Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 59

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Second regular chapter of the week~

"Sure!" Guo Huai said fearlessly.

"Brother Huai, how confident are you to treat my brother\'s illness?" Murong Weiwei asked. She knew Guo Huai would only be pressured if she asked, but she could not hold herself back.

"I need to see him with my eyes to confirm. Don\'t worry, Girl, I\'ll try my best," Guo Huai said softly as he reached out to hold Murong Weiwei\'s hand.

Murong Weiwei lightly nodded. Since Guo Huai could take out a seven-colored Pill of Youth, she was rather confident in his ability.

After the car stopped, the old man Murong Yan said, "Mistress, Master wants to see you. Let our friend Guo Huai wait in the hall."

Murong Weiwei wrinkled her brows and asked softly, "Shouldn\'t Brother Huai follow me to see Father?"

"Master wants to see you first," Murong Yan said with a smile. "Since Fei and Guo Huai want to have a friendly fight, just let them chat for a bit."

Murong Weiwei then looked at Guo Huai. "Girl, you may go with him. I\'ll be fine here. I want to train with Fei," he said and nodded.

"Hahah, Sister Weiwei, I\'ll break the ice with Brother Guo Huai," Murong Fei said, smiling.

As Murong Weiwei and Murong Yan left, Murong Fei smiled. "Brother Huai, you should know what it means when Grandpa Yan brings Sister Weiwei away, right?"

"Yes, this always happens in novels. This should be the first test for me, right?" Guo Huai asked.

"Since Brother Huai understands, let\'s cut the crap," Murong Fei said and switched into a fighting pose.

"You\'ll regret going easy on me, you\'re using Sevenstar Mantis Fist instead of Eightstage Collapse," Guo Huai said. He recognized what pose Murong Fei was in. "Sevenstar Mantis Fist, also known as Lohan Mantis Fist, is created by the Han people. It\'s one of the many types from the north, with Sevenstar Footstep as its basics. Using highly brittle force, one could swathe the sides and ram forward," he said as he posed the stance of Sevenstar Mantis Fist as well.

"It\'s no use if it\'s just plain talking. Brother Huai, be ready for my attacks. Although my best technique is Eightstage Collapse, I have trained Sevenstar Mantis Fist for three years. It\'s already enough for you," Murong Fei said before rushing towards Guo Huai.

Murong Fei landed 72 strikes; Guo Huai blocked 72 of them. As he countered each of Murong Fei\'s attacks, he said, "The principles of Sevenstar Mantis Fist are kick, hit, slam, take and point. For kick, there are two techniques: 24 Duck Feet and 36 Dark Feet. For hit, 108 Word Hit Technique and 24 Word Total Technique. For slam, 36 Wrestle. For take, 18 Great Catch Technique, 36 Slip Technique and 36 Frozen Technique, with a total of 72 take techniques. For point, 12 Acupuncture Point Technique and 24 Egg Point Technique."

"You must be really tired. Let me show you what a true Sevenstar Mantis Fist is," Guo Huai said before rushing towards Murong Fei.

"The Sevenstar Mantis Fist stresses \'Eight hits and eight non-hits; eight hard and twelve soft\', with the main approach stressing on twelve points: hook, hug, pick, hang, collapse, split, trick, hit, stick, take, help and lean," Guo Huai said as he used each skill on Murong Fei.

"You must never forget the unique characteristics of the mantis fist: reverse ins and outs, long and short ups and downs, instant drawouts, leaping movements, hard and soft coactions, and open and close retreats. Being incredibly improvisable, the technique is full of delusive feints and actual hits. Move high and hit low, hit low and strike high. Counter outer range from inner, yet also possible vice versa. Hit right after moving, and move right after hitting, with more moves along with hits—diversionary and sudden. The seven long and eight short ways, each with its own pros and cons. Having 64 stances and 81 variations, the essence of the Mantis Fist is speed, crisp and contained momentum. It has pokes, sudden steps, intercepts, hammer blows, gentle moves, eighteen saults, small cartwheels, large cartwheels, six paths, eight elbows, swing fists, and hammer strikes," Guo Huai said before landing the final strike, knocking Murong Fei back for a few meters.

"Brother Huai, you\'re indeed impressive. You should have a deeper understanding on Sevenstar Mantis Fist than even my master. I\'m totally convinced." Murong Fei could barely speak as he was heavily panting. Guo Huai landed every attack on Murong Fei\'s body but did not do any damage. It could be immediately seen that his control on strength output was incredible.

"Swallow this medicinal pill. Your master is not bad, he thought of countering the disorder caused by training Eightstage Collapse by having you train Sevenstar Mantis Fist. However, he\'s underestimating what the Eightstage Collapse can do," Guo Huai said as he threw a pill to Murong Fei. "If you want to have a breakthrough on Innate stage, find time to visit me at Wucheng Subhigh."

Standing in front of a giant screen, looking at Guo Huai and Murong Fei, Murong Gu said softly, "Breakthrough on Innate stage? How is it possible?! He dared to say something like that at his age? I don\'t think even the obsessed martial artist from Xuanyuan clan would say something like this."

Murong Yan went forward and said, "Master, Mistress is waiting for you at the visitor\'s hall."

"The fellow Weiwei brought here is not bad. Uncle Yan, look at the replay of their fight and tell me if you\'re confident in defeating the fellow," Murong Gu said, smiling.

After around five minutes, some sweat appeared on Murong Yan\'s forehead. At last, Murong Yan shouted, "Great!"

"Master, this kid Guo Huai is inconceivable. I have zero chance of defeating him," Murong Yan said softly.

Wrinkling his brows, Murong Gu said, "Ask Murong Ying to come here."

After a while, a middle-aged man walked into the room. "I want you to recheck every information regarding this guy Guo Huai. He\'s so heavily disguised as Wucheng Vile Tetrad," Murong Gu said before going to the visitor\'s hall.

Upon entering the hall, Murong Gu saw Murong Weiwei was reading a book. He asked, "Weiwei, how have you been doing?"

"I brought him here. I want to see my brother," Murong Weiwei said softly.

"Uncle Yan, bring the youngster here," Murong Gu said. "Weiwei, the people from Kong family won\'t cause you trouble anymore. It\'s my fault for not getting it perfectly done at first."

"The reason my brother has been lying in bed for six years is because you did not get something properly done as well," Murong Weiwei said. Tears slowly filled up her eyes as they slowly reddened.

Guo Huai walked into the hall and walked towards Murong Weiwei. Ignoring Murong Gu, he said, "Girl, why are you crying? I\'m fine now, aren\'t I?"

Murong Weiwei pointed at Murong Gu, saying, "This is Murong Gu, the former master of Murong clan."

"Let\'s do something truly meaningful. I want to meet your brother," Guo Huai said. He did not look away from Murong Weiwei. "Since you don\'t like being here, we\'ll leave after I get my brother-in-law treated."

"Kid, mind your manners! You\'re in the Murong house!" Murong Yan said loudly.

Guo Huai stared at Murong Yan who had been friendly to him on the car. "You mainly practice Tai Chi, but your ability is nothing," he said, squinting.

"Let\'s go, I\'ll bring you to meet Long, Weiwei\'s elder brother. If you can treat Long\'s illness, I\'ll owe you a favor," Murong Gu said to Guo Huai, stopping Murong Yan from talking.

"Remember, your favor is of no value to me. I came here only because of Weiwei," Guo Huai said, paying no respect to Murong Gu. He then held Murong Weiwei\'s hand before going out of the hall.