Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 60

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Third and last regular chapter of the week.

"Elder Brother, Weiwei is here to see you," Murong Weiwei said as she looked at Murong Long who was lying unconscious with various tubes attached to his body. Unable to hold back, tears flowed down her eyes.

"I\'ll go and have a look," Guo Huai said as he stepped forward before putting his hand on Murong Long\'s wrist.

After Guo Huai withdrew his hand, Murong Gu asked softly, "How is Long doing? Is there still hope?"

"Weiwei, put this pill into your elder brother\'s mouth," Guo Huai said before turning to look at Murong Gu. "I need to talk to you privately."

"Mistress, Doctor Qiu especially informed to not simply feed Long random medicines," Murong Yan said as a reminder.

"I trust Brother Huai," Murong Weiwei said as she carefully inserted the pill into Murong Long\'s mouth.

Murong Gu walked out of the room with Guo Huai, asking, "What do you want to tell me?"

"Don\'t tell anyone that I\'m here. Now, ask Murong Long\'s private doctor here. Look for someone you trust the most to do it. I initially thought he had a severe illness. He\'s not sick, just poisoned. How do you not know being his father?" Guo Huai said, looking at Murong Gu.

"I\'ll ask someone to get his doctor here immediately," Murong Gu said softly. "Also, thank you for coming today." He understood that Guo Huai wanted to talk about this outside because he did not want Murong Weiwei to know about it. If she knew, Murong Gu\'s relationship with his daughter Murong Weiwei would worsen from its already bad condition.

"You don\'t have to thank me. I will treat Murong Long properly, but I don\'t hope too many people to know about this matter. I don\'t care who you\'re allies or enemies with. I don\'t want this to be related to Weiwei," Guo Huai said before going back to the room.

"Brother Huai, I let Elder Brother eat the pill already. Is he still curable?" Murong Weiwei asked softly.

"Wait for me outside, and ask Fei to come in. Tell your father to stay calm when the doctor calms. Also, don\'t allow the doctor to leave," Guo Huai said with a smile. "I will properly treat my brother-in-law\'s illness. You may start thinking about how to reward me. Hahah!"

After a minute, Murong Fei walked into the room. "Brother Huai, is there anything I can help with?" he asked.

"Nah, nothing. I just want to talk to you since I\'m too bored," Guo Huai said. "I gave you a medicinal pill earlier. I will teach you a mind method. You may practice it here and now."

"Brother Huai, you\'re almost at the same age as me. I have been thinking about this since we fought. How do you know so much? How have you been training? I started receiving training from my master since I was five. Logically, I shouldn\'t have this much of a gap with you, right?" Murong Long asked softly.

"That\'s because I\'m an immortal!" Guo Huai said jokingly. "Listen properly to the mind method and train properly. I will treat Murong Long at the same time."

Murong Fei nodded with a smile. Elder Brother, do you really think I\'m a kid? You\'re an immortal? Let me tell you, I have been to primary school. You can\'t trick me that easily, he thought.

"No matter what happens at my side, you should ignore and stay focused. If you can do it without fail, you\'ll know the benefits in the future," Guo Huai said before explaining the mind cultivation method to Murong Fei.

"Alright, I won\'t care even if the sky falls," Murong Fei said before entering a stage of trance.

[TL note: Trance: a half-conscious state. Cultivators enter a stage of trance to focus on cultivation.]

"Hahah! Not bad, you\'re another obsessed martial artist," Guo Huai said. He then stood up and looked at Murong Long before removing all the tubes attached to his body.

"Brother-In-Law, I know that you can hear me. I will remove the poison in your body later. In the process, you\'ll know some secrets that you shouldn\'t know. I hope that you keep it to yourself," Guo Huai said.

Damn! These people are so merciless. The poison has entered his bone marrow in addition to being closely linked, Guo Huai thought as he took out a set of needles. He quickly inserted 81 needles onto Murong Long\'s body. Any regular doctor of traditional Chinese medicine would be deeply astonished if he saw what Guo Huai did— putting down all 81 needles in less than one minute.

"Wow, such strong internal energy. You\'re still cultivating even with this fucked up body. Hahah! Interesting… Since you haven\'t given up yet, I\'ll help you keep your cultivation progress. Well, it\'s all because you\'re my brother-in-law," Guo Huai said and laughed.

Knock! Knock! The knocks on the door were extremely light. Guo Huai guessed that Murong Long\'s doctor should be here already. I\'ll go check out how he got Nineworm Grass Poison. Safety first, safety first, he thought.

"Doctor Qiu, please have a seat!" Murong Gu said to an old man in his sixties wearing a long robe.

"Gu, why did you summon me here so urgently? Has Long\'s illness worsened already?" the old man asked softly. "Sigh… It\'s indeed unfortunate that he got sick this young."

At this moment, Guo Huai walked out of the room and saw Qiu Yizhen, the head of the reputation department in the Medical School of Wucheng University and the vice president of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Association. "Yeah, he\'s even rather pitiful. He still could be cured initially, but he got poisoned by his own doctor," Guo Huai said.

"Gu, this little friend looks very familiar. Is he your visitor?" Qiu Yizhen asked, smiling.

"You\'re surprisingly calm in this chaos," Guo Huai said before sitting right in front of Qiu Yizhen fearlessly. "You\'re a Miao doctor, right?"

"I\'m indeed from the Miao race. I\'m really curious about what you said earlier," Qiu Yizhen said, staring at Guo Huai.

"If you\'re a Miao person, I\'m more certain of my prediction. You should be very aware about what Nineworm Grass Poison is, right? Which nine types are the nine worms? Don\'t even try to lie to me," Guo Huai said as he took out a desert eagle before pulling the safety lever.

"Gu, do you trust this young guy more than me?" Qiu Yizhen asked calmly.

"He\'s brought here by Weiwei to treat Long\'s illness," Murong Gu said softly.

Bang! A bullet penetrated Qiu Yizhen\'s calf. "Oops, my mistake. It\'s only your calf now, I believe you won\'t be this lucky for the next shot," Guo Huai said. Murong Gu widened his eyes in shock. He did not even see Guo Huai picking the gun up.

Qiu Yizhen shouted with clenched his teeth, asking, "Are you sure the poison is caused by me?!"

"Don\'t ask me. I\'m actually not too sure if it\'s you. You don\'t have to buy time anymore. Murong Long won\'t die any time soon," Guo Huai said, squinting. He then reached out to Qiu Yizhen\'s calf before striking a few acupoints, causing him to stop bleeding.

"Who are you?!" Qiu Yizhen asked loudly, astonished. He knew that this guy in front of him was far superior to him in terms of stopping blood flow.

Guo Huai did not answer his question. "I want to meet the chef," Guo Huai said to Murong Gu.

"Old Man, this is your final chance. If you don\'t want to tell the truth but the chef does, you\'ll die no matter what," Guo Huai said coldly.

"Tell me who you are, and I\'ll tell you how to cure Nineworm Grass Poison," Qiu Yizhen said softly while clenching his teeth.

"Since you admitted, you shall die now." Bang! A bullet passed through Qiu Yizhen\'s forehead. From the beginning to end, he did not understand why he was shot. He was going to tell Guo Huai the medicine prescription of the cure to Nineworm Grass Poison. Bearing lots of question marks in mind, he was instantly shot to death.

Internal Energy (内力 nèilì) (內劲 nèijìn) - also called Internal Strength / Internal Power / Internal Force. The cultivated energy within a martial artist\'s body. Utilizing it, a martial artist can accomplish superhuman feats of speed, agility, strength, endurance, etc… It can even be used to heal wounds and nullify poisons.


Miao: a race in China.