Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 58

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"Headmaster Li, I\'m qualified to enter this school now, right?" the girl asked, smiling. "This student should be from this school. I\'ve seen this picture on the online forum. I want to be in the same class with him. I hope you can do it for me."

"No problem," Li Xunyu said as he received the hundred-million bank cheque. He did not even hesitate to accept the girl\'s request.

"Oh, you did it because of the money, right, Headmaster?" Lin Shuang asked with a dull tone. "Alright, I don\'t care anymore. I just hope she can make the jerk Guo Huai behave."

Achoo! Guo Huai sneezed. "Who\'s missing me? It must be Teacher Lin. She probably want me to give her treatment. Hahah, it\'s just a matter of time anyway," he said with a punchable expression as he entered the dorm.

Before Guo Huai could enter his dorm, Qian Duoduo and Xue Dazhu blocked him from entering. "Brother Huai, give me, give me! Do you have more of them?" they asked. The two of them indeed looked a lot better than before. Qian Duoduo turned from looking like a drug dealer to looking elegant. Xue Dazhu turned from looking like a stupid farmer to looking like a King of Soldiers.

"If you two aren\'t afraid of death, I\'ll try to make some more for you. You guys are already in a really good spot. The road of cultivation can\'t depend on pills solely," Guo Huai said. Looking at the faces of the two, he knew that the pills had taken effect.

"Brother Huai, the pills you gave us are so effective! I haven\'t yawned today since I woke up. I could even sprint from class to dorm without getting tired," Qian Duoduo said happily.

"Me too! I\'m feeling particularly energetic today," Xue Dazhu said.

"I won\'t forget you two if I happen to have good stuff. Hahah, we\'re brothers! Really good brothers!" Guo Huai said and laughed. "However, don\'t show off your abilities in school. We still have a long way ahead of our lives. We have to slowly have fun."

"Yes! We\'ll enjoy the heck out of our lives! Hahah, Boss, we\'ll be following you from now on," Qian Duoduo said loudly. "It\'s no wonder that Brother Huai could write so well in calligraphy. I didn\'t know you had such understanding towards lives. I\'m afraid even my masters are inferior to you."

"Brother Huai, let\'s meet at the school entrance at eight in the morning. I took a 3-day leave from Teacher Lin Shuang for us," Murong Weiwei said on phone softly. "Tell me if you need anything. I\'ll get them for you."

"As long as you dress up prettily and make my eyes itchy, I will deal with your brother\'s illness," Guo Huai said. "Girl, don\'t worry. I have everything prepared that I\'m going to need. I will try my best at that time."

Before ending the call, the two of them chatted for a while more.

"Someone blinded the secrets of the heaven! What\'s happening? I have a bad feeling about it. Did someone else from heaven got banished?" Guo Huai murmured. He wanted to check if anything was going to happen during the journey to Murong\'s place. However, he failed to do so as the secrets of the heaven were hidden.

[TL note: Secrets of the heaven (天机) can be things that will happen in the future. They can be hidden so that you can\'t predict the future.]

"It can be a good or bad sign. What\'s meant to happen will happen. I don\'t care anymore, I\'ll stop cultivating today. I want to sleep," Guo Huai said before lying down on bed. Within just a short while, he started snoring.

Jade was lying on her bed alone. "Telepath Starlord, I finally found you! Hahah, I can see that you\'re having your sweet time here. You\'re indeed generous to give out Pills of Youth and Pills of Meridian Bridge. I wonder if you\'re going to be shocked when we meet the day after tomorrow. Hahah!" Jade said and laughed like a crazy woman.

At the school entrance, Li Wei saw Guo Huai and Murong Weiwei holding hands. "Brother Huai, you\'re going out again?" Li Wei asked.

"Brother Wei, I met a daoist a few days ago outside. He gave me a few medicinal pills. You may have one, I wonder if it can let you live forever," Guo Huai said and passed a pill to Li Wei. Li Wei immediately put it into his mouth without hesitation.

"Brother Huai, it tastes really good! Where did you meet the daoist? I\'ll go try my luck," Li Wei said with a smile. "Brother Huai, you guys may proceed with what you\'re doing. I have something to do here as well." He then walked to the security department.

"Brother Huai, what did you give him? Why did he suddenly get an erection?" Murong Weiwei asked with a naughty smile.

"Nah, nothing major. It\'s just a pill that can make some adjustments to his body. Let\'s go," Guo Huai said before walking out of the school while holding Murong Weiwei\'s hand.

The few security guards saw Li Wei running into their office with his face reddened. They asked, "Brother Wei, what happened? Why did you rush in here so quickly?"

"It got hard! It finally got hard again!" Li Wei shouted as he pointed at his lower body. "Damn it! My injury has finally recovered!"

When he was still in the training camp, Li Wei accidentally hurt his little junior during a mission. It had been two years already since the day it stopped functioning. He had visited countless doctors, but the issue was still left unsolved. The already hopeless Li Wei suddenly got healed by Guo Huai\'s pill. It was only natural that he got this excited.

"Brother Huai, we shall wait here for a while," Murong Weiwei said when the two of them reached a junction. "My dad has a really weird temper. Please don\'t be surprised when you meet him later," she said, smiling.

Guo Huai lightly nodded. He knew quite a lot of things about Murong clan. In Beijing, Murong clan, Nangong clan and Xuanyuan clan were most influential. It could be seen just how strong Murong clan in the country was.

A white Rolls-Royce stopped in front of the two. "Mistress," an old man said politely as he walked down from the backseat.

"Grandpa Yan, why is it you today?" Murong Weiwei asked with a smile.

"What? Can\'t I come to pick you up?" the old man replied. "Get in the car, Master is waiting for you."

Upon boarding the car, Murong Weiwei saw the driver and said, "Fei, you don\'t have to act cool. You\'re only going to drive."

The driver, Murong Fei, asked, "Sister Weiwei, how did you know it was me? Is this brother the one you said who is going to treat Brother Long\'s illness? There are lots of bad guys in the society nowadays. I hope you\'re not tricked this time."

"Fei, where\'s your manners at? Be careful, once Brother Huai gets angry, you\'re going to get hurt. He\'s a poweruser," Murong Weiwei said cheerfully.

"Poweruser? My master has superpowers as well. I\'ll ask master to train with him when we reach home. Heheh," Murong Fei said happily.

Guo Huai looked at Murong Fei who was driving and said, "Not bad, you\'re really young and can cultivate to this level. You\'re indeed worthy of being arrogant."

"Oh? You can tell that I\'m a cultivator?" Murong Fei asked, shocked.

"You can already barely use Eightstage Collapse. However, you still need to improve more. Your body is very well soaked with medicinal wine, however, your inner energy isn\'t too good. Your master should be from Eightstage Sect," Guo Huai said with his eyes closed.

The old man noticed that Murong Fei was astonished, saying, "Fei, be careful while you\'re driving."

Murong Fei smiled and said, "Handsome Boy, you\'re really impressive! How do you know so much about me without fighting with me before? Let\'s train together when we reach home."