Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 6

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"Brother Ghost, quickly prepare the money. We like cash more, I bet a hundred million would be a huge pile. It\'s fine if you don\'t have enough Chinese Yuan, we accept US Dollar or even British Pound. I wouldn\'t prefer Japanese Yuan as I would need a truck to fetch all that. Hahah," Guo Huai tapped Song Yin\'s face a few times as he said before walking back into Wucheng Paradise. "Get my Big Brother\'s car fixed before twelve. Otherwise, prepare an extra ten million and I\'ll do it myself."

"Brother Ghost, what do we do?" the gangster with rainbow-colored hair said softly.

"Moron, this is all because of you. Get the Jeep fixed quickly, otherwise you\'ll have to fork out the ten million yourself! I\'ll dissect you and sell your organs if you can\'t gather that much money. Piss off, everyone. Piss off!" Song Yin shouted loudly.

"Big Brother, the problem\'s solved. Three days later, drive a bigger car here to collect the money. I\'ll most likely be in school at that time and may not have time to come," Guo Huai said as he walked into Ninth Dragon Hall with a wine gourd in his hand.

"Fourth Brother, how much money did you ask for as compensation?" Jia Yuan laughed and asked.

Guo Huai sat down and dragged You Youyou into his arm before taking a sip from his wine gourd. He then pointed one finger up.

"One million? Brother Yao, I told you. I should\'ve dealt with him just now. One million can\'t even get your car\'s interiors fixed," Wang Shen smiled and said.

Guo Huai shook his head after listening to Wang Shen.

"Damn, Fourth Brother, did you only ask for a hundred thousand? Although Big Brother crashed their car first, they can\'t just pay that amount for the damage they\'ve done right? Big Brother\'s Jeep is worth a lot more than their trash 911," Jia Yuan said with an unpleasant expression.

"Fourth Brother, it\'s good enough that you asked for ten million. Once they pay up, I\'ll give you half of the sum," Li Yao smiled and said. Ten million yuan did not mean much for any of the four brothers. However, the fact that Guo Huai managed to make them pay ten million already exceeded Li Yao\'s expectation.

"Since Brother Yao is willing to divide the money, I\'ll take it. Just bank in the money into my card at that time. Let\'s not talk about other things now and drink some wine," Guo Huai smiled and said. "You Youyou, how are you going to repay me? I saved your life today. People say that if one survives a disaster, a blessing is expected to come. So are you going to accompany me for the rest of the night as the blessing?"

"Guo Huai, pay some respect. Didn\'t you say this before? You never force what a girl doesn\'t want to do. What now? Are you going to go against your own words?" You Youyou stared at Guo Huai as she said.

"Little girl, you\'ll be mine sooner or later. Weren\'t you thinking that if you fail to revolt from me, you\'d just do what this gangster wants, since this gangster looks quite pleasant? Hahah," Guo Huai laughed as he said.

"N-no I wasn\'t... I want to go home now. If you really want me to be your girl, you should put in some hard work. Based on who you are now, you\'re still far from qualified to have me, You Youyou," You Youyou said as her face reddened before breaking free from Guo Huai\'s hug and leaving Ninth Dragon Hall.

"Fourth Brother, you\'re letting her go just like that? We wanted to talk to you about this just now. She used you to get away from Tu Ba right?" Jia Yuan asked.

"She\'ll be mine sooner or later. What are you rushing for?" Guo Huai smiled and said. "Get a clean glass for yourselves, I\'ll let you guys know what a true wine is. It\'s disgusting just to think that you guys have been drinking the horse pee just now for years."

"Fourth Brother, are you looking for a beating? You\'re the one who brought us to Wucheng Paradise and you\'re telling us that we have been drinking wine that tastes like horse urine? Damn it, I\'ll get a glass now and see what kind of wine you brought," Wang Shen said before leaving Ninth Dragon Hall. After a while, he returned with three delicate crystal glasses.

"It\'s an insult to the wine that you\'re using this kind of glass. Nevermind, I\'ll bear with it," Guo Huai shook his said before saying.

"Fourth Brother, stop talking big. You\'re the one who may be embarrassed later," Jia Yuan said loudly. He had seen the glasses before. Black Dragon asked experts to craft them using crystals. There were very few people in Wucheng County that could make Black Dragon take out these glasses.

"Wait, Fourth Brother. Are you planning to pour the wine from the gourd that you drank from earlier? Aren\'t you too stingy this way? You should\'ve brought a brand new one," Wang Shen stopped Guo Huai from pouring the wine as he said.

"Third Brother, let him pour," Li Yao said. He could not stop staring at the wine gourd. It looked very alike with the one his grandfather had at home which had been assessed by countless experts who could not determine its origin.

"Damn, I don\'t want to drink anymore. You guys may proceed, I\'ll drink this 1982 Lafite," Wang Shen said as he took a bottle from the table before opening it.

Guo Huai smiled and poured into three glasses until they were half-full before drinking directly from the gourd, without even caring if his three brothers wanted to drink or not, humming a song and thinking about the future.

"Big Brother, let\'s try this. I want to know the taste of this thing that Fourth Brother claimed as \'good wine\'," Jia Yuan said before taking a glass for Li Yao and one for himself. He then raised his head and poured the rainbow-colored wine straight into his mouth.

"Third Brother, let go of your hand. I don\'t want to fight you, let go of your hand!" Li Yao exclaimed. After the two of them finished their wine, both of them quickly grabbed the remaining glass on the table which was filled with Guo Huai\'s wine.

\'Brother Yao, I didn\'t ask for anything from you all this while right? When you first went into the military and needed some money, I registered a card with a hundred million yuan inside for you, without even saying a word. When you went to America, I hooked some hot American artists up to pleasure you. Today, I don\'t ask for much, I just want you to take your hands off," Jia Yuan said with a solemn expression.

"Damn, stop acting," Wang Shen dipped his finger into the wine and put it into his mouth.

"Big Brother, Second Brother, let go, or I\'ll call the cops!" Wang Shen shouted. "You guys finished your share, this glass is mine, let go of your hands!"

"Third Brother, you yourself said that you didn\'t want to drink this. Please let go before the glass breaks and nobody would benefit," Li Yao said. "Let go before I open fire!" Li Yao shouted as he pulled out a golden Desert Eagle from his belt.

"Big Brother, please aim properly. My body is completely bulletproof, except here," Jia Yuan said as he pointed to his brain.

Whoosh! Guo Huai\'s gourd dropped on the floor. "Oops, my hand slipped. I wonder who can pick it up for me, it\'s still more than half-full," Guo Huai shouted.

"You guys can have this glass," Li Yao said before dashing towards the gourd.

"Brother Yao, you may pick any car from my garage. Give me the gourd!" Jia Yuan shouted. His reaction was slightly slower but he still managed to grab the gourd tightly, together with Li Yao.

"Darn it! I\'ll finish this glass first," Wang Shen said and finished the wine in the glass in one shot before licking the glass to make sure nothing was left. "Big Brother, Second Brother, the gourd should contain a reasonable amount of wine. How about this, we\'ll pour one glass for each of us. We\'re getting nowhere otherwise," Wang Shen said softly, with the glass still in his hand.

"Go away, it\'s none of your business!" Li Yao and Jia Yuan said in unison.

"Okay then…" Wang Shen said before walking towards Guo Huai. "Fourth Brother, do you have more of that wine? You\'re going to school tomorrow and it\'s all thanks to the invitation letter that I spent so much effort on."

"Fatty, let go. We\'ll share the wine in this gourd equally. Fourth Brother still has more, why are we fighting over this?" Li Yao said loudly after hearing what Wang Shen said and got an idea.

"Brother Yao, you should let go. I can\'t defeat you in a fight. What if you break your promise after I let go? Nobody knows if he has more of this wine that is so out of this world," Jia Yuan said.

"Okay, Second Brother, I\'ll let go. If you dare to pour one less drop of the wine to me, I\'ll make sure to drive a tank into your garage and take a spin," Li Yao said before withdrawing his hands slowly.

"Three brothers, I\'ll just ask one thing. Was I correct when I said what you guys had been drinking was horse urine?" Guo Huai left out an evil smile and asked.

"Yeah, that shit was worse than horse pee," Jia Yuan said loudly. "My great Fourth Brother, my master, I\'ll just be straightforward with you. Do you still have more of this wine?"