Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 65

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"Huai, you shouldn\'t have done that," Murong Gu said as he shook his head.

"Father-In-Law, you don\'t feel sad for her, right? Hahah," Guo Huai said, smiling. "Weiwei, Brother Long, was my slap hard enough?"

"Brother Huai, you really shouldn\'t have done that. The woman from Nangong clan will not let you go so easily," Murong Weiwei said, worried.

"What has happened cannot be undone. Let\'s not worry too much, shall we?" Guo Huai said with a smile. "Don\'t worry, they can come to me all they want if they want to seek revenge."

"Hahah! Brother-In-Law, you were really impressive!" Murong Long said and laughed. When he called Guo Huai \'Brother-In-Law\', Murong Weiwei immediately blushed as her heart raced.

"Brother Long, the pill I gave you earlier hasn\'t been fully absorbed by your body yet. When it is, you should be able to reach Innate stage. This is an ancient scripture of Tai Chi for you. How far you go depends on your understanding," Guo Huai said and passed Murong Long a small booklet.

"Fellow seniors, thank you for helping earlier. I just thought of a way to treat your hidden diseases. However, you have to provide the medicinal materials that are required for treatment," Guo Huai said, smiling. "I\'ll write you the prescription later. You guys may let Fei deliver them to me to this address and I\'ll give them to my master for pill refinement."

"Don\'t worry, you\'ll get the materials and herbs in seven days," the three said happily. "You don\'t have to worry about Nangong clan. In the martial world of Wucheng County, people have to seek our agreements before doing anything."

"Since the three seniors are people of the martial world, it\'s best not to take part in resentment. The cycles of nature always continues, which will be bad for you. If Nangong clan wants to come at me, let them do so. I will let them understand what agony and regret truly are," Guo Huai said furiously.

"Brother-In-Law, we\'ll be going back to school later. Your body has just recovered and you should understand what situation it\'s in more than I do. In the very near future when you step into Innate stage, it\'s when you truly become a cultivator. You mustn\'t use your combat power to hurt others. Otherwise, when karma sticks on your body, it\'ll be really hard for you to have a breakthrough," Guo Huai said, smiling.

"I understand. I discussed with Father earlier. We\'ll send our ghostguards to protect you and Weiwei silently. Don\'t reject our offer, it\'s easy to dodge a visible arrow but difficult to prevent being injured by an invisible one," Murong Long said.

In the next morning, Murong Weiwei and Guo Huai left Murong residence. "Brother Huai, thank you," Murong Weiwei said when they were on their way back to school. However, the two of them were not aware that something shocking happened in Wucheng Subsidiary High School yesterday.

"Hi, everyone. I am Chang Xiaoyu, a new student in Class One. You guys may call me Jade. I have a lot to learn from you," a girl said. Lin Shuang brought her into class early in the morning. The first time she saw Chang Xiaoyu, she got dumbstruck. This new student was extremely stunning and exerted confidence, not to mention she had an almost flawless body in addition to being the inheritor of a major clan in America. According to Li Xunyu, God must have given this girl everything she could want.

[TL note: The \'yu (玉)\' in Chang Xiaoyu means Jade.]

A youngster from Class One said loudly, "Beauty, do you have a boyfriend? If you don\'t, I can be yours temporarily. I don\'t drink, smoke, gamble or look for prostitutes."

"Since Brother Huai isn\'t here, a beauty like her should belong to me, Qian Duoduo, and no one else!" Qian Duoduo said. He had been staring at Chang Xiaoyu since she entered the class, without even blinking for once.

"She\'s too pretty! Her look could rival Murong Weiwei, but her body absolutely wrecks Murong Weiwei\'s, just like Teacher Lin\'s body." The guys sitting near the back were blown away and were discussing about her.

The most surprising thing to Lin Shuang was not the reactions of the guys, but the girls. Every girl in the class did not try to bring her down, but treated her extremely well and polite.

"Xiaoyu, you may look for a seat for yourself. The class will start soon," Lin Shuang said to Chang Xiaoyu, smiling.

Jade looked around before walking towards Qian Duoduo with a smile. She then sat down in front of Qian Duoduo, exactly at Guo Huai\'s seat.

"Beauty, this seat is occupied, but the student is absent today. You can\'t sit here," Qian Duoduo said with a smile.

"I\'ll sit here then," Jade said as she switched to the seat beside Guo Huai\'s.

"This seat belongs to my Sister-In-Law, she\'s absent as well," Qian Duoduo said softly.

"May I ask if the seat beside you is occupied? I\'ll sit beside you," Jade asked Qian Duoduo. Although she had very limited divine power in the human world, she could sense that this guy in front of her must have consumed medicinal pills in the past. Although the pills were not anything special, they should not exist in the human world. She was certain that this guy was related to Telepath Starlord.

"Erm… Yes, it\'s empty!" Qian Duoduo said excitedly.

"If this seat is empty, can you switch here? I like to sit near the outside," Jade said.

"Alright, alright! I\'ll sit on the inside and you\'ll sit on the outside," Qian Duoduo said and smiled.

"Thank you," Jade said as she switched to Qian Duoduo\'s seat.

"Brother Duoduo, can you come out for a while? I want to go back to my seat," a rough sound resounded. Before Qian Duoduo\'s chair even heated up, someone with a very rough voice said something. Yes, it was Xue Dazhu, and Qian Duoduo was sitting exactly on the former\'s seat.

"Dazhu, look for another seat and sit down. Give me this seat," Qian Duoduo said shamelessly.

"No way!" Xue Dazhu said loudly.

"I\'ll pay you a month\'s worth of food money. I\'ll buy you anything you want to eat," Qian Duoduo said very softly.

"No need, this one doesn\'t lack money nor food. A few days later when Guo Huai wins the competition, I\'ll have tens of millions of dollars. I don\'t need your money now," Xue Dazhu said with a smile.

"I\'ll help you to deal with the girl Shen Birou from year twelve, Sun Lingling\'s best friend!" Qian Duoduo said loudly.

"I don\'t need this as well. I already dealt with her," Xue Dazhu said as he took his phone out. It was a picture of Shen Birou hugging Xue Dazhu on screen.

"Damn! You have a girlfriend already. Why do you still want to sit here?" Qian Duoduo asked, shocked.

"This one just wants to sit near Brother Huai," Xue Dazhu said loudly. "Brother Duoduo, if you don\'t get your ass off now, this one will call Sister Hu to tell her what happened today. At that time, you\'ll still have to leave and get a scolding."

Qian Duoduo gave Xue Dazhu a death stare before standing up and walking away helplessly. Xue Dazhu sat on the chair and looked at Jade. Jade was also looking at him with her eyes wide open. Is this giant guy a student here? He doesn\'t look like one, she thought.

Karma (业 yè) (缘 yuán) (因果 yīnguǒ) (功德 gōngdé) - cosmic merit or demerit accumulated throughout one\'s life based on one\'s deeds.