoduo quickly approached Jade to seize the opportunity.

"If you\'re not afraid of your girlfriend getting mad, I can accept your request. I have something to ask you," Jade said, smiling.

"The Beauty Leaderboard in Wucheng Subhigh Changes as a Goddess from Class One Emerged."

A new thread was opened in the online forum with Jade\'s picture attached, causing a huge commotion.

"Your photoshop skills are indeed commendable. If OP can bring me to meet this perfect girl, I will eat shit in front of everyone," Passerby A replied to the thread.

"OP must\'ve mixed up anime and the real world," Passerby B replied.

"Authentication complete! The photoshopped girl by OP must be from Mars. That\'s because it\'s impossible for a girl like that to exist on Earth," Passerby C said.

"Rumor has it that the fifth post always has the correct answer. Let\'s see what the fifth post says," Passerby D replied, occupying the fourth post.

"A,B,C,D are all idiots. This female student is from our class. She\'s eating lunch with the former admin of the forum, Qian Duoduo. They\'re at the West Court of the canteen now. Also, please be ready to eat shit, A." The fifth post was written by someone from Class One.

"The West Court of the canteen gets overly full following the emergence of a goddess on the first floor."

"Attention to every student from Wucheng Subhigh. There are multiple students from Ninth High making their school transfer procedures into our school. We must reject such requests to protect our goddess!"

"Goddess identified at Guo Huai\'s girlfriend. Onlookers may leave now." Yet another post appeared in the online forum. At this moment, Su Ye immediately called Guo Huai\'s phone angrily.

"Ye, I haven\'t seen you in a while. Do you miss me?" Guo Huai asked. He was still in the car on the way back to school together with Murong Weiwei. When he saw Su Ye calling him, he did not avoid it and immediately picked it up, leaving Murong Weiwei smiling.

"Naughty Boy, you\'re indeed impressive. She even found her way to school and you\'re having your good time outside. When are you coming back? Xi is waiting for your explanation. You better think of a good excuse. Otherwise, your corpse will float on the river behind our school!" Su Ye said loudly.

"Ye, what are you talking about? It was you who wanted to ask. What does it have to do with me?" Tang Xi said.

"Who\'s the \'she\' you referred to? Is it a stunning beauty with bigger boobs than you, a better look than Weiwei, a more polite attitude than Xi and far more confidence than Youyou?" Guo Huai asked, smiling.

"You jerk! So it\'s all true then. Wow, Naughty Boy! I\'m so pissed right now. When did you get together with an evil witch like her?! Just wait, we\'ll deal with you when you\'re back!" Su Ye said angrily.

"What are you talking about? I\'ve been together with Weiwei for the past few days. What evil witch are you talking about?" Guo Huai asked, shocked. "Although the brilliant me is perverted, I wouldn\'t get together with every pretty girl, right?"

"Do you still want to deny your mistake? Look at it yourself. Do you know this girl?" Su Ye said as she sent a picture to Guo Huai\'s phone.

"Chang Xiaoyu? Oh, she entered school already?" Guo Huai asked.

"And you still dared to act innocent?! You even know her name! Nevermind, you still have time to think of an excuse on your way back. Your little brother Qian Duoduo is eating with her at the canteen now," Su Ye said before immediately ending the call.

"What is it, Brother Huai? Did anything happen?" Murong Weiwei asked as she noticed Guo Huai looking confused.

"Nah, it\'s nothing. Someone really interesting came to our school. She looks as good as us," Guo Huai said and smiled. "You may look for her on the online forum with your phone."

"She\'s so pretty," Murong Weiwei said unintentionally while staring at the picture posted on the forum.

"So pretty that it\'s not realistic," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Weiwei, what will you think if this girl falls in love with me as well? Will you get jealous?"

"Why would I be jealous? I would\'ve died of jealousy long ago looking at Xi, Youyou, Ye and Sister Lingling. You even want to try to get Teacher Lin Shuang. Do you think I don\'t know about it? Humph! I\'m getting angry just by thinking about it," Murong Weiwei said, smiling.

"Ahem, ahem. After listening to you, your husband does have a lot of girls, doesn\'t he? But I\'m not playing with your feelings. Heheh, let\'s go back and have a look at this \'evil witch\' that even shocked my Beauty Weiwei," Guo Huai said.

"Brother Duoduo, how many girlfriends does Guo Huai have? Are you for real? How do these girls interact with each other peacefully?" Jade asked with a smile.

"This is why Brother Huai is so impressive. My fellow sister-in-laws interact very well with each other. However, there\'s something that only I know about him," Qian Duoduo said with a perverted face.

"What is it? Can you Brother Duoduo tell me about it?" Jade asked.

"Brother Huai is a fast shooter! When I first met Brother Huai, his little junior fired at the count of three!" Qian Duoduo said very softly.

"Ahem, ahem. Are you for real? Guo Huai wasn\'t like this when I knew him back then," Jade said honestly.

"Sister Jade, did you really know Brother Huai back then? Wait, did you transfer into this school to find Brother Huai?!" Qian Duoduo asked, shocked. He refused to believe that even a flawless lady like Jade would come all the way from another country to look for his boss Brother Huai.

"Yes, I\'m indeed here for him. I wonder if he can still recognize me or not," Jade said with a smile.