Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 61

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Murong Gu could not hold his emotions back and said loudly, "Guo Huai, you can\'t do this in the house of Murong clan!"

"He was from Nangong clan, with Nangong Qiu being his real name. You\'re doing too poor of a job in finding information," Guo Huai said as he shook his head. "If I didn\'t kill him just now, you wouldn\'t have a second chance to get him. Your great wife Nangong Qian wouldn\'t let you touch his uncle. I did you a huge favor, you\'re welcome." He then walked into Murong Long\'s room once again.

Clang! Murong Gu crushed the water glass in his hand. "Nangong Qian!" he shouted.

A middle-aged man looking fair and clear walked towards Murong Gu before taking a deep breath as he saw Qiu Yizhen\'s corpse. "Master, may I know why you summoned me here?"

"Meng Zhuang, how long have you been with me?" Murong Gu asked softly as he sat on the sofa.

"Seven years. I remember it was Mistress\'s ninth birthday the day I came here," Meng Zhuang said.

Ignoring whatever happened outside the room, Guo Huai looked at the black liquid flowing out from the needles on Murong Long\'s body.

Jade Emperor, as you can see, I\'m saving lives. You must give me the karma I deserve, Guo Huai thought.

Guo Huai released a little divine sense to communicate with Murong Long. "Brother-In-Law, stay focused and calm. It\'s only getting started. You should cooperate with my will to avoid sequela," he said.

Murong Long felt the presence of Guo Huai\'s divine sense and said, "I don\'t know how I should thank you for helping me. I will make sure to reward you when I recover."

"You\'re not only infected by Nineworm Grass Poison. When you just got poisoned, your diet has huge problems, causing Yin and Yang to collide and you to go unconscious. The pill Weiwei put into your mouth earlier is Pill of Qi Recovery. It\'ll fully diffuse in around ten minutes. I\'ll give you a Pill of Poison Absorption afterwards which will cause you to feel intense pain. If you can endure the pain, your progress in cultivation since you went unconscious will be maintained. You don\'t you have to start all over again," Guo Huai said with a smile.

The moment the Pill of Qi Recovery fully diffused in Murong Long\'s mouth, Guo Huai inserted a black pill into his mouth. After only a few seconds, Murong Long started shaking.

"Brother Huai, you just revived Brother Long!" Murong Fei said excitedly. After cultivating the mind method Gui Huai gave to him 36 times in his entire body, he immediately woke up from trance and witnessed Murong Long\'s situation. He even heard the sound of the needles.

"If you want to die, you\'re welcomed to come closer. The poison liquid flowing out from Brother-In-Law\'s body is not solely Nineworm Grass Poison anymore. I can\'t guarantee to save you if you get infected," Guo Huai said to Murong Fei who was walking towards Murong Long\'s bed.

Zap! Zap! The sound of thunder resounded, making Guo Huai nervous. As he pinched his fingers to divine the situation, his back got soaked with sweat instantly.

Amitabha! It\'s fortunate that I came today. If I came a few days late, this fellow\'s soul will be brought to meet Yama in hell. At that time, it\'ll be difficult for even an immortal to save him, he thought. "I\'m really sorry, deities. I saved his life this time. You two may leave now. Sorry for offending you, I will think of a way to make up for it," Guo Huai said to empty air. The sound of thunder eventually faded away.

[TL note: Yama: the ruler of hell.]

"What are you still looking at? The pill in that guy\'s hand has the smell of Taishang Laojun. He\'s no ordinary man. We can\'t afford to outrage him. Let\'s go, this fellow isn\'t destined to die yet anyway." The shadows of white and a black men then disappeared in the sky. Nobody could see them, they were the Heibai Wuchang.

[TL note: The Heibai Wuchang, literally "Black and White Impermanence", are two deities in Chinese folk religion in charge of escorting the spirits of the dead to the underworld.

Taishang Laojun (太上老君) translates into The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord. He\'s a deity.]

"Phew! Luckily, someone blinded heaven\'s secrets. Otherwise, today\'s effort would be wasted if the Soul Chasing Lightning struck on his body," Guo Huai murmured as he took a deep breath.

"Ahh!" Murong Long shouted after getting up, sitting on his bed. He spat out black smoke from his mouth before lying down on the bed again.

"Brother Huai, is Brother Long okay?" Murong Fei asked as he looked at the once-again unconscious Murong Long.

"He\'s fine, he was just in too much pain," Guo Huai said with a smile. "You shouldn\'t be here looking at him anymore. Ask Murong Gu to prepare a wooden barrel. If you guys don\'t have one, have the fish pond outside cleared and fill it up with boiling water. What are you waiting for? Get it done now!"

"Okay!" Murong Fei said quickly before running out of the room. "Third Uncle, Brother Huai asked you to prepare a wooden barrel and fill it up with boiling water. If there\'s no barrel, use the fish pond outside."

"Elder Brother, Elder Brother!" Murong Weiwei shouted nervously. She heard some movement in Murong Long\'s room and rushed over. As she saw Murong Long lying like a dead man with needles all over his body, she got really anxious.

Guo Huai quickly pulled Murong Weiwei, stopping her from getting closer to Murong Long. He said, "Girl, don\'t touch him now. He\'s discharging poison. The most tired person today should be me. Sigh, you still only asked about your brother even if that\'s the case."

Murong Weiwei saw Guo Huai looking pale while drenched in sweat. Her heart ached as she asked, "Brother Huai, are you okay?"

"What happened to Elder Brother? Why does he seem dead?"

"It\'s nothing serious. I bet he\'ll be able to have breakfast together with us tomorrow morning. Ask the people outside to throw Brother-In-Law into the barrel once the boiling water is ready. When black stuff stop pouring out from his body, drag him out. Wake me up at that time, I have to rest," Guo Huai said before walking into Murong Weiwei\'s room.

After a short moment, Murong Gu really managed to get a wooden barrel filled with boiling water.

Murong Fei looked at the boiling-hot water in the barrel and asked doubtfully, "Third Uncle, do you really want to put Brother Long inside?"

Murong Gu looked at Murong Fei and asked, "Did the pill the fellow gave you work?"

"The backlash I got from training Eightstage Collapse has completely recovered. The internal energy within me has increased for at least 30%," Murong Fei said without hiding anything.

"Throw Long into the barrel!" Murong Gu said loudly. Guo Huai, if you really managed to treat Long\'s illness, I, Murong Gu, will grant you the title \'Guest of Honor\' in Murong clan. I will also be calmed to passed Weiwei to you, he thought.

The instant Murong Long was put into the barrel, the heat of the barrel suddenly disappeared. The people around even felt cold. "Third Uncle, why is it suddenly so cold?" Murong Fei asked.

"Go and ask Guo Huai on what we should do now," Murong Gu said loudly. Murong Fei then ran into Murong Weiwei\'s room.

Before he even came out of the room, Murong Fei shouted, "Add boiling water! Brother Huai asked to add boiling water! When the water no longer gets cold, nothing should come out from his body anymore."

Smoke arose into the air from the house of Murong clan. Initially, people thought that the house caught on fire, however, someone announced that they were burning the wooden furniture in the living hall to boil water.

After an hour of adding boiling water countless times, the water no longer turned cold. Murong Gu looked at his son in the barrel and was surprised that there was no sign of burn damage. He could finally rest the stone in his heart.