Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 63

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"Brother, my life will belong to you since you saved me," Murong Long said softly to Guo Huai who was in a trance.

After around an hour, Guo Huai opened his eyes and slowly stood up. I really shouldn\'t do something like this too often, he thought.

"Brother Huai, do you have more pills? Please give me one more! Just how many of them do you have? I\'m only one step away from Innate stage," Murong Fei said loudly.

"Please speak softer, you\'re an an Innate expert before the age of twenty. Be careful of the jealous people who may think of harming you," Guo Huai said with a smile before looking at Murong Long. "Brother-In-Law, try using your internal energy. Have a feel of your body and see if it has completely recovered or not."

"Brother-In-Law? Hahah, Weiwei has picked the right man. Thank you very much," Murong Long said happily.

"Let\'s go, your illness is dealt with, but how you are poisoned isn\'t solved yet. We\'ll go have dinner now," Guo Huai said before walking out of the room. There were a lot of people in the house. The few old men beside Murong Gu were all very close to Innate stage.

"Master!" Murong Fei said to one of the old men.

"Fei, very good!" the old man said. He was very happy that his apprentice was almost at the same level with him.

"The inheritor of Eightstage Collapse, inheritor of Sevenstar Mantis Fist, inheritor of Sevenhurt Fist, Father-In-Law, this array is very impressive," Guo Huai said with a smile. Ignoring the others, he sat beside Murong Weiwei. When he addressed Murong Gu as \'Father-In-Law\', Murong Weiwei immediately blushed before Murong Gu could even react.

"Hahah, I\'m really pleased today. Have a seat, everyone," Murong Gu said awkwardly.

"Huai, I want to really thank you for allowing this family to eat together again like this. Thank you very much," Murong Gu said loudly. "Murong Long, Guo Huai saved your life. You should properly thank him one day."

"Father, I will," Murong Long said and nodded. Murong Weiwei had been staring at his elder brother happily. No one would know how happy she was at this moment to finally see his brother, who had been playing with her since young, to wake up again.

"Everyone is here. The dishes can be served now," Guo Huai said, looking at Meng Zhuang.

Meng Zhuang lightly nodded and placed various kinds of delicious foods on the table.

"Chaos Open Pork, Yinyang Water Chestnut, Jugged Chicken Cucumber, Nineyin Beer Peanut, Threeyang Dog, Two Color Secret Bean, Thousand Burrow Rabbit, Old Ghost Celery, Salted Crucian Carp, Walking Lettuce, Dragon Fried Foie Gras and Dancing Phoenix Egg," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Meng Zhuang, isn\'t it inappropriate to set the dishes down like this?" He then reached out to switch the positions of the dishes.

Murong Long was deeply touched. Looking at the table full of dishes, he said, "These are all my favorite. Thank you, Uncle Meng." He was really happy that the chef at his house still remembered what he liked although he went unconscious for six years.

"Let\'s eat, fellow seniors from the martial world," Guo Huai said, smiling.

Just as the few of them reached out for food, Meng Zhuang kneeled on the ground, shouting, "Master, I\'m also guilty! This little friend has sharp eyes. I thought no one would find out what I have been doing. I\'m guilty!"

"Speak!" Murong Gu said loudly while squinting at Meng Zhuang.

"The ingredients of these twelve dishes are made according to the Calendar of Yin and Yang. They are supposed to balance each other out. However, I made the complete opposite for Young Master\'s dishes," Meng Zhuang said softly with his head lowered.

"Whose idea was it?" Murong Gu asked.

Before Meng Zhuang could speak, Murong Yan, who was beside him, reached for his skull. As he wanted to exert force, Guo Huai held onto Murong Yan\'s wrist tightly, making him unable to do so.

"Grandpa Yan, are you trying to kill the witness?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

"I understand now. Huai, let him go," Murong Gu said. He looked like he instantly got a few years older. He stared at Murong Yan for a few seconds before slowly closing his eyes, taking a deep breath.

Murong Yan kneeled beside Meng Zhuang, saying, "Master, Murong Yan is guilty as well."

"It\'s Nangong Qian, right?" Murong Gu asked helplessly. "You guys may get up now. I\'m really happy that Long can wake up today. No one will be killed today."

Meng Zhuang then stood up and rearranged the dishes on the table silently. While he was doing so, he did not dare to look at Murong Long.

"My useless grandson owes more than 100 million abroad, and I didn\'t dare to inform Master. I was the one who brought Meng Zhuang into Murong clan. Back then, Nangong Yu repaid all my grandson\'s debts, with the request that I bring his friend in here. I didn\'t know he\'d do harm to Long," Murong Yan said softly.

"Let\'s eat," Murong Gu said with a smile. "I\'m sorry to let the three of you see a scene this embarrassing today."

"Hahah, Gu, it\'s something worth celebrating that Long has recovered. However, the three of us don\'t have to protect him from now on since there\'s an expert sitting beside him," the 138th inheritor of Eightstage Collapse, Xiao Yuntian, said.

"I guess what he said is right. May I know how you looked through us at first glance?" the inheritor of Sevenstar Mantis Fist, Wang Tianluo, asked Guo Huai. "I wonder who your master is."

"I prefer to not reveal everything to everyone. However, since the few of you are Father-In-Law\'s guests, I\'ll find a way to take care of your hidden diseases. Since everything is taken care of, let\'s start eating," Guo Huai said with a smile. Ignoring the other, he pinched some vegetables for Murong Weiwei using his chopsticks before starting to eat.

"Hahah, you\'re indeed generous. The few of us old men will thank you now in advance," the three old men said. It was safe to assume every cultivator to have some form of hidden disease, especially Xie Yukui of Sevenhurt Fist. Practicing this technique would get himself hurt at seven aspects. In a human body, there existed two Qi: Yin and Yang, and five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The so-called \'Sevenhurt\' meant injuring himself at seven places before damaging others. He had been suffering the torturous hidden disease every day. It was only natural that he got elated hearing it was possible for him to recover.

As everyone was happily enjoying dinner, a guy leaped to Murong Gu and whispered something. Suddenly, Murong Gu\'s expression turned really dark.

"Gu, what is it? Is someone here to ask for trouble?" Wang Tianluo asked, smiling.

"Nangong Qian is here," Murong Gu said honestly. "You guys may continue eating. I\'m curious of her intentions."

"I\'m already half-full eating so much food. Let\'s go there together," Guo Huai said as he stood up. He wanted to see who the mistress of Nangong clan was.

"What? Do I have to file a report to you all when I come to visit Murong Gu? Piss off if you don\'t want to die," a woman in her thirties said loudly. She brought a group of people into the living hall of Murong residence.

Yin & Yang (阴阳 yīnyáng) - the duality present in all aspects of the universe. For instance: Yin is Female / Soft / Death / Dark / the Moon, while Yang is Male / Hard / Life / Light / the Sun - the comparisons are endless. Yin & Yang describe how opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they mutually give rise to each other.