Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 53

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Second regular chapter of the week!

"Oh? Aren\'t you the infamous student of Wucheng Subhigh, Qin Yulong?" Liu Chuang said with a smile. "I almost failed to recognize you when you\'re actually wearing something. Hahah!"

"Liu Chuang, I have been wondering why you became so daring recently. I get it now, it\'s all because you\'re friends with our dear Fourth Lord of Wucheng Vile Tetrad. You guys may continue chatting, I have to leave now," Qin Yulong said. Before he turned around and left, he gave Guo Huai a death stare.

Guo Huai used his telepathy ability on Qin Yulong. Just wait for it. You two have to die today! I want to see Liu Chuang\'s brain being shot like fireworks. Paying ten million for such an entertaining show is so worthy! Hahah, Qin Yulong thoughts immediately showed up in Guo Huai\'s mind.

"Brother Liu, let\'s go back to school together. I\'ll treat you a meal to properly thank you," Guo Huai said. He wanted to help Liu Chuang survive.

"I still have stuff to do. You may go back first. I\'ll look for you in school when I\'m back," Liu Shuang said, rejecting Guo Huai\'s request.

Guo Huai turned around and whispered to Liu Chuang\'s ears, "You should be careful. There\'s a killer hunting you. It should be a sniper."

"It must be Qin Yulong\'s doing. I\'m curious myself on how he can make me die," Liu Chuang said before boarding his car.

"Third Uncle, someone is trying to take my life. I want to know who that is. Let\'s go back using the road we came here. Help me spot the possible sniping spots, I\'ll try to bait him out," Liu Chuang said calmly.

"Young Master, do you really want to risk your life?" the driver asked, smiling. "Fei, exit the car in front of International Trade Building using the back door. After getting out of the car, count from one to three and immediately dodge. Whether or not you survive will depend on your luck."

A guy wearing the same outfit with Liu Chuang said, "Third Uncle, I won\'t die this easily. You only have one opportunity to find the sniper. Young Master, you have to give me the bottle of wine in Father\'s cupboard. Hahah."

"Brother Fei, please be careful. We\'ll drink together tonight," Liu Chuang said softly.

Bang! A bullet was shot towards Liu Fei\'s direction and flew past his cap, hitting a rock by the road. When the second shot was about to be fired, the sniper could not see Liu Fei anymore.

"It\'s Fox from Assassination Alliance," Third Uncle said with a smile. "You won\'t be able to defeat him in close range, but I\'ll let Fei help you in the dark."

Liu Chuang exit the car and disappeared in the crowd after listening to what Third Uncle said.

On the thirteenth floor of International Trade Building, Qin Yulong smashed his telescope onto the ground, shouting, "Damn it! How did he dodge the bullet? What the heck\'s going on?!"

"He\'s not any ordinary student! I\'m not confident to defeat him in close range. I\'m leaving now, I\'ll find another chance to get him killed. I\'ll refund 5 million of your total 10 million in a few days. Also, I won\'t allow you to follow the next time I hunt him down," a thirty-year-old guy said as he kept his sniper rifle into a bag.

At this moment, someone kicked the door open and said loudly, "Fox, I have to say I\'m really disappointed. Is my head only worth that amount of money?"

Bang! Bang! Bang! Fox drew his pistol out and fired at Liu Chuang three times, all of which were missed.

Liu Chuang leaped onto Fox and bashed him down after taking his gun. "I don\'t understand why you didn\'t flee immediately after failing a mission. Instead, you were chatting with this autistic child. You\'re ruining AA\'s reputation," he said.

Bang! "You know what I hate the most? It\'s when people try to get me killed," Liu Chuang said after firing a shot. Fox was lying with his eyes wide open. A hole could be found on his forehead.

"Don\'t kill me. Please don\'t kill me!" Qin Yulong shouted, trembling in fear. He even wet his pants.

"Why do you think I\'ll kill you? You still owe Brother Guo Huai 100 billion! Hahah," Liu Chuang said before exiting the room, leaving a corpse and the quivering Qin Yulong.

"The CCTV system has been dealt with," Liu Fei said, smiling.

"There\'s my fingerprint on the gun. I don\'t want to deal with the people from the security department. Hahah! Sigh, I didn\'t know my life was only worth 10 million yuan," Liu Chuang said, disappointed. "Commander said that Brother Li Yao\'s head is worth 100 million, in US Dollars! Damn it, what a difference."

If Li Yao who was being hunted by more than a hundred people in America at this moment heard what Liu Chuang said, he would vomit blood.

"Damn it! The information is false! If I survive this time, I will fucking tear the intelligence agency down with my own hands!" In Detroit, Li Yao was trying to escape a pursuit, heavily injured. It almost seemed like he was planted a location tracker. No matter how he disguised himself, the gangsters in Detroit were always able to track him down easily.

"I won\'t hide anymore, I will die anyway at this rate. I will see how many heads I can bring with me to hell," Li Yao murmured. According to plan, he was supposed to rescue a Chinese American at an automobile-dealing place. It was originally an easy mission, however, after entering America, Li Yao did not stop running for a moment. At first, it was the local cops, then it was the FBI. After countless trouble, he finally managed to get away from them. However, his partner suddenly died for whatever reason. Now, he was being hunted by the local gangsters.

Bang! 800 meters away, the person who seemed to be the leader of the gangsters got headshot by Li Yao. The last resort will be to hide in the embassy, Li Yao thought.

At this moment, he heard a very familiar sound of a projectile travelling. "Damn! Missile launcher?! Are these guys crazy?" he shouted. Back in his training camp, he was trained to recognize various sounds. Hearing this sound, he knew he must immediately seek cover and crawl down, with his mouth opened to minimize the damage of sound waves.

The missile landed 5 meters away from Li Yao. He could not find any reliable cover in an underground garage. Following the buzzy sound in his head, he quickly breathed the air out.

Damn it. I\'m finished. I can\'t let them catch me. Otherwise, even my corpse won\'t go back, Li Yao thought.

Big Brother, I have a bad feeling that you\'ll get into trouble in America. Take this with you, it can maybe save your life, Li Yao remembered what Guo Huai told him before he left for the mission. "Damn! Fourth Brother predicted it right. I still have the stupid jade casing with me. Fourth Brother, I hope this can really help me survive," he murmured.

"Catch him alive! He\'s immobile now due to the missile. Rush forward!" someone shouted.

Li Yao opened the jade casing, revealing a medicinal pill. "Fourth Brother, I really hope this stupid pill is useful," he shouted before swallowing the pill. He felt a warm current flowing in his entire body instantly.

"Fourth Brother, I\'ll bring you anywhere you want to go after I\'m back. I\'ll bring you to the army camp to do whatever you want, whether it\'s shooting with a gun or your dick! You can even have my desert eagle. Damn it, this pill is giving me so much energy. I won\'t die to these garbage!" Li Yao looked around and dashed to a spot a hundred meters away. He immediately picked up the M4 he bought from black market and started shooting.

"Black Tiger, the Chinese isn\'t injured! Get in cover!" a short black guy shouted. After a second, his body was full of holes, instantly dying from the bullets.