Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 64

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Bang! Bang! Bang! A middle-aged man beside Nangong Qian stepped forward and struck down three of Murong Gu\'s shadowguards with three hits.

"Shaolin disciple, he\'s not weak," Guo Huai said with a smile, looking at the middle-ager. "Fei, go and fight him. His weak spot is on his back."

"Little Friend, that guy is called Zhao Zhenshan. I wouldn\'t dare to go against his Bagua Palm. Are you sure letting Fei go is appropriate?" Xiao Yuntian asked softly.

"Let him go. It\'s a great opportunity for him to get used to his body. Being a cultivator, it\'s only normal to get injured once in a while. Hahah!" Guo Huai said and laughed. Murong Fei looked at his master once before leaping in front of Zhao Zhenshan.

"Kiddo, piss off if you don\'t want to die," Zhao Zhenshan said disrespectfully.

"Is Murong residence a place enter whenever you want? Auntie Nangong, you\'re allowed to enter but these people shall wait outside," Murong Fei said as he smiled at Nangong Qian.

"Go away, you spoilt kid. I\'d whack you even if you\'re one of Murong clan," Nangong Qian said.

"Since Auntie Nangong doesn\'t intend to back off, you may let him come to me," Murong Fei said with a very punchable expression. "But, I\'m not sure if he can defeat me or not."

Nangong Qian got so mad that her face reddened. She said loudly, "Get him, as long as he doesn\'t die. Murong clan has gotten so arrogant that even a kid dares to talk to me like that!"

"You\'re the disciple of Eightstage Collapse, Xiao Yuntian. No wonder you dare to be this cocky. If you can\'t beat me, I don\'t even think your master can defeat me after that," Zhao Zhenshan said loudly. "I\'ll teach you how to be a good kid on behalf of your master!"

"Cut the crap!" Murong Fei shouted before rushing towards Zhao Zhenshan.

Bang! Murong Fei landed a punch. Zhao Zhenshan smiled in contempt and put out a punch to counter the attack instead of dodging. However, Zhao Zhenshan immediately regretted his decision the moment their fists met. His palm may have been crippled by Murong Fei since he only exerted 30% of his force while Murong Fei treated him like a real opponent. Although both of them were still at Acquired stage, one step away from Innate stage, Murong Fei\'s punch was extremely forceful as a result of aggregated internal energy. Zhao Zhenshan got struck down before spitting out fresh blood.

"Pfft! I thought you were some kind of martial expert. You\'re not that strong after all," Murong Fei said disdainfully. Although he had taken advantage of Zhao Zhenshan who held back during the fight, he still did not care about the opponent\'s feelings and insulted him in front of everyone.

Zhao Zhenshan spat out a lot of blood. Had he lost to Xiao Yuntian, Murong Fei\'s master, he wouldn\'t get too angry. However, he got struck down by a kid with only a punch. He had thrown the face of his entire family there. The most hateful thing was he did not go all out to avoid heavily injuring Murong Fei. Zhao Zhenshan got so enraged that he went unconscious.

"Auntie Nangong, I suggest you to go in alone, or you can let the people behind you to fight me," Murong Fei said confidently. He did not care even if he couldn\'t defeat those people. He just wanted to show off after luckily winning his first match.

"Stupid Brat, couldn\'t you see Zhenshan didn\'t go all out? I\'ll fight you," an old man standing behind Nangong Qian said before leaping in front of Murong Fei.

"He\'s Tiger Crane Fist, Huang Dacheng! He had always been in Hong Kong. Why is he here in China now?" Xiao Yuntian said softly.

"Let\'s walk forward and have a look. It\'s fine if Fei got defeated. However, being cultivators and guests of Murong clan, we can\'t just watch them being this arrogant here, right?" Guo Huai said before bringing the three highly-skilled martial artists to the front line. He did not want to fight today if the situation could be handled by the others.

After more than thirty rounds of crossing hands with Huang Dacheng, Murong Fei lost as a result of low combat experience. "Ahem ahem. You\'ve trained for more years than my age, but your ability is this underwhelming. If the magnificent me did not fight with the stupid Zhao earlier I may have beaten you," Murong Fei said. Although he lost the battle, his mouth certainly did not lose. What he said made Huang Dacheng very livid.

"Huang Dacheng, it\'s nothing that you defeated a kid. Let\'s fight," Xiao Yuntian said as he stepped forward. "Fei, back off and observe properly. You used Eightstage Collapse wrongly just now," he said before immediately rushing towards Huang Dacheng.

"Let\'s not stand here doing nothing. You two, go against me at the same time," Xie Yukui said loudly. Since Guo Huai could revive Murong Long, Xie Yukui had a small hope that his hidden disease would be cured as well. Guo Huai even agreed to help him. It was only the matter of courtesy that he jumped in to be a fighter today.

"Everyone, stop!" Murong Gu said loudly as he approached the crowd, with Murong Weiwei and Murong Long on his sides. "Nangong Qian, why are you so free today? What do you think you\'re doing, causing so much trouble in Murong residence? Do you possibly want to marry into Murong clan once again?"

"Murong Gu, let my uncle go and I\'ll leave immediately," Nangong Qian said loudly before looking at Murong Long. "No wonder you look so happy today. Your illegitimate son has recovered, I suppose? However, you shouldn\'t be so careless anymore. I bet he\'d lie down again any time soon."

"Nangong Qian, get your ass off from Murong residence together with your people. I\'m very pleased today and I promised not to kill anybody, but I don\'t guarantee that you won\'t be beaten," Murong Gu said loudly.

"Let him go and I\'ll leave," Nangong Qian replied.

"Why do you even want him back? He\'s dead already. Father-In-Law, why aren\'t you accepting her request? If she really wants him back, give her the corpse already. Isn\'t he still in the backyard waiting to be buried?" Guo Huai said fearlessly.

Nangong Qian got shocked, then she hurriedly asked, "Is this fellow telling the truth?"

"Did you just refer me as \'this fellow\'? I wonder what I should call you," Guo Huai said while staring at Nangong Qian. "I shot a bullet in your uncle\'s head. If he still can walk out alive, it\'d be a miracle. If you don\'t have any other business here, bring his body and the others away from here."

"Great, great, great!" Nangong Qian repeated. Nobody had ever dared to speak to her this way since she was born, let alone a kid younger than her. "Murong Gu, since he called you \'Father-In-Law\', he must be the slut\'s man. Excellent! Just wait, I may not dare to deal with the people from Murong clan, however, I want this kid dead!"

Slap! Nobody saw what happened. There was a red palm mark on Nangong Qian\'s face. "This is what you get for being a bitch. If you want to go against the brilliant me, show me all what you\'ve got. If your mouth can\'t speak properly, it won\'t just be a slap the next time I do something," Guo Huai said.

Just as Nangong Qian wanted to say something, an old man who had been silent all the time stopped her, saying, "Mistress, the person who slapped you is already in Innate stage. We can\'t defeat him."

"Murong Gu, I\'ll make sure that you regret what you\'ve done today. Leave!" Nangong Qian said before leaving.