Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 62

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"Brother Huai, Elder Brother is pulled out of the wooden barrel already. What should we do now?" Murong Weiwei whispered into Guo Huai\'s ear. Initially, it was Murong Fei\'s job to rush over for questions, however, Guo Huai heavily scolded him. No matter what Murong Gu said, Murong Fei refused to piss off Guo Huai who had not gotten any rest. For her brother\'s sake, Murong Weiwei bit her lips to come over and bother Guo Huai.

"Girl, why can\'t you let me rest for a while? Since he\'s out already, put him on the bed. I\'ll go and check him out after waking up," Guo Huai said blurrily. What he used earlier was \'81 Needles of the Ghost Sect\'. Based on his current cultivation level, it was highly taxing on his body to continuously use so many needles at once.

"Thank you, Brother Huai," Murong Weiwei said before lightly kissing Guo Huai\'s forehead. Although it was only a kiss on the forehead, it showed that Murong Weiwei completely accepted the man in front of her.

"Girl, I won\'t settle only for that. Since you kissed me first, you have to let me kiss you back," Guo Huai said, waking up from his rest and hugging Murong Weiwei before kissing her on the lips.

"Naughty Boy! You\'re really a naughty boy!" Murong Weiwei said, blushing.

"Women are all insensible. It was you who kissed me first. Heheh," Guo Huai said, smiling. "Since you gave me so much motivation, I\'ll go and check Brother-In-Law out now. Initially, I wanted him to have breakfast with us tomorrow morning. I guess I\'ll see if he can eat with us tonight," he said as he held Murong Weiwei\'s hand and walked out of the room.

"Uncle Murong, where\'s my brother-in-law?" Guo Huai asked Murong Gu who was drinking tea with Meng Zhuang. "This gentleman here must be the chef of Murong clan, right? Please make something nice today following this recipe." He threw a paper to the chef\'s direction which pierced right into the table.

As Meng Zhuang read the items on the paper, his expression immediately changed. \'Chaos Open Pork, Yinyang Water Chestnut, Jugged Chicken Cucumber, Nineyin Beer Peanut, Threeyang Dog, Two Color Secret Bean, Thousand Burrow Rabbit, Old Ghost Celery, Salted Crucian Carp, Walking Lettuce, Dragon Fried Foie Gras and Dancing Phoenix Egg.\'

"You\'re Meng Zhuang, right? I bet you can cook all of these. You may cook them out now. We\'ll have a nice chat after dinner," Guo Huai said, smiling.

Murong Gu looked at the menu out of curiosity but did not notice anything abnormal.

"Master, I\'ll proceed to cook these dishes," Meng Zhuang said. He was very nervous while looking at the way Guo Huai smiled at him. Without waiting for Murong Gu\'s response, he walked to the kitchen.

"Uncle Murong, I\'ll go and check Brother-In-Law out. I bet he can eat with us tonight," Guo Huai said and pulled Murong Weiwei into Murong Long\'s room.

"Brother Huai, you\'re finally awake! Do you know that we were almost exhausted to death just to add boiling water into the wooden barrel?\' Murong Fei said loudly.

"Not bad, your effort today will not be wasted. The medicinal pills I gave you earlier are fully absorbed by your body. I\'ll prescribe medicine to you tomorrow. Your problem will be completely gone by then," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Brother Huai, since you took care of my injury, my fifty kilograms of meat will belong to you starting from now. You may ask me to do anything you want," Murong Fei said happily. He knew what the consequence of the backlash he would get if it was not taken care of, especially in his thirties.

Guo Huai lightly nodded with a smile, saying, "Wash your hands and pull Brother-In-Law up. Weiwei, you can stay here during the process, however, you mustn\'t get anxious no matter what happens later."

As he was talking, he took nine needles that were a lot thicker than the ones earlier and inserted them onto Murong Long\'s body.

"Brother Huai, the places you insert the needles into are all death acupoints!" Murong Fei said, shocked. Being a cultivator, he naturally knew which acupuncture points Guo Huai was putting the nine needles into.

"Weiwei hasn\'t even spoken out yet, what are you making a big fuss for? Just hold him up properly," Guo Huai said, smiling. He took out yet another medicinal pill and slowly put it into Murong Long\'s mouth. "Brother-In-Law, your final soul may enter the body now." As he said, Murong Long\'s eyes slowly opened.

[TL note: The soul referred here is hun, from the concept of \'hun and po\' that every person has three hun and seven po. Hun literally means \'cloud-soul\' while po is \'white-soul\'.]

"Elder Brother!" Murong Weiwei said excitedly.

"Weiwei, don\'t come any nearer yet. His soul isn\'t fully in-place yet. Wait a few more minutes," Guo Huai said.

"Elder Brother! Elder Brother!" Murong Weiwei shouted as tears flowed down her eyes. It had been six years since Murong Long went unconscious, but the guy in front of him made him wake up.

"Fei, no matter what happens, you mustn\'t move later. You must hold Murong Long up with both of your hands," Guo Huai said loudly as his face slowly turned pale.

"Rest assured," Murong Fei said while clenching his teeth. He felt an enormous energy coming out from Murong Long\'s body.

"Weiwei, leave the room now. I\'m about to take the needles out," Guo Huai said loudly. Murong Weiwei nodded before quickly exiting the room.

In the instant Murong Weiwei exit the room, Guo Huai took down the nine needles as quick as lightning. Following his action, a loud shout could be heard coming from the room. Murong Fei got thrown away as a result of a knock-back. The entire building vibrated for a bit, and Murong Long then shouted incredibly loud before standing up.

"I, Murong Long, am back!" Murong Long exclaimed.

"Ahem, ahem. I mustn\'t go against the heaven to steal a life back often," Guo Huai said as he coughed before putting a pill into his mouth. "Brother-In-Law, swallow this pill and pass one to Fei. He just did you a huge favor," he said before sitting cross-legged to cultivate. His paleness then started fading away.

"Weiwei, tell Father to not let anyone come near this room," Murong Long said to the completely astonished Murong Weiwei. "The disturbance just now was massive. Tell Grandpa Yan to take care of the things outside."

"Elder Brother, it really is you! You\'re finally awake now!" Murong Weiwei said excitedly before looking at Guo Huai. She did not expect the man she invited over to save his brother\'s life. At this moment, the only thing she wanted to do was to rush forward to hug Guo Huai. However, she still obeyed her elder brother and went out to look for Murong Gu and Murong Yan.

"Uncle Yan, no matter who it is, no one is allowed to get near Murong residence," Murong Gu said loudly.

"Shadowguards, listen to the order! Whoever breaks into Murong residence shall be killed!"

"Ghostguards, listen to the order! Any suspicious person found at sniping spots in a two-kilometer radius of Murong residence must be killed!"

Murong Gu immediately passed down three orders. He had not been this excited after all these years. That was because a moment ago, he heard the voice of his son. It had been full, six years.