Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 56

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Inside another room at the hotel, a lady kicked his man down from the bed. “You weakling! Piss off! Please learn from the guy next door. Look at you, you’re just a person who shoots at the count of three!” she scolded angrily.

Sun Lingling, while lying on top Guo Huai’s body, asked softly, “Guo Huai, can you be honest with me? Did we really do what we did for treatment?”

“Of course! You don’t expect a doctor to lie, do you?” Guo Huai said with a serious expression. Actually, conducting adult activity was only one of the two ways for treatment. However, this was his only choice considering the limitation of his current divine power. Therefore, the most traditional treatment method was most effective.

“Girl, eat this to nourish your body. Let’s bathe together once more,” Guo Huai said as he put a Pill of Youth into Sun Lingling’s mouth before carrying her into the bathroom. After a while, the most ancient sound could be heard once again.

“Guo Huai, look! What happened to my face?” Sun Lingling asked. After the intense workout yesterday night, they slept until nine o’clock the next morning. When Sun Lingling washed her face, she noticed that her skin got whiter and softer, and had overall a healthier look. It almost looked like it could bounce water droplets off.

“Didn’t you hear what your husband told you yesterday? You will be very blessed being my woman. Let’s do it again,” Guo Huai said and carried Sun Lingling to perform the most practical bed exercise.

“Stallion! You’re nothing but a stallion!” Sun Lingling exclaimed with a rebuking tone.

“You’d be a mare then,” Guo Huai said, smiling. “Go and get yourself changed. Since your body condition has been treated and you found such an astonishing husband, aren’t you supposed to treat me for a meal?”

“Naughty Boy!” Sun Lingling shouted, pouting.

After having a huge lunch together with Guo Huai, Sun Lingling returned to her dorm. Before she even sat down, Shen Birou rushed over and said softly, “Sister Lingling, you’re finally back! Are you fine? Naughty Boy didn’t mistreat you, did he?”

Sun Lingling turned her head to look at Shen Birou with a smile, asking, “What are you talking about?”

“Sister Lingling, your face! What brand of cosmetics did you use? How did this happen?” Shen Birou asked, astonished. Having lived with Sun Lingling for so long, although she felt that Sun Lingling was really pretty, she had never seen Sun Lingling this exaggeratingly stunning.

“Guo Huai treated my illness. I won’t have to take leave every month from now on,” Sun Lingling said happily.

“Wow, does he really know how to treat diseases? The treatment didn’t last all night, did it? Did you two do anything else?” Shen Birou asked as she stared at Sun Lingling without blinking. “Oh! I have read about it in a book. It’s said that women who are in-love would look particularly prettier. Have you two gotten this close already?”

“Ahem, ahem. You ignorant girl, what have you been reading?” Sun Lingling threw a pillow at Shen Birou.

“Oh my god! I guessed it right! You involuntarily blushed so much. Sister Lingling, in which position of Guo Huai’s wife are you?” Shen Birou asked with a smile. “Tang Xi, You Youyou, Su Ye and Murong Weiwei… Elder Sister, you’re at fifth place! Woah! Our famous, stunning beauty from year twelve just got snatched away by a little boy from year ten.” The two of them then laughed together.

“Weiwei, take a leave tomorrow from school. Bring me to your house, I’ll take a look at your brother’s condition,” Guo Huai said on phone after returning to his dorm. After an entire night of physical training, he felt that he had gained a considerable amount of divine power. Although he didn’t intentionally do it for partnered cultivation, his enthusiastic activity with Sun Lingling had given him a decent reward.

“Zhu, where’s Duoduo? Why isn’t he here?” Guo Huai asked after walking around in his dorm and failing to spot Qian Duoduo.

“Heheh, Lord Huai, Brother Duoduo went out for a date yesterday night after Hu Xi told him that there was no one at home. I bet he’s still at her place. Is it really that fun to have a girlfriend?” Xue Dazhu asked.

When the two of them were chatting, someone knocked on the door. “Zhu, quickly open the door for me.”

Xue Dazhu ran over to open the door and saw the listless Qian Duoduo. “Oh, you’re back.”

“She told me nobody was at home. What she meant was nobody was really at home. I had been ringing the bell at her house all night long but no one responded. This morning when I called Hu Xi, I found out that when she said no one was at home, she meant literally no one was at home!” Qian Duoduo said as tears almost dropped from his eyes.

“Hahah! Brother Duoduo, had you really been knocking on her door all night? Hahah! How did you manage to get top seven in the qualifiers of Knowledge Championship with such intelligence? Hahah!” Xue Dazhu said and laughed loudly.

“Let’s go, the magnificent me will treat you for a meal to heal the wound in your heart,” Guo Huai said. The three of them then left the dorm.

Guo Huai passed a small casing which kept two green pills to Qian Duoduo. “Duoduo, Zhu, each of you can have one. Buy a bottle of water later to help you swallow the pill,” Guo Huai said.

“Brother Huai, I have had a bad enough day already. Are you going to troll me at this moment?” Qian Duoduo asked as he held one of the two medicinal pills in hand.

“If you don’t want it, I’ll take it!” Xue Dazhu said loudly. When Qian Duoduo was doubtful, Xue Dazhu already swallowed the pill. He immediately felt some heat rushing towards his dantian.

[TL note: Dantian are the Qi focus flow centers.]

“Lord Huai, what is this thing? No, I have to rush to the washroom now!” Xue Dazhu shouted before dashing to the nearest washroom.

“Sigh, I especially informed you to buy a bottle of water first,” Guo Huai said as he shook his head. “Duoduo, eat it later. It’s not anything excellent, but it’ll flush the toxins out from the core of your body. I have spent quite some effort on this thing.”

After around ten minutes, Xue Dazhu appeared beside the two and said excitedly, “Woah! That was the best feeling in the world. Lord Huai, do you have more? I feel so relaxed after eating the pill you gave me.”

“Zhu, are you trying to trick me into eating it?” Qian Duoduo asked. However, he felt that Xue Dazhu was telling the truth. He then swallowed the pill and rushed to the washroom before he even felt anything.

After Qian Duoduo got out, some girls who spotted him discussed softly, “Look! Isn’t he Qian Duoduo, the one who dropped a grade this year? He seems so energetic and confident! Unlike what I have heard from people about him.”

“Yeah, I noticed as well. The acne and pimples on his face are gone. I wonder what products he has been using,” another girl said softly.

“Look! It’s Guo Huai! Guo Huai is there. He’s so handsome!” another girl said loudly.

Guo Huai smiled at the shy girls who seemed like they wanted to talk to him, saying, “I didn’t know the outstanding me had quite some fame in Wucheng Subhigh.”

At this moment, Sun Lingling bumped into Guo Huai. “Guo Huai, are you guys here to eat as well?” she asked.

“Are you looking for a beating by calling the full name of your husband?” Guo Huai said loudly. He daringly slapped Sun Lingling’s butt. Not only did Sun Lingling not get mad, she blushed as she looked at Guo Huai, causing everyone to drop their jaws.